A few pointers before you start; Fran's nationality is French as it was shown in the manga, but he was born and raised in Italy so that things aren't complicated. Considering he and Yamamoto are in two different countries and I highly doubt Yamamoto knows Italian, they'll be using English to communicate instead.

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There was nothing Fran hated more than being bored, and that was exactly what he was right now. No one else was home, the other five people he lived with all having had business they needed to attend to.

With a sigh, Fran turned the TV in the living room back off, finding no interest in anything that was on. He really didn't know what else there was to do, his true enjoyment coming out of pissing everyone off.

Leaving the house was out of the question; the boy was rather reclusive and lazy, not wanting to exert the energy it required to go outside and come back in later. He could probably read a book but he had already finished everything in his bookshelf several times already and he didn't feel like reading them again.

He wasn't artistic, nor did he have a pet to play with. To top things off, he didn't have his iPod as the blond he lived with had taken it this morning before he left.

As Fran ticked off option after option in his mind, he couldn't see himself having any fun at all today – at least not until someone came back home.

With a sigh, Fran traversed the stairs before he came to the third floor of his home where the bedrooms were located. Glancing at the door that had 'Belphegor' written in big, messy red writing – suspiciously resembling dried blood – a thought crossed his mind.

Stupid-senpai always plays video games... The cogs turned in the boy's mind as he tried to devise a new way to cure his boredom. I wonder what they're like...

Fran had a few computer games put away in his bedroom somewhere that he had barely even glanced at; they were gifts from previous celebrations but, being who he was, he really hadn't paid much attention to them; games weren't really something he had ever considered playing before, his first and only priority angering other people. Although… he was sure he had seen an online game somewhere in the bunch – perhaps he could be what Belphegor often complained loudly about at dinnertimes; trolls. He was sure he could have a lot of fun being a troll.

The teal-haired boy owned a laptop, and he had used a few social sites before, but he didn't understand what the hype was – he actually found them to be quite boring and ignored his accounts just days after creating them. Would an online game be the same, even if he became a troll? What if he couldn't annoy anyone? What if no one bit back? Was going out of his way just to piss people off he'd likely never hear from again worth it?

It's a chance I'll take, Fran decided as he headed to his bedroom, knowing exactly where he had put the games. Even if it's just for a few hours until someone comes back home.

It didn't take too long to grab the disc to the game and install it – or perhaps it just felt that way as he had fallen asleep for a while just after the installation started – and, soon enough, he was up and running in a game he had noticed was called World of Warcraft.

Making his character hadn't required any thought at all – he didn't know how long he'd play the game for, how quickly he'd get bored of it; it seemed senseless to spend so much time on one tiny decision that probably wouldn't matter too much of it. All he knew was that after defaulting his character right down to its class, he had ended up with a human Warlock.

I wonder if this will solve my question of why stupid-senpai is always playing video games? The teal-haired boy wondered as he watched the loading screen dissolve and finally allowed him to play the game.

Reading the game control keys before he had fallen asleep were helpful as he noticed another character standing beside his, one with a blue heading above the level one human Paladin's head reading, 'Baseballnut'. Already he had found his first potential victim, and the adrenaline rush he got from causing other people misery made its presence known.

Let's give this 'trolling' thing a go, Fran thought as he clicked on the character, opening a bar to send a private message to the character. Let's see if I can be as good as the ones stupid-senpai always complains about.

The boy's nimble fingers typed a simple message in English, knowing the other person most likely did not speak his native French or Italian. Not until he had sent the message did he consider how stupid and uneducated it sounded until it had already been sent, a simple, 'You suck.' Yes. Pathetic compared to what the boy could say to anyone else in real life.

The reply came back rather quickly, and Fran hated that smiley face at the end of his target's sentence – his attempt at trolling had obviously failed to annoy someone. 'I'm new, so I don't expect to be any good. :)'

Fran narrowed his eyes as he typed back, 'Well, you should stop playing before you make a fool out of yourself in front of someone other than me.'

The boy had only typed two sentences to this stranger and already he could see his smart-ass personality was a complete failure over the internet – apparently he needed to be face-to-face with someone before he could piss them off.

'Making mistakes is okay', the player replied. 'You grow from them. And I probably won't play very much because I spend all my time with baseball. My friend started playing and said I should play it with him. :)'

Smiley faces again... Fran wasn't used to being the one to get annoyed, and there was something about those smiley faces that frustrated him more than anything else the other was saying. Was it Baseballnut's lack of negativity that was getting to him or what? I think I need a new hobby other than angering stupid-senpai whenever I see him. I'm used to him trying to kill me in response.

'You're by yourself, so where's your friend?' Fran questioned, pointing out the obvious. 'I guess he doesn't want to be seen with you.'

'He had to go out with his family somewhere. Hey, since we're both new players, want to play together? :D'

Fran was taken aback by this act of kindness, and it was then and there he realised he was so unused to getting along with people, he really had no idea how to act – was this why he had been so frustrated when the other didn't give him the anger he had fished for? Why was this person being nice to him after Fran had tried to bring them down?

'You're probably a pedo waiting to rape me', Fran typed back.

'That's funny XD,' Baseballnut replied. 'I'm fifteen :) How old are you?'

The boy shivered at the thought of giving out such personal information – who knew who he was talking to? This really could be some pedophile who could find him with just his age! 'Older than you are…'

'So then there's no problem in us playing together, right? :D'

Fran bit his lip as he thought about the options. Sure, he was bored and had nothing else to do, but he didn't know the person on the other end of the internet, and his attempts at trolling had failed. Was it really worth trying to get along with the person he had, just seconds before, wanted to anger?

But then again, he also didn't have any friends in his life and he was just a tad lonely; perhaps it couldn't hurt to try and get to know someone through the safety of a computer – if he started feeling uncomfortable or it turns out he really was talking to a pedo, he could easily disconnect from the game and be done with it; much safer than in real life.

What was the harm?

'I guess so…' Fran typed back, wondering what he was getting himself into.

'Great! :D My name is Takeshi. What's yours?'

So he's Japanese? Fran clicked his tongue, feeling just a little safer already – if Baseballnut was Japanese, he was most likely living in Japan, and it lessened the danger of him being sexually preyed upon.

Unsure of why his fingers had even started typing back his name, Fran couldn't help but feel content with what he was doing, finally having a decent conversation with someone. 'My name is Fran…'

':D I'm adding you to my friends list, Fran :D Think we can play together more often than just today?'

Friends list…? Fran frowned as he realised the implication – Takeshi thought of him as a friend… I've… I've never had a friend before…

'Okay. I'll add you to mine as well.' And with that said, Fran couldn't help but feel satisfied that he had decided to give this game a try – even if it had only been with ill-intent originally.

For the first time in forever, Fran had a friend.