A/N: Just a short, somewhat lemony thing I dashed off. This would be more or less complete PWP, and the first one I've ever posted. And of course it's for a kid's show. -_-;;

"Lover of My Reverie"

Ryou felt so warm- almost like someone was touching him. But it couldn't have been anything more than a dream. No one ever touched him. Or at least not like this . . .

He moaned very softly and arched his head back against the pillow, still mostly asleep and unwilling to open his eyes. He almost thought he heard a wistful sigh but ignored it and tried to drift back asleep. It was such a nice dream, after all. Why wake up now?

The phantom lips ghosted over his throat, licking and nipping and just generally causing a certain degree of physical discomfort. Not quite enough to be truly uncomfortable, but enough to make him want so much more than what the dream was giving him.

"More," he murmured, hardly aware that he was speaking aloud. "I want more . . . "

The dream obliged him, its hands tracing up his sides, unbuttoning his shirt and slipping hot, electrifying hands inside it. How nice this felt, he reflected, curving into the touch and purring slightly. If only he had dreams like this more often. He would like that.

The dream's hands coasted down his belly, unfastening his pants and tugging gently. Ryou instinctively lifted his hips to help, and the dream seemed to suck in its breath very suddenly. It divested him of both his pajama pants and boxers and then . . .

Ryou cried out at the sudden feeling of the dream's mouth suddenly descended between his legs, its tongue finding many, many, interesting things to do and sucking gently on him. And suddenly, it was instantly and unbearably perfect, and so warmwonderfulcomforting . . . and he shrieked in utter ecstasy as he came, his hands clutching at the sheets as if they were the only things keeping him conscious.

Ohh, he was definitely awake NOW- it would've been impossible to sleep through any of those wonderful, fantastic, tremendous feelings.

The dream kissed its way up his stomach-

Wait . . .

-and its tongue found its way into his ear.

If he was awake . . . then why was he still dreaming?

Ryou's eyes shot open and he jerked straight up in bed, staring in shock at the figure on top of him.

The figure sat up as well, a slightly guilty expression on its very familiar features. The very same features that he saw in the mirror every morning, in fact.

"O-Other me?" he stammered, half in terror and half in awe. He hadn't known his other half could do THAT . . .

The other boy just looked at him for a long moment, and then almost shyly asked, "Can I do that again?"

Ryou just stared at him in disbelief.

"Okay," he finally managed to squeak out, and his other half gave a truly evil grin and pounced him.

* ende *

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