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"It's 27."

"No, it's 37."

"Jace I promise you it's 27."

"And I promise you it's 37."

"Jace…" Clary sighed trying not to explode. "We've been arguing about this for an hour! I'm a girl don't you think I would know the name of some dumb chick flick?"

"No you see, for it to be arguing, you would have to be somewhat right."

"For the love of-." Clary stopped myself as she shot up from her bed and ran over to her computer. As it powered on, she felt the hot breath of her best friend next to her left ear. Finally the internet screen popped up and she went straight for the Google search. "Ha! 27 dresses! Not 37! 27!" She turned and came face to face. Her emerald green eyes meeting his golden ones. "What do you have to say for yourself now?"

"Would you believe me if I said that I knew it was 27, not 37, and I just wanted to see how long it would prove me wrong?" Jace bit his lip trying to scrape up whatever of his pride he had left.

"Not a chance Blondie." Clary sighed with content and shut her laptop. "I would ask if you wanted to stay for dinner but I don't suppose you already have plans." She made her way out of her bedroom knowing Jace would follow her.

"Duh, I always have plans."

"So who's the victim this time?"

"She's not a victim." Jace scoffed as he sat on the granite countertop in the center of Clary's kitchen. "She's more like a… lucky contestant." He smirked. Clary turned and chucked a mango at him, which he caught with ease and began eating his favorite fruit.

"Call it whatever you want, I still say it's cruel what you do to those girls."

"Hey!" Jace shouted with his mouth full. He swallowed the bite he took and pointed a finger at her. "I thought we already went over the best friend code. No judging!"

"Really? The 'best friend code' again?" She crossed her arms and attempted to raise one eyebrow but failing miserably.

"Yes the best friend code. It's real just like the bro code or the girl code and you can not under any circumstances break one of the rules."

"Oh that's right, how could I forget about that with you quoting from it ever since the 4th grade." She smiled sarcastically and took a sip from her tea. "You never answered my question."

Jace scrunched his eyebrows at her but realized what she meant. "Oh! I think her name is like, uh… Taylor? Taylor Crawfish… no, that's not it."

"Tawni? Tawni Crawford? The freshman?"

"Yes! That one."

"Wait, didn't you go out with her older sister like two weeks ago."

"Possibly." Jace shrugged. "So what are you doing tonight? Oh wait, that's right nothing because you refuse to ever go out past 7'ocklock." Jace said in a mocking girlie voice.

"Not true." Clary defended herself but Jace just raised his one eyebrow- like a pro- and she sighed knowing that was her life spot on. It's not like she could it wasn't since Jace knew everything about her, even her menstrual cycle, which she thought was kind of creepy. "Okay fine maybe it is true but sorry if I don't want to go out partying with you and be left behind when you find another skank to have a one night stand with."

Jace glared at her in a humorous way. "That hurts Clary." He put his right hand over his heart. "That hurts right here."

"Well what else am I supposed to call it Jace?" Clary walked over and plopped down on the L shaped couch.

"Um, having fun? Living life the way I was meant to?" He said plopping down next to her. She could tell he was being serious.

"Screwing with girls and getting what you want is only fun for you."

Jace gasped. "You're doing it again."

"Doing what again?"

"Judging me. You're breaking code." Jace shook his head. "You've broken the code too many times today. What the hell am I supposed to do with you?"

Clary smiled. "Not much if you want to keep coming over here?"

"Mm, I do like the free food." Jace said and Clary whacked him with a pillow. "Kidding!" He held his hands up in defense. It was silent between them as they watched re runs of shows they loved since middle school. Clary remembered those days of adolescence. When it was just her and Jace being young and stupid. Once they hit high school everything changed. Ever since Jace hit puberty and had gained the adjectives of hot and sexy, all he did was take advantage of his golden eyes and hair and even skin. He grew up like his father, very athletic. That's what definitely caught the girls' attention. Even Clary had to admit she stared when it came to there famous indoor pool adventures they had the luxury of having. Every girl swooned over him- all except Clary, for she was the only one with knowledge of his ways- and every girl got their heart broken by him. Clary had always wondered why they didn't stop going after him; they all knew he would hurt them. But she guessed they all thought they could 'change him' or whatever. Clary laughed to herself knowing that would never happen. Even though Jace had breezed through growing and maturing, Clary however didn't have the best luck. She was stuck at her height of 5'5'', which she thought wasn't too bad but Jace, being 6'1'', always knew he could get a kick out of her by commenting on it. Her mess of auburn red curls seemed to calm down and look more like her mother's but she just let it take it's natural self every day. She wasn't ugly though, and boys did seem to notice her sometimes. But then those same boys found out who her BFF was and would coward away. She never got mad at Jace though when he said they weren't good enough, she thought the same thing. Not once had she had a boyfriend, which was one thing her and Jace most definitely did not have in common. Not once has she kissed a boy, but she really was never interested in anyway. Once Clary had come to accept Jace's way of being a player he stopped holding back. Meaning he talked about everything to her, from who, what, where and sometimes how. She always stopped him when he got too into detail but it always comforted her knowing Jace could trust her with pretty much anything. Their parents used to joke about how they knew for sure they'd grow up and get married. That stopped once they grew older and their parents started hoping that never happened. They didn't really want that though anyway. They both kind of agreed to never try dating knowing that would just screw their relationship up. And they were fine with that… or were they.