In Desperate Hopes

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Hello! I'm back again. This is my 2nd story I've posted since 2008. I'm excited about this one. Hope you all love it! =)

Chapter 1: Normality Routine

Bulma ran through her room, looking for her cheetah Sperry's. She heard Chichi yell at her from the base of the stairs again. She hopped on one foot over to her door.

"I'm coming Chi!" She yelled, attacking her closet once more. She finally found her shoe hidden under her bed. She quickly slipped her shoe on and grabbed her book bag. Looking back over her room, she had left it a mess. Oh well, she thought. Thelma would fix it for her. She ran down the stairs and out the door behind Chichi.

"It's about time. You almost got left here." Chichi said, getting in her green Saturn.

"Thanks for the ride Chi. Dad and I are still working on my car." Bulma said, putting her seat belt on.

"No problem. But if you're ever that late again, you will be taking public transportation in the bright yellow bus." Chichi said as she pulled out the driveway and down the street. Bulma wrinkled her nose to riding the bus.

"I'll be on time next time, that's a promise!" Bulma exclaimed putting her right hand to her heart.

The student parking lot was still filling up as the two girls pulled into their favorite parking spot. Chichi parked her car and quickly got out of the car, looking around the parking lot.

"Goku's under the tree with Vegeta and Krillin." Bulma said, getting out the car, nodding in their direction. Chichi looked at the oak tree to her left and saw Goku snoozing under it as she headed over there.

"Like always, you're sleeping." Chichi said shaking her head at her boyfriend. She slightly kicked him, waking him up.

"Wha-ouch,Chi. That hurt." Goku whined. Chichi sat next to Goku, giving him an apologetic kiss on the lips.

"I'm sorry, Bae but I wanted you to wake up." Chichi said comforting him. He smiled goofy like, accepting her apology. Vegeta and Bulma pretended to throw up at the scene.

"Take it to a room gosh!" Vegeta complained. Bulma shook her head smiling. She thought that Goku and Chichi were too damn adorable. They had the perfect high school romance. Her on the other hand was too single to be true. Of course, she had been asked out and taken out but most of the guys at her high school were either too immature for her, found her intimidating, or were taken already. It was sometimes a shame. She secretly envied her best friend for having such an awesome boyfriend. But the life of Bulma Briefs was something else. She was the captain of the debate and science club, a sure in for valedictorian, and on the year book/virtual newspaper committee. Bulma came up with the conclusion that she was way too busy to do have a boyfriend. That was fine for the time being because she had her awesome friends Chichi, Goku, Krillin, 18, 17, and Vegeta: what more could a girl ask for?

"Where's the Numeric Twins at?" Vegeta asked while pulling apart a leaf. Suddenly a bag was thrown at him, from 18.

"I told you about calling us that, Vegetable. We have names." 18 said, sitting next to Vegeta, followed by her brother, 17.

"I'm just saying, who the hell names their child after numbers?" Vegeta said, throwing the leaf parts on 18.

"You're mother." She simply replied. 17 just shook his head laughing. Bulma looked at her friends with a smile. Too bad 17 had a girlfriend who went to the near-by university and Vegeta…well Vegeta wasn't the dating type. Bulma never actually remembered Vegeta ever having a girlfriend. He was far from gay; it's just that he never took interest in having a girl permanently in his life. Maybe after high school during college he would.

"Bell's gonna ring soon, we better get going." Krillin said, grabbing his book bag and taking 18's from her. He was such a sweet boyfriend and he made 18 become a nicer, better person. She used to be a trouble maker before Bulma introduced Krillin to her. Everyone followed suit and gathered their book bags and hoodies to start Monday off.

Bulma was walking down the hall, after parting from her friends, heading to the science wing of the school. She passed by a group of lacrosse players and popular girls, laughing and talking about the weekend. She overhead one of the guys talking about a girl he finally got a chance to sleep with. She winkled up her nose and walked along, the last thing she heard was one of the girls saying "that drunk slut". She finally made it outside Mr. Misake's classroom. She knocked on the door before entering the classroom. Mr. Misake was at his desk, working on a small robot. His head popped up as he saw Bulma come in the classroom. Removing his glasses, he greeted her with a smile.

