Mischievous and Magical

A Crossover Loki/Hermione fic.

Chapter 1

By: Karategirl666

Rewritten and edited 12/30/2013


Disclaimer: I don't own anything. If I did I'd probably be a millionaire and not writing fanfiction… Nah I'd still be writing fanfiction I'd just also be a millionaire. Which I'm not. So… Hope that clears things up. Not my worlds. Just twisted and shoved together for my liking.


Hermione took a deep breath as she closed the large economics text book. She had been at it for hours. In truth it felt like centuries in which she had been straining her eyes trying to get a gripping of the facts held within the binding of the large evil book. She had never thought she would find such a horrid subject to learn then when she had been forced to learn the Troll wars of 1912-1956.

"Evil book indeed…" She muttered as she rubbed her eyes. She slowly looked around surprised that no one had shushed her. That's when she noticed it, the library was dark, and empty. "Hello?" she called when no answer came she looked to her phone and checked the time. "Bloody hell…" The library had closed near three hours before. She would be locked in. She could easily unlock it herself with the wand in her purse, but she was in the muggle world and she now did things the muggle way. In all honesty she was used to being locked in most nights, but usually it was in her dorm room where she had her computer to play movies in the background, and plenty of sugary drinks to help keep her eyes open. She spotted a vending machine at the other side of the library. "At least I'll have sugary drinks…" She muttered to herself as she picked up her purse and phone to start the long trek to the snack and drink machines.

In truth it wasn't that far, but seeing as she had skipped breakfast, and lunch, and dinner her lethargy made it seem like the small walk was across the world. She thumbed her phone to see a text message from her roommate.

Kathy's Cell

Brought Brad back to room, stay out late.

"Of course…" She muttered to herself with a smile before returning a happy text, at least it would be happy to her roommate.

Got locked in the Library, see you in the morning. Have fun!

She stopped before the machines and stowed her phone away in her purse while pulling her wallet out. Her jaw clenched when her fingers pulled out her wand instead. She stared at it for a long moment, she didn't know why she still kept it on her person other then she had, had it since she was a small child and it felt wrong to not have it within reach at all times. She slowly put the wand back and retrieved her wallet trying to shake away the memories the magical device had risen deep within her.

Hermione first bought a few candy bars hoping for the boost in sugar to keep her away. She didn't fancy the idea of falling asleep in the middle of a dark old library that the schools paranormal club frequented with cameras and voice recorders. After stowing the sugary snacks in her purse she pulled out a few coins to buy a cola, she put three of the four coins into the machine before the fourth slipped through her fingers. Hermione sighed as she watched it fall to the ground and roll across to rest under a book shelf.

"Just my luck…" She groaned before getting to her knees and searching for the last of her quarters. She reached under the bookshelf and sighed feeling her hand glide across dust and grime. "There you are." She said with a smile as she felt her fingers touch her lost quarter. She smiled softly before pulling it out. She tilted her head seeing it wasn't a quarter at all in her hand but a tiny dust covered copper coin. She went to toss it aside and recover her quarter but stopped when the movement wiped a line of dust away to reveal gold beneath. It wasn't the gold that caught her eye, though she knew it should have. Instead it was a symbol. She wiped the rest of the dust away to reveal more of the symbol.

"What is that?" she asked softly before the turned the coin over wiping more dust away as she did. She brought it closer to her eyes and tilted her head seeing it was Latin. "Thank god for spell work in Latin…. Praxis… Rursus… Domum… The way back home…" She tilted her head. "What does that mean?" She jumped and looked up as the room began to shake thanks to yet another San Francisco earthquake. "Not another one." She said getting up quickly and grabbing her purse to find a doorway to stand in. Before she could run and find one she felt the wind get knocked from her lungs as a bright light surrounded her.


Loki sighed as he watched Thor pace the dining hall in which they occupied. He had moved from one side the room to another, using six strides each time, now 212 times. Loki would know he had been counting. He was waiting for it the explosion of energy from Thor due to his boredom. Thor suddenly yelled out and Loki smiled as he watched him slam his hammer down on a table breaking it in two.

