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Chapter 19: Before Departure

At the Port village of La Roche...

After the duel with Wardes, Enzio decides to check up on the Shadow Fall and his crew as he still had a few hours to spare before the airship departs.

UNSC Shadow Fall...

The crew was busy around the ship as usual, Provident Guardian was on the bridge having a little chat with Contrite back at the Installation Control Room with Enzio picking up parts of the conversation regarding branding a specific drink item as being absolutely hazardous when contacting an FTL engine. Ghost and Rico were in the armory trading war stories, Alisa was in the medical bay reading her text books and Michael was planning a course to Albion as well as accessing the terrain.

Enzio first went to the bridge to see if anything warranted his attention.

"Ah reclaimer, I was wondering when you would come by." The Huragok proceeded to cut the link with the monitor.

"What is it?"

"With the combined efforts of the construction sentinels and Huragoks, a new complex has recently been completed at the control room."

"I haven't even explored half the rooms in the Installation and a new one comes up?"

"Yes, but this is the one that you had requested to be built." The Huragok floated over to the Spartan and a screen popped up."

"Is that what I think it is?" The Spartan said as he grinned.

"This is a War games room that we have replicated from the UNSC Infinity." One of the Huragok's tentacles (... or was it feelers?) swept over the monitor as to demonstrate something.

"Excellent, this would make a good distraction when things are too peaceful."

"Also, I have something to discuss with Leo." The Huragok said as it reached for the chip behind the MJOLNIR helmet and gently removed it, walked over to the briefing room then placed it in a nearby holographic pedestal with the Spartan following suit.

"Does this have something to do with her?" The A.I. that just popped out from the pedestal said as he turned towards the Huragok in a serious look.

"Yes it does."

At this moment, the whole crew came out from their previous locations and came inside the room as soon as they heard that the Spartan was there.

They proceeded to give their individual salutes and recognition to their superior before taking a seat around the room.

"So what's the topic about?" Michael asked as he took a soda from a nearby fridge conveniently placed next to his seat and tossed two more to Ghost and Rico.

"Thanks kid, now, what was this about her?" Rico said as he popped open the soda and drank from it.

"Well... You know that Smart A.I.s are copied from either natural or flash-cloned brains don't you? And most Smart A.I.s can lose memories, but they can recall certain parts of their memories when they were "alive" right?"

"... does this have to do something with your life before being your brain was flash-cloned and you turned into what you are know?" Enzio thought out loud.

"Yes... um, let me begin." Leo said as he took a deep breath, as a gesture with what he was going to say.

"As far as my intact memory archives serve... it was during my 12th birthday..."


I was staring up at the sky then, I couldn't remember the circumstances since most of my memories were lost to data corruption. But I remembered that I was rather mad at the time, I think it was because I got into an argument and ran away during my party...

I began to fall asleep in the middle of the plains, like the ones around us right now, but I remembered it was next to the ocean. the gentle oceanic breeze lulled me to sleep as I saw the clouds in the sky, many for them were in rather curious shapes as usual, today was a fine day, but I instead wondered what lay beyond those thick puffy bouts of white smoke...Of course I knew it was space, nothing more than empty space... my train of thoughts stopped when I heard a person approaching me, of course I was rather cautious since I remembered that my parents were both executives in the upper echelons of the UNSC but despite being my parents, they were absent during my party, I'm not even sure how I managed to host the party in the first place... unfortunately, I also forgot a lot about my family and my history before these events, but I'll tell you as much as I can.

As the footsteps began to sound closer, I turned my head to the right and saw her...a girl about my age. Wearing a frilly white dress, she looked rather serene in front of me like that... she was my fiance, I recalled that it was not of my own accord, but I wouldn't complain, for she was very pretty by the standards of most men, she had deep blue eyes such as yours and they were staring directly at me, she also had a slightly pale and delicate complexion and had raven black hair swaying the breeze... her name was Ada Misriah, yes, as in the Misriah Armory company, figures, my parents wanted me to become like them. Ada began to approach me...

"Hey Leo, You're out here again hmm? Do you always not get along with your relatives like this?" she said in mock frustration and placed her hands to her side.

"Not my fault... both of them rarely go home and when they do it's only for a few hours... It would be a rarity if they stay home for a day, and you are here to drag me back home aren't you?" I replied calmly as I continue staring out into the sky.

She then did something rather unexpected, she sat down next to me and looked at me.

"What are you doing here?" I turned my head to look at her.

"I wasn't here to drag you back, more like to keep you company, I know you don't find much motivation in heading back when you can't celebrate your day without the ones who gave you life right?" She replied in a grin.

"Actually, I left because I was bored." I flatly replied, knowing full well that I was lying.

"Really now?" She said as her grin grew wider, perhaps she could see straight through me.

Anyway, that caused me to slightly blush and turned my head to look at the sky once again, she didn't talk anymore after that but stayed by me. I once again felt another breeze coming, the cool air caused me to close my eyes in tiredness, and eventually, I was overtaken by sleep...

