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Chapter 16

-Three days ago-

"Alec I really don't want to be here right now." Clary crossed her arms over her chest looking around uncomfortably. "Why didn't you bring that guy you were with or anyone but me?"

"His name is Magnus and he was busy." Alec sighed and continued to bounce his leg up and down with anticipation. "And I already told you. You're the only one that knows so I didn't have much of an option."

Clary shook her head. "You really need to tell someone, it's not healthy to keep a secret this big in for so long… why don't you tell Izzy, I'm sure she'd understand."

Alec scoffed. "Izzy can be described by many words; understanding is definitely not one of them."

Clary sighed and leaned her head back to rest it on the wall behind her. How she got dragged to a 'We Support Everyone' conference, she'd never know. She didn't even mind that she was being dragged along by Alec, it was the fact that she was lying to everyone about where she was. Including- no, Especially Jace. He thought she was out running female errands for her mom. Clary knew, that no matter how much Jace said he loved her, errands like those will never be crossed off his bucket list.

When she opened her eyes she saw Alec standing up and the other people walking into the conference room.

"Can't I just stay out here?" Clary whined. "I promise I'll be here when you come out."

"No. Everyone in there has a support system whether it's a friend or partner and I refuse to embarrass myself walking in there with no one." Alec crossed his arms.

Clary groaned. "Fine. Just… I have to go to the bathroom real quick."

"Clary, I swear to God if you leave-."

"I'm not going to leave." Clary stood and straightened her clothes. "I'll be in there in a second."

She could tell Alec was getting pissed but her bladder couldn't stand any longer. "Fine." Alec huffed and followed the others in the room.

Clary took her time making her way back from the bathroom. She took a deep breath looking into the mini window that looked into the room. Her breath turned into a choke when she saw a girl with chopped, black hair. Aline.

Clary swung her back against the wall hoping she didn't see her. "Don't jump to conclusions Clary." She mumbled to herself. Slowly she pried herself off the wall and snuck a peek into the room. That was definitely her and she was definitely holding hands with another girl.

She looked passed them to see Alec. He looked up and they made eye contact. She could tell he was screaming at her through his eyes. Clary just shrugged and backed away from the window. There was no way she was going in there.

-Current Day-

Clary knew she should be focusing on what was happening in just 15 minutes but couldn't help but stare at Aline as she talked and laughed with the other girls. She thought back to the other day when she was with Alec. Her discovery seemed to be one of the missing puzzle pieces with Aline though. It made sense now why she wasn't ever really attracted to Jace and why it was so difficult for her to agree to go on a date with him. But what still didn't make sense was why she'd say yes. That was the puzzle piece Clary still had yet to find.

She was soon pulled out of her thoughts while a stabbing pain came from the back of her head. "Ow Izzy!"

"Sorry." Izzy apologized. "I've just never attempted cosmetology while filled with nerves." Izzy sighed and sat down in the chair next to Clary's.

"That's okay, it's better than I could ever achieve." Clary turned to see the back of her hair. Her and Izzy decided to leave it down in loose curls for the entire pageant and then pin it back for the crowing ceremony. She turned back to Izzy puzzled. "Did you say you were nervous?"

Izzy sighed. "I always get this way before a show."

Clary just stared in awe at her. "I don't think I've ever seen you so not cool and collected."

Izzy chuckled. "Don't get used to it."

Clary laughed with her. When she felt a hand on her shoulder, it made her jump. "Hi guys." Aline stood behind her smiling brightly. "Are you guys excited?"

Izzy snorted. "Isn't that the word for it." Clary wanted to laugh with them but couldn't pull her stare from Aline's face. First she has to hide Alec's out coming, now Aline's- or rather her closet secret. This was not the time nor place to mention anything, but Clary's mouth was running before her mind could even catch up.


"Five minutes ladies!" Imogen yelled from off stage. Aline smiled in Imogen's direction and turned back to Clary.

"Were you saying something?"

"Uh…" Clary couldn't conjure up and form of words to release, her mind was reeling too fast trying to keep up. "No." She finally said. Aline just squeezed her shoulder and was off again.

"You okay..?" Izzy glanced at her through her mirror. "You seem a little…"

"Lost?" Clary finished her sentence. "I'm fine don't worry about it." She looked down at the makeup in front of her hoping Izzy would just drop it, thankfully she did. To her right she heard Izzy inhale sharply and let go of her breath slowly.

"Showtime." She whispered to herself and stood up not having to balance herself in her heels, it was like second nature.

Clary felt hands on both her arms rubbing up and down like she needed heat. She looked up to see Izzy behind her and her chin resting on her right shoulder looking into her green eyes through her red hair. "Ready for this?" Clary stayed quiet and shook her head in response. "You'll do fine. I'm sorry about Alec being your last minute escort by the way, but don't worry he's done this before."

Clary bit her lip. She doubted it'd be beneath Alec to mess her up purposefully after ditching him at the convention. She apologized profusely but considering she wouldn't give him a reason, he was still pretty mad and giving her the silent treatment. "And I'm sorry about Jace not being able to be here too. I know how upset he was when I left the house this evening."

Clary's heart let out a little weep at the mention of Jace's name. She hadn't been able to see him in what seemed like forever. He'd snuck his phone back and would text as much as he could before he'd have to put his phone back so his dad wouldn't notice. The perks of being grounded, he had said, it'll be a new hit movie by the end of next year just you wait.

"It's okay." Clary half smiled. "I understand why he can't be here, it's not his fault… entirely."

Izzy smiled back at her as they heard the last call over the speakers backstage. Izzy looked up when he heard the call and ran back to her chair. "Izzy what are you doing?"

"Just one second!" She yelled from behind the bureau.

Clary sighed and looked down at her feet. She was growing impatient waiting for Izzy when she saw a white flash. "What was that?" Clary asked when the white dots finally disappeared from her vision.

"Sorry." Izzy chuckled and walked over to grab Clary's arm with her hand. She walked them both over to the two entrances, one for left stage and the other for right. "He wanted a picture." Izzy said low enough for only Clary to hear and went through her entrance.

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