"There's nothing to do!" Thor yelled while Loki mouthed his words as he spoke.

"There's plenty to do you just wish to do none of such things." Loki said as he looked over a lime in boredom.

"What, like ride horses?" Thor asked looking to his brother who had suggested the idea over an hour ago.

"There's nothing wrong with riding horses Thor. Equestrian work is quite thrilling, and noble I will add."

"It is not battle." Loki smiled.

"You crave battle so much it alarms me brother." Loki said before pointing. "As father says battle is not always a good thing."

"No though it does chase the boredom away. Actually yes. Battle is always good…" Loki smiled as he shook his head. "If you do not wish to spread the glory of our father you'll never have your chance at the throne brother." Loki looked off and Thor smiled as he tossed his hammer up into the air. "Where be the Lady Sif and my warriors three?" he asked looking around.

"Seems they're late."

"Only be mere minutes." Vostagg said with a smile as he waltzed in with the rest of Thors fan club as Loki liked to think them.

"What happened to the table?" Sif asked tilting her head as she looked it over.

"More so what happened to the food?" Volstagg asked. Before Thor could answer the doors to the room opened and a messenger from Odin came running in.

"Grand Odinsons, Lady sif, and Warriors three, the all father has sent me here."

"Clearly." Thor said and they laughed except for Loki who stood with an intrigued look.

"What brings you here messenger?" Loki asked.

"Yes what brings you here?" Thor inquired.

"The day has come, one of the lost children have returned." The room grew silent.

"Are you sure?" Thor asked.

"The child comes now, and your father beckons you to stand at the throne and welcome he or her back."

"Then we go." Thor said as Loki moved forward.

"An exciting day it may turn out yet, yes brother?" Loki asked and Thor gave a hearty laugh.


Hermione took a deep ragged breath as the air slowly returned into her lungs. Whatever had happened it had caused her to slam down into the ground with such force it had knocked the air from her body. As oxygen slowly began to make its way back to her brain she slowly took in her surroundings. She was staring up at a massive gold dome. She slowly sat up wincing from the pain that spread through her body. Hermione quirked an eyebrow as she stared up at a tall man with dark skin and piercing gold eyes. She took a deep breath and stood grabbing her leather messenger bag as she did.

"Uhm… Hi…" She said softly feeling as though she should reach for her wand.

"Hello lost child." He greeted with a bow of his head.

"Lo…Lost child?" She inquired and he nodded.

"Lost child?" She turned hearing the odd expression once more. She stared at two men in odd dress who had one hand over their hearts as they bowed deeply. "Come with us."

"Such a lovely offer, but I actually have an Economics quiz tomorrow so-." They moved and linked their arms under hers. "Never mind off with you I go." She said as she was dragged away from the gold dome room. Her eyes widened as she stared out at a vast abyss of stars. Her eyes widened further when she looked down to see her feet being dragged across what looked like a rainbow.


"I do hope it's a girl…" Sif said.

"As do I." Frigga said with a warm smile.

"It will most definitely be a male." Odin interjected.

"Yes of course my dear king…" Frigga said patting his hand and Sif couldn't help but smile at her antics.

"How many children were lost again?" Volstagg asked her quietly.

"Ten were sent to earth to learn the way of the humans, only to then return when it was time." Odin said and Vostagg straightened up.

"Some perished of course, the mother's bodies not being able to handle the Asgardian children within their womb… Then some who were born died, as children sometimes do… This could be in fact the only lost child to ever return to us…" Frigga said. The double doors at the end of the room slowly swung open to reveal a young woman with porcelain skin and honey blonde hair.

Hermione took a deep breath seeing a group of men and women standing by a throne in which an older man slowly stood.

"Come forth lost child…" He said. She instantly moved forward, something that surprised most in the room. It seemed this Asgardian human born being had little to fear. She made it up to the group and held her head up high.

"King Odin?" She asked as the man reached her.

