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"How are you feeling?" Frigga asked as she watched Hermiones ladies in waiting check over her dress and jewels for any imperfections.

"A little nervous…" Hermione said softly feeling Sif adjust the tiara on her head. She took a deep breath, and felt the corset of her dress constrict around her as she did. "Is that okay for-."

"It is." Frigga said with a smile. "I wouldn't allow you to wear anything harmful." Hermione nodded. "You look beautiful."

"Thank you." Hermione said softly.

"Time for shoes." A Lady in waiting said. "Hermione right foot first." She said her hands snaking up under the layers upon layers of her dress.

"Right foot…" Hermione said feeling her foot slip in.


"Left." Hermione said feeling her Left foot slip into her heel. Hermione's eyes closed as she took a deep breath and the women moved so she could see herself for the first time in the mirror. After a long moment she looked herself over and smiled brightly.

"Not bad…" She said and Frigga laughed as the girls smiled. A flash of emotion went across Hermione's features and she bowed her head.

"Hermione what is it?" Sif asked.

"I was just thinking there are a few people who should be here…" Hermione said before looking up at herself. Luna walked to her side and took her hand in hers.

"Harry and Ron walk with you every day, this day is no different." Luna said and Hermione nodded her eyes welling up.

"They were supposed to be here… So many people should have been here…" Frigga walked to her side and smiled as she rested her chin on her shoulder.

"Your mother would have thought you were beautiful… Trust me." Hermione gave a watery laugh.

"I'm glad you're here…" Hermione said looking to her and Frigga smiled as she wrapped her arms around her and kissed her cheek.

"Now come on." Frigga said. "You can't shed your tears here you'll have that to do up at the altar."

"I've never liked that term. The Altar…" Hermione said. "Makes it sound like a place you sacrifice a helpless animal." Frigga smiled with a laugh as her ladies in waiting lined up.

"I said the same thing dear." Frigga said with a bright smile as she looked her over. "To some woman, to most, that's what it is. You're lucky Hermione… You're getting to marry the man of your choosing." Hermione looked over the queen for a long moment.

"Didn't you?" Hermione asked softly and Friggas expression softened before she moved forward and hugged her tightly.

"Of course dear… Now," she pulled back and locked eyes with her. "You know the jist of it?"

"Walk in straight line till I get to Loki?" Hermione asked.

"You really are the smartest witch of your age." Frigga said with a wink, making Hermione laugh. Horns began to play and Hermione's eyes shot to the door of the Thorne room.

"Calm down that's just the signal that Loki is walking in."

"Okay." Hermione took a deep shaky breath. "This is a big moment…" She looked to Frigga who was smiling eagerly. "I'm really very nervous."

"I can see that." Frigga said with a smile. "But you have nothing to worry about."

"I have everything to worry about… Statistically speaking this would be when someone would make an attempt on my life. The second my foot takes a step into that throne room my mortality rate goes up about 75 percent. Also most marriages end up in divorce."

"We don't have divorce here."

"Or murder."

"We do have that here. But that's not going to happen to you." Frigga said with a soft expression.

"What if I'm too damaged for him?" Hermione asked softly and Frigga could see he fear built up in her daughters eyes.

"You're perfect." Frigga said and Hermione smiled softly. "Are you ready?" Hermione smiled brightly and Frigga looked to the scribe.

"Tell them we're ready…" He nodded and rushed off.


"There are more people here then there were for the coronation." Thor said to his brother softly.

"I feel ridiculous in this helmet." Loki muttered, his teeth grinding in frustration.

"You look princely brother, and I have it on good authority Hermione likes the helmet." Thor said and Lokis eyebrow arched in response. "Besides you just have to wear it for the ceremony." Loki nodded as he took a deep breath. "She'll be coming in any minute." Thor said nudging him and Loki smiled.

The doors swung open and grand horns sounded as a progression of Hermione's ladies in waiting slowly began to file in. No one was looking at them though. They were all peering past and trying to steal a peek at the bride yet to be seen. The horns came to a stop and slowly violin and flute music rose into the air as Inari moved into the room a wreath of flowers in her hair. As she moved down the aisle she tossed gold roses petals on the ground. She made it to the very top and Loki smiled as he watched Inari bow her head and curtsy deeply. He winked at her and she smiled brightly.

"Good job." He mouthed and she nodded before moving up stairs to kneel at the queens side.

