Chapter 3….Face of the Beast

There is one section that has a TRIGGER WARNING. It is marked.

-Broken Girl-

When they got back to the clubhouse in New Orleans Jax and the others were waiting for them. Tig sat down and told them about the house and seeing Mia. Happy sat there drinking his beer, not adding to the conversation. He kept going over her in his mind, the scars on her face, who the fuck did that to her? Why was her hair black? And her eyes, they use to sparkle with so much life he worried she would bust, but when she leaned close to him he saw them, they were dead inside.

Jax tapped his shoulder, "You alright brother?"

Happy just nodded, he wasn't talkative on a good day and today sure as hell wasn't a good day.

Tig looked over at Bull the New Orleans president, "What do you know about this place?"

Bull sighed, "You don't really want to know brother. If your girl is in there, it might be best to leave her there, unless she wants out."

Happy was out of his chair towering over the man, he didn't give a shit if he was a patched president. He yanked him up by his kutte, the others jumping to get between them, "YOU BETTER FUCKING TELL US WHAT YOU KNOW!"

Jax and Tig pulled him back and Bull adjusted his kutte. Tig wrestled Happy into a chair and Jax held up his hands to Bull, "I'm sorry brother, it's just….she's his old lady and we thought she was dead."

Bull nodded sitting back down, "Well maybe she is."

Tig snarled at him, "We saw her today with our own eyes asshole."

Bull just looked at him, "She might be alive but the girl you know….she's probably gone."

Skinny the intelligence officer for New Orleans sighed, "You better tell them."

Bull nodded to the younger man, "About fifteen years ago I was the SAA here, had me an old lady that made all the other old ladies look like chop meat. She was a good girl and yet she still loved me. She got taken from me, to that house. You see Lily she was walking home from work one night and she got drug into a back alley and four street punks took their time with her. Took her into some warehouse and raped her for two days. When they got bored they cut her loose. What was left of her… wasn't much…she was distance, she didn't cry. She just faded away from me. She started going to that house, became cold to me, shut me out. I was young and dumb, started fucking around on her, she left me. Moved into that house. I can call her and get you a meeting with the woman that runs things there. But we turn a blind eye to them, the people they go after, the things they do, well they make New Orleans safer."

Jax leaned in his elbows hitting the table, "What kind of things?"

Skinny turned his computer around, "This story here," He tapped the screen, the men all looking up to see the face of a man on the screen, "He was our city district attorney, turns out he was raping his twelve year old step daughter. When the wife went to the cops they covered it up, tried to buy the woman off. Well two weeks later they found him floating at the docks, someone had peeled the skin from his body."

Jax ran a hand over his face, "FUCK!"

Bull nodded, "If your girl is in that house something awful happened to her and now she probably does the awful." Bull stood up, "I need a few guys to head out, have a club owner that hasn't been paying on his debt."

Jax nodded, "I can send some guys for you, I know you have your hands full with the clean up at the warehouse site."

Happy stood up looking at Tig, "I'm good to go."

Tig nodded, getting out of his chair slow, "Sure, let's go hit some assholes."

Jax pointed to Juice, "Go with them, the rest of you head up with Bull to the warehouse to work on clean up. We have a call with the Irish tonight. Bull, make that call to your girl."

-Broken Girl-

Happy, Tig, and Juice took the address from Skinny and headed toward the outskirts of Bourbon Street. It was a strip club owned by a man named Lenny Street, he owed the club two weeks back payments for a loan they had given him. As they were pulling the van up, near the back door, they saw three hooded figures going in. Tig looked at Happy, "Remember what we heard our first night here, the kid, the one that got knocked out said it was three people in hoods."

Happy smirked, "Oh yeah."

They got out of the van and headed to the side door where the figures had just disappeared. They moved down the hallway of the club. They could hear music thumping from the main room. Half dressed women ran up and down the hallway. They went down a set of stairs that Skinny had told them led to the office in the basement. As they got to the door, they heard muffled screams from inside.

Happy held up a finger and cracked the door, there inside was Lenny tied to a chair. One of the figures was working him over, the sound of fists hitting bone made Happy almost hard as the one hitting him broke Lenny's nose. Then one of them took their hood down.

Happy watched in morbid fascination as the woman leaned down her voice hard, "Lenny, you've been weighed on the scales of justice and found wanting, do you have anything to say before we carry out your sentence?"