"You know of me?" he asked with a smile.

"Yes. I wasn't sure where I was at first mind you, not until I saw the rainbow bridge of course, and then it all clicked." She said with a smile.

"Humans do not know of us." Thor said.

"Silence." Odin said his jaw clenching for a moment before his eyes moved to Hermione's. "What is your name lost child?" he asked.

"Hermione, Hermione Granger." She said with a soft expression.

"Hermione… Give me your hand." He put his out and she moved forward onto the step below him as she reached her hand forward. Before her hand rested on his she looked him over.

"Sir, sire, King Odin." She said unsure of what to call him. "It's a lot to see…"

"Hand." He said and she nodded as her hand rested down into his. His eyes shut for a moment as his jaw clenched. After a long while his eyes opened and he looked her over. "A warrior of magic…" Loki looked to the young woman with an intrigued gaze. From the moment he first laid eyes on her he could feel her power wafting off her in waves.

"Not anymore…" She said taking a step back away from him. "I'd like to be sent back to my world now."

"It was never your world child…" He said. "Though how badly you fought for it…" Her jaw clenched.

"I was ever meant to find that coin." She said.

"Yes you were… The coin has followed you all your life. You found it when you were meant to." She shook her head. She had just gotten settled into her boring life in California she wasn't ready to start a new more complicated one on Asgard.

"I need to go home, I have a life back there." She said.

"No you don't, your parents are gone, and despite everything your friends have abandoned you." Odin said and she looked off. "There's nothing left for you back on that world."

"There is my community."

"No your community is here." He said.

"I am a witch." Hermione stated looking to him. "Of the united magical community of Earth."

"You are an Asgardian of Asgard sent to earth to learn the ways of the Midgardians to come back here and be an example to our people of the triumphs of the Midgardians." Odin said.

"I'm not a witch?" She asked.

"Of course you are. You're just of Asgard and not Midgard. You're more powerful than any Midgardian witch could be." He said. "You must have realized you were different, not having to use your wand to do spells and such…" She looked down at her bag where the magical object lay in.

"Are all muggleborns-."

"No… Just you, though maybe there could be one or more others like yourself, then again if there was you would have gravitated towards them."

"Then I'd like to go back to the world in which I came to find them… And also to take my economics quiz because I did not study for hours for nothing…" Frigga couldn't help but smile.

"No the others if they are alive will come when it is their time."

"I hate to pull this card but here it goes…" She muttered looking off before turning her eyes on the King. "You maybe the King of this world, but you are not in the world I come from… In fact no one is. I wasn't born here, strictly speaking I am not actually an Asgardian maybe by blood but not by birth. I identify as a Midgardian witch, one who is revered in her world, when the Ministry of Magic realizes I'm gone it will not be good. If you think the Bifrost is the only way to get to your world you're very wrong, and trust me when I say I will have people coming to look for me." Loki stood back as he looked over the young woman who had dared speak to his father in such a way.

"Why do you wish to go back to a home which has caused you so much pain?" Frigga asked standing and walking to her with a soft expression.

"Because it is the only home I know…" She said softly.

"Then all we ask is you get to know this one…" Frigga stated.

"I know not of your ways I will not fit."

"You will fit." Frigga said with a smile as she walked up to her. "You will fit more here than you ever did in the world you came from…" She had seen all that her husband had thanks to the link of their love. She couldn't believe the amount of pain and death which this girl had witnessed. "Give it a months time?" she inquired. Hermione looked at her for a long moment. "Just a month." Her jaw clenched. "Think of it as a vacation." Hermione slowly looked to Frigga. "Just a month?" The woman seemed very kind and Hermione didn't wish to spit on that kindness. "We'll put you back down in the time you were take if you wish to return." Hermione slowly nodded.

"Fine… A months time…" Hermione said with a nod and Frigga smiled brightly before turning.

"Introductions then?" A line up instantly formed. Hermione looked over a tall broad shouldered man with blonde hair. "This is my oldest Son Thor Odinson."

