A/N: I felt like experimenting with dialogue here, so there's a minimum of descriptors.



Sakura didn't bother looking up from the medical text she'd been perusing. "Hm? What now?"

"Well, they're trying to shoot a bow and arrow."

"Academy level aim?"

"Not even. I don't think a single one of them has held a bow before."



"Just decent?"

"...Actually, no. He's pretty good. Low Chuunin, maybe."

"Mm. You're interested?"

"Maybe a bit. Not until he gets his head out of his-"


The older girl snickered, but fell silent and returned to her little hobby of watching and mocking the failures of the civilian before her and Sakura.

Sakura kept reading for a bit, and then TenTen interrupted her again.

"...Hey, Sakura?"


"One of them has a tiny pet dragon."


"Probably not."

"Just... there?"



"Uh... Ping."

"The guy that started a fight by accident on the first day?"


"We'll keep an eye on him."


Sakura finished reading the text, and then looked back up at TenTen, who seemed to be fidgeting quite a lot.

"You want to show them how it's done, don't you?"

"Really badly, actually."

"What happened to keeping our heads down and not drawing attention to ourselves?"

"Didn't realize they'd be this bad. Besides, you already did the thing with the weights."

A laugh.

"Yeah, that was fun. I think they're all terrified of Lee and his, ah, exuberance now."

"They are."

"So, what are you planning on doing? Split arrow?"


"Go right ahead."

Oh, but the looks on their faces were absolutely precious.

(And Ping seemed both nervous and relieved, for some reason. Curious.)