Chapter 9 Good Girl Gone

I'm back from the dead! I know, it's been awhile but I have a new chapter for you. Finally over a few roadblocks there.

"Ok, what the fuck is beer breakfast?" Bulma exclaimed over the phone. She was growing tired of Ranfan calling her so early on the weekend.

"It's when you wake up and drink beer for breakfast…along with like breakfast food. Don't question it, just know it happens and it's awesome and you're coming so get up." Ranfan said, skipping down her stairs, into the kitchen.

"It's fucking 8:30…" Bulma grumbled, almost throwing the phone across the room.

"It'll only be for like 2 hours. You can sleep after. Just come on, please?" Ranfan pleaded.

"Ughhhh! Fine! I'll be dressed when you get here." Bulma said, throwing her phone somewhere behind her in her bed. She didn't even bother hitting END on the touch screen. Here was another Saturday Bulma would be missing sleeping in because Ranfan wanted to be a damn early bird and lush. Bulma rolled over, heading back to sleep. She took a shower last night so she planned on just getting up and throwing something on once Ranfan arrived to her home. Ranfan was slowing trying to kill her, she knew it.

45 minutes later, Ranfan and Bulma arrived at Turles' frat house, Omega Kappa Nu. They could hear music playing from outside the house. There were a few people standing around in the front yard but the majority of people were in the backyard, drinking and eating pancakes. Once they reached the back of the house, they were met by two guys who looked about their age. Bulma assumed they were new pledges.

"Hey ladies. Welcome to B and B. Beer and Breakfast," one guy said, handing the girls red cups.

"There's kegs all around and fresh pancakes coming off the grill. Enjoy," the other guy said, moving out the way so they come get pass. They both said thank you and walked over to the nearest keg. It wasn't long before Turles found them in the crowd.

"Welcome ladies to Omega Kappa Nu, where the beer constantly flows and a never ending amount of…well ladies." Turles said, changing his words at the end with a smirk.

"Funny, douche. Where's this fantastic breakfast you told me about? That's the only reason I'm here," Ranfan said, giving Turles a slight punch.

"Straight to the point, I like that. Right this way," Turles said, leading them over to a large table filled with pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, omelets, fruit, and hash browns. "We just put this out, so it's hot and ready…like me, hint hint," Turles said with a wink towards Bulma.

"Thanks, now go away," Bulma said, waving him away like one would do to a dog. Turles gave them a smile before walking off to greet others.

"I always feel like Turles is one step away from saying 'fuck Yamcha' and pulling a real move on you," Ranfan said, putting her plate together. "He's very fond of you."

"I know. I hope he never does because I think he's fun to hang around," Bulma said, tossing some strawberries on top of her pancakes.

"Nah, I don't think he's that disrespectful," Ranfan said, looking around for a place to sit. "There's a table over there. Let's get shitfaced this beautiful Saturday morning."

"That whore never seems to answer her phone," Chichi said, hitting END on the call to Bulma's cell phone. Her and 18 were going to head to the mall for no reason but to aimlessly shop and was trying to invite Bulma along.

"You know, it's not even 10:30 yet. She's probably still sleep and ignoring your call," 18 said. It wasn't uncommon for Bulma to ignore one of Chichi's early morning calls.

"Hmph. Whore. Let's just go by her house and grab her," Chichi said, starting her car.

"She could be out with Yamcha for breakfast or something."

"Well, we'll find out soon," Chichi said, turning in the direction to Bulma's house.

They arrived about 10 minutes later, knocking on the house door. Mrs. Briefs answered the door with an eyeless smile.

"Good morning ladies! How are you?" Mrs. Briefs exclaimed smiling at the girls.
"Hi Mrs. Briefs. We're great. Is Bulma here?" Chichi asked as 18 smiled and waved.

"Oh no she's been gone all morning. I'm sorry," Mrs. Briefs said, tilting her head. "Did you girls eat? I was going to make some treats for lunch."

"Yes, thank you. I think we're just going to head out to find Bulma," 18 kindly declined.

"Ok well see you girls later!"

An hour has passed by and the duo was full of breakfast and beer. Who ever thought of such a great way to start a Saturday was ingenious. Ranfan and Bulma sat with Broly and Turles laughing and taking back cups like it was no tomorrow. Broly reminded Bulma like a male version of 18 with his silent demeanor. Unlike 18, he was a lot friendlier towards others he didn't know.

"I don't understand why that girl thought she could take more shots than you." Broly said in his soft, low voice.

"I don't either," Turles said, finishing his cup. "After the 12th shot, she literally threw up everywhere. She almost threw up on me."