"Hermione, nice to meet you." She said putting her hand out and Thor tilted his head as he looked it over. "It's a Midgardian greeting." Thor put his hand out and she laughed softly the sound ringing like a bell. "Uhm here…" she took his hand in hers and shook it.

"Nice to meet you." Thor said. "Such an odd greeting." She laughed softly as she moved onto the next person. Hermione smiled softly at a young man with black hair and piercing emerald eyes. He was a magical being. She could feel his magic pulsing off him in waves.

"This is my youngest son Loki Odinson." Odin introduced.

"Hermione." She said and he put his hand out before she could. She smiled as she took it and shook his hand. Loki slowly turned it over and bowed forward before kissing the back of her hand.

"An Asgardian greeting." He said as he stood up straight. "A pleasure to meet you Hermione." She nodded with a smile before moving onto the next person a young woman. Thor smiled as he eyed his brother who was staring straight forward trying to not look at the fair Hermione. He nudged him and Loki quirked a smile making a laugh rumble from deep within Thors chest.

"This is Lady Sif." Frigga said.

"Lady Sif so good to meet you." Hermione said and she smiled brightly.

"It is a pleasure to meet you as well, it will be nice to have another woman about the palace." Hermione smiled at her words. In truth this was the most welcome she had felt in ages.

"My name is Volstagg of the warriors three this is Hogun, and Fandral."

"A pleasure." Hogun said bowing his head.

"An honor." Fandral said with a wink and Hermione tilted her head.

"Very nice to meet you all."

"Lady Sif I'm sure you could show Hermione to a room, maybe off of yours, you can show her the ropes as to use a Midgardian term." Frigga said with a smile.

"Of course, come with me." Sif said with a smile.

"I'll be sending the tailor to you as well…" Frigga said and Hermione looked down at her skinny jeans and white t shirt. She then looked to the dress of all the others, which was grand, and a bit odd. Then again she didn't know how odd she must have looked to them.

"Yes I don't suppose I fit in with this outfit." Hermione said a little embarrassed and Loki leaned towards her with a pleasant look.

"I can't imagine how we must look to you." He said and Hermione smiled softly as she nodded.

"Come let us find you a room…" Sif said and Hermione nodded.

"Take your rest tonight." Odin ordered and she looked to him. "For tomorrow Asgard welcomes you back with open arms and a grand celebration."

"It's not needed."

"It is." Odin said with an intense look and she slowly nodded.

"Awesome…" Hermione said before walking off with Sif. When she was out of ear shot Frigga smiled and turned to her husband.

"You were very patient with her husband." Frigga said.

"She deserves it after all she has been through…"

"Well you would understand her more than most." Frigga concluded with a soft expression.

"Meaning mother?" Thor inquired.

"She is a hero of war." Odin said.

"That little thing was a warrior?" Valstagg asked with an impressed smile.

"Maybe she will share her tales of war." Thor said with a smile which Odin tilted his head at.

"People who have been through war rarely like to share their tales of battle, even when a victory has occurred Thor…" He chastised and Thor slowly nodded looking off.


"And I'm just next door…" Sif said with a smile as they walked into a large room. Hermione took a deep breath. She thought the rooms at Krum manor had been large when she had visited Viktor but they were nothing like the one she stood in now. It had gold marble flooring and a bed which could fit six grown men. "Do you not like it?" Sif asked seeing her wide eyes.

"No it's just… It's a lot of space." Hermione said with a smile. A knock sounded and Sif turned and opened the door. Hermione smiled as a group of women came in barring rolls upon rolls of Fabric. "I guess we're jumping right into it…" Sif smiled softly, she felt bad for the girl, who seemed so completely out of her element.

"Do you maybe want to do this tomorrow?" Sig inquired.

"We don't mind coming back my Lady Hermione." One of the women said.

"It's just I'm very tired…" Hermione said.

"Of course we shall return in the morning." Sif said with a smile ushering the women out. "Good night Hermione, if you need anything I'll be just next door."

"Thank you lady Sif."