The man wiggled and thrashed, "PLEASE! I'm a sick man…please I promise I won't look at any more boys. I swear."

The woman laughed, running a blade across his face, "Sick men look, but dead men can't."

Happy couldn't see what she did, he pulled back and motioned to Tig and Juice. The two men already had their guns out. Happy kicked the door open and they advanced into the room. Lenny was already dead, blood dripping down his stomach and making a sick dripping sound on the floor. The office was a large storage room with a desk pushed into a corner. Happy motioned to Tig and Juice, they split up going different directions. The lighting was awful and as he walked around a set of shelves a foot came out and took out his knee. He hit the ground and then felt a blinding pain in the back of his head. He hit the ground hard a heeled boot going to his neck. He looked up with blurry eyes to stare into the black eyes of a face that was covered in makeup, the face of a reaper. She smiled and it sent chills down his spine, Happy tried to move, but he was his stomach and his head was killing him. He felt her stomp down on his ass with her boot and his cock screamed in his jeans. He felt her jump on his back, straddling him, he tried to buck but she leaned down her nose running up the side of his neck, her breath hot on his skin, "Sorry lover, can't play now." Before he could react she slammed his head into the ground.

Mia pulled herself off his back, he body was still as hard as it ever was, but she had no time to play. Lilith appeared next to her grinning, "Shit girl, what did you do to him? We just knocked the other two out."

Minion came running toward them, "Can I keep mine? He's so hot and I love the tats on his head!"

Mia rolled her eyes, "Take their kuttes."

Lilith smiled wider, "You sure about that?"

Mia nodded, yanking Happy's kutte off, "Oh yeah, let them tell their president that they lost their kuttes to a group of girls."

-Broken Girl-

Happy came too groaning, he pulled himself off the floor and felt blood dripping down the side of his head. He was going to kill that bitch. It wasn't until he stumbled across Tig moaning on the ground that he noticed that his and Tig's kutte were gone, "FUCK, they took our kuttes."

Tig looked down and slumped back onto the floor, "I'll kill them."

Juice came hopping down the aisle, his rebuckling his pants, Tig waved his hand toward the younger man, "Jesus, we get beat down and he got lucky!"

Juice shook his head, "She knocked me out but not before….well she was very handsy."

Happy stared at the body of Lenny Street, what the fuck had they walked into? "Come on we need to get back and find our damn kuttes."

-Broken Girl-

Happy, Tig, and Juice arrived back at the club house and Jax snickered, "What the hell happened to you guys? Where the hell are your kuttes?"

Tig sighed, "We ran into some hooded figures when we got to Lenny's."

Bull shook his head, "Is Lenny still alive?"

Happy sat down holding his head, "He's dead, very dead."

Jax ran a hand through his hair, "Who the fuck did it?"

Juice shrugged, "They were girls, but they weren't. They had this makeup on their faces."

Happy nodded, "The one that took me down was wearing some kind of black contacts, fucking scary as shit."

Bull sighed, "She have reaper makeup on?"

When Happy nodded, Jax turned to Bull, "You want to clue is in on something?"

Bull stood up pulling out his phone, "That was Reaper, one of their enforcers, man if you guys fucked with her then it's no wonder they took your kuttes. My guys know not to get involved if it's her, she's fucking crazy."

Jax glared at Bull, "Where can we find them?"

Bull looked over at Skinny, the younger man squirming a little, "There's a club in the French Quarter, it's called Shadow Keepers, that's where they are usually."

Jax nodded to Bull, "You coming? Because we're going to get our kuttes back." Jax glared at his hit man and his SAA, Tig and Happy looked away knowing how dumb they looked losing their kuttes to women.

Bull motioned to a few of his guys, "Yeah, but I hope you know what you're doing going in there."

-Broken Girl-

Opening the door to the club the SONS felt out of place. The club was mainly filled with women, there were a few guys here and there, but not many. The woman at the door wore red face makeup and she nodded to them as they walked in. Bull walked in next to Jax, he spotted Mistress right away. The older woman pulled herself off the lap of some young man and walked toward him, "Bull, what do I owe the pleasure?"

Bull took a deep breath, "I'm sorry to bother you, but a few of my California brothers may have interrupted your girls taking care of an issue with Lenny Street. The girls roughed them up pretty good and took their kuttes."