"Well good morning Ms. Briefs. How are you this lovely Monday?" Bulma smiled, grabbing her bag from her back to retreat an item.

"Morning Mr. Misake. I'm feeling pretty good. I hope it's treating you well." She said, digging around her back, looking for her green folder.

"It is thank you. How's that project going for you?" Mr. Misake asked, folding his hands on the desk.

"Better than expected. I brought my blue prints for you." Bulma said, handing over the green folder. Mr. Misake took the folder, opening it to read through the contents. "So far, I have the mother board working and the robot's basic structure is put together. He still has some kinks I need to work out but nevertheless running smoothly." Mr. Misake nodded his head, looking at her notes and he changes she documented.

"This is very complicated, Bulma. Wow, I'm impress. And you father had nothing to do with these correct?" He asked her. He knew that she wasn't the type of student who would use her father to get her scholarship. She was the type who was proud of her hard work and loved earning her way in scholastics.

"Nope. I only use his lab, keeping in mind that I cannot use any advance Capsule Corp technology or tools. This is all basic stuff." Bulma said, pointing out a list of her used tools and materials that she kept to prove her work.
"Bulma Briefs, you are one amazing young woman. Your genius rivals Dr. Briefs." Mr. Misake commented, closing the folder. "Keep up this good work and you will definitely win the award and scholarship."

"Well thank you. I don't really need the scholarship. I planned on giving it to my friends to help them pay for school." Bulma confessed, putting away her folder.

"That's very noble of you. Good luck and I will see you after school for the science team meeting." Mr. Misake said as she was heading out the door. Bulma threw him a wave before heading back out the classroom and into the hall to get to her literature class.

Bulma pulled out her laptop, already finish with her class work in Literature, to edit and finish her article on the top trends going that week and what the latest sales were that week. It was due by 3 pm and as usual, she wanted to make sure it was up to date and perfect. 17 and Vegeta were also done with their assignments. 17 was head down, sleep on the desk and Vegeta was on his phone playing Angry Birds. He was also in the top 10% of their class but he gave much less thought to it than most would. He was smart, yes, and would be heading off to Standing-Burg University with Bulma in the fall, but it all didn't really matter to him. He just wanted to be done with school entirely and get his degree in business engineering. Bulma was going for science engineering of course, which is why they both decided to go to the same school. He was also secretly happy to be going to the same school with one of his close friends. Goku and 17 decided to go to West City University and Krillin was going to a school in the States, so he would be pretty lonely in England had she not accepted attendance there as well. By August, they would be in a new country, starting their futures. Maybe together as friends or something else. Vegeta would never tell…

"Veggie, read this. Does this sentence sound 'teen friendly'?" Bulma asked, nudging him. He looked up annoyed that she interrupted him from defeating the evil pigs. She always had a problem in using words normal teens strayed away from in normal conversation and English papers. Vegeta, leaned over to look at her lap top.

"Looks fine to me…just change the word scrumptious to something a bit less…food related." He said sitting back in his seat.

"Thanks Veggie."

"Stop calling me that." he said, going back to his game. 17 let out a small snore, with Vegeta in turn, kicked his desk to wake him. 17 eyes popped open and he looked over at Vegeta, knowing it was him.

"Asshole." 17 said, shifting his body before lying back down to fall asleep. Vegeta snickered as he settled back into his seat. 17 used to hang around the very popular group their freshmen year of school after he and 18 found out some disturbing news about their parents. After a few months of dating the most popular girl in school and hanging out with her friends, 17 found himself missing his friends he had be friends with since grade school and dump his ex-girlfriend and her lifestyle. He was a lot like 18 but had more to say and was actually very witty. Bulma used to have a crush on him from 6th grade to their sophomore year but Chichi and 18 helped her realize that their friendship was more important than dating. She still thought he was very handsome but he grew on her to be the brother she never had.

After school, Chichi, 18, and Bulma all exited the building together, talking about the Winter Ball that was soon approaching.

"We should probably go to that mall that's out there in Ellis City. I bet no one is going to go there to shop." Chichi stated, looking for her car keys in her purse.

"Umm of course not, it's a 5 hour drive to get there!" 18 said, flipping her blonde hair out of her eyes.