I woke up a few hours later, and I remembered that I couldn't move my arms, as if someone was constricting them, I turned my head around and saw... guess what? Ada had come closer to me during my sleep and.. well, wrapped her arms and legs on my arms and legs .

"H-hey! What are you doing to me?!" I said as she began to stir and awake.

Her eyes grew wide as she realize what she was doing and swiftly backed away by a few meters in a rather unnaturally fast speed, but crept closer to about ten inches from me and sat up.

"Sorry... I tend to do that when I fall asleep." She said as she sheepishly smiled at me.

"Right..." I said in annoyance, but I admit that the close contact felt rather good.

"Hmph... oh! Look at that!" she said as she pointed towards the ocean in front of us.

I looked towards the body of water, thinking she had seen some kind of giant sea creature, but what I saw was completely different, by this time, the sun was setting and it set towards the horizon set by the ocean and reflecting in the waters below, it was an exhilirating sight,of course I had saw this scene many times before, but what made it amazing, was because I was seeing it with her... we stared like that for a few minutes before she spoke.

"Anyway, we should go now Leo, they may call the police when they realize that we're both missing." Ada said in clear concern.

"Fine then." I said as I got up and walked to my house with her by my side,

Later that night, we finished having dinner and getting ready for bed, we both slept in the same room with a single large bed as she was my fiance... but sleeping in the same bed is taking it a step too far. I also thought that this was one of my parent's strategy to get me to the upper echelons with them faster. Regardless, I played along.

I was laying down on the bed watching TV and Ada was checking her datapad when suddenly the weather changed for the worst with a thunderstorm settling in, I noticed that her expression changed to that of slight fear and anticipation of an event, naturally, I wondered why that was so, but returned my attention towards the TV, I had no concerns regarding the safety of our appliances as our mansion had a lightning rod and surge protectors.

Soon enough, a loud burst of sound known as thunder resounded throughout the room, I was unfazed at all since it was normal for weather such as this on the planet but Ada on the other hand... She yelped and dropped the datapad she was holding on the bed and lay down on the bed covering her ears with a pillow. I guess she isn't used to thunderstorms, for some reason, I found this to be rather funny.

"You're scared of thunder?" I said switching off the TV and flicking off the lights in the room with a wave of my hand.

"Wh-What's so strange about that?" She snapped but returned to her shelter as another boom resounded throughout the room.

I began to laugh at her display and she, in turn, grew red in embarrasment.

"Hey why you-" she became fed up with my act but was interrupted when another thunderbolt struck nearby.

"This is interesting... what other things are you scared of?" I teased her, but looks like she took it seriously.

"Um... most insects, blood, needles, loud sounds such as thunder, being alone in the large rooms and ocassionally threat of death." She replied and sat up as the storm began to pass, it passed unnaturally fast, but that was how things work on the planet.

"Ok... so would you mind if I left right now and closed the lights?" I said as I grinned.

"You wouldn't!... please?" She said as her face turned pale and looked worried.

"Oh come on, I was only kidding!" I said as both of us began to laugh in the darkness.

"Well, that's enough for today." Ada said as she stretched and lay down on her pillow next to mine, I followed suit... "Good night Leo." She softly said.

I replied in kind.

Nothing else happened throughout the night...

"Really now?" Enzio said as he distrurbed Leo story in a rather devious way.

"NO SERIOUSLY. NOTHING AT ALL ugh... Let me continue." The A.I. said as he sighed and continued.

The next morning, I woke up to the same predicament yesterday...

"You have got to be kidding me..." I said as I struggled to take a look at the clock.

"Mmmm... huh? Oh sorry!" I guess I woke my roommate during my struggle.

"I guess I'll have to get used to it huh?" I said as she sat up placing one of her hands to her chest and looking away from me... Typical.

"Oh come on I said I was sorry!" she dropped her act and looked at me in mock annoyance once again... though I would think that it should have been the opposite.

"Whatever... anyway, let's go get breakfast Ada." I said as I stood up and held my hand out to her, which she accepted gracefully and together, we left to have our meal.

The rest of the events after that, I don't remember, I really wished I did, but what I do remember, is the end.

Three years later, we were in Earth at the city of New Mombasa with Ada and her parents doing business, I remember details that suggested that my parents had either left me to Ada's or died, so basically I had no choice but to go with them...

Too bad it was one of the worst times possible...

"We're here." The driver of our vehicle said as we began to get out and enter the office building.

"So uh.. you go with your parents here often?" I said as we were told to wait in the reception area.

By this time, Ada grew more... mature and noticeably...

"Hmm... mature and noticeably? You mean you were interested mostly on her chest?" the Cunning Spartan once again disturbed the A.I.

"Well, yes. I was interested in her- WHAT?... Sir, don't make this too dificult on me!" Leo exclaimed as he continued his backstory.

"Not too often, but they'll be quick, I promise." Ada said as she lifted her feet up into the chair.

