# Akitos death #
This is for The Characters Death and Simni-chan! Angst off!

Blood. The thing that connects us...the thing that draws you to me. And the very thing that destroys us in the end. The curse that will kill me...will be the thing that saves you. Today I could feel it. That pain. I know that I'm going to die. Its not as though I'm suprised. All my life, I've been told that I would not live to grow old. In fact...it was unavoidable. Eventually, I would die. But why now? The zodiac. My zodiac. Will they be sad when I leave this world? Will they mourn my loss? I doubt it. My death is the thing that will set them free. My death, to them, is a blessing. Besides...who would mourn me? I was a monster. A thing of terror. The only thing I ever gave them was pain. All my life I've treated them horribly. I justified this by thinking why should they be happy when I'm suffering? If I can't be happy, then they can't ever! I realize now what a selfish beast I was.
In my mind, fear was the only thing that stopped them from attaining the happiness that was forever out of my reach. I was so wrong. Even though I gave them wounds inside and out...there was someone who could heal them. And one by one...they left me. And now, even though I'm so close to death, I am not afraid. I have nothing to live for. Its sad...that I just realized my mistakes now. When its far to late. Perhaps...my zodiac will be happy know I'm gone? Perhaps they will start families...have children...fall in love...be free...
That is my greatest wish.
I can feel the tie, which connected me to them, losing...my time is almost up.
My head is so full of all the things I regret. All the things that hurt those who I loved. I really am so pitiful. I destroyed everything that made my family happy. I left trails of broken dreams in my wake. And all because I was suffering. I truly am a fool.
All the things I should have held dear, I pushed away. I put myself before others thinking that I was the only one who mattered. I behaved like a selfish child.
Everythings ending now. My life. Their curse. But even though it is sad...

All endings are beginnings.

The End

Yay! I am happy with what I wrote! But I'll probably lose...sad face...
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