Loki stared forward and watched as Hermione's ladies in waiting slowly filed in and headed down the aisle. He cared not for them though. He only cared for Hermione. Hermione who was hiding just out of sight beyond the double doors that lead into the grand throne room. Sif was the last to approach him and the Throne. She curtsied deeply, head bowed.

"I did it better." Inari whispered to the queen who smirked.

"Your royal highness's, your Majesty, and Brave All father…" she said her head bowed. "If I may present my Lady, Her royal highness Princess Hermione Granger of Asgard goddess of magics throughout the realms. Twice Savior of Midgard. Lost child of Asgard, and supreme protector of the Asgardian libraries." Grand horns sounded and everyone rose as Hermione moved around the corner that blinded her from sight. She stepped out into the light of the throne room and everyone gasped in response at the sight of her.

Loki felt his breath catch in the bellow of his throat. The second Hermione's russet eyes locked onto his emerald eyes the world fell away. There was no Throne behind Loki. No father looking over his shoulder. No disapproving men and women kneeling before him. There was just Hermione. His Hermione. She smiled softly at him and Loki took a deep breath before laughing softly. The mere sight of her brought him joy. Or more so the sight of them. His eyes glanced down to her swelled lower abdomen, and at the sight of it his chest swelled in pride.

"Brother?" Loki asked softly and Thor glanced to him with a smile.

"Yes brother?"

"I make a vow now and you are to be my witness…"

"What is your vow brother?"

"I vow that from this moment on, with every breath I take, every second of every day will be devoted to me becoming the man she deserves… The man… The man they deserve." Thor smiled softly. "Do you take witness to my oath?"

"I do hereby witness brother." Thor said with a warm smile. Having no idea the vow Loki had just made would lie waste to thousands.

Loki looked back to Hermione's face who was smiling brightly as she came to bow her head and curtsy deeply before him and his family. Loki instantly walked down the steps to her. He wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her deeply. The court laughed in amusement as Hermione smiled brightly.

"I love you, I just need you to know that." Loki said his hand drifting across her stomach. "I love you so much." She smiled and kissed him deeply.

"I love you…" She said softly as he leaned his forehead against hers. A deep clearing of the throat made everyone chuckle and Loki looked up at his father.

"Are we ready to proceed?" Odin asked.

"Yes… Gods yes." Loki said.

"Bring your bride forward." Odin ordered and Loki helped her walk up two small steps. "Loki… My son." Loki stared up at his father wide eyed. "State what is in your heart."

"What is in my heart?" Loki asked before gazing at Hermione. "Well the lady who stands before me… That is who is in my heart."

Many gushed while Hermione tried to keep her breathing even, and steady. She could feel emotion rise into her chest, and her eyes brim with unshed tears. She could hardly believe the day had come for her to take Loki as her husband, and for he to take her as his wife. She couldn't be more excited for what was to come, little did she knew all that was held for her future was pain, anguish, and suffering. All the direct result of the selfish actions of the man who stood before her.

"Hermione I'd like to say I fell in love with you the moment I saw you but that would be a horrid lie…" She tilted her head, inquisition rising into her russet eyes. Loki smiled softly his thumbs brushing over the back of her soft hands. "I loved you before that… It's no secret I spent many nights with many women."

"Maybe not the best time to bring that up brother…" Thor said softly and Loki merely smiled while Hermione gave a small laugh. "I spent so many nights in the arms of so many women because I was trying to fill this unbearable hole inside my heart… I just knew as I held them though that they weren't filling it… I feared it would never fill… Then you came… I was standing just there." He said looking to where Hogun stood. "Do you remember?" He asked and Hermione smiled. "You came waltzing in… Wide eyed… But your head held so high… You were introduced as a lost child and I knew you came from a faraway land and I knew you must have been so scared but you never showed it… You were so brave Hermione…" a tear fell down her cheek and instantly Loki wiped it away. "You were so brave…" he said softly. "And I was so in love." He set his hand on her cheek and bowed his forehead against hers.

"Loki…" she said softly and he kissed her.

"I don't deserve you…" he said softly making her eyes snap open. "I don't deserve you." He said louder so everyone could here. "I make a vow now though… I make a solemn vow. A blood oath." He locked eyes with hers, and she had never seen him look so serious. "I will be the man you deserve… You will want for nothing for I will provide it-."

