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Lay All Your Love On Me

Chapter 1: Smells of Trouble

Kenshin stirred in his sleep and rolled over under the blanket. His hand stretched out to his beloved to cuddle closer. Nothing. He reached out further. Nothing. He moved further towards her side of the bed and patted some more. Nothing. Now in high frustration he creaked open an eye, to find his beloved not in bed. Kenshin frowned as he sat up.

"This is the forth time that she's doing this to me!" Kenshin murmured to himself. Just then sounds of water running came to his ears.

'Oh… so she's taking a bath….' Evil thoughts came to Kenshin's mind as he stalked to their bathroom and silently opening and closing the door behind him. There the goddess was. Behind the curtains. Naked under his mercy. Just the way he liked it. Kenshin found out that he was starting to get evil, so he just walked up to the curtains and pulled them open. This startled her. She immediately sank under water as she splash a handful of water on her invader.

"Kenshin…." Kaoru eyes widen at recognition of whom she had splashed those water at. Kenshin shook his hair as droplets of water flew everywhere.

"Kaoru…." Kaoru let out a giggle to lessen the tension in the room.

"Gomen…. I didn't mean to…."

"You aren't planning to do this everyday to me… are you?" Kenshin said as he carried Kaoru out of the tub and sink himself in it with Kaoru straddled on his waist.

"Do what?" Kaoru feigned innocent as she leaned forward to Kenshin.

"You know what I mean young lady." Kaoru continued her act till her stomach met his. Her chest met his. Kenshin swallowed as he felt her hands working miracle on him. He pressed her body more on to his as their lips met.


"Kaoru nee!" One of the patients named Ayame rolled her wheelchair towards Kaoru.

"Ayame chan….. how are you?" Kaoru was wearing the nurse uniform a nametag on her left pocket. A white colour hat hung on her head. Match with white shoes. To some of the patients they gave her a name. Angel Kaoru. But no body would want to see the other side of Kaoru.

"Kaoru nee…. Come let's play."

"Play! Play!" Suzume. Ayame's little sister pop out from behind.

"Ara… Suzume chan…. Kon'nichiwa."

"Play play! Please!" Suzume said as she pulled on Kaoru's arm. Both Suzume and Ayame gave her puppy eyes as Kaoru thought for a while.

"I guess a little game with the both of you would be fine. Since I'm free at the moment."

"If you are so free at the moment. I can give you some work here Kamiya san." Kaoru jerked her head behind her to find. Yes the beautiful and skillful doctor. Takani Megumi Sensei. She was at the same specialist as Kenshin. Spine specialist.

"But… Takani sensei, you have other nurses under you like…. Hitomi, Aya and not to mention Tokio

"Are you questioning me Kamiya san! They have their own work to do. Since Ken san gave you nothing, I might as well keep you busy! This hospital is not paying you just for playing a few games with those childrens!" Kaoru was a little taken back by what Megumi had said as files of documents was being pushed to her hands. Sounds of the high heels echoed through the hallway.

"Kaoru nee….." Suzume and Ayame went up to her.

"No play?" Suzume asked. Kaoru smiled ruefully.

"Gomen…. Kaoru nee has things to do. Let's get you back to your ward ne. I promise after this. Kaoru nee will play with you ne." Suzume and Ayame nodded their head as they return Ayame to the ward.

Kaoru hugged those documents file near her chest as she walked down to the information counter of the level and to her seat. She settles those files down and flipped through some of them. She gave a sigh again.

"Kaoru what's wrong?" Kaoru's best friend Misao asked.

"Nothing in particular. I'm starting to believe Takani sensei has grudges towards me." Misao sweatdropped as she winced at what Kaoru said.

'Kaoru's sure is naïve. I wonder why she had never found that out till now.' Misao said as she took some documents from her and flip them through.

"Need my help?" Kaoru nodded her head lightly and scribbled some notes and passed it to Misao.

"I need you to help me pass this note to Kenshin and that's enough. Besides it's your free time. Check around Ayame, Yahiko and Yutarou. I didn't have the chance to do that. Onegai." Misao looked curiously at the note.

"Mind if I peeked?" Misao asked.

"Go ahead…. There's no R rated stuff in there. Don't worry." After reading the note, Misao gave a pitiful look at Kaoru and slipped off to Kenshin office.


She knocked on the door a few times.

"Himura sensei! Misao desu."

"Come in." Came Kenshin's voice. He looked up from his cases and to the door to find a very unhappy Misao standing on the door.

"What is it Misao?" She handed him the note and sat on the sofa. Kenshin's happy features dropped a little knowing that Kaoru can't have lunch with him. He clipped the note in one of his unknown secret files. Where they contain all the little notes Kaoru wrote to him.

"Himura sensei!" Misao said standing up banging her fist on the table.


"It's about Megumi."

"What about her?" came Kenshin's innocent voice.

"You know it! She's been creating problems for Kaoru. And you know it!" Kenshin averted her gaze.