Mistress pressed her lips together looking up at the second level of the club to see the three offending women, they were leaning over the railing watching the interaction. She snapped her fingers and the three of them jumped over the railing and landed right behind Mistress. Happy growled stepping toward the one with the reaper makeup, "BITCH!"

Mistress chuckled, "I take it, these three are guilty?"

Tig nodded, "Yup that's them, stupid cunts."

Mia smirked she was enjoying this, they were the ones out of place here, they needed to go home she knew what was coming and having her dad and Happy there would stop her from the work at hand. They were close to drawing out Galen and she wanted them far from New Orleans when that happened.

Mistress turned to her girls, "Where are the kuttes?"

Lilith stepped forward putting her hands on her hips, "At the house."

Mistress nodded, "Follow us back and I'll make sure you get them back." Mistress snapped her fingers again and the club started to move, the women exiting the building.

The Sons followed the caravan of cars back to the plantation house. Mistress let the Sons in when they arrived, "Please come in." Mistress walked toward Bug, "Get them, tell them I will not wait."

Bug nodded, "Yes Mistress."

-Broken Girl-

Mia sat on her bed, his kutte wrapped around her. She took a deep breath of his smell, he still wore the cologne she had picked out for him. She smirked to herself thinking that she had gotten the drop on him, he was always so powerful to her and she had been the one to drop him. Bug knocked on her door, "Reaper, it's time."

She stood up pulling the kutte from her body. She removed her hood, there was no hiding now. Both times he had seen her with her new face she had her hair covered with her hood, there was no more hiding. She fanned her black curly hair out letting it fall onto her shoulders, she walked toward the door with the kutte in her hands.

She could hear Mistress talking politely to them. When she fell in behind Lilith and Minion she heard her father gasp. She walked to the bottom of the steps and stood there, looking straight ahead, her contact black eyes focused in front of her. She channeled the Reaper to hide the mess her heart was, she wouldn't let them see her break, she wouldn't let HIM see her break.

-Broken Girl-

Happy couldn't believe it when she came down the stairs, the makeup, the contacts, it didn't matter that was her. Standing there in what looked like a Lara Croft knock off outfit, the only thing that wasn't black was the sliver heels on her boots.

Jax stared at her, "Jesus Christ, Mia?"

Mistress stepped between them, "Mr. Teller, I assure you my girls will be punished for their disrespect your men. But I warn you NOT to address them unless I tell you too."

Jax stepped closer to her, "BULLSHIT! That girl right there, she was raised as my sister basically! Her husband and her father are two of the men she beat to hell tonight."

Mistress smirked turning to Mia, "Reaper, get on your knees."

Happy watched in horror as she did what she was told. Mistress walked toward her, taking Happy's kutte from Mia's arms, "Say it Reaper."

Mia stared ahead of her, "I've been judged on the scales and been found wanting." Mia pulled her knife from her side and handed it to Mistress.

Mistress motioned for her arm, Mia held it up and Mistress pulled the sleeve back, cutting into Mia's arm, she stared at Jax a chill ran down his spine, "You see Mr. Teller I have control over my girls. When they are bad, they are punished."

Jax nodded, "Ok, Jesus there's no need for that, just STOP."

Mistress smiled at him, "As you wish, Reaper on your feet. Ok ladies, return the kuttes to the gentlemen."

Mia walked toward Happy, she held the kutte out in front of her, blood dripping down her hand from the wound on her arm. Happy took the kutte, search her eyes, but she just stared forward focused on a spot behind him. "I'm sorry."

Happy took the kutte, his large rough hand circling her wrist, "Mia."

She turned to look at him, "Not Mia, Reaper." She yanked her hand from his grip and turned to return to her position next to Mistress.

Mistress smiled, "Now, all better. You gentlemen have a great night now."

Jax shook his head, "No, I don't think so. We want a sit down with you, if you don't I'll have every damn charter of the Sons in New Orleans by the end of the week and I'll ran hell down on your head."

Mistress sighed, "Fine." She turned to Lilith, Minion, and Mia, "You're dismissed ladies, Lilith will you please join us."

Mia started up the stairs, she could feel his eyes following her, but she didn't turn around. She held it in until she got to her room. Once she did, shutting her door, she slid to the floor. Her hand going to the wrist that he had grabbed, she felt the tears welling up in her eyes and she let them slip down her cheeks, mixing with her makeup them fell silently on her black shirt. Maybe she wasn't completely dead inside after all.


