She snored as loud as cows getting rattled up. They echoed across the oddly slient guild.

Her face was laid on the table as if she just merrily fallen asleep. Her chest moved in sync with the rest of the body.

She was surrounded. All of the mages in the guild were observing her; concern written all over their faces for the pink-haired girl.

"What happened to her?"

"Why isn't she waking up?!"

"Hothead! It isn't time for playing games!"

"Who done this to her?!"

"Can't we shower her with water?"

"No! She will burn the entire guild!"

"She's barley moving..."

"Will she be okay?"

"Everyone, calm down," ushered the Master. He walked across the guild and hopped on Natsa's table.

"Quiet," demanded Erza when no one creased to talk.

His feet flopped against the wood. His beard swirled from the sudden movement.

"It has seems Natsa has been cursed," he finally uttered. "A fatally spell that stops all reality to the victim."

There were gasped along with questions.

"In other words, she's lost in her own time," explained Freed. "Or...a eternal dream..."

As with Master's explanation, there were more questions that has yet to be answered.

"For all we know, it could be a living nightmare!"

"Or...a paradise..."

Master put his hands up, calming them all down. "Can someone tell me what happened?"

Erza stepped out of the line of mages. "Master, it's like you have said. One moment Natsa was drinking, and the next she clasped onto her table."

"Even my stone statues aren't this unresponeed," muttered Evergreen. She raised her hands onto her hips.

"She hasn't moved since then," added Freed. "The curse must have effected her body quickly at this rate."

Master placed fingers on his chin and looked wards the sky. "What was she drinking?"

Gray walked over to Natsa's seat, and pringled her fingers away from the cup. He raised the cup to his eyes, black water; then he used his other senses.

He placed it under his nose and took a big whiff of the drink. "...Nothing that came from here..."

"Gajeel, you smell it."

"Why the fuck do I have to do this fuckin' shit?!" he cursed.

"Dragon Slayer nose," reminded Laxus.

Gajeel grunted and grabbed the cup from Gray's hands. He lifted it up to his nose, and smelt. "Icehead's righ', nothin' from this guild. Has an earth scent to it."

"That doesn't give us any clues!"

"So what?! I smelled it, and it's nothing I ever smelt before!"

"Fairy Tail!" Master growled; everyone stopped bickering. "Now then, one of us will take Natsa to Porlyusica."

Everyone looked at each other; but only one person was loudest than them all.

"Laxus!" Mirajane's sweet voice echoed over the others.

Laxus turned to her with wide eyes. "What the fuck are you talking about?!"

"Save Natsa," she simply stated. The others in the guild agreed with her, and Laxus' name was being called over and over.

His cheeks flushed, and he pound his face into a wooden pole. "Damn it! Shut up!"

Master chucked at his grandson, "It seems you are given the job. I would hurry if I was you."

The blond glared at the old man. His brows tighten and his lips parted; they moved as if he was going to scream but nothing came.

Instead there was only growling, whines, and goodbyes. His fateful servant latched himself onto Laxus' coat and wouldn't let go.

"Freed! You can't go!" exclaimed Master. Freed wouldn't let go of the jacket; as if he was glued to it.

Bickslow laughed at his master's torment. "She won't even see it coming!" he laughed manically at his own dark humor.

"That's not a way to trick a woman!" argued Evergreen. She slapped Bickslow across the face.

"He got the chance, so he better use it!"

"I'm surrounded by idiots..." Laxus muttered to himself. "Can someone remove Freed from my clothing?"

"Bu-But- Laxu-s!" cried Freed as Laxus left him behind in the guild.

Laxus walked onward as the guild's doors closed. In one arm, he was carrying the light-weighted Natsa.

"I hate that She-witch..." he cursed. Out of all of the mages in the guild, she was the most nosy out of them all.

And now he was stuck with her...Nasta...

Who was asleep...

Now he was thinking the same thoughts as Bickslow before he slapped himself.