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International Cooperation

"Look at that!" Bagman was yelling. "Will you look at that! Our youngest champion is quickest to get his egg! Well, this is going to shorten the odds on Mr. Potter!"

Harry saw the dragon keepers rushing forward to subdue the Horntail, and, over at the entrance to the enclosure, Professor McGonagall, Professor Moody, and Hagrid hurrying to meet him, all of them waving him toward them, their smiles evident even from this distance. He flew back over the stands, the noise of the crowd pounding his eardrums, and came in smoothly to land, He had got through the first task, he had survived.

'Must thank Blaise for that.'

"That was excellent, Potter!" cried Professor McGonagall as he got off the Firebolt - which from her was extravagant praise.

"Yeh did it, Harry!" said Hagrid hoarsely. "Yeh did it! An' agains' the Horntail an' all, an' yeh know Charlie said that was the wors' - "

"Thanks, Hagrid," said Harry loudly, so that Hagrid wouldn't reveal that he had shown Harry the dragons beforehand.

Professor Moody looked very pleased too; his magical eye was dancing in its socket. This struck Harry as odd considering the man had never given any hint of having anything other than a gruff personality.

'Note to self keep an eye on Moody.'

"Right then, Potter, the first aid tent, please…" said Professor McGonagall.

Harry walked out of the enclosure, still panting, and saw Madam Pomfrey standing at the mouth of a second tent, looking worried.

"Dragons!" she said, in a disgusted tone, pulling Harry inside. The tent was divided into cubicles; he could make out Cedric's shadow through the canvas, but Cedric didn't seem to be badly injured; he was sitting up, at least. Madam Pomfrey examined Harry's shoulder, talking furiously all the while. "Last year dementors, this year dragons, what are they going to bring into this school next? You're very lucky… this is quite shallow… it'll need cleaning before I heal it up, though…"

She cleaned the cut with a dab of some purple liquid that smoked and stung, but then poked his shoulder with her wand, and he felt it heal instantly. "Now, just sit quietly for a minute - sit! And then you can go and get your score."

Harry didn't want to sit still: He was too full of adrenaline. He got to his feet, wanting to see what was going on outside, but before he'd reached the mouth of the tent, three people had come darting inside – Hermione and Neville, followed closely by Ron.

"Harry, you were brilliant!" Hermione said squeakily. There were marks on her face where she had been clutching. "You were amazing! You really were!"

Neville just stood there silently staring at Harry, happy that he had survived and that there was no need to kill Blaise.

"Harry," said Ron, barging past pushing Hermione and Neville out of the way, "whoever put your name in that goblet - I – I reckon they're trying to do you in!"

"Caught on, have you?" said Harry coldly.

Ron opened his mouth uncertainly. Harry knew Ron was about to apologise and he didn't want to hear it.

"Don't bother apologising. A true friend would have believed me instead of letting petty jealousy blind them." Harry started, anger building "I don't want anything to do with you ever again you narrow minded, traitorous, bastard!"

"Ronald, I think you should leave." said Hermione coolly.

With that he left muttering profanities under his breath.

"Come on lets go check out your scores." said Neville trying to distract Harry from the current situation.

Picking up his Firebolt and the golden egg Harry headed out the tent with the other two.

"Each judge gives a mark out of ten." explained Hermione and Harry squinting up the field, saw the first judge - Madame Maxime - raise her wand in the air. What looked like a long silver ribbon shot out of it, which twisted itself into a large figure eight.

Mr. Crouch came next. He shot a number nine into the air.

Next, Dumbledore. He too put up a nine.

Ludo Bagman - ten.

"Ten?" said Harry in disbelief. "But… I got hurt… What's he playing at?"

'Maybe I need to keep any eye on him too.'

And finally Karkaroff raised his wand. He paused for a moment, and then shot a four out of his wand.

"Well he's clearly biased, he gave Krum a ten." said Hermione, a hint of disgust in her voice.

"You're tied in first place, Harry! You and Krum!" said Charlie Weasley, hurrying to meet them as they set off back toward the school. "Listen, I've got to run, I've got to go and send Mum an owl, I swore I'd tell her what happened - but that was unbelievable! Oh yeah - and they told me to tell you you've got to hang around for a few more minutes… Bagman wants a word, back in the champions' tent."