"Stop." She said and there was a horrified gasp by many wondering if the princess was going to stop the wedding all together and walk away from the dark prince. It seemed the dark prince feared this the most as he set his hands on her hips. "Stop that…"


"You're already the man I deserve… You don't need to provide me anything you already do… You're right… When I first came here I was terrified. I was more than that Loki I was… I was lonely. I was alone. Completely. I had no one. No family. No friends. I saw you and I saw more than a man I instantly knew I was in love with… I saw you and I saw home." She set her hand on his chest. "I saw you and I felt…" her jaw clenched as a tear fell. "I felt safe. I had never felt safe before in my life. After Harry and Ron I thought I'd lost the chance at not only friendship but happiness and even a mildly good future you've shown me though that I can have it all. You want to make a vow to me? a blood oath to me? no. It should be I making the vows an oaths… So I shall. Loki… I make a solemn vow, a blood oath, to be for you what you have been for me. A friend. A home. A heart. A lover. An Ally in arms." Odin wasn't sure why but her oath sent a chill racing down his spine, he was the only one. To everyone else in the room it warmed their hearts. Loki moved forward and kissed her deeply. Odin cleared his throat once more.

"Rings." He ordered.

"Right here." Thor said moving forward with a bright smile. "Brother." He said handing one to him.

"Thank you brother." Loki said.

"Soon to be sister." Thor said and Hermione laughed softly as she took Lokis ring from Thor.

"Serious occasion Thor, It's a serious Occasion." Odin reminded quietly but with a stern tone. Frigga stiffened a laugh while Inari did nothing to stifle hers. Odin turned and glared at the child who merely smiled as Hermione held a gold ring in hand. She saw Loki staring at it and glance down. The Gold band was shaped like Lions. Their mouths were wide open with emeralds acting as their eyes.

"Is it okay?" Hermione asked, he hadn't chosen it. He had wanted her to design it.

"I love it." He said to her seeing it held in her shaking hands. "Are you nervous?" he asked softly.

"I just so badly wanted you to love it." He smiled instantly.

"I love it… I'll think of you always as I gaze on it." She smiled instantly and he watched as her hands stopped shaking.

"Princess Hermione take my sons hand in yours." She did as he said and Odin felt emotion rise into his chest. He instantly choked it down and stared straight forward. He knew if he took in the sight of his true daughter finally gaining the happiness she so deserved he would burst into tears right there. "Do you accept this Prince as your Husband and Lord?"

"I do." She said softly and Loki smiled as he slid the ring down her slender finger.

"My Son Take Princess Hermione's hand in yours." Loki did as he said. "Do you accept this Princess as your Wife and Lady."

"I accept her as my wife and queen." Loki said and many cheered. Odin merely smiled while bowing his head and covering his chest with his hand.

"Then with the power of the nine realms I name you Husband and Wife, two lives now one. Face your subjects." Loki and Hermione instantly did so and the throne room went wild with applause as everyone shot to their feet. Hermione laughed before looking to Loki who pulled her in for a passionate embrace.

"My sweet lady I will make you so happy." He said softly. "I promise I will make you so happy."

"You already have." He swept her up into his arms making her laugh as he carried her out of the throne room while kissing her passionately.

"They do know they have the reception before the honeymoon yes?" Odin asked Frigga as they watched the two get surrounded by the cheering subjects.

"We were like that."

"Once." He said.

"Yes." Frigga said. "Once." With that she continued forward, and Odin had to wonder I his wide would ever forgive his transgressions against their children.


Hermione laughed as Loki ran from the throne room and down the hall. He rushed into the nearest room, a servant's pantry, and closed the door. He pushed Hermione against the wall his mouth crashing against hers as she laughed. They heard muffled giggles as two servant girls went rushing from the room. Loki waved his hand the doors clicking instantly.

"Loki." She said setting her hands on his chest. "We don't have much time."

"I don't need much time."

"Romantic." She said dryly and he laughed.

"You forget we have magic… we have all the time in the world…" he waved his hand and Hermione watched as the sands of a nearby hourglass began to slow. She smiled and looked back to the mischievous eyes of her husband.

"I want you…" he said before kissing her deeply. "I want my wife…" Hermione took a deep breath as she felt his hands snake up under her dress and take a hold of her hips.

"Then by all means have me… Husband." He near growled in response as he lifted her up, her legs instantly wrapping around his waist. Her hands found his belt which she quickly undid, releasing his throbbing length into her hands. Loki groaned in response his mouth crashing against hers instantly. His hand gripped onto the silk of her panties and ripped it from her body instantly.

