"This is ridiculous."

"It's a mission."

"We don't even understand these people."

"That's why we have Lee and TenTen with us."

"These people are civilians."

"Not by their standards."

"They can't use chakra!"

"Neither can Lee, and—"

"Oh, shut up."

Sakura patted Sasuke's shoulder, mildly amused by how put out he was by all this. So they had to come and help with some training in… China? Was that it? And yet, Sasuke was so unhappy about it, like the mission was a personal insult.

No… her thoughts soured. The personal insult was that she and TenTen had to keep low and try not to insult the machismo of the supposed soldiers here by showing them up. Couldn't afford to insult the chauvinistic clients. After all, women weren't supposed to be warriors, right?


Quite frankly, Sakura was pretty sure that what Tsunade really meant by that sentence was "train them up so that they're absolutely amazing by their own standards, and then start showing them that they're nothing compared to you. No one gets away with insulting a kunoichi." Granted, she may or may not have actually said that while mildly drunk, but she had also hinted at it while (arguably) sober and handing the mission over.

Sakura was well aware that she was allowed to utilize her skills as a medic to their full potential, so long as no one saw her hands glowing, and she could prove herself to be strong if they ended up being completely useless and would only respond to humiliation. TenTen was also allowed to pretend that she was just some random woman hired as a translator, and could only demonstrate her aim if the men were completely inept, but… well, they were both also allowed to "handle" things to their discretion. So what if Sakura had just moved a table with too much ease? So what if TenTen was tossing skewers into perfect lines in a tree after lunch. They were just bored, and it was nothing big, right? Right, so stop looking at it and get back to training, maggot.

At least they had Lee and Sasuke to stay afraid of them and womankind in general. They were women of war, veterans of the most tumultuous battles since the era of the warring states, and possibly much, much longer.

But for the moment, they were just two parts of a four-man team, there for translation and doctoring, while Lee and Sasuke took care of helping out with the training of this… Imperial Chinese Army.

Oh well. At least she could prove to these men that they were nothing compared to her at the end.