Mistress led them into a large dining room area. She motioned to the table and Jax, Tig, and Happy sat down while the other Sons filled in around the table. Mistress called to Bug, "Get me that video of Reaper when we found her."

Bug shifted nervously on her feet, "But Mistress if she finds out…."

Mistress glared at her, "I SAID TO GET IT." Bug nodded and left the room, while Mistress shut the French doors, taking her seat at the head of the table. She smiled at the men, "Now gentlemen, we need to discuss this situation. Rea…Mia has no interest in going with you or seeing you and I want you to respect her wishes."

Jax smiled, leaning back in his chair, "Well the Irish called today and they want their guns or the money for the guns that were 'misplaced' I figure by your girls. So the way I see it, if you don't MAKE Mia visit with us, I'll just lead the Irish here and something tells me you don't want that."

Mistress eyed the young man, the door opened and Bug appeared with a laptop in her hands. She hesitated until Mistress nodded for her to come closer. "Thank you dear, please check on the others and make sure everyone knows we are 'IN' for the evening, especially Reaper." Bug nodded her head and slipped out the door.

Mistress stared at Jax, "How do I know you will be able to take care of her while she is 'visiting'?"


Mistress looked around him to Happy, "Is that true Mr. Lowman? Was Mia fine? Because something tells me she wasn't."

Happy set his face to stone, staring down the old bitch, he wasn't going to let her get to him. Mistress sighed, "Very well, I didn't want to have to do this, but I guess you leave me NO CHOICE. When I found her, she was in an Irish ran sex house. They're use to be all over New Orleans, they take women and enslave them drugging them to keep them calm. But Mia didn't go down easy, she fought. When we found her she had been there for three months. Three months and none of you, HER FAMILY, went to look for her."

Jax leaned in, "We were told she was dead. Her car was found with a brunt to a crisp body, dental records showed it was her! WE had a funeral, we scattered her damn ashes! WE didn't know there was anyone to look for!"

Mistress eyed Tig and Happy, "You might want the others to leave the room for what I'm going to show you."

Tig looked at Jax, the vice president waving everyone out. Mistress pulled up the video, "When we use to go into the houses, we would document the abuses, hoping that someday the Irish would be punished for what they did. When we found Mia we thought she was dead. You don't have to watch this, but you have to understand, the woman you see now is tightly controlled because when she's not, when she's not people die. She has a rage inside her I've never seen and I don't even know if it will be settled when Galen O'Shay dies."

Happy's head came up, "What does he have to do with this?"

Mistress pushed the lap top in front of them, "Watch first."

The three men leaned in toward each other, staring at the screen. Nothing would be able to prepare them for what they saw. The first scene was of a dirty hallway, the video was grainy and done with a hand held camera. "Shit this one is dead too." A voice said from off camera.

Then the camera panned inside a room, slumped against the far wall was Mia. Happy knew it was her, by her hair, though you couldn't tell from anything else. Her head was dropped between her shoulders and blood dripped down the front of her body. As the camera got closer, her head snapped up and the cuts were fresh on her face, she coughed spitting blood at the camera. "JESUS, SHE'S ALIVE! GET MISTRESS!"

Happy watched as the women cut her off the wall, they lowered her to the ground and someone set the camera down helping the other women. He watched as they covered her up with a blanket, a younger looking Mistress kneeling next to her head, "It's alright sweetheart, we're not going to hurt you. SOMEONE GET THE DAMN VAN!"

Then he heard it, Mia's broken voice, "I thought they would come…..they didn't come….they killed my baby….he didn't come…"

Jax slammed the screen of the lap top shut, his eyes brimming with tears. Tig stood up pacing, tears rolling down his face. Happy buried his head in his hands.

Mistress watched the three men, she could see how upset they were, and "She had miscarried a baby during the beatings. Did you know she was pregnant?"

Happy nodded, his voice breaking, "She told me."

Tig's head snapped up glaring at him, "YOU NEVER TOLD ME!"

Happy stood up, "What would it have helped? She was gone! I didn't want you to suffer with that too!"

Tig sat down defeated, "What else was wrong with her?"

Mistress took a deep breath, "She had a broken pelvis, she had massive repairs done to her….they don't know if she'll ever have children, broken ribs, she has two vertebra in her back that have been fused, both wrists, and they brunt your mark off her body."