"Not if we fly there…Bulma?" Chichi said, smiling at her bestie.

"I would have to ask Daddy…but I'm sure he wouldn't mind us taking the jet there." Bulma said, smiling. Chichi gave her a toothy smile and immediately got excited.

"Yaaaa! Ok, so we have like 3 weeks before the ball, so we should try to get out there like this weekend…cool?" She was such a planner.

"Sounds like a plan." 18 said, getting out her car keys. "Where the hell is 17?" she looked around the parking lot, looking for her twin. She finally spotted him standing next to a small framed girl with dark blue hair and a thick, red headband, separating her bangs from the rest of her hair. She was smiling and leaning on 17, who had his arm wrapped around her.

"Ohh he's with that crazy bitch, Launch." 18 said continuing towards her car where they were standing.

"Crazy? She look sweet." Chichi said, looking the girl over.

"Just wait until she sneezes." 18 said, pushing the unlock button on her car to her Nissan Altima. Chichi looked at 18 questionably when 17 and Launch approached them.

"Hey ladies. I want to introduce you to my girlfriend, Launch. She's a freshman at West City University." 17 said, while Launch shook each other the girl's hands pleasantly.

"It's so nice to meet you girls. Chichi and Bulma right? I've seen pictures." She said bubbly. "Hi 18." she said with a smile. 18 barely waved.

"It's nice to meet you too." Both Chichi and Bulma chimed. Suddenly, Launch's nose started wiggling and she let out a slight sneeze that turned her blue hair blonde and her blue eyes green.

"And it begins." 18 said, putting her book bag in the back seat. Bulma and Chichi looked confused and lost.

"Sup girls." Launch said in a rougher tone and voice. "Are we leavin' soon? I'm starvin'." She asked 17 who was laughing at the expressions on his friend's faces.

"Yeah Babe."

"What the hell?" Bulma exclaimed.

"Launch has this split personality disorder where when she sneezes, her personality changes...thus crazy bitch has appeared." 18 said calmly, watching the scene with her arms crossed over her chest. Launch smirked in her direction.

"Nice ta see you 'gain too, Sunshine." She pulled a cigarette out her pocket and quickly lit it. "See ya kiddies later. Come on 17." She said, pulling him a towards her car.

"Ok, what kind of freaking disorder is that again? That shit isn't normal!" Chichi said, looking at 18.

"I don't know. All I know is that she was born like that. But both personality share one name and knows about each other. It's so weird. Crazy bitch." 18 said, watching the school's side door for Krillin to come out.

"Do the boys have practice tonight?" Bulma asked, pulling out her cell phone.

"No, the season's over. What would they be practicing for?" Chichi asked Bulma. Bulma shrugged her shoulders. She never kept up with the football team. All she knew is they won the championship and it was the only game she actually watched. "I'm glad Goku is looking more at his academics now that football is over instead of his athletics. He needs to make sure his grades are looking good for WCU." Chichi mentioned. She sometimes acted like she was Goku's mother, since he never really had one. That was one thing they both had in common, mothers who died in child birth. Bulma was always telling her to ease up and be more girlfriend than motherly with him. But it was in Chici's nature to be motherly to her friends and family.

"Krillin needs to hurry up so we can go. I don't have all day to be waiting for him." 18 said, tapping her foot.

"But you will wait for him so hush." Bulma said playfully. 18 merely just rolled her eyes because she knew it was true. Bulma smiled. She loved her life as it was. She had great girlfriends, great guy friends, she was going to the UK with one of her closest friends and she was pretty and smart. If she had a boyfriend, it would make her perfect life…a fairy tale. She laughed to herself as she imagined her life as a fairy tale out of the many books of them she read as a child. She could see herself as being Snow White or Cinderella…but without the dwarfs and hard labor lifestyle…

She was snapped out of her day dream by a hand waving in her face.

"Earth to Woman. Are you there?" Vegeta said, annoying close to her face. She pushed his hand away and directed her attention on him.

"Yes Vegeta?"

"I asked if you needed a ride. But I guess you can walk or take the bus." He noted.