"Ok... anyway, I heard that there is what they call the Covenant having their operations closer to Earth to Earth, you know anything about this?" I asked, completely ignorant of what would unfold very soon.

"I was told that-" A loud explosion suddenly resounded throughout the room and people began panicking around and a message was broadcasted throughout the P.A. Speakers, but they were not in English so I had no idea what it said.

"What do we do!?" Ada, clearly worried, clung to me.

Suddenly, the door which her parents entered burst open revealing a very tall man in green and black armor, which I now recognized as a Spartan.

"A Spartan saved you? What the heck is a Spartan doing in New Mombasa?" Ghost asked.

"I'm not sure really.."

The Spartan began telling the people in the area to follow him and get to the rooftop and we would be evacuated by multiple Pelicans. The people gladly followed him, Ada and I included.

We encountered Ada's parent as we climbed up the stairs to the rooftop and sure enough, there was a Pelican there ready and waiting.

Many of the people flocked inside one of the Pelicans including us, but eventually we were not able to make it inside, but Ada's parents did, they told her to get to the next Pelicans because the ramp was beginning to close and the people didn't allow us to get thtough.

I held her hand as we saw a scene that would haunt us for a long time to come.

The Pelican that had recently left was obliterated by a Banshee making a pass...

"Wow, that sucks." Alisa said as she listened intently.

"Things like that happen all the time during war." Ghost said as he also listened.

Leo sighed and continued his story.

Ada suddenly fell to the ground in tears upon the realization of what had happened, I tried to console her as best I could but I knew it would be of no use.

The next Pelican arrived with a team of marines to help with the evacuation and the Spartan who had been fighting off waves of the aliens left to let the Marines do their job. The Marines got the rest of the people, Ada and myself included, into the Aircraft and the ramp closed, I had to drag Ada to the Pelican to get her inside, and even then she was still crying... I went back to give my thanks to the Marines who had saved us but what met me was a vile sight... all the men who had left the Pelican a few seconds earlier lay dead when many grunts and a brute managed to overwhelm them.

One of the Grunts had it's weapon pointed at me, I tried to run back to the Pelican knowing that I would survive if I get there, but before I got to the aircraft or even turned around, an immense pain hit me on my chest... I persevered through it and limped towards the Pelican, It was a miracle that it hadn't left or closed it's ramp yet, so I told everyone that there were aliens in the building and we should leave, which the pilot did, then, I layed down on the floor in front of Ada,

Ada stopped her crying when she smelled the terrible scent of burning flesh and took her hands off her eyes and looked at me, absolutely horrified.

"Leo? no..no...no... I've already lost too much today, not you too!" she screamed as she got off her seatbelt and settled beside me. It was like that scene three years ago during my birthday near the ocean, albeit in a completely different situation.

"So-sorry, I don't think I'll make it." I had to be honest with her, I didn't want to give her false hope, I knew that the plasma was slowly starting to burn it's way into my heart since the pain was growing more excruciating by the second, actually, the fact that I was able to survive a shot like that in civillian clothes was a miracle in itself.

"No! You will make it!...You must." She tearfully said as she held me to her chest.

"So, you enjoyed it?" Michael commented.

"No! I couldn't breathe!... wait..." Leo sighed as he finally noticed what Michael was implying.

Everyone listening laughed and told Leo to continue.

That was the last thing I remembered, that was when, and how I died and turned into an A.I. after that encounter, I had no idea what happened to her and I tried to find out, but I had my limits as an A.I. so I wasn't able to, I planned to tell the Captain about it but...

"It wouldn't matter anymore since you're stuck here along with us?" Enzio finished Leo sentence for him.


"That was one hell of a story for an A.I. anyway, how long has it been since that happened?" Michael asked.

"I don't know, maybe a year or two?" Leo said, shocking everyone.

"But the Battle of New Mombasa took place during 2552!" Enzio said.

"I didn't say it was during the Battle of New Mombasa, It was just a covert attack by the Covenant Remnant posing as Seperatists and if you hadn't heard, Africa had recently recovered from the glassing, but it was a few days after it had fully recovered when the attack happened since the security forces happened to be busy at the time and a the Spartan was sent there after they got an anonymous tip if I could recall correctly." Leo said.

"You're kidding..." Alisa raised an eyebrow.

"I'm not." Leo replied as he crossed his hands over his chest and stood firm.

"But why the hell would someone make an A.I. out of you? A.I.s cost millions to make." Enzio raised a valid point.

"All I know, is that I was created by the city's Superintendant after one of it's Huragoks managed to take data from my brain... but I would rather not get into the details..."

"That was rather vague but let's not dwell in the past, anyway, I have to get back to the convoy now or else we would be late for our... flight." Enzio said as he stood up and walked towards the pedestal and yanked Leo's chip.

End Of Chapter.

Ok, this is the best I can come up with for the A.I.'s backstory, anyone else has ideas for the rest of the crew's backstory?