"Just Sif." She said with a smile before walking out and closing the door. Hermione looked around waiting for a few minutes before rushing to the door and peeking out to see the coast was clear. Hermione started heading down the vast hallways to find her way out. After a while of turning down hall after hall she made it around a corner and stopped right before she was about to run head on into the son Of Odins chest.

"Whoa my lady." He said with a smile his hands on her shoulders stopping her from colliding with him.

"So sorry Thor… Prince… Thor… What do I call you?" She asked.

"Thor is fine." He said with a hearty laugh. "Just Loki for my brother as well." He said motioning to his brother who was eyeing her.

"Right well… Uhm… Good night Thor and Loki."

"Good night my lady." They said bowing their heads.

"Just Hermione." She said heading past them.

"Odd girl…" Thor commented as they started to walk.

"Don't you think it more odd that she's out of bed with her messenger bag trying to navigate the halls quickly and in the shadows?" Loki asked and Thor slowly came to a stop.

"She's trying to leave." Thor concluded with a snap.

"Yes Brother. She's trying to leave…"

"My lady!" Thor called turning and Hermione stopped just as she was about to round the corner. "I mean Hermione." She slowly turned with a smile as Loki turned to face her along with his brother. "Can I spare a moment?"

"Sure." She said wanting badly to reach for her wand to just freeze time and get a move on. The two brothers walked to her and she smiled softly. "What can I do for you Thor?"

"Well I see you are out of bed."

"Yes…" She said.

"What are you doing?" She shifted on her feet while looking around.

"On, taking, on a walk. I am taking a walk." She said quickly as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Well us being gentleman cannot allow you to walk about at night alone." Thor said with a kind look.

"I'm really okay." Hermione said with a smile as she backed away. "So yeah you two stay here and… And I'm just… Gonna… Explore... Alrighty… Bye." She turned around the corner and instantly ran.

"My lady!" Thor rushed around the corner and blinked seeing she was gone. "Damn… Shall I alert the guards?"

"No… it's not like she can go anywhere, Heimdall isn't going to open the Bifrost for her after all… I'll take care of this." Thor looked to his brother.

"Oh you'll take care of this huh?" Thor asked quirking an eyebrow and Loki just smiled as he walked off. He used his vast knowledge of the palace to get to the entrance before the young Hermione. He walked up a set of stairs and sat waiting. He smiled when Hermione came running out into the open.

"Yes." Hermione said with a smile before running towards the front doors. She opened them and rushed out but froze when she ran right back into the foray of the palace. Her jaw instantly clenched. "Let me go." She said turning and looking to Loki who tilted his head. Never before had someone figured that trick out so fast.

"Why are you so keen to leave?" Loki asked standing up.

"Because, I don't belong here." He smiled softly. He knew that feeling well after all.

"You belong here way more then you belong on earth after all you are a lost child of Asgard."

"Fine I might have been a child of Asgard but I was raised in England, and I'd like to go back." She said.

"You heard my mother, you only need to try this place for a short while."

"I have things to do."

"Like?" he asked reaching her.

"Things." She said and he smiled.

"Well… You're a witch." Loki said walking to the doors that led to her illusion of freedom. "Break it down if you want to leave so bad." Hermione's jaw clenched. She hadn't used magic since the war.

"You don't think I won't." she said and he smirked.

"Go on then." She slowly reached into her bag and pulled out her wand. "Come on… I'm waiting." Loki watched as she stared down at her wand for a long moment. There was an unreadable expression going across her face. It was as if she was feeling every emotion one person could feel in that single instant. She took a deep breath and pointed it at the doorway.

"fff…" Hermione took a deep breath as she stared down at her hand which shook. Loki tilted his head as he watched this. "finit…"

"If you're trying to say finite, then yes that would be the correct spell…" He said and she stared at him her eyes flashing dangerously. "But I'm afraid if you want it to work you need to put a bit more oomf into it dear." She dropped her hand to her side as her jaw clenched so hard he could hear it give a disgruntled pop.