"I would never attempt to go toe to toe with you," Ranfan said, finishing her cup as well. "Unless I was really in the mood to get my stomach pumped."

"I wouldn't either but you know so girls like to pretend that they are men," Broly said. Bulma smirked, feeling a good buzz over her body. They had been drinking and eating for the last 2 hours and she was definitely feeling it.

"You two ready for a riveting game of beer pong or quarters?" Turles said, pointing to a now empty beer pong table and another table full of students drinking and flipping quarters, attempting to make them into an opponent's cup.

"I'm down, but I don't think that Bulma could handle either," Broly pointed out. "Shit get's hard core."

"Oh, she's fine," Ranfan said, gently elbowing Bulma. "I've seen her drink, she got this."

"Ok, no throwing up missy," Broly said, getting up smiling at the heiress. Bulma shrugged her shoulders. She never heard of the game before but she was sure it wasn't that complicated. What was the worst that could happen?

Chichi and 18 finally arrived at the mall. They spent the morning going to little shops in their area and decided last minute to hit the mall. They hadn't heard from Bulma as of yet and it was close to 1 in the afternoon. Chichi checked her phone again for the 50th time that day, checking to see if she received anything from Bulma.

"Gosh, where could she be? It's not like her to wait this long to text me back," Chichi said, letting out a frustrated sigh. "And she hasn't texted you?"

"No," 18 said, ignoring Chichi. She was tired of her moaning and griping about Bulma. "She's most likely with Yamcha. Just chill."

Chichi sent out another text to Bulma, barely paying 18 any mind.

"Mmhmm," Chichi said, texting away. "Whatever, let's head to Zandy's. I want to check out some cute flats I found on line."

The duo of girls walked to the escalader, going upstairs to get to the shoe store Chichi wanted to go to. They were passing a lingerie store when 18 noticed out of her peripheral vision a familiar shade of blue hair. She slowed down and backed up, peering into the store. Chichi had been talking about prom again and how she was between a couple of themes that she wanted to present to the prom committee and hadn't noticed that 18 had stopped.

"So Stacee brought up how we should go a bit more modern than a Japanese spring garden. I get that, but it would be the middle of spring, and the cherry blossoms would be just so beautiful-" Chichi said, turning to look at 18 when she noticed that she was no longer next to her. Chichi looked around, finding 18 outside a store, looking a bit pissed.

"Well, you could of cut me off and told me you wanted to check out some fancy underwear," Chichi said, walking back to 18.

"Look who I found," 18 said, looking right at Bulma. Chichi looked in the same direction of 18 and immediately was angry. Bulma was laughing, looking at some overly decorated bra. It seemed that she was laughing more excessively than she needed to be. Ranfan was next to her, laughing a lot as well. Chichi wasted no time storming into the store with 18 calmly walking behind her.

"Who wears shit like this?" Ranfan said, holding up another overly decorated bra.

"Fuck if I know." Bulma said, leaning over with laughter. She was drunk as a skunk after playing quarters with the guys. She wasn't very good at the game and lost just about every round, which meant she was taking in a good amount of alcohol. Ranfan decided to go to the mall instead of driving them home. She was drunk, but she wasn't on Bulma's level at all. Bulma was definitely one lean away from falling over, passed out. Chichi walked right up to Bulma, looking like a disappointed, angry mother.

"Ok, so you wanna tell me why you have ignored all my texts today?" Chichi said, hands firmly placed on her hips. Bulma gave Chichi a drunk, glazed over look before giggling.

"Uh, what?" Bulma said through laughter. Ranfan looked up and now noticed both girls were standing in front of Bulma and herself.

"The hell do you mean? I've called and texted you all morning. And now, I see you've been with this rugby slut all day!" Chichi yelled, causing some nearby customers to look their way.

"Rugby slut?" Ranfan said, slightly taken back and offended by Chichi's comment.

"That was aggressive," Bulma muttered through her drunkness. Chichi covered her nose as the smell of alcohol that sweated through Bulma's skin it her unexpected nose.

"You reek of alcohol, like what the actual fuck?" Chichi said. She was both bewildered and pissed off.

"Chichi! Relax…everythings…cool," Bulma said, eyes slightly closed. She was smirking feeling herself starting to lean over. 18 caught her before she could completely fall over.

"Ok, you need to go home, NOW," 18 said, straightening Bulma up. Chichi stormed pass a still confused Ranfan and out the store, with 18 guiding Bulma out behind her.

Krillin was sitting back on the couch at Vegeta's place with the rest of the guys watching sports. They had been enjoying their quiet afternoon without any interruption. It was almost too good to be true. That's when Krillin's phone began to ring. It was the only noise outside the occasional grunt, cough, and t.v. they heard in over an hour. Everyone looked over in Krillin's direction as he half-heartedly answered the phone.

