She woke up to the steady beeping of monitors, a tube inserted through her nose, no memory of how she'd gotten in the hospital in the first place. The only thing she remembered was leaving the dance studio after another unsucessful audition, crying as she pulled out of the parking lot and into the road.

The door opened and she heard talking, quiet whispers. She quickly pretended to shut her eyes and promptly groaned inwardly as she recognized the voices in the semi darkened room around her as those of her twin sister, Bella, and Bella's soon to be husband, Edward.

Bits and pieces of the conversation came and went and she lie there just hoping to God they'd leave, wondering who in the hell called either of them.

"She's not sleeping, Bella." Edward observed as Bella flipped the switch, flooding the room with light.

The first thing Anna noticed was that her twin sister looked concerned, pale. The thought that her twin was showing concern for someone other than herself had Anna raising a brow, furrowing it as she pulled at a tube in her arm.

"Don't pull at those." Bella said quietly as she reached for her sister's hand, trying to get it away from the tubes inserted into her arms and hooked to the machines next to the small sterile looking hospital bed.

"I'm getting the hell out of here." Anna grumbled as she gave Bella a dirty look. They hadn't ever really gotten along well, beyond the fact that they were sisters.

It just always felt (to both of them, though they'd yet to realize it) that their parents preferred one over the other, though the argument as to which twin was the 'favorited' one was an unsettled and bitter one.

Or maybe she was just always that pale. Their mother always did say that Bella was the moon child, Anna was the sun child, as Bella never went outside all that much and Anna would've lived outdoors if you'd have let her, when they were kids.

Anna tried to sit, winced when she realized how much it hurt as she said quietly, "Who called you?"

"The nurse here did. She was concerned, nobody came to even check in on you or ask if you'd been seen. So she went through your phone and got my number off. You wreck and wind up in the hospital, in a coma for almost a week and the first thing you ask is who called me?" Bella asked, biting her lower lip.

Anna said "Well forgive me for not picking up the god damn phone while I was in the process of trying to save my own ass. Next time I'll be more thoughtful of everyone else. That's where you were going with that, right? How I'm the cold and selfish one?"

"You said it, not me."

Edward cleared his throat, then said quietly, "I'm gonna go tell Charlie and Renee that she's awake now."

" Bella, you called Mom and Dad here too? It was just a fucking wreck.. I'll be fine."

"Sis.. You almost died when they bought you in. You really don't know what happened, do you?" Bella asked as Anna shook her head and said "The last thing I remember is taking my eye off the road for a split second for some reason or another. Then I woke up in here."

"Your car was almost the size of a tuna can. The doctors said it was luck even that you lived through it, and if you'd been wearing your seatbelt, you'd have died because you couldn't go through the windshield like you did to get thrown from the car. So no, Anna, it wasn't just a wreck.' Bella said quietly as she bit her lower lip, studied her sister intently.

The door opened and her father and mother, her stepfather walked in. "Thank God you are awake." they all said in unison as Anna shrugged and said " I'm fine."

"You gave all of us a scare." Charlie said as he looked at his daughter in concern. He hadn't actually seen her ,save for 3 times, when he went to visit her, in almost 6 years, since she'd moved to California, living with Renee's mother.

He never understood why she didn't just come with Bella, given that she'd always loved Forks when she was younger and came to visit in the summer.

He'd wanted them both to come, he figured she knew that, but didn't want to move to Forks with her twin sister.

And sitting here now, he and Renee both were starting to see that their daughters clearly had issues that they needed to work through.

Anna coughed as she raked her hand slowly through brightly dyed platinum blonde hair. "I'm fine, guys, really." she said uncomfortably, feeling already as if the walls were closing in on her, because from her point of view, she was used to Bella getting all the attention and fawning over.

Of course, Bella had no clue Anna felt this way. She'd mostly envied her sister because where Bella hadn't ever done well with handling pain and heartbreak, her sister was tough as nails. Where Bella was clumsy and quiet as well as a bit of a loner, Anna had always been graceful, good at sports, quick witted and funny, made friends easily.