"I'm fine. I rode with Chichi. Thanks though." She said, readjusting her book bag on her back. Vegeta turned his head to a white corvette with the top down that was slowing down by the parking lot. Inside were a bunch of male students from Lambda Chi Epsilon, the most popular fraternity at WCU, wearing their lettermen jackets with their Greek letters on them and jeans. The driver is the one who really caught Bulma's eye. Low, spikey hair cut, dark eyes, tanned skin, and a dazzling smile.

"Uhh! It's Radditz!" Chichi groaned, throwing her head back, showing her distain for her boyfriend's brother. Being Goku's friends for so long, they all knew who Goku's older, annoying brother was.

"Hey Kakarot. Vegeta." One of them with a long mane of spikey hair said. He gave the two teasing smirks. "Hey guys, this is my lame ass brother and his besties."

"Fuck off, Radditz." Vegeta said wearing his usual evil scowl.

"Comon Radditz, do you have to do this all the time? I don't need you to take me home. I got a ride." Goku said to his brother. Radditz was a junior at the university and even though he lived in his frat's house, he still was around the Son's house hold and pestering his little brother, Goku.

"Little brother, I'm only here to show my bros a future candidate of Lambda Chi Epsilon. To continue a long legacy of Chi Epsilons in the Son's family." Radditz said, climbing out the back seat.

"I don't graduate for another 6 months-"

"I know, but we both know that you are a shoe in and in saying that, you should hang out with us more often. You know, to get to know your future brothers better." Radditz put his arm around his brother, leaning most of his weight on Goku. He pushed his brother's arm off of him and moved further to the left.

"I'm not really interested in joining a fraternity-"

"Not yet at least. Don't worry, we're make you feel welcomed. Starting this weekend. We're having a 'social' Friday and a party Saturday. You all should come out and enjoy your first college party." Radditz said. The guy who was driving handled him the flyers for the weekend coming. "Don't be afraid, we won't roofie you or anything." He gave them all one. 18 took her and simply threw it in the car.

"I have plans." She said, getting in her car. Krillin just took his and shoved it in his book bag before getting in the car with his girlfriend.

"See you guys later." He said before shutting the door. 18 backed out and left without another word. Radditz shrugged his shoulders.

"Their lost. So Vegeta? Kakarot? See you there?" He asked. Vegeta just shrugged his shoulders. He was low key interested in what would be actually happening at this frat. Goku repeated the same action, knowing that he probably would be going. All Radditz had to do is tell their father it was a Chi Epsilon event and Goku would be forced there. Hopefully Vegeta came with him.

"What about you Miss Blue?" the driver said to Bulma. She turned her head to him and gave him a small smile. "I do hope you come a long. I wouldn't mind seeing you again."

"Umm maybe…I don't know. Chichi?" Bulma said, looking at her bestie. Chichi just shrugged her shoulders.

"Sure why not?" He licked his lips and smiled at Bulma.

"So her name is Chichi…what's yours?"


"Nice to meet you…I'm Yamcha." He said, extending his hand. Bulma walked over to the car to shake his hand.

"Same here."

"Ok well I see you kiddies Friday." Radditz said, going back to the car.

"Bye Bulma." Yamcha said with a smile. Bulma gave a weak smile and wave to him. He let Radditz climb in safely before driving off down the street. Goku folded up his flyer and put in his pocket defeated. He wasn't into the whole fraternity thing. He preferred sports, but like Radditz said, they had a long family history of the frat. So he would probably end up in it after all.

"Well I guess we have something to do this weekend now." Goku said, shrugging his shoulders.

"You do, I'm not so sure I want to go." Vegeta said, balling his flyer up and throwing it at Bulma, which it hit her in the head. She picked it off the ground and threw it back, missing Vegeta completely.

"Aww! Come on, Vegeta! Please! I don't want to go by myself. Me, drunk frats, and a drunk Radditz doesn't mix well. PLEASEEEEE?!" Goku begged his other best friend. Vegeta rolled his eyes and nodded in agreement. Goku reacted by grabbing Vegeta in a hug. "Aw thanks Vegs!" Vegeta got completely and utterly annoyed instantly and pushed Goku off him.

"Don't ever hug me again, or it will be your balls." Vegeta said through gritted teeth. Goku backed up, doing his famous head holding giggle.

"Ok Vegs."

