Angel was in his office staring into the blank night sky the following evening brooding over his sister why would he have such a dream. He never was able to have seen her grown up because he killed her at the age of fourteen. She looked crazed in his dream Kathy was always subdued and gracious in everything she did except for the night he came back as a vampire.

"My dear little sister wont you let me in."

"Liam!" As tears fell down her face. "I knew you'd comeback as an angel angel." As she let him in he snapped her neck quickly and placed the dead body of his sister rather carefully against the wall not wanting ruin her anymore than necessary.

"Kathy ! who's at the door." The foot steps of his mother could be heard as she came closer to the kitchen.

"Hey Boss Gunn wanted you to review this file on the Clackles family."He stared at her blankly."You know the rainbow demon unicorn things...they have a new spawn and they need to relocate you know better schools and all." She ended with placing the offending file on top of his desk and sauntered out of his office.

"I miss you Cordy." In a silent plea He whispered it into the open air wishing strangely his sister was alive.

"Good job can you see why we need you my dear." The good doctor said to the young women before as she punched the offending bag in front of her.

"Because (she thought for a moment and went through what he explained to her. He would make her repeat it over and over again this past few weeks as they trained her new abilities her. She was stronger than anything out there her sight sharper but slightly distracting, hearing intensified everything was better for the soul purpose of protecting there country) people like me are here to protect the weak what better than ones who were week before. (She tested her muscles thinking about how earlier training consisting of her walking on water and how strange it felt controlling her flow of energy to her feet and running at unimaginably pace she went around the world in ten minutes amazing she was a perfectionists too. there were others here with her with the same training almost the same abilities but theres were weaker. She would not stop till she perfected what ever she was doing.)


"I'm strongest I will carry my soldiers forth in battle to protect my country at which I love."(Hers was stronger because she was a General.) "For the sake of mankind they can not win.)

"Who are our enemies?"



"Because they are disgusting evil and vile they destroy lives and people and." She threw one last punch to catch the breath she didn't need. "They destroyed mine..."

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