And like Anna, she too had heard her fair share of "Why can't you be more like Anna?" Or "That twin sister of yours, Bella, she's so funny." or "I wanted to ask Anna to the movies, Bella, but she won't say yes to me. Will you go with me to the movies instead?"

Carlisle, Bella's father in law peeked in and said "I just talked to the doctors, Charlie, if you want to talk to them?"

Charlie nodded and walked out of the room with Renee to go find the doctor Carlisle talked to about his daughter's injuries.

Out in the waiting room, Alice gasped as she got another vision. She walked into the room, hanging back, out of sight, not wanting to intrude on Bella's time with her twin. It'd been hard on Bella to get the call, especially given that she and Anna weren't really that close and never really had been.

"You dyed your hair?"

"Yeah. I kinda think the blonde suits me more. So, you're actually gonna marry the guy, huh.." Anna said as she leaned her head back on her pillow, squeezing her eyes shut tightly against the pain that was edging it's way into her subconscious.

"Yeah." Bella said quietly, the silence between them almost deafening, definitely awkward.

Anna laughed a little and then said "Let me know how that works out for ya." as she went to stand, winced and sat back down. "Very, very bad idea."

"I'd think so, sis." Bella pointed out as Anna rolled her eyes a little, then studied her sister quietly, warily.

She remembered the last thing that went through her mind, in the last few minutes of the wreck, her two biggest regrets in life. She'd gotten a second chance to fix them. Now she just had to decide if she actually wanted to fix things or just leave them alone.

" So, umm.. When's the wedding?" Anna asked quietly, just making conversation.

"It's next month. August. I mailed you an invite on Monday and I tried to call." Bella said quietly as Anna nodded and then said "Thanks.. Not sure why you'd want me there, but thanks."

"Oh come on, don't say that." Bella said quietly as Anna sighed and then said in an equally quiet voice, "Come on, Bells, we're both adults now. Let's just drop the act, okay? We've never actually gotten along."

"We do, just.. We're not close. Which I hate." Bella said as Anna nodded and said grimly, "Me too. But I just.. I can't get past all the stuff I had to hear as a kid.. "

"What do you mean you? Do you realize Mike Newton only wanted to take me to the movies, sis, that time we all went, when you visited, is because you said no?" Bella blurted as Anna laughed and said "Really? Because he told me that he was only asking me because he really had this huge crush on you, and he didn't know how to ask. So I told him no, that I wasn't the slightest bit interested in him then said "There's your excuse, Newton." while smirking at her sister.


"Yeah. Looking back on it, the shit you've let that.. That other guy, Edward put you through since.. Maybe you should have just taken that as a sign.. You could be Mrs. Newton right now.."

"Edward is NOT a bad guy."

"Yeah? Well correct me if I'm wrong, but who just walked away and left you in the fucking woods? Who stayed gone for almost 6 damn months?"

"We worked through all that. Why the hell do you care?" Bella blurted as Anna shrugged then smirking said "You're right.. Why do I care." before going silent, staring at the damn machines and tubes as if they were her own worst enemy currently.

Bella grumbled and turned to walk out, where Charlie caught up to her and then said quietly, "I wish you two wouldn't fight like you do."

"Me too, dad. But every time I try to.. Nevermind."

"Invite her to your wedding."

"I already did, dad. And somehow, I just don't think she'll be coming."

"She's going to have to, because she's not staying here, alone. She's coming back to Forks with me."

"Dad, you know she's going to fight you on it."

"Maybe not." Charlie said as he bit his thumb in thought and then said quietly, "You two do need to work things out. You're sisters, you shouldn't spend all your time fighting one another."

Bella nodded and walked farther down the hallway, getting pulled into the bathroom by Rosalie and Alice who said calmly, "You're okay?"

"Yeah, guys. Just glad she's awake and alive. The doctors seem to think she was actually trying to give up or something. And I'm struggling to figure out why. Why would you try to give up on life, if you have the ideal one, if you're the perfect person that everyone seems to think you are."