"Loki!" She gasped and he smiled in response. "I still have to wear this dress."

"I won't rip anything else I swear…" he said softly.

"I won't be wearing anything under this now." She said with an irritated tone, and he loved the way her bottom lip puffed out in realization.

"And knowing such will keep me very entertained all night."

"Loki-." He cut her off by kissing her passionately. Hermione melted into him and moaned as she felt him thrust deep inside her. Her hands shot to his shoulders as she gripped onto the fine fabric of his cape. He took a hold of her hands and pushed them high above her head. Stretching her body in a delicious manner.

With every thrust he felt his lust for her build and build. He nipped and sucked at the nape of her neck whenever his lips weren't set against hers. He smiled at the way she moaned his name in pure ecstasy. His member sliding against her clit in such a way it made her visibly shiver. He drifted away to the sounds of her moans as he rolled his hips forward over and over again. Each time he moved she'd writhe in pleasure against him.

With each cry of her ecstasy he took it as evidence that she was now his completely mind, body, and soul. He greedily and with reckless abandon took her over and over again. Brining to her to the brink and denying her, her sweet release every time until she clung to him for dear life and begged for Mercy.

"Loki please…" he smiled in response. He had been teasing her for what had felt like hours but when had been in reality, in large part thanks to his spell, only been ten to fifteen minutes. "Loki."

"Only if you scream my name."

"Near everyone in the kingdom is rooms away gathered in wait for us." She whined and he smirked.

"Scream it or you get nothing."

"I choose nothing."

"Fine." He went to pull away and the horrified gasp Hermione made at the denial made Loki smirk and hold just at her entrance.

"Rethinking your choice."

"You're a cruel man."

"You love this type of cruelty." He grazed his teeth across her neck making her shiver. "You ache for it." Her eyes drifted closed. "Now…" hi fingers found her and Hermione moaned loudly in response. Loki smirked against her skin. He wouldn't tell her there was a silencing charm on the room, not yet. He wanted to see if she would bend to his will in such a way. If she hungered for release that she would bare humiliation for it. "Scream my name or be left unsated." Her hands shot to his shoulders and she came undone with the ecstasy laced scream of his name. Loki cursed as he came, spilling himself deep inside her as she clung to him for dear life. Loki wrapped his arms around Hermione and held her to his body as he leaned against the wall. Hermione's head was bowed into his shoulder and he knew she was mentally beating herself up.

"I can't believe I did that." She said and he gave a hearty laugh. "It's not funny Loki!" She said pulling back.

"Shh love…" he cooed his thumb brushing across her bottom lip. "Did I forget to mention there's a silencing charm on this room?" Her eyes flashed with relief and then ferocity and he laughed.


"What would our marriage be if I didn't start it off with a bit of mischief?" He asked as she pushed herself away from him with a relieved laugh. Hermione turned and looked to him with her hands on her hips. The smile on her face told him she was only mildly cross with him and more amused with his actions then anything.

"I did not think you would do it truthfully… I never knew you craved satisfaction thus." He strut towards her and set a hand on her hip while setting a hand on her cheek. "Me thinks my lady's desires tread on the side of the shadows…" he said as he pushed her up against the wall once more.

"Loki…" he kissed her deeply. "Don't tease me." He gave a look of remorse instantly realizing she thought him guilty of joking at her expense. He kissed her deeply and swept her up into his arms right away.

"I don't tease… I never tease. Not you." She smiled softly and nodded telling him she forgave his mistaken transgression.

"How long have we been gone?" He turned. Hermione still in his arms.

"Only fifteen minutes, not even late to make our entrance yet…" she hopped out of his arms and he watched as she headed over to the mirror. It was then he took in her dress. It was strange to think. But he had noticed it. Not until that very moment. It was gold satin with a fitted bodice and dramatic skirt filled with tiers of light ivory fabric. Across the gold satin lighter ivory and gold appliques lay across the fabric of lions and magical symbols. It was a beautiful royal gown, complicated, but beautiful all the same. He looked to Hermione to see her eyebrows were knitted at her reflection as she let her hands move over her lower abdomen.

"Loki can you do me a favor?" she asked.

"Anything." He said walking to her instantly.

"The corset in the back, can you please loosen it slightly?" He instantly did so and Hermione sight in content. "Thank you…" she took a deep breath and Loki noted that she seemed uncomfortable.