"And stop calling me that!"

"Chichi, that Yamcha guy was kinda hot, don't you think?" Bulma said to Chichi as she drove her home from school.

"Yeah he was and I believe he was interested in you, Miss Blue." Chichi said with a smile. Bulma started laughing at the nickname.

"You think? Gosh. A hot frat college guy is interested in little, oh boring me." Bulma said smiling. Chichi flipped through the radio stations quickly, landing on her favorite 97.3 Pop List.

"You're not boring B."

"Yes I am. I'm captain of the debate and science team. Don't tell me that doesn't scream boring?" Bulma said, turning the radio down some. "I mean look at you. You're captain of the cheerleading squad and the yearbook editor. Plus, you're the photo editor for the virtual newspaper. And 18 is captain of the girls' rugby team. I don't do anything athletic or cool but yoga."

"Well, you could be a cheerleader but you refuse to wear the 'so short you can almost see my whoo haa' skirt. But you write the fashion column of the virtual newspaper. Fashion is always cool." Chichi told her. Bulma did think the cheerleaders looked like young prostitutes though…

"I guess. But still…it's not super cool." Bulma said "I wish I was more athletic like you two."

"I wish I was as smart as you. Have you not realized what school you are going to? Standing-Burg! In mother fucking England!" Chichi yelled out making Bulma laugh.

"Don't act like you couldn't get into SBU."

"Like hell I could. They would look at my application and laugh and say 'eff no!'" Chichi said, turning down Bulma's street.

"Whatever. I think you could if you wanted to." Bulma said, undoing her seatbelt, seeing that they arrived at Capsule Corp. Chichi parked in the drive way and got out the car before Bulma.

"We need to find out how we're going to get to this party. My dad would flip if he knew that I was going to a college party." Chichi said once Bulma got out the car. They walked around to the back of the house to get into the backyard.

"Just tell him you're spending the night here and we can just tell my parents we're going to a party a friend is throwing. None the wiser." Bulma said, typing in the password to get in the fencing that surrounded their house. Her mother was crouched over by her garden, watering it and what looked like talking to it as well…

"Look at my tomatoes! You guys sure are growing! You too, potatoes!" her mother said to the green plants.

"Hi Mom." Bulma said as she walked through the yard to get in the house.

"Hi Mrs. Briefs!" Chichi called out.

"Hi girls! Ohh, there are snacks and treats on the kitchen table. Help yourself to them!" Bunny Briefs said, turning around to smile at the girls.

"Ok thanks Mom." Bulma said as she slipped in the house. She noticed the fresh pastries and mini sandwiches. Bulma picked up what she thought was a cucumber sandwich and started munching on it. Chichi picked up a tuna sandwich.

"I swear my mom is trying to make me fat. All these pastries and cakes!" Bulma said, looking at the tarts, cakes, cookies, and muffins and such.

"Well, at least you practice yoga." Chichi said, grabbing a lemon tart.

"Yeah. Well, do you want to head to the shop with me. I'm dying to get a medi-pedi." Bulma asked, finishing off her sandwich.

"Sorry, I promised Goku I would come over and help him with his history paper." Chichi said apathetically. Bulma stuck out her bottom lip.

"Ok fine. I guess I could go by myself. Or ask Marron…" Bulma frowned at the last word she said. Marron was her idiot cousin who attended West City Community College. How she got there, she would never know.

"Maybe. I'm sorry. I'll be over tomorrow for sure so we can do facials with 18." Chici said.

"Ok that's cool." Bulma said, reaching in her purse to find her cell phone. Marron is better than no one.

"I better get going. This could take all night…knowing Goku, it just might." Chichi said shaking her head. "Later B." she said, walking out the door they came into.

"Bye Chi Chi." She said, dialing Marron's number. She hated when her friends were out enjoying time with their boyfriends and she was stuck asking her cousin, who is a complete ditz, to hang out.

"Hellllooooo." Marron answered after 4 rings.

"Hey Marron. It's Bulma. Are you busy?"

"Nope. I just got home from classes."

"Cool, do you want to go to the salon with me for medi-pedis?"