Alice said quietly, "She's gotta come back, Bells.. It's the only way she's ever going to be happy."


"Alice saw something concerning your favorite ex best dog friend. Apparently, your sister is his imprint. He's already imprinted her, just won't realize it until he sees her again."

"Whoa, huh? How?"

"Her last visit, when they got into that friendship ending argument and she left to go back to California. He'd just phased then and he imprinted on her during the damn argument." Alice explained as Rosalie nodded and then added, "If she comes back, it's also going to fix your relationship with each other.. Sort of. I mean I'm not saying you two are going to be best friends, but you'll at least be able to talk to one another without storming out of the room in anger."

Down the hall, Charlie stepped into his daughter's hospital room and said quietly, "Your mom and I have been talking, and we think that you should stay with one of us until you're back on your feet again."

"Dad, really, I'm fine, okay?" Anna said quietly as Charlie insisted, "Why not just come back to Forks with me? I thought you loved it there when you were little."

"Dad, I just.. I have audtions and work.. I can't just uproot myself because I got a little bent and banged up."

"Anna, you're not a little bent and banged up. The doctors said that you're lucky your walking right now. Just let someone take care of you." Charlie said as Anna raised a brow while looking down at her lap.

'Let someone take care of me? Really, dad? But princess Bella.. Don't her own damn needs and wants come first? Isn't that why I got so damn good at taking care of me in the first place?' Anna thought to herself, instantly feeling guilty about it. It wasn't necessarily anyone's fault she felt like Bella was always going to be the favorite or the 'good child' or the 'princess'.

But Bella didn't have to fucking capitalize on everyone's doting on her.

She squeezed her eyes shut as a fresh wave of pain hit her and said through gritted teeth, "Fine, dad. I'll come back to Forks with you. But when I'm healed.. What happens then?"

"It'd be nice if you stayed. I miss having you around." Charlie said as Anna shrugged and said quietly, "I'll see how it goes, Dad."

Somehow, he was determined to get through whatever this thing that kept Anna isolating herself from everyone was. She didn't seem happy, she hadn't seemed happy in a really, really long time, now that he actually sat down and thought about it.

The doctor's words about the coma kept coming back to him. How she could've woken up at any time, it was just like she didn't want to wake up or something. And if that was so, then Charlie felt like his daughter needed him, and in her own quiet way, she was reaching out.

He hoped so, because he just wanted both of them to be happy, safe and loved, doing exactly what they wanted in their lives.

With Bella, apparently, it was getting married.

With Anna, he wasn't really sure anymore. She said she wanted to join an international dance troupe and see the world, but if she really wanted that, she'd look a hell of a lot more happy than she did right now, he liked to think.

The doctors came in and after an extensive checkup and monitoring session, they told Renee and Charle that she'd be able to leave in the morning.

"You guys can go and get some sleep, it's okay." Anna said as she looked at her family, biting her lower lip.

"Alice and I went to your place.. I, umm, bought you some clothes and stuff back.. Since Dad's taking you straight back to Forks tomorrow." Bella said as Alice added, "That beach house is so .. I'd love to live right on the beach."

"Trust me.. Not when a storm's comin in, Alice." Anna managed to joke as she winced when she tried to laugh. "Damn it. What didn't I break?" she muttered as she gave everyone a careful hug goodbye. It was only herself and her father left in the room, and she tried to get comfortable, tried to fall asleep, but for some reason, she couldn't.

Why in the hell had she let herself be talked into going back to Forks? And when she went back, would anything be different this time?

"Yeah, this is gonna go real smooth." she muttered to herself as she lie there in the dark, wondering what awaited her and if she could actually fix things with her sister?

She wanted to, you don't survive a major car accident (though given she didn't remember said accident, so to her, of course, it was minor) and wake up, not want to change at least a few things in your life.

Of course, she had no idea just how major the changes in her life were actually going to be.