"Hello?" Krillin said deadpan, not paying any attention to the caller id. Immediately, he and the rest of the room overheard screaming coming from the phone. It almost sounded like Chichi's voice.

"Is that a screeching hawk I hear?" 17 asked a bit concerned. Krillin shrugged his shoulders, looking at his phone, seeing 18's name and picture show up on his phone.

"Hey Krillin," 18's voice finally came through from the screaming. "Are you at home?"

"Um, no. I'm at Vegeta's place," Krillin answered, still confused. Vegeta narrowed his eyes. Whoever was making that awful noise better not been en route to his place.

"Ok, his parents, are there are they?" 18 said barely audible as the yelling continued.


"Ok, I'm on my way over there. I can't really explain what's going on right now. Bye." And with that, she hung up the phone.

"What the hell was that?" 17 asked. Goku's phone beeped, indicating he had a text message.

"And it better not be on its way here," Vegeta said, irritated.

"It was 18. She couldn't really talk, but…she said she is on her way…" Krillin muttered the last part out. Before Vegeta could chew him out, Goku interrupted.

"Uh oh. Chichi's pissed," Goku said, rubbing his temples. It was going to be a long Saturday.

"Chichi, please stop yelling," 18 yelled over Chichi, attempting to take some control over the situation. "Vegeta is going to lose his shit if we come in his house screaming and being over dramatic." They were pulling into his driveway and 18 had it with Chichi's yelling. She literally yelled at Bulma the entire drive from the mall to Vegeta's house and it made what is normally a 10 minute drive into what felt like 30 long minutes of screaming. As soon as they were in the parking lot, Chichi snapped, yelling about how Bulma could have been caught and arrested for public intoxication. Then she yelled about her being rude and not answering her phone calls and then she lectured about drinking and driving and how they were lucky enough to make it to the mall without killing someone or their selves. Bulma ignored Chichi for the most part, so it was all one sided with 18 stuck in the middle, attempting to concentrate on driving and not kicking the two out her car.

"18, I could care less about how me yelling is going to piss Vegeta off," Chichi said in a rather calm voice.

"Well, how about this: I've listened to you scream for 10 minutes now, how about you shut the fuck up with it for now? She's clearly not listening!" 18 now yelled, uncharacteristic of her. Chichi gave 18 a look but said nothing. Even she knew when to not push 18 buttons and at the moment, the time was not right now. Both girls got out the car and 18 opened the passenger door to let Bulma out. She crawled out the car, staggering as she finally stood and attempted to walk.

"Wait, what? This, this isn't…this isn't…my house," Bulma stammered through her sentence.

"I know," 18 said, stabilizing her before starting for the house. "We can't take you home like this, your mom would flip. You gotta sober up first." The three walked up to the porch, Chichi being the one to ring the bell. A few moments and a sigh being heard, the door was opened by Vegeta. He took one look at the girls, seeing Bulma leaning on 18, head drooped over and swinging downwards and barely standing. Vegeta let out a frustrated sigh, moving aside to let the girls in. He immediately scooped Bulma up, relieving 18.

"What happened?" Vegeta asked, looking at the almost sleeping, drunk Bulma.

"Don't know. We found her at the mall like this with Ranfan," 18 said, shutting the front door behind her.

"After ignoring my calls and texts all morning…"Chichi adding, stomping into the living room.

"I'll put her in one of the guest rooms with a garbage can next to her," Vegeta said, walking down the hall to the stairs.

"Hi Veggie, you smell nice," Bulma muttered, half sleep in his arms. Vegeta shook his head, continuing to the stairs.


Vegeta returned downstairs to hear Chichi going off in the living room. He walked in against all reasoning telling him not to, seeing Chichi yelling on the couch next to a poor Goku who really couldn't calm her down. 18 was on the opposite couch, giving Chichi a death stare, Krillin looked confused and scared, and 17 looked pissed because Chichi was yelling.

"Ignoring the fact that I was starting to really worry about her, we found her ass in that state in the mall, laughing with Ranfan as if things were supposed to be that way! Are you fucking kidding me?! Bulma is acting so recklessly! Since when did she start drinking?!" Chichi yelled, fist bound in her lap.

"I know you're upset, Chichi," Goku said in a calm voice. "But you need to calm down. Yelling is not going to help the situation."

"Goku, I am calm," Chichi said in a low tone.

"But you were just yelli-"

"I am calm!" Chichi yelled one last time. Vegeta rubbed his temples before he could say anything that would end with his living room on fire.