Harry re-entered the tent. Fleur, Cedric, and Krum all came in together. Cedric seemed to be completely unharmed for which Harry was grateful. Cedric grinned at Harry when he saw him.

"Good one, Harry."

"And you," said Harry, grinning back.

"Well done, all of you!" said Ludo Bagman, bouncing into the tent and looking as pleased as though he personally had just got past a dragon. "Now, just a quick few words. You've got a nice long break before the second task, which will take place at half past nine on the morning of February the twenty-fourth - but we're giving you something to think about in the meantime! If you look down at those golden eggs you're all holding, you will see that they open… see the hinges there? You need to solve the clue inside the egg - because it will tell you what the second task is, and enable you to prepare for it! All clear? Sure? Well, off you go, then!"

Harry left the tent, alongside Cedric, and they started to walk back to the castle around the edge of the lake, talking. When suddenly Harry was grabbed by his shoulders by a pair of large meaty hands and turned around.

"Explain!" growled Krum, causing Cedric to raise his wand ready to defend Harry.

"Explain what?" asked Harry, a little uneasy.

"Zis!" said Krum, letting go of Harry and lifting his left sleeve to reveal the Black family crest. "You vish me luck zen zis appears on my arm! Vot did you do?"

"Oh yeah, I can explain that." said Harry "Just not here." he added spotting Rita Skeeter in her acid-green robes lurking around the edge of the forest.

Following Harry's line of sight Viktor too spotted the pesky reporter. "My cabin is zecure." he said before marching purposefully toward the gangplank, with Harry and Cedric trailing behind him.

Once Krum had activated the privacy wards to his cabin he turned to Harry, completely ignoring Cedric's presence. "Now tell me vot is going on."

"Okay, we're married and you're now Lord Consort Black." said Harry, figuring it was better just to get it over and done with.


"Have you heard of the Inheritance Ritual?"

"Da, we learnt about zat ritual in zird year."

"Great, basically I underwent the ritual after I was entered into the Tournament and it revealed I was Heir to Ten Magical Houses and that I'd been blessed by Mother Magic with ten soul mates..." explained Harry.

"And ven we shook 'ands ze bond took hold." finished Viktor.

"Exactly" said Harry.

"Vell Mother vill be pleased." muttered Krum.

"What about your Father?" asked Cedric, clearly catching what Viktor left unsaid.

"Not zo much."

"Why?" asked Harry, confused.

"Farther is a first generation pureblood, both his grandfathers vere muggleborns and zey passed down the muggle attitude towards homosexuality through the family" explained Viktor sitting down on his bed.

"I'm sorry about your Father." said Harry, moving over to Viktor trying to offer some comfort to the older boy.

"Don't be, ve're not exactly close. He vas completely against me coming here, didn't vant me vasting time with another year of school, zinks I should vocus on Quidditch." grumbled Viktor "Although ze whole reason I came was to meet new people and Karkaroff has pretty much destroyed zat chance. Ze only time ve're allowed off ze ship is meals and zen we 'ave to eat at ze Slytherin table wiz ze other purebloods."

"You have us now and Harry's other mates" offered Cedric.

"And Hermione, don't forget her." said Harry quickly.

"Zanks. Both of you, but I don't zee 'ow ve're going to spend any time together."

"Hmmm I know what you mean. Keeping my status a secret has meant that I haven't really gotten a chance to spend any time with Blaise."

"Another mate?" asked Krum

"Yeah, but him being in Slytherin means we can only meet in secret and we can't manage that very often."

"Hold on, I think I know something that can help" said Cedric, bringing attention back to him.

"What?" asked Krum and Harry simultaneously.

"I can't remember it word for word but I think there was something in the Triwizard Charter about Champions making requests of the host school in regards to dining and accommodation. Do you have a copy here?" he asked turning to Viktor.

"Da, I zink so." said Viktor, heading over to the bookshelf. After a short moment he removed a slim black book and handed it to Cedric.