"What do you know about it?" She asked.

"Well I casted this spell."

"Childs play." She said. "And we both know it." With that she turned and walked off.

"I was just having a bit of fun!" He called and she just waved him off as she disappeared around a corner. Loki rocked back on his feet a little put out. He had only been joking.

"I would not test her Loki." He quickly looked to the staircase to see Odin.

"Father." He said surprised.

"That girl has more power then you in the nail of her tiniest toe." He looked to where Hermione had walked off.

"Then why does she not show me?" He asked and Odin smiled as he walked to his son's side.

"She is damaged, as I was after I went through the strain of war… Trust me when I say, I lost more than my eye that day…" Loki looked to him. "I want you to look after her, make her feel at home here." Loki slowly nodded as he watched his father walk away. "Less pranks on her Loki… At least to begin with."

"Yes Father…"


Hermione lay in the bed staring up at the ceiling. She couldn't sleep, but that wasn't anything new. The only time she did sleep was when she went without it for a week or more. In the very beginning, after the war, she had used sleeping drafts but she had grown dependent on the potion. She had been forced by her own morals to stop drinking it cold turkey.

She watched as a ray of sun slowly made it across the gold marble floors of her room. As it moved she rose from bed and stared out at her room. Someone was coming, and she could tell by the energy, it was going to be a whirl wind day. The doors instantly opened up and Hermione smiled seeing Frigga and Sif with a group of women holding different fabrics and such in their hands behind them.

"Shall we begin?" Sif asked with a bright smile.

"Dear god what have I gotten into?" Hermione asked falling back on the bed.

For the next three hours Hermione stood still as a group of women circled around her like vultures. They measured her. Held up fabrics. Played with her hair. When it was done they stepped away and she looked to her closet which lay open. Hermione smiled as she walked over to the fine clothes made of fine fabric.

"They're beautiful." She said.

"She finds them suitable, that is all." Frigga said to the tailors who nodded before walking off. When they were gone she smiled and turned to Hermione who was thumbing one of the dresses. "There is to be a ball tonight, in your honor."

"Mine?" she asked turning to look at her.

"All of Asgard wishes to welcome the first lost child home." Sif said and Hermione slowly nodded.

"How kind." Hermione said and Frigga tilted her head.

"Are you alright Hermione?" She slowly looked to the Queen.

"Of course." She said with a soft expression.

"I know things are strange right now, but in a few days it'll feel at home I promise." Frigga said walking to her side. "You just have to give things a chance." Hermione slowly nodded.

"How about I show you some of the fun parts of Asgard?" Sif asked walking to her. "I could show you the horses, or the battle practice grounds, or-."

"I do not think Hermione wishes to engage in battle practice, After all she's been through a war." Frigga said and Sifs expression softened.

"Of course, I'm… I'm sorry that was foolish of me to say."

"Not at all." Hermione said. "I would like to see the horses though." Sif smiled brightly.

"Well then follow me." Sif said taking her hand and leading her off. Frigga smiled as she watched this. She was glad Sif finally had a woman around to spend her time with rather than the Warriors three. Frigga tilted her head as she watched Sif and Hermione walk out of the room. She watched as Loki walked out into the open watching them as they left with an unreadable expression.

"Loki?" He turned quickly to see Frigga who walked to him with a smile. "Are you alright son?"

"Fine mother." He said watching Hermione walk around a corner.

"Were you hoping to speak to Hermione?" He quickly looked to his mother.

"No." He said quickly. "Of course not."

"Well she and Lady Sif are going to go see the horses, maybe you would like to accompany them."

"No… No I think not." Loki said.

"Alright then…" Frigga said with an amused look. Loki slowly nodded at her while shifting on his feet.

"Good day Mother."

"Good day Loki." She said as she watched him walk off. As of late Loki had been pulling more and more away from her and Odin, and she didn't like it one bit. When he was a child Loki would always be at her side, often holding her hand or laying his head on her shoulder. Now though she hardly ever saw him, not unless she summoned him formally or just plain ran into him.