"Love what is it?"

"Nothing just, this is a lot of dress to pull."

"Switch out of it."

"I do have a dress to change into…" she looked to the clock. "I do have time…"

"I'll keep time going slow you apperate and meet me back here." She kissed his cheek in thanks before disappearing off just as he did the door slowly opened and his mother started to move in at a snails pace.

"Got to love magic." He said with a smile. His mother snapped her fingers and he felt time lurch forward.

"What have I told you about enchanting time?" She asked in a tone only a mother could take.

"Hermione needed it, the dress was wearing on her. It was getting uncomfortable."

"Wardrobe change?" she asked.


"Acceptable then. If it was just for the bride."

"Just for the bride I swear." Frigga eyed her sons mischievous look and merely shook her head.

"Get to the ballroom quickly."

"I will Mother dear." He said and she nodded before walking off. Loki walked to the mirror and straightened himself out. Just as he was finishing a pop sounded and he turned to see Hermione in a grand fluid gown of red and gold. It was sheer around the breasts and sides. It was a dress fit for a goddess.

"Ready." She said.

"My mother waits." He said lending his arm. "You look beautiful."

"Thank you." She said softly. Loki smiled as he looked her over.

"May I ask you something?" he inquired. "Now that we're married."

"Of course." She said looking to him.

"Why do you always sound so surprised when I call you beautiful?" She merely shrugged.

"I don't know…" she said looking to him. "I guess I just never expect that type of compliment..."

"You have a sad sort of humbleness to you my love…" He said softly. "If you remember anything I've ever told you please remember this… You are worthy of all praise… All of it." She moved forward and kissed him deeply. "I love you." He said.

"I love you…"


"Where are they?" Odin asked sitting upon his throne.

"Coming dear." Frigga said.

"They couldn't wait to consummate?"

"As I remember neither could we." Odin smirked at the memory.

"Yes…" he said still remembering the way his hand had gripped onto her hair as he had sunk deep inside his wife for what the kingdom would think would be the first time. Horn sounded drawing him from thoughts of his youth before he gazed forward at the double doors seeing Loki and Hermione hand in hand as the room burst into thunderous applause.

"Finally graced with their presence." He said.

"Hush." Frigga said.

"They love us." Loki said as he and Hermione walked into the crowd of loyal subjects and aristocrats.

"They share in our joy." Hermione said as a soft song began to hang in the air. Hermione and Loki instantly moved into their first dance as husband and wife across the floor of the ball room. They were lone in their dance as everyone looked on in joy.

"They look at you and see a queen…" Loki said. "I think they now are beginning to open up to the idea of seeing me as king…" Loki said and Hermione could see a sort of charge in his eyes.

"We'll have to settle for general to the king and right hand to the king… As Thor has appointed." She said and he looked to her.

"Do we?" he asked quietly.

"Loki what are you saying?" She asked quietly so no one could hear.

"I'm saying that you have pull, and I have drive, and together this whole world, Hermione every world… Could be ours."

"Loki-." He laughed and Hermione tilted her head.

"I only jest love." He said and she gave a nervous laugh. "I only jest." She nodded as he moved forward and kissed him deeply. Loki picked her up in his arms and gave a twirl. Many laughed and applauded while Hermione made a sound of amusement. Lokis eyes narrowed for a moment. He was winning them over. Soon the Kingdom would rejoice at the thought of him being king. After all Thor was just a boisterous man boy, Loki though was the husband of the beloved Princess Hermione. For the first time ever, and in large part thanks to his wife, he had more credit than his brother.

Hermione smiled as she watched others begin to join in their dance. She then looked to her husband who for a moment was staring intensely into his brother who sat laughing with the all father on the throne. Before she could comment on the expression it shifted into a bright smile which he turned on her.

"Hungry love?"

"I am actually." She said.

"Hungry enough for two would you say?" He asked and she laughed softly. "Tomorrow I want to make plans for the nursery." She laughed again at his eagerness.

"We have some time you know."

"I wish you'd let me speed up time so that I may meet me child at first sun rise… I fear I can't wait any longer." She smiled as he laughed.

