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the HEROIC age

' I was never right for the hero type of role
I admit it ,
With my heart shivering in fear
I can see today's reflected in each past TEAR ,
Once in my dreams
I rose and soared ,
No matter how I'm knocked around or beaten down ,
I will stand up - RESTORED ,
Because you're here with me ,
Our dreams will soar free ,

Episode " 0 0 "

A pair of arms reached out towards the other figure, enveloping them in an embrace, "I'll always protect you,"

The male figure who was being embraced, brought their arms together around the other, tightening the embrace. The female figure embracing continued, "I'll make sure no harm ever comes your way,"

Pulling back a bit from the embrace the female figure smiled lightly while holding the face of the other, "You'll always be my top priority, no matter what."

The male figure teared up slightly while the female figure wiped away the tears softly, "Don't cry, I'll always be with you."

"Don't ever leave me.." the male figure finally spoke, the voice slightly cracking from lack of use, the female figure merely smiled lightly in acknowledgement.

"Don't leave, don't ever leave."

"Smile for me,"

"Don't risk your life."

"Laugh for me,"

"Don't ever leave my sight."

"Live for me,"

"Don't ever, ever die."

"Love for me."

"I wouldn't know what I would do without you.."

(I'd do anything for you..)

"..I wouldn't know how to breathe.."

(.. I only breathe for you..)

"..I wouldn't know how to move.."

(..I only strive to protect you..)

"..I wouldn't know how to live.."

(..My life, my everything belongs to you..)

"..And if there ever comes a time.."

(..If I ever need to sacrifice anything..)

"..I would destroy everything and anything for you.."

(..I would destroy this world for you..)

"..Because I love you."

(..Because you mean the world to me.)

"I love you."

"I love you."

"I love you."

"Hey, live for me will you?"

' Even if the world turns on you
And won't believe a word you say ,
And even if they make you wear
A CROWN of THORNS upon your head ,
I will stand and be the one
To wipe away those TEARS you shed
And when someone's hurt you ,
Let me be the ARMS you can run to ,
So everything that makes me WHOLE
Belongs to you ; I'll give my heart and soul
I'm YOURS . '

Confusing? I wouldn't be surprised. This Episode or rather, Chapter in fanfiction's case - is kind of like a prologue however it's also a question place in case any readers are confused at the next Episode, (Episode 01). I wrote this story inspired by Sword Art Online, maybe that'll clear a lot of things up for you then, if not then please feel free to continue reading below to see a few questions that you may possibly have that I have answered. If you still have any questions feel free to review on this CHAPTER/EPISODE ONLY. This will allow me to differentiate reviews from questions easier. Thank you, Happy Reading!

What kind of setting is this story in?

This story is NOT in the Naruto world unfortunately, I will of course be using the villages and everything from Naruto but they will be considered as something, such as Konoha Village being considered as Konoha Town instead unless stated otherwise. This is inspired by Sword Art Online and although this isn't about them being stuck in a game or whatsoever, I will try to make it similar to it.

Is there any Ninja type moves?

There won't be exactly any ninja type moves but I will consider using the ninja type moves from Naruto as some sort of ability in this story. For example, the Byakugan from the Hyuuga family will be considered as an ability revolving around sight and sensory.

Will there be any couples?

At the moment, yes there will be a couple pairing for sure, with the two main characters of this story. I have not decided yet if there will be any additional couples but will be considered the more I developed this story.

What's with all the swords and weapons stuff?

If you've seen Sword Art Online before it revolves around a game system that does not have 'classes' but rather the type of weapons you choose. I am trying to revolve this story around such setting as well. So throughout this entire story the characters will be using weapons and not ninja skills.

What does the 'absorbing the monster' stuff all mean?

The whole point of killing a monster in this story is to receive items (like a game but I'll give more depth into that later if needed) but also to gain more power (instead of 'experience'), thus when a monster is destroyed the character or characters that killed it will absorb it and gain more power, obviously not an enormous amount of power so killing one big ass monster will not make the characters OPed, that's not the point of my story.

Will the characters be having the same outfits like from Naruto?

No the characters will be wearing slightly different outfits, I'll be trying to describe it as best as possible but some outfits for minor characters may remain the same to refrain from repetitive outfit descriptions, after all outfit descriptions take a lot.

If you have any more questions please feel free to review in CHAPTER 0 or EPISODE 0 ONLY,
Thank you again, Happy Reading!