Authors note: This is the third story in a series so please if you would like, read the first and second stories because there are mentions of them. You can read without the other two if you would like, it should make sense.

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Hyperion Hotel:

Cordelia chase stopped eating her salad and proceed to stare into what looked like nothing. Although it looked like nothing if you asked her she would say that it was far from that of nothing, she was having a vision.

"Cordy?" asks Fred.

"Don't worry Fred, she's only having a vision we will know what it is in a minute or two." reassured Wesley.

Wesley was right, only a few minutes later did Cordelia stop staring but her face was far from calm, she looked terrified. It was a look Wesley knew all too well from the few years spent with her and her visions. It meant that they were probably too late.

Gunn and Wesley quickly stood up while Gunn yelled out for Angel. They began to get their weapons ready when Angel practically ran downstairs.

"What have we got?" he asks the two men.

They shrug their shoulders in response do Angel walks up to Cordelia and gently puts his hand on her shoulder while asking,

"What did you see?"

She responds quietly by saying,

"A girl, twenty one, she is wearing amour of some kind with a sword. She has long, very light brown hair pulled back into a braid, light brown eyes, and about my height. Vampires, seven, surrounded her and, and."

"It's alright where is this?" asks Angel gently.

"In an ally way between two abandoned buildings on Eve Street east, 2134."

"All right, get some rest."

"Come on Angel we've got to move." Gunn tells him.

Angel grabs his jacket and follows the two men out of the building and to his car.


I really thought this was the end, I really thought I was going to have peace but of course I was wrong.

I woke up in an alleyway between what looked like abandoned buildings.

When I opened my eyes though, it was dark and for a second I thought I was still on Serenity and everything was fine. Then I saw those beasts, their faces were not human. There was seven of them surrounding a young girl, about 16.

I stood up while I unsheathed my sword and held it up. I wasn't sure if I could take all seven of them but looking at the tear stained face of the girl gave me more strength.

I watched them for about a minute behind a dumpster, observing.

One of them, a woman I guess, looked in charge and her back was towards me to my advantage.

I rushed forward with sword drawn and grabbed her from behind. I put my sword up to her neck and told them, "If you want to see your leader live then I suggest you let that girl go."

They looked a little shocked to see me then began to debate in their minds if it was worth it. Finally one of them picked her up and walked her towards the edge of our circle and let her go. She ran and she ran fast, like her life depended on it. And I guess it did.

After she was out of sight I took a step back about half a meter with by sword still resting on her throat. Very fast so they couldn't do react I brought the sword up and sliced clean through her neck.

Her head fell off and along with her body fell to the ground and vanished getting replaced with a pile of dust.

The other six beasts growled like wild animals and they all attacked as such.

The first one to attack was a guy from my right. He came right at me and I responded with a blow to his face with my sword hilt.

At that moment I saw at the corner of my eye a girl on my left about to attack. I held back my sword and swung at the guy who disintegrated into dust. After I swung at him I kept swing as I turned around to hit the girl but was met with thin air.

I looked to see a guy in his 20's with glasses holding the girl in a choke lock. He pulled out a wooden stake and stabbed her in the heart causing her to fall into a pile of dust.

He looked at me and I nodded my head in acknowledgement as he did the same.

I looked over to see two more guys fighting the rest of the four beasts.

The guy in the glasses ran over to help them as two beasts ran towards us. The guy with the glasses managed to punch one but the other ran towards me.

As the three men killed the three beasts and turned towards me the last one was very close to me now.

I pulled my sword back so it was hiding behind me and he fell into the trap.

When he got inches from me I pushed the sword up and into his heart.

I managed to get a quick look at his face and it was full of surprise as he fell into a pile of dust.

I still held my sword as the three guys who helped me walked over with equally shocked faces.

"Did that vamp just die from a sword into his heart? Or am I just going crazy?" asks the tall black guy.

"No we all saw that." says the guy with glasses in a British accent.

Finally the last guy asks, "Who are you?"

"You can call me Missy." I tell them, "and what can I call you?"

"I am Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, these are my associates, Charles Gunn and Angel." answers the British guy with glasses.

"I prefer Gunn" says the tall black guy.

I put my sword away and we stand there for a few minutes until I ask the question that's been burning in my mind.

"What were those beasts?"

"Vampires" answers Wesley.

Oh great, I landed in a world with vampires, this should be fun. Wait, this looks like the 21 century. Is it?

"This might sound strange but, what year is it?" I ask them.

"It's the year 2002." says Wesley.

2002? That means I would only be three years old at this time. I can't just show up at my house saying I'm from the future if my home does exist here.

"Where exactly did you come from?" asks Angel stirring me from my thoughts.

"Far away, very far away." I say while thinking of the crew. Wash is alive but I, did I die? I didn't get much time to dote at that thought because Gunn started to talk.

"What about that sword because killing those vamps with it was tight."

"My sword." I say quietly while looking at it.

"It's just a sword" I finally tell them.

"Last time I checked you can only kill a vampire if you either chop of its head or put a wooden stake in its heart." says the tall one, Angel.

"Oh, I'm not sure." I tell him honestly.

"Well maybe you would like to come back with us. I am most curious of your sword." says Wesley while looking at Angel.

He whispers something to him and I catch only a few words, "Cordelia's vision."

"Fine" he grumbles.

"It's alright I don't really feel like going home with you guys." I say anxiously.

Gunn must have noticed my uneasiness because he said, "it's kind of our home but also our office."

"Look, I'm grateful for your help but I aint got no reason to go there." I tell them.

"We understand of course but, but" says Wesley, "Angel a little help here, Cordy's vision, remember?"