The sound of amusement drew Odins eye. He looked to see Loki and Hermione heading to their table. Loki had her hand in his, his other hand rested on her back as he steered her towards her chair. Odin watched as Loki moved around Hermione to pull out her chair. As his son made this move his hand drifted lovingly across Hermione's stomach. Odin slowly stood his jaw clenching, his eyes narrowing, as his pulse gave a sudden

Frigga nodded to a remark on Hermione from a bareness before catching sight of her husband. He was standing at his throne, staring, glaring into Hermione and Loki. She looked from her son and daughter back to Odin to see he had locked eyes with Hermione. Frigga took a step back alarmed by her husbands sudden attention.

"What?" She mouthed with a smile and his eyes narrowed before he headed down the steps of his throne and began to make his way to Hermione. "No…" Firgga said starting to politely make her way there first.

"You should have cherries, they're good for growing girls…" Loki whispered putting some on his wifes plate.


"Or sprouts they're good for boys…"

"Loki stop." Hermione said with a laugh. It turned out her husband was going to make one attentive father.

"Hermione, Loki?" Both stood instantly and turned to face the all father.

"Father." Loki said and Odin wrapped an arm around him.

"My son formal congratulations on this joyous day." He said and Loki nodded with a smile.

"Thank you father."

"Hermione my daughter you are a vision…" He said not making a move towards her. The last time he gave her loving contact she had figured out the truth of her parentage and it had sent her spiraling over the edge.

"Thank you father." She said with a smile.

"Some would say you were glowing even." Her eyes rounded for a moment and his rage soared realizing the truth. He looked to his son his jaw clenching. "She is with child…" Loki tried to pull away from his father seeing the rage in his eyes.


"Congratulations… The throne is officially lost to you."

"Like it was even ever on the bloody table." Loki hissed and his father walked away instantly.

"All father…" Hermione said going after him and Loki merely shook his head as Frigga came to his side. She smiled at the small group of people who had witnessed the small spat.

"What was that?" Frigga asked.

"It seems the all father wasn't ready to become a grandfather he's furious." Loki said his own rage building. "It seems not even giving my father a grandchild could win me favor from him."

"I will talk to him."

"Hermione already is." Frigga drew in a quick breath. There was no way she wanted Hermione to be alone with her husband. Not when Odin was so against any child of theirs that he had taken steps to make sure she could never get pregnant. Steps that had proven useless.

"All father please wait." Hermione took his hand and Odin turned.

"I am not angry at you." He said his hands resting on her shoulders.

"But you are at your son and that's not fair. Sire he did nothing."

"Oh I'm very sure he did something by the state of things." He said looking at her stomach.

"You're going to be a grandfather are you not happy?" She asked. He wanted nothing more than to love the child of his daughter but that child was also the off spring of his frost giant adopted son. An enemy now grew in the belly of his daughter, not a kin or an ally...

"Of course I'm happy…" he said with a smile as he hugged her. "Of course I am. I'm sorry I just wish it had been later… When yu have been married longer. I don't want you to feel as though you've missed out. Tell me son I apologize… I must begin making preparations for a royal child." Hermione smiled as The all father walked away.

"Are you alright?" Frigga asked coming to her side.

"I think the thought of a grandchild took some getting used to but he seems more agreeable now."

"Does he?" She asked.

"I think so… Yes…"

"Go get some food for yourself and the baby then, I need to see to my husband." Frigga said before walking off.

Odin walked through the crowd of subjects who turned and bowed to him as he moved. He smiled when he spotted the one subject he needed. It seemed he wouldn't have to have his apothecary called from his sciences in the dungeons.

"Apothecary you are away from your knick nacks, powders, and schemes."

"All father…" he bowed deeply, his hook nose nearly touching his chin from the strain, the man was ancient after all. Odin tilted his head. The man really was ancient. He had been the royals personal Odin's father was a child.

"Walk with me, as we once did when you were a mentor to me."

"How long ago that was." He said with a smile as they began to roam the room.

"My daughter…"

"Yes… You can claim her now can't you." Odin looked to him. This man had helped spread the lost children through the realms.

"Tread carefully."

"I know too much to have to." He said and Odins jaw clenched.

"You do have reason to tread, for our plans have fallen through." He looked to Odin. "My daughter is with child…" The Apothecary came to a slow stop. "Deal with it." With that Odin walked away. The Apothecarys eyes searched the crowd before resting on the Princess. He smirked before slowly heading towards the kitchens.