"Everyone chill out," Vegeta said walking completely in the room. "What happened?" Vegeta asked and before Chichi could start back on her rant, Vegeta stopped her as she opened her mouth. "NOT you, Chichi. 18?" Vegeta said, holding a finger up in Chichi's direction while looking at 18. Chichi sat back pouting to everyone's relief.

"I don't know. We went by her house this morning and she was already gone, so we assumed that she was out with Yamcha," 18 said. Vegeta's had to force himself not to roll his eyes. "She wasn't answering her phone, as Chichi has announced several times, so we went to the mall and there she was, drunk and in public. We grabbed her and brought her here to sober up. Couldn't take her home or our places. Our parents are home," 18 said. Vegeta rubbed his temples out of frustration. That girl was driving him insane.

"And what was she doing out drinking? Why did she think a Saturday morning was a great plan to start drinking?" Chichi said shaking her head. 18, Vegeta, and Goku all kind of looked off, those three knowing that Bulma had been drinking for some time now.

"It's definitely not her first time," 18 said softly.

"Or second," Goku added quietly.


About 2 hours later, Bulma woke up in a very fluffy, comfortable bed that wasn't hers. She sat up, still feeling dizzy.

"Ugh, I must still be drunk…where am I?" Bulma asked herself, seeing as she was alone in the room she was in. She looked around, seeing the very expensive curtains and furniture. Shaking her head again, she noticed the familiar scent of the home. She was at Vegeta's house. But how did she get here? The last thing she remembered was playing quarters and chugging a beer after losing again. There was also some mentioning of shopping. She still felt a bit drunk but could tell she was sobering up. Bulma eventually pulled herself out of the bed and headed out the room. As she came down the stairs, she could hear her friends in the living room. Suddenly, her heart sank as she slowly approached the room. Since she couldn't remember getting to Vegeta's house, she feared how she got there…

"Hey guys," Bulma said, walking into the living room. All conversation stopped as everyone looked over at Bulma with mixed emotions. Chichi's face read the most easily understood look: anger. Bulma didn't know why Chichi was so mad, but she knew she was just about to find out.

"Since when did you become a drinker?" Chichi said in a motherly tone. Bulma rolled her eyes. She knew it would come out one day but she was hoping it wouldn't be any time soon.

"Chichi, really, I'm too tired for this-" Bulma protested but was quickly shut down as Chichi began her rant.

"Seriously Bulma! I found you at the mall drunk out your mind, literally about to fall over!" Chichi began. "It's that damn Ranfan, I told you she was bad news!"

"Wow Chichi, way to sound like my mother," Bulma said walking back out the living room, heading to the kitchen. Chichi followed her out while the others stayed behind, praying that the two wouldn't start WWIII in the kitchen.

"Well, someone needs to! The others aren't saying anything to you; they're just allowing you to do whatever the hell you want to," Chichi said, following Bulma. Bulma rolled her eyes, reaching into the refrigerator for some water. Her mouth felt so dry.

"They are doing so because I am 18 and legally, I can do whatever the hell I want to do," Bulma said, taking a large gulp of water. Chichi put her hands up in defeat. She knew what buttons to push with Bulma and knew when to throw in the towel.

"Ok, I'm just saying this isn't you," Chichi said, calming her voice. "You're not the party girl type. Drinking and ditching your real friends isn't like you. You're the-"

"Lame girl? The nerd? The collegiate scholar who does nothing but keep her nose in a book and spends her weekends making new inventions?" Bulma said, turning on her heel to face Chichi. "All my life I have been that girl while I watch my friends live their lives having fun, going on dates, being popular. I finally have a chance of being cool my senior year, and I'm not going to let anyone stop that Chichi. So, if you don't like it, deal with it," Bulma said, crossing her arms over her chest. Chichi sucked in a deep breath before turning on her heel to walk out the kitchen.

"Fine. Do what you want, don't expect me to be there every time you need to clean up your mess," Chichi said, walking back into the living room. Bulma signed, sitting down at the island table, leaning over onto it. She wished she could remember what happened earlier today. Bulma felt the wave of sobriety flow over her and she no longer felt care free and fun. She felt miserable. She got into it with one of her best friends again. It seemed as if being sober was ruining everything for her. And if it was the alcohol, at least she could ignore her spirally out-of-control life while intoxicated. Bulma took another sip of water, wishing she was still drunk. Bulma looked up and saw the liquor cabinet on the far side of the kitchen near the pantry. Bulma looked in the direction of the living room. She didn't hear anyone coming. She quickly walked over to the cabinet, grabbing an opened bottle of vodka. She grabbed a glass adjacent from the cabinet and poured herself a glass. She quickly drank down a good amount of it, trying to ignore the bitter taste in her mouth. She chased the drink down with her bottle of water before finishing off the glass and repeating the water chase. She wiped her mouth, placing the glass in the sink as someone walked in the kitchen.