Happy's head came up and he stared at the woman, he wanted blood, "Galen did this?"

Mistress nodded, "He was the one who took her to the house under Jimmy O'Phellan's orders. But Galen, he liked her, he was the one who burnt the ink off her, saying that she didn't need it anymore. I know what this looks like to you, that I'm hard and cruel, but if I don't have rules those three would go off and get themselves killed. That's why I don't want her to visit, she's not who she use to be, only myself and Lilith can touch her, I've never seen her hug anyone. She's just not the girl you remember."

Jax stared at his hands, "What if this Lilith came with her? Would she be able to control her or help her?"

Mistress stood from the table and walked to the door, "Bug, get me Lilith please. Nitro, bring us some whiskey and shot glasses."

Mistress returned sitting down, a few minutes later the whiskey arrived and the old lady poured her own first downing it. Once they had a shot, Lilith appeared at the door, her makeup gone, "Yes Mistress?"

Mistress motioned to Jax, Tig, and Happy, "They want to know if I order Reaper to Charming for a visit if you'll go with her to keep her centered."

Lilith shrugged, "Do you really think this is a good idea? You know….I don't know Mistress. Do you think she's ready for something like that?"

Mistress took another shot and looked at her, "If she's not, I'm sure there's people there that could use a visit from her, help get her in a better mood."

Lilith closed the door behind her, looking at them, "You have to tell your club, your families that she can't be touched. If you touch her, sometimes she's fine, but other times. I'll do whatever I can to keep her calm, but sometimes it's bad."

Tig nodded, "Yeah, we'll keep our distance, so will you bring her?"

Lilith sighed, "Yeah, I'll bring Bug with us, she's a good kid, Reaper likes her."

Mistress stood up, "And I'll find that money for your Irish guns, but warn them, if they want to do business in this town, shit like that will happen. The next time they come into the Big Easy I'll rain hell on them."

Happy followed the two women into the hallway where the rest of the Sons were waiting, "Can we say good bye? To her?"

Mistress looked at Lilith, "Can you get her?"

-Broken Girl-

Mia had showered and changed by the time Lilith came to her room, she leaned against the door jamb, "Hey girl."

Mia looked up from her bed where she was brushing her hair, "Hey, did they go?"

Lilith took a deep breath, "They're still here, Mistress wants you and me to go visit them. She thinks it will be good for you."

Mia rolled her eyes, "Shit! I don't want this! How many times…."

Lilith held up her hands, "They work for the Irish, they deal guns with them. What if we can use Bug to break into their computers and find out where Galen is? It's worth a shot and it might…might help you."

Mia sighed, standing up she pulled on a hoodie, "Ok, fine. Tell her I'll go."

Lilith motioned toward the door, "They want to say good bye."

Mia's head snapped up, "What?"

Lilith pointed toward the door and Mia drug her feet following her down the stairs toward them. Most of the other Sons had cleared out, but Jax was standing talking to Mistress quietly. Her father and Happy stood at the bottom of the stairs waiting on her.

Lilith stayed at the landing and motioned her to go down. She walked slowly toward them, not sure what to expect from either of them.

Happy watched her, with her hair wet in a pair of black yoga pants and an oversized hoodie she looked just like she did the day she told him about the baby. Until you really looked into her face, the scars were faded, but pronounced and her eyes were flat and dead. He took a step toward her, "Hey girl."

Mia went back a step to put distance between them, "Lily said you wanted to say goodbye, so goodbye."

Tig stepped toward her, a grin on his face, "So you're coming to see us, I think it'd be good to have you around everyone, they're so happy to know you're alright."

Mia nodded, "That's good."

Happy took the chance while she was distracted with Tig and he reached out taking her wrist in his hand. She glared at him but didn't move, Lilith was down the stairs and by her side, but Mia stayed calmed. Happy smirked at her, "You look real good my Mia girl, real good."

Mia took her hand away, "Good bye." She turned and walked back up the stairs.

Lilith looked at Happy, "You're the first man I've seen touch her in ten years that didn't end up sliced in half."

Happy shook his head, "Well she has reason to want to do that to me, hopefully she'll give me a chance to make it up to her."

Lilith glared at him, "Can you give her your baby back?" With that the woman turned around and walked back up the stairs.

Happy looked at Tig, it was going to be a hard, but at least she was coming home.

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