Everything was different now for her, she couldn't understand why she couldn't open her eyes or why she felt so heavy. Eventually she starts to hear noises from afar not understanding what it meant.

"We can't be doing this it's to dangerous, that thing could be lethal." A feminine voice could be heard in worry and in fear of anticipation she tried to listen even more.

"I can assure you my dear that yes she...is very lethal but she wont harm me, you she just might." Suddenly a creak could be heard resounding off the walls like a rubber a band. The only thought was why so hollow."Good evening my dear I am Doctor Richards, you're probably wondering why you can't open you're eyes or why you feel anything that your possibly feeling right now. The answer is simple my fine young lady you were dead we brought you back to life. My colleague's and I."She listened ever so carefully to the sound of a chair being pulled forward as the man sat down. To explain further.


"Bloody Hell Angel it's quite simple a cave man would win because he has the instincts!"

"Spike leave me alone I don't want to keep having the same arguments with you!" Angel stormed out of his office in hopes he would lose Spike but apparently the powers that be like and enjoy fucking with him.

"Hey forehead me not done talking with you!" Spike stamped done the corridor in utter outrage. Wesley happened to be the unfortunate person to be rounding the corner with the ever present Illyria. "Hey book man tell captain broody here."

"NO" Wesley cut Spike off swiftly. "Oi why not." It's been a year since the Death of Fred and Wesley and Spike developed this brotherly comradeship since they both help take care of the Blue Goddess.

"The answer you seek it holds no matter because no matter what there will always be something stronger that could kill both astronaut and caveman." Illyria spoke so matter of factly that both brits stopped to ponder that as Angel slipped away.

"Good evening my dear it appears you have been able to open your eyes how does it feel?"

"Strange Doctor I seem to see things differently ..."

"What is it?"

"Why don't I have a memory of anything before?"

"Well...here at this place we bring back the dead of innocent young people like you who have been murdered and we erase your memories because people have been.. gone mad from the experiences they had as they died." She looked down at her hands wondering if that would happen to her then got distracted by her deeply black hair. He noticed and they started to talk about her new enhanced vision.


She's pounding on the glass his vision was so blurry he didn't understand what it could mean but he tried to tell her he could get her out. It wasn't until the glass just shattered that he heard screams all around him. She looked like someone he knew but couldn't put his finger on it . She walked towards him in steps that had a purpose. Her long and black as night hair and skin as pale as snow what is she snow white no she couldn't because her eyes are purple and she was going to kill him he knew that and felt in his bones. "Hello Liam it's been forever hasn't it my dear brother."

Angel woke from a start and sat up heavily confused. Pondering his dream he fell back to sleep and forgot about it.