"Offffcourse cuz! I'll be at your house in a few minutes. Byeeee." Marron exclaimed before hanging up. She shook her head. Everyone who initially met them, thought they were twins, which couldn't be farther from the truth. Marron was 2 years older than Bulma and 10x dumber. Bulma took her book bag upstairs to her room and quickly grabbed a pair of black flip flops to wear to the shop so she wouldn't mess up her toes.

Bulma admired the wonderful job and care given to her toes and fingers. Both painted a pretty blue with lavender designs on the big toes and middle fingers. Bored, she decided to pay Vegeta a visit. So she slipped back into some flip flops and grabbed a grey A&E hoodie before she slipped out her balcony and down the fire stairs. She didn't have to sneak out to go there but she always found it fun to do anyways like she was sneaking off to see a boyfriend…far from the truth here. Vegeta's mansion was down the block from hers but as she got to the front of her home to the street, she could see his room and saw that he was in there doing who knows what. She planned on seeking up to his window and climb in, scaring him shitless. As she walked down the street, the cool air whipped around her. Instantly, she pulled her hoodie tighter. Even though it was pretty warm to be January, that didn't mean she could walk outside dressed like that. Good thing Vegeta's place wasn't too far down the road. She approached his home and headed towards the back of the place where his room window was. He had a balcony, so it made it easy for her to sneak up to his room. Familiarly, she grabbed one of the trash bins sitting by the garage and climbed on top of it, and then she reached up to his balcony and pulled herself up. It took quite a bit of effort, but she finally got on the balcony itself.

Vegeta was sitting at his desk, typing away at his computer. He was typing up his history paper, doing things last minute as also had his headphones in, listening to some old 90's music. It was his silent, guilty pleasure… He didn't notice that his balcony door was slightly open, nor did he notice someone standing behind him until he felt a hand on the back of his neck.

"What the fu-" Vegeta exclaimed, turning around to see a laughing Bulma. She had her hands on her knees, laughing in pure joy with her head down.

"Mehahahahaha! I got you Veggie! Hahahahaha!" She continued to laugh as Vegeta stared daggers at her.

"That's not funny…" Vegeta said, pissed off that he let her scare him. She still chuckled as he clicked out of his word document. "What are you doing here?" He asked her, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Nothing. I was bored so I wanted to come visit you. Romeo style."

"More like creep style." Vegeta said. He leaned back in his desk chair. "What can I help you with?"

"Nothing. Question: are you really going to that frat party?" Bulma asked.

"Fuck no."

"Why not? I never been to a frat party. Might as well try one now because you know that Standing-Burg's parties will consist of a bunch of English men, sitting around drinking tea."

"Now you're being stereotypical. What if the English think that us Japanese kids just sit around and watch anime all day whenever we're not working on our 2nd PhD?"

"You know what I mean. It's a private university. Comon! Let's goooo! Why don't you wanna go?"

"Because the brothers of Chi Epsilon are known for their partying and drinking, not their academics and community service. I don't think I should mingle with that type of group. Kakarot doesn't even want to go but he has to." Bulma wrinkled up her nose at Vegeta.

"Now look at who's being stereotypical. Ok, so what? I'm not asking you to join their fraternity or anything. I just want to experience what regular college students experience. Or hell, what normal high school students experience. So many kids in the year book and school council has been to so many of these frat parties and talked about how much fun they had. I just want to enjoy that experience." Bulma said, her lip stuck out. Vegeta looked at her with his normal disposition.

"You look so bratty right now."

"Vegetaaaaaa pleasseeee. Everyone else is probably going to want to go. Please come." Vegeta rolled his eyes.

"I'm not a follower."

"Ohh my gosh Vegeta!"

"…if you will stop whining I will go. Ok?" Bulma's face lit up and she jumped on Vegeta to hug him.

"Yaaa! Thanks Veggie!" She gave him a grand smile.

"Yeah yeah yeah." Vegeta said, trying to get her off of him.

Kinda of a lot of information I know. This turned out to be 9 pages long but I have soooooo much I want to do with this story. I'm so excited.

Side note: I want to bring the characters out as typical students. They are known, but they aren't part of the popular group if you haven't noticed. However, I am trying to portray how unpopular Bulma is in comparison to her friends. In other words, she is the black sheep of her friends. Hope that makes sense.