"Do something!"

"Yes! Kaoru didn't complain! It did not meant that she likes being boss around by that stupid fox. She has her own nurse and they are free in the cafeteria while kaoru does all the work and she claims the credit." Well that was something Kenshin didn't know. He knew that Megumi had been a little tough on Kaoru. Kaoru had admit it and she also said it was fine. It didn't bothered that much. But the sentence that Misao said about claiming credit all for herself and never some to Kaoru. Flared him up.

"Hitomi san and the rest are at the cafeteria while Kaoru does all the work."

"Yes! That's what I ain't satisfied about! Kaoru isn't under her! I believe she has some grudges held for Kaoru."

'Grudges? Kaoru had been polite around her. What grudges can she hold? She barely knew Kaoru or even went out together. What grudges can she hold?' Kenshin thought over and over again. Then a feminine voice came from the door.

"Complaining about me Makimachi san?"

"Megumi…." Misao hissed.

"Watch you mouth girl. Have some respect. Takani sensei would be fine." Misao made her way out of the door.

"Himura sensei. I guess you would know what to do." Misao turned away.

"I would take my leave now. Himura Sensei. Takani SENSEI!" Misao emphaisise on those words as she left for the ward where the little brat was staying. Yahiko.


"Ken san. How about lunch?" Megumi said as she sway her hips from left to right and sat in front of Kenshin.

"I have work to do Megumi. Sumanai." Kenshin said as he scribbled some on his documents.

"Ken san…. You aren't believing that weasel girl are you?"

"Megumi…. Why are you making things hard for Kaoru?"

"I didn't!" Megumi denied.

"…" Kenshin kept calm as he ventured all his anger on his pen as he clenched it in his fist. Lucky for the pen. Kenshin stopped crushing it as he remembered that it was a present from Kaoru. He loosen the grip.

"Ken san. You know…. I missed those days we had in the university."

'Before that bitch came along.' Megumi thought silently.

"The both of us know that there's nothing between us anymore. I love Kaoru now. You will have others for you. Why not consider Sanosuke. He has been looking at you since University. He even gave me a piece of his mind when I broke up with you."

"That rooster head? Till the death of all men on earth would I consider him." Megumi said as she tossed her hair behind her shoulders.

"Ken san come on let's have lunch together like old times. Shall we?" She stood up and walked seductively to the door and leaned on it. Kenshin shook his head lightly.

"I'm not hungry yet. I'll take Kaoru to lunch later in the afternoon. Since she's busy at the moment." Kenshin replied without looking up from the documents. He missing the disgusted look Megumi had on her face.

"Oh…. Then I'll excuse myself now. Ja ne." Megumi closed the door and walked of to a distance. She unconsciously let out a growl as she thought.

'Kaoru again! Every single time! Kaoru! Kaoru! And Kaoru again! Can't he get his mind of that vixen! Damn that girl! Snatching Ken san away from me. She'll get retribution. Breaking people up. Who does she think she is. Acting all beautiful and innocent. I bet she uses black magic. I'll get my Ken san back to me. No matter what will happens to her. Even if she dies!" Megumi thought to herself as she from far away she could see her Ken san's new girl sitting at the information counter leaving her workspace. Helping the patient to their wards. Megumi's eyes traveled to those unfinished documents.

'She has some nerves! Can't believe she could be so…. So…. So… careless and I should thank her for that.' Megumi thought as she walked pass the Kaoru and her patient. Some of the nurses went out for lunch. The shifts haven't arrived yet. She slipped into the counter and took one of the files and walked back to her office with it.

'You are in for trouble. Kamiya Kaoru.'


Author's Notes:

Kon'nichiwa minna sama…

Hihi…. Yes…. I got this idea from a doujinshi image. Hehe~ Kenshin's the doc, Kaoru's his nurse. Okay… the whole RK crew is in here Let me say who's who ne.

Doctors / Surgeries
Himura Kenshin – Spine specialist
Takani Megumi – Spine specialist
Saitou Hajime – Brain specialist
Shinomori Aoshi – Physiotherapist
Kiyosato Akira– Emergency doc.
Amakusa Shogo – Emergency doc.

Kamiya Kaoru – Under Kenshin
Makimachi Misao – Under Kenshin
Seta Soujirou – Under Kenshin
Mizuhara Tetsuya – Under Kenshin

Takagi Tokio – Under Megumi
Tsukigata Hitomi – Under Megumi
Kanzaki Aya – Under Megumi
Tsukioka Tsunan – Under Megumi

Sagara Sanosuke – Under emergency / Driver for ambulance
Sawagejou Chou – Under emergency / driver for ambulance
Yukishirou Tomoe – Nurse in the ambulance (emergency dept)

Hiko Sejirou
Katsura Kogorou

So? How's this plan? Oh yeah… anyone out there who knows what they call a brain specialist and a spine specialist?? Damn… I only remembered that the brain specialist starts with 'N' right??

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