The Hulk sat on the curb across the street from the building that had collapsed feeling numb with shock. A hospital... A hospital filled to the brim with the injured, ill and dying- and he'd brought it down in a fucking brawl like a goddamn animal.

I knew I had no place here in the city- Who knew how many people he had just seriously injured, maimed, or even killed with his own clumsy hands.

Looking down at his large hands, he could almost see the innocent blood staining them and felt his vision blur with tears as panic seized him. He hadn't meant for this to happen! But what if his 'friends' all turned on him for this? What if they attacked him? What if they hated him and realized now that he could never be like them?

A hero. A savior. A-

Hawkeye's voice cut through his thoughts like a knife, reminding him that his friends were still working to resolve the problem that he had caused. "Shit! Where's the Cap? That building is going up faster than the Christmas tree that Thor zapped last year!" Hulk blinked, almost wondering if he had heard wrong when Thor said,

"I thought I saw Captain America heading this way with an injured woman, but when I went by the nursery and saw the infants there- I simply lost sight of him."

"Then he was heading this way?" Tony asked anxiously as Thor shrugged his shoulders. As he had just said, he had thought Captain America had been, but perhaps he had been delayed by something. Another injured person perhaps?

Guys when that truck went up it caused another collapse inside of the building-" Tony said as he pulled up digital plans to the building and ran a simulation, adding the truck to the equation. "If the Cap was caught in that then he and whoever he was trying to bring out may have been crushed by several hundred pounds of solid steel and concrete."

"Then we need to go in and get him out." Hawkeye said as he started for the building only to be stopped by Tony's metal clad hand grasping his wrist and stopping him.

"You're assuming that he's still alive."

"Tsk, Cap may have a few years on us, but he doesn't die easily. You should know that Tony," Hawkeye said as Hulk slowly got to his feet and pushed everything from his mind with the exception of doing one last thing for the Avengers. His body moving of it's own accord, he found himself walking over to the ruins of the hospital. Causing all arguments between Tony and the others to cease as they eyed him curiously. Wondering what he was going to do when he glanced over at Thor and motioned with his head for the man to follow him.

Thor nodded and Hulk stepped through the first few flames, they were small in comparison to many of the others eating away at the structure. Calculating when the next collapse would be, he said very softly to Thor, "The next collapse will happen soon so we need to hurry." Thor nodded and opened his mouth to ask what exactly his plan was when Hulk cut him off by saying, "We need to start looking in the general area you lost sight of the Cap. Can you lead me to it?"

Ah, so that was why Hulk had motioned for him to come with him- How odd since thinking wasn't exactly the Hulk's strong suit. Thor thought in surprise as he pointed through the wall of flames just a few feet away. "Let's go find Cap."

"Uh...alright." Thor said after a moment's hesitation. And who could blame him? If the Hulk was starting to gain the ability to reason through his rage- well, then Thor wasn't going to argue with him. Especially when one of their teammates lives were on the line. Besides arguing took up too much energy and if he managed to win, Cap would be down one rescue party.

And stuck with one total annihilation of what was left of the building. And digging out his bloodied remains wouldn't be any fun for any of the Avengers.


Captain America wasn't sure how long he lay there under the rubble, breathing in the fumes and smoke from the flames around him but he knew that ultimately he would have to make a choice. Move or die. It was that simple. Especially when he finally realized that the woman he had been trying to save was still alive.

She'd been coughing for the past minute or so. Meaning that the smoke was getting to her even though he'd taken his mask off and put it over her nose and mouth and had been using his hand to hold it in place so that she didn't smother to death from the smoke while subtly moving his body just a bit so that he could possibly push some of the heavier stones and beams off of them.

Hold on just a little bit longer, He thought as sweat ran down the side of his face and dripped onto the woman's once clean shirt. The other Avenger's should have found them by now. Were they still evacuating the hospital or were the flames holding them back? Captain America wondered as he gnashed his teeth in frustration knowing that whatever the reason, he couldn't bother waiting for them any longer.

He needed to get himself and the woman to safety or else they would both be consumed by the fire.