Angel looked at me and said, "If you don't have a place to stay, you can stay at my hotel building. We might have a room prepared."

It's true that I don't have a place to stay at but I can't just go to some strangers place. Then again for the past few times when I have landed in another dimensions I always meet someone and it's never a chance encounter. I do have my sword and knife I got from Jayne just in case so maybe I should. I know I will be careful.

"Okay, let's go." I finally tell them.

They lead me to a car, I get in and we drive off to their hotel building.

Once we walk into the big building, two woman, maybe a little bit older than me run up towards us.

The first had a small figure yet looked strong in a way, like she had been through something. Her hair was a light shade of brown but darker than mine and long put up in a ponytail.

The second to follow behind hadn't had such a small figure and maybe even stronger than the first woman. Her brown eyes held something in them that I can't entirely tell of what. Her hair is very short, above the shoulder and a dark, dark brown.

The first woman didn't bother to look at me but went straight up to Gunn and asked if he was okay. While he reassured her that everything was fine the second woman walked up to me and said somewhat relieved,

"You're alive."

I responded with, "Yes, why wouldn't I be? And how do you know me? I have never been here before, that I am sure of."

"Well Angel called me and told me that they found you" she said a little unsure.

"Are you sure about that? Because I never saw Angel use any phone." I say with the strange yet familiar word.

"I did, you just never noticed." Angle quickly covers up.

"Look I get if you're scared or unsure to tell me the truth but I am not against magic used for good." I tell them.

"Magic?" Angel, the woman and Wesley said together.

"Yes magic unless you are a seer of some kind."

"I don't know what you're talking about but I am just Cordelia Chase, no seer." the woman tells me or should I say Cordelia.

"Cordy" warns Angel.

"Do you get visions?" I ask.

Angel tries to stop her but she says, "Yeah, so? Doesn't mean I am a seer or whatever."

"So it's different? You're kind are called something else around here?"

"Excuse me? My kind?" she says sounding a bit offended.

"I am truly sorry if I offended you, I did not mean to do so. I am not from around here, it might take me awhile to Adapt to this new environment. Or should I say old?"

"Where is it that you are from?" asks Wesley.

"That's a long story for that I need rest." I tell him.

"Of course, Fred can show you to your room." he tells me.

"Fred?" I ask.

"Ahh of course you haven't been introduced. This is Fred and"

"I am Cordelia Chase" says the short haired woman.

"Nice to meet you and I am lad- you can call me Missy." I say covering up my mistake.

She smiles and the other woman, Fred comes over and guides me to a room.

The room is small but the right size. I bid Fred a goodnight and she leaves.

I close the door and look at the room. It has a single bed up against the far left corner, a chair to my right and a door to the bathroom on the far right corner.

I remove my amour piece then my belt. After is my cuffs, the knife on my ankle and then my sword. Finally I take off my chain mail and I am left with black trousers, a long brown sleeve shirt and my brown boots.

I go and use the bathroom and when I am done I take out my braid. I comb my hair with my fingers and then rebraid it.

I walk out to the main part and set my armour on the chair but leave my sword and small knife in my hands.

I go turn off the light and fumble around until I am laying down in bed.

I put the knife under my pillow and sword under the covers with cases on.

With one hand on my knife handle and the other on my sword I fall asleep and dream about Serenity and the crew.

I miss my home. I have been to different worlds before and this is the third. I just want to go home.

Hotel Lobby

The employees of Angle investigations were standing around in the hotel lobby due to Wesley telling them to stay. He mentioned to them something very important and after making sure that Missy was sleeping he ran into the office were his books were while the rest of the staff were waiting anxiously.

He ran back out with a few pieces of paper with scribbling's on them.

"What is this all about Wesley? I don't want to leave Connor alone too long, especially since we have a guest and you insist that Lorne be here too." Says Angel.

"It won't take very long but then again." Starts Wesley.

"What is it Wesley?" asks a worried Fred.

"Well it about the prophecy, the Shanshu Prophecy."

"What?" asks a shocked Cordelia?

"You mean the prophecy about angel becoming human?" asks Lorne.

"Yes, at first I thought it was a mistake in my translation because it was a closed off section with an entirely different language but now." Answers Wesley.

"But now, what?" asks Angel.

"Well I don't believe the prophecy is only about the vampire with a soul."

"If not just Angel than who else?" asks Fred.

"Well I only translated a few lines so I am not entirely sure if all the words are translated correctly." Wesley tells them.

"What did the lines say?" asks Angel.

"And she will come cloaked in arms while holding thee alarms,

And in her hold she will possess what was to be, what is to be, and what is supposed to be,

And she will destroy what is to keep or if it is so she will not go." Finishes Wesley.

"What?" asks Gunn?

"And you believe that this girl we helped rescue could be the one in the prophecy?" asks Angel with a knowing look.

"Yes I do believe so." Wesley tells him the grim truth.

"How should we deal with her?" asks Angel seriously.

"Wait," says Cordelia, "Why would the powers that be send me that vision so you guys could save her if she is destined to 'destroy'?"

"Your right Cordelia, we don't know anything for certain yet, and there still is a great deal of text to work through before we can determine anything." Wesley tells them.

"You still have the text?" asks Fred.

"Yes, luckily I do." Wesley tells her.

"Well that's all great and dandy but what about Connor? I would feel safer if she wasn't here, I purpose she leave. We don't owe her anything." Angel tells them.

No one says anything to come between Angel and protecting his son. They all know he is very protective of him and they are too. So if he thinks this is safer they all will follow him.

"Good it's settled then, she leaves tomorrow and Wesley keep translating." Angel says before walking back upstairs to his son.