Laxus woke up with his head spinning. The last thing he remember was a boom...and then...NATSA!

He sat up, and quickly looked side to side for the pink-haired. Out of all of the things that could have happened, what must she be involve.

He sighed when he finally spotted the pink-haired leaning on a log. Her soft, sweet snores could be heard from there.

"You up already, laddie?" questioned the witch.

"Yes...Now are you gonna listen to me?"

"Counts on what is it."

"Ugh... I just came to get Natsa recovered."

The witch looked over her shoulder at the girl. "Oh, she. had the cure the whole time."

"What the fuck do you mean?"

The witch slap him with her boom. "Don't be using that type of language!"

"Okay! Fu-!" he stopped himself.

"Haven't you hear of Sleeping Beauty? You need to kiss her."

Laxus looked behind her, "Where's Mira? I know she's here somewhere! Come out She-Witch!"

The old woman hide a little note in her pocket away from the young lad. If he read the message...

"She's not here."

"Yes she is. All of this bullsh- is her doing!"

"So she was the one who created cures, medicine, and common sense? I believe not. Just kiss her, and she will wake up. End of story."

He side-eyed her as he traveled over to the girl.

"I will be leaving. But once she wakes up, both of you best be out of my yawn!"

"Fine." He plainly answered. Soon she left them alone. All he needed to do was kiss the girl, right?

He paused. What will Natsa do to him? All types of things could go wrong...

But then again...she wouldn't wake up if he didn't kiss her. Maybe that was the best bet...

If he didn't want to be surrounded by angry mages.

He leaned in and planted a kiss on her sweet lips.

They were warm as a summer breeze.

He opened his eyes...and Natsa was awake.

She was looking at him.

He pulled back and didn't dare to look at Natsa.

"Uh...Laxus...? What the fuck?"

"You were cursed."

"I was...?" she yawned. "But what about...that...kiss..."

"Only way to break the curse."

"The only way?" she questioned.

He thought about it. It would have been smart to ask the witch for other options, but he just listened to her every word.

He felt like an idiot.

She was blushing when he looked up. must be from a fever.

Natsa and blushing didn't go together even if she looked cute.


"Dear Porlyusica. Laxus is coming to get a cure from you, it's in this packet. I kinda cursed Natsa 3 Will you please give Natsa the cure and not tell Laxus. It would be better if he was told "can't be awaken till a true love first kiss." Thanks! Mirajane 3"

The old woman ripped the paper in shreds. "You owe me big time for this. Damn humans."

The end. Sorry if this felt rush. I was hoping for more, but nothing came to mind.

darkhuntressxir - The ending about sums it all up.