"You ok in here?" Goku asked meekly. Bulma turned around to see Goku standing in the kitchen.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine," Bulma said, drinking some more water. "I know she means well, but Chichi likes to think she's my mother or something," Bulma said, shrugging her shoulders.

"Trust me, I know," Goku said with a smile. "She's just worried. Everyone kinda is. I was just the only one not too afraid to come talk to you," Goku said, sitting at the island. "You have every right to do whatever it is you want. But I hope that you don't feel like you can't be yourself around other people. We like you just the way you are. I'm sure Ranfan and those others would too," Goku said, eyeing the fridge. Bulma shrugged her shoulders.

"Yeah, I wish it was that easy," Bulma muttered.

"Don't forget Seniors, we will be taking off for the Senior Weekend this Friday after school and following will be the Senior trip. The weekend will consist of camping outdoors so be sure to have your tents or capsules with you. If you don't have one, the school can provide one for you or double up with your friends. There are a limited supply of tents so it will be on a first come, first serve basis. The trip is still a secret. The only hints we can give out is to be sure you have a bathing suit packed and to be sure you have plenty of sunscreen, for both the camping and trip. For further questions, your homeroom teacher will have packets with everything in them and you will receive them today and they will be able to answer any questions you have. That concludes our morning announcements. Have a great day!" Stacee's voice could be heard over the speaker system of the school. It was Monday morning and the weekend was over pretty quickly. Chichi didn't talk to Bulma the rest of Saturday or at all on Sunday, but it wasn't like Bulma had a chance to really care. After leaving Vegeta's house, she went home to change clothes and decided to go back out with Ranfan. Yamcha didn't appreciate it too much, seeing as he wanted to go out for a chill date, but Drunk Bulma didn't have time for other's feelings. They ended up hanging out on Sunday instead.

Bulma took a sip from her thermos, enjoyed her Irish coffee. Radditz was right; staying drunk kept those hang overs at bay. It didn't help with the energy though. She had a Red Bull in her purse for later to keep her going. The teacher began handing out the trip packets out to the seniors, causing an uproar of conversation about the weekend and what the trip might be.

"The trip better be better than the idea to camp for the Senior weekend," 17 grumbled, looking at the weekend itinerary. He moaned with grief in his voice as he saw that hiking was one of the activities.

"Exactly. Last year, they went to a huge amusement park. It looked like a blast," Bulma said, popping a mint in her mouth. If she was going to drink during school hours she definitely wasn't going to get caught doing it. Vegeta just shrugged his shoulders. He didn't really care either way. At least they had an extra vacation from school while others had to go to school.

"At least they'll be a party that night. Heard your boyfriend's frat is having a camping party for the pledges that are now officially frat brothers," 17 said, looking in Bulma's direction. Vegeta rolled his eyes, turning his She nodded her head. She almost forgot Yamcha told her about it yesterday. At least something good was going to come out of this trip.
"Yeah, he told me about it. It'll be Saturday night. It'll be nice to escape from the torturous camping trip," Bulma joked.

Bulma walked into the cafeteria, noticing that only Chichi was at their regular table. She knew she was still peeved with her but she couldn't avoid her forever. They were best friends after all. Bulma sat down across from Chichi. Chichi looked up from her soup, noticing that it was Bulma sitting across from her. She rolled her eyes and looked back at her soup. Bulma rolled her eyes at her.

"Hey Chi, you're quite predictable," Bulma said, taking out her lunch from her bag.

"You sound and look like Bulma, but I don't think I'm speaking to the real Bulma Briefs," Chichi said, still looking at her soup. Bulma looked up at the ceiling. She was far too sober for this.

"Chichi, I'm sorry. I don't know how many times I need to apologize before you start forgiving me," Bulma said, leaning her head in her hand. Chichi looked up from her meal, eyeing Bulma.

"What you don't seem to understand is that you're acting like some wild child set free from captivity. That's not you," Chichi said.

"But I AM free. I've never felt so good in my life. Why can't you just support the fact that I'm happy?" Bulma said, throwing her head back dramatically.

"Are you really happy?" Chichi asked curiously. Bulma looked at her.

"Of course…" Bulma said, now in deep thought. At least she thought she was happy. Wasn't she? Bulma's thoughts were interrupted as Goku sat down at the table with piles of food.

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