Rosey is an eighteen year old girl due to graduate high school in the spring. She has an awesome boyfriend loving parents (although divorce) and is already looking for the best college to go to. Roseys life is perfect, or so she thinks. Little does Rosey know that her life is about to take a dramatic change. Everything comes crashing down all because of one little problem.


The very first day of school

A skinny dark hair and dark eyed Rosey sits at a desk looking out the window of her history class, thinking about the fun summer she had with her boyfriend and most of the summer she spent with her dad, that was as much time she spent with her dad since her parents divorced the fall before. Just like any Senior, any student she could not wait until the bell rang to signal that it was time for lunch. Not only that Rosey was looking forward to meeting up with her boyfriend, they usually do since they were JRs. Last year. As she was looking out the window she didn't even notice that the bell rung, she just saw everyone else walking out of class, then all of a sudden she got a text from her boyfriend that read.

"Hey sweetie let's go to lunch, meet me by my truck, because it's your day where would you like to go to eat. Don't text me back think about it, then tell me when we meet up at my truck."


Rosey forgot that today was her eighteenth birthday, just like any other students on the first day of school her mind was somewhere else. Then before she knew it she was at Johnnies truck, and Johnny was waiting for her with a smile. Then as she claimed into the truck Johnny took her book bag and though it in the back of his truck with his. Then he claimed in on his side, he looked at Rosey and said.

"Are you hungry?" he asked as he started his truck she said.

"Am I ever," then to her surprise he looked at her and asked, with a smile

"Then where would you like to go my dear?" Then Rosey turned and said

"I know would you like to go to the best Chinese in town?" As they pulled out of the school parking lot. Johnny said with a smile.

"Sure we can that sounds great, and it is your day after all," Rosey still couldn't understand why Johnny kept saying that it was her day, then when they pulled up to a light in Pine Forest Utah she turned to Johnny and asked all of a sudden.

"Why do you keep saying it's my day honey?" Before the light turned green Johnny turned to her and said.

"Come on baby don't tell me you really forgot what today is? Oh my God you have forgotten."

"Forgotten about what Johnny?" Rosey asked with a smile, still looking at Rosey Johnny said.

"Rosey it's your birthday," Johnny said looking right at her, then when the light turned green they went about eight miles from the light. When they finely got to the restaurant they both went in together hand in hand, then when they were shown to their seats they both ordered the same thing the happy family, egg drop soup, an eggroll, and a coke to drink. Then about an hour later they both left the restaurant after paying of cause. When they got back into Johnnies truck they realized that they missed their last class and talked about going to the movies before going home. It was about almost six thirty when they made it to Rosie home they noticed that all the lights at her home were all off, so like a great boyfriend Johnny walked Rosey inside. Then as soon as she turned on the lights they heard including Johnny right behind her.

"Surprise Happy Birthday Rosey!" Everyone yelled as the lights turned on, after that Rosey turned and Johnny smiled at her. It was about midnight when the party finely ended, Rosey fell asleep in the living room in Johnnies arms, then he picked her up and took her upstairs and put her to bed. Then Johnny went home, the next morning Johnny came back by to pick her up to take her to school just like he always has since the day they started going out a year ago next Wednesday. When they met back up to leave that day Johnny had already got a text from an old friend of his inviting both of them to a party at seven on Saturday evening that weekend, Rosey knew that her mother would let her go only if Johnny would be there.