"Interesting…" Alverdus said softly as he watched a disgrace of an Asgardian sneak off into the kitchens. His eyes twinkled with mischief and Alverdus knew he was up to no good. "Nakal…" A gallant looking elf came to stand at his side. "That man the Fragile King spoke to… Find out what he's up too…"

"My lord…" Nakal said slowly backing away to follow the old man. Alverdus let his eyes scan the crowd, he tilted his head when he spotted Hermione. His eyes went to her beautiful face to her shifting middle form.

"Oh my…" He said his eyes widening with an unexpressed smirk. "This… Will not do."

"So King Alverdus how are we finding the Asgardian Festivities?" Thor asked with a boisterous laugh as he threw an arm around his shoulders. Alerdus looked over the muscular arm before setting his intense blue eyes on Thor. Normally people would scream and flee from his direct eye contact… Yet Thor kept smiling. Presuming they were friends. Alverdus tilted his head considering the Asgardian. He didn't have anything against Thor, and the Prince had helped his people many a time. He supposed on some level he and Thor were friends.

"I find them quite entertaining… Friend." Thor smiled broader.

"Glad to hear it. Join me at the royal table for a grand feast?"

"Sounds wonderful." Alverdus said as Thor led him closer and closer to the princess. When he reached the royal princess he smiled brightly at the glowing image of his ally. He may not have been happy about the half breed growing inside her. But he still considered her a confidant and her happiness did make him happy too on some level. He was just regretted it would have to be stolen from her. After all the child would be too much trouble in the years to come.

"Dear friend…" Alverdus said walking up behind the princess. She turned and smiled bright as she looked up at him.

"Harani a'kaheyla de'shanuay." Hermione greeted in elvish as he covered his heart and bowed his head. A showing of great respect one Alverdus rarely gave. Hermione in turned bowed her head to him, her own rare showing of respect. One Loki had never received. Lokis jaw clenched as he watched the informal friendly exchange.

"King Alverdus." Loki said and Alverdus looked him straight on.

"Prince Loki." He greeted. "My congratulations to you both… Happy days are ahead of you both… Or at least I wish it…" He raised a glass in toast. "To your happy eons together." He said and the two raised a glass.

"Thank you my friend." Hermione said as she took a sip of a gingered nectar.

"I see you are straying from toxins…" Alverdus commented and Hermione looked from the necter to him. "I hope you are not feeling ill…"


"She's fine." Loki said cutting him off.

"I was about to say the same." Hermione said, irritated that Loki had answered her. "Alverdus Keth'anai, to ma na'ei…" She spoke perfectly and Lokis jaw clenched realizing he should have learned Elvish long ago. "Deyash nek'tai morrow…"

"In the gardens?" he asked.

"It would be lovely… I want to see you before you leave." Lokis jaw clenched and Alverdus smiled at the jealousy he felt wafting off the prince. Alverdus kissed the back of Hermiones hand.

"A'aena sar…" He said softly and Hermione nodded as the elf king walked away.

"What did he just say?" Loki asked.

"Relax Love." She said taking her seat. "He agreed to walk with me tomorrow by the creek is all.'

"What was the last thing he whispered?"

"He did not whisper. He just said goodbye in a sense."

"In a sense?"

"It directly translated into Asgardian as until we meet again."

"That's quite formal sounding."

"Well in Elvish it's not." She explained. "Could you not glare at him so?" He looked to her. "I know you think ill of him but I think quite highly of him…"

"Elves are tricky my wife…" He said. "You've only dealt with them a short of time… I have dealt with them all my life."

"We are friends."

"Elves don't have friends… They aren't even friends with each other…" He directed her to her two elf guards who glanced at each other. Almost sizing one another up in a way. They then looked to her and smiled. She bowed her head at them in regard before looking to Alverdus who had a quiet expression of judgment as he looked around the room. "You see it now…"

"How did I not before?" She asked before glancing to her guards. "They are loyal…"

"Yes." Loki said looking to them.

"But they are spies."

"Yes love." She looked to him. "You knew all along."

"I did."

"Why did you not say anything?"

"Because like you said they're loyal… Besides Spies are only troublesome when you can't see them." Hermione smiled at the cleverness of her husband.

"I didn't see them." She said. "I would have made a terrible queen… It's good the Throne will pass to your brother." Loki smirked and kissed her temple.

"My love…" he said into her ear, his arm wrapping lovingly around her waist. "You will make a wonderful queen." Hermione felt a chill run down her spine as he kissed her cheek.