The three of them sat in comfortable silence as Cedric quickly flicked through the book trying to locate the correct passage.

"Aha! Found it!" exclaimed Cedric excitedly.

"Well, what does it say?" asked Harry, moving to read over Cedric's shoulder.

"Okay according to Section Four, Subsection C, 'The Host school must adhere to all requests, regarding; dining and/or accommodation, put forth jointly by all Champions unless a reasonable claim of endangerment to the staff and/or students of either the host or visiting schools can be made. Failure to do so forfeits claim over schools chosen Champion, effectively expelling said champion, and the ability to compete in any further Tournaments.'"

"Sounds great, just one tiny problem." said Harry

"What?" asked Cedric, a hint of confusion in his voice.

"It says 'put forth jointly by all Champions', we need Fleur for this to work." Harry explained.

"Vell lets go speak vith 'er" said Krum, standing and making his way out the door, taking the book with him.

Cedric and Harry just looked at each other with surprise before rushing out after Krum. As the two departed the ship they spotted Krum striding purposefully across the lawn towards the Beauxbatons carriage.

Hurrying to catch up, the two arrived at the carriage as Krum knocked at the door firmly. After a short wait the door partially opened revealing Madam Maxime.

"'Ow may I 'elp you?" She asked, impatiently.

"Ve would like to speak with Miz Delacour" said Krum bluntly.

"In regards to what exactly?" She responded not budging an inch.

"An opportunity to extend the hand of friendship between our schools." answered Cedric, flashing his winning smile.

Before Madam Maxime had chance to respond the door opened completely revealing just who they'd came to see, Fleur Delacour.

"What do you 'ave in mind?" she asked curiously.

"We have found a rule of the tournament basically saying that Dumbledore must adhere to any request with regards to dining and or accommodation put forth by the four of us, and we have come to discuss potential courses of action." said Harry, stepping forward.

"Well, why don't you come in?" said Feur, gesturing for the three boys to enter leaving Madame Maxime still standing there unsure of what just happened.

The following evening the Great Hall was its usual cacophony of chatter and silverware, very few people were even aware of four people missing from their midst. Suddenly, half way through the meal, the four Champions entered the Great Hall striding purposefully down the centre aisle, between the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw tables, towards the Head table, their cloaks billowing behind them as they radiated power.

Slowly the noise began to dim as Harry, Viktor, Fleur and Cedric made their way through the Hall, everyone wondering what was going on. When the quartet finally arrived at the Head table the entire Hall was silent, everyone waiting for what would happen next.

"Bonsoir 'eadmaster Dumbledore." said Fleur

"Good Evening. How may I help you four?" replied Dumbledore.

"Ve have a request to make of you." answered Krum, presenting Dumbledore with a scroll of parchment stipulating the specifics of their request, all four signatures at the bottom.

Dumbledore accepted the scroll silently, his eyebrows rose as he unfurled it.

"I'm sorry but I cannot agree to this request."

"On what grounds?" asked Harry immediately, causing a collective gasp from the Hall for questioning the Headmaster.

"The Headmaster does not need to explain himself to self important brats like you Potter." sneered Snape.

"Severus!" hissed McGonagall.

"Actually, Professor Snape, he does." said Cedric

"Oui, according to ze Triwizard Charter 'e must fulfil this request unless a reasonable claim of endangerment to the staff and/or students of either the 'ost or visiting schools can be made." added Fleur.

"Othervise zey forfeit claim over zeir chosen champion, effectively expelling zem." continued Viktor.

"Surely you don't want to expel The Boy Who Lived and the heir of a prominent Wizengamort Lord and School Board Member." finished Cedric, the four having predicted Dumbledore's refusal.

Dumbledore was seething, however none of it showed on his face.

"Very well, I shall grant your request by tomorrow morning. Is there anything further?" responded Dumbledore calmly.

"No Sir." answered Harry before the four turned and made their way to their usual tables, the noise rapidly picking back up as people began speculating about what had just occurred.

"What was that all about?" asked Hermione, as Harry took the seat next to her.

"That's for me to know and you to find out." replied Harry, smirking as he loaded his plate with food.

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