"Brother come here!" Thor called. Hermione watched as Loki headed to Thor. For the first time ever Hermione was afraid of Loki. Afraid of what he was hiding from her. She felt eyes on her and looked to Alverdus who was smiling at her as one of his elves whispered into his ear.

"The Apothecary has poisoned the princesses Necter… It's being brought to the table now…" he whispered and the elves watched as a pitcher was brought to Hermione who offered her glass to the servant willingly. "Will you step in?" Alverdus watched as Hermione smiled at the servant and took her goblet in hand.

"This is an Asgardian matter." Alverdus said as he watched Hermione thank the servant before bringing the cup to her lips. "Let the Asgardians handle it." He took a sip of his wine as Hermione took a sip of her poison and smiled as she took another at the toasting of her first lady Sif.

"You really like the sweet necter." Sif said.

"I know I've been drinking so much of it lately." Hermione said and Sif smiled.

"Maybe it's the baby who likes it."

"Hush Sif. I don't think all the nine realms heard." Hermione said and Sif merely laughed.

"The king now knows, soon everyone will… Whispers have spread."

"What?" Hermione asked looked around to see many people staring at her, or more her mid section.

"They've taken note of how you stray from the wine and mead."

"Just wonderful." Hermione drawled with a roll of her eyes.

"I've made some inquires and the reaction to you being possibly pregnant are all very positive… Most hope for a new princess."

"If it pleases the people it pleases me… I'm sure the All father will make an announcement soon… Though I wish I could do it myself."

"Customs my dear friend. Customs."

"Indeed." Hermione said clinking her glass against her friends. As Hermione took a sip of her drink she let her hand drift over a small ache radiating from deep within her womb. She tilted her head and glanced down at her stomach.

"Everything okay?" Sif asked.

"Yes…" She said feeling the pain go away. Hermione waited for it to return but when it didn't she smiled and looked to Sif. "Pregnancy is weird." She said.

"Like goo coming out of your nipples weird?"

"Sif!" Hermione gasped and Sif gave a wild laugh which Hermione joined in. "You my friend have had some wine."

"I, my friend, have had so much wine. You are eating for two… For you and the baby… I am drinking for two… For Me and for you…" Hermione laughed.

"Awe I see by you drinking I get to live vicariously through you."

"Precisely." Sif said taking a sip of wine. "I'm going to ask Fandral to dance."

"Make good choices…" Hermione said to her as her friend walked to Fandral who instantly swept her off to the dance floor. Hermione smiled as she watched the two engage in a dance which seemed care free.

"Are they…" Hermione looked to Thor who stood at her side.

"Fandral and Sif?" She asked.

"They aren't-."

"Not yet."

"But they want-."

"I don't think they're sure of what they want… But they certainly gravitate towards one another."

"There was a time she would have asked me to dance." Thor said.

"There was a time when you turned her down…" Thor slowly nodded before looking to Hermione. "You're cross."

"I'm sad…"

"Sad?" he asked turning to her. He would never want his beloved sister sad.

"I'm sad you missed out on a genuinely strong, beautiful, brave, loyal, woman Thor. You deserved nothing less."

"She deserved more than me…"

"More than a king?" She asked.

"A crown, a title I could offer her." Thor said. "But not my heart… That belongs to someone else."

"Who?" Hermione asked with a laugh. "Thor… do you have a lady?" She asked her hand going to his arm and he gave a boisterous laugh.

"No." he said.

"But you just said."

"My heart does belong to another though I have yet to find her…" He smiled softly. "Somewhere in these nine realms as I wait for her, she's waiting for me."

"But if you're waiting, and she's waiting… How will you ever find one another?" He smiled as he looked to her. "It's time to go find her Thor…" She clinked her glass against his in toast and he smiled.

"Where to begin though?"

"Something tells me you won't find her here…" She said looking around. "You're right she's out there… Just away from here."

"Another world." He mused. "How can you find love on another world when it's so far from your hearts home?"

"I managed it." She said and Thor smiled.

"You did, didn't you?" he asked and she nudged him before turning.

"Speaking of, where's my husband?" She asked trying to spot him in the crowd.

"Brother come hither, for your wife she calls!" Thor bellowed making many laugh as Loki walked over.

"My love I've neglected you." Loki said before leading her down the stairs to the dance floor. "Come we'll dance as lovers do…" Hermione smiled, the chill, and the hint of fear she held for him now long forgotten.