Chapter 12

When Tony woke up his hands and feet snug a little. He couldn't remember why though. Probable got drunk yesterday night and cut himself on the glass. Tony opened his eyes a tiny bit so he could see the clock on his bed side table. 9am. Tony groaned. Too early, he thought and rolled over in his bed. The thing that surprised him though was that Pepper was lying next to him in the bed, still asleep. Couldn't she be at work. Tony blinked and opened his eyes fully. He looked back at the clock at it now read 9:01 am. Tony frowned and rolled back over to looked at Pepper.

'Stop moving Tony, I'm trying to sleep,' Pepper mumbled to Tony sleepily. Tony's frowned at her.

'I thought you were supposed to be at Stark Industries today,' Tony said. Pepper opened her eyes and looked at Tony.

'Do you remember what happened last night? After that I didn't want to leave you,' Pepper told him. Tony looked at her confused. He thought for a moment.

They had tea, everything was fine. He remembered putting popcorn all over Steve's head. Tony remembered falling asleep on the sofa and waking up to…

Tony rolled onto his back and looked at the ceiling. He rubbed his face with his hands and took a deep breath.

'Yes, I remember,' Tony whispered, closing his eyes. Pepper took Tony's hands in hers and kissed him on the cheek. She then sat up and climbed out of bed.

'Come on get up and have a shower,' Pepper said. Tony groaned and pulled the covers back over his head, wanting to go back to sleep. Pepper sighed and pulled the covers off of him.

'If you go get in the shower and come down stairs, I promise there will b pancakes on the table for you,' Pepper said smiling at Tony, who had serious bed head and bags under his eyes. Tony groaned but sat up, he wanted pancakes. Pepper walked into the walk in wardrobe while Tony dragged himself into the shower.

Bruce was the first one up, he never really slept a lot. I mean, he slept more than Tony, but not so much. Bruce walked into the kitchen and the lights turned on and the shutters on the window came up. He grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down at the table. He sighed, with his cup of coffee in both hands. He looked around the room. This was all really big to Bruce.

He was used to being on the run all the time. Always running from the people chasing him. That what he had gotten used to, but now he was here in the Stark Tower, living with his team mates. No-one was chasing him, no-one wanted to kill him or use his body for science because of the other guy. It was wired not being on the run and just being in one place. He had tried it before with Tony, but after the whole Mandarin attack, Bruce thought that Tony and Pepper need their space. Now he was back again and everything was... kind of fine. After last night the rest of the team were going to be asking questions in the morning to Tony whenever he woke up, if he decided to wake up and not go straight to his lab. Bruce yawned and took a long sip of his coffee.

Clint and Natasha came out of the elevator and couple of minutes later. Clint muttered a hello and then went straight for the cupboards, trying to find some cereal and failing badly at it.

Bruce took another sip of his coffee as the elevator door opened to reveal a tried looking Captain. He didn't even notice Bruce sat at the kitchen island or Clint who was now sat on top of one of the fridge eating a slice of toast or Natasha who said hello to Steve. He truly did look a nightmare. They would have never thought Steve would even look like that. Steve got a cup of coffee and took a sip of it. He then slowly turned around and saw everyone there. He jumped a little when he notice them all.

'Oh… erm, hello,' Steve mumbled and went to sit next to Bruce at kitchen island. His head fell and he stared down at his coffee. Steve wasn't really good when it came to sleeping. He went to bed early and woke up early. Some nights he would be plagued with nightmares of the war, sound explosion and blood. Bucky falling from the train over and over again in his mind, it play like a broke record, just playing that part of his memories. He had heard about people who came back from the war, but not themselves anymore. Shaking, not liking loud noises, nightmares from the war… Shellshock. Steve was sure he didn't have it though. He had… what was in it… goggled it. He didn't really think he had it though, which was good. Steve took a sip of his coffee and looked at the clock that hung on the far wall.

10 am

He knew Tony slept in a little if he had had a late night, but he was normal coming into the kitchen at around this time and get a coffee then disappear back into his lab. Steve waited, his leg bouncing a little bit. Five minutes and no Tony. Ten minutes, no Tony. Twenty minutes, no Tony. Steve had finished his coffee and got up to wash the cup. He really needed to talk to Tony or at least apologies or something, just to know the genius was ok. He heard the elevator bing. He turned around looking up to see Pepper walking out.

'Good morning,' Pepper said.

'Hello,' everyone mumbled back to her. She began making pancakes, which smelt delicious. A couple minutes later the elevator binged again and Tony walked out looking fresh out of the shower. His wet hair brush neatly back off his face, even though he looked awake he still bags under his eyes. Tony climbed onto the stool at the kitchen island. He didn't look at anyone, he stared down at the plate of pancakes he had in front of him. Pepper went to sit down next to him.

'You have to eat Tony,' Pepper said, taking a sip of her own coffee. Tony nodded.

'Yeah,' Tony said simply picking up the fork and just prodding his breakfast. Natasha and Clint ended up being called into SHIELD. So it left Steve, Tony, Bruce and Pepper in the Stark Tower. Tony hadn't moved from his stool at the kitchen island. He just sat there staring at his cup of coffee that had gone cold by now.

It was 1 o'clock, so it was lunch time in the tower. Everyone walked into the kitchen, Tony had his phone out typing away, but was still sat in the same place, not moved since this morning. Steve sat down opposite Tony and looked at him. Tony noticed Steve's eyes on him, but didn't look up. He didn't want to look into the Captain's eyes, the judgemental eyes. Tony's failure to be the great Captain America would shine from them. After ten minutes Tony lost his patient with Steve. He sighed heavy and looked up. Bruce was making a sandwich, while Pepper helped him.

'What?!' Tony snapped at Steve. Steve jumped back slightly at Tony's outburst. Steve didn't say anything.

'No, come on, if you want to say something, say it,' Tony snapped. He was in the middle of trying to find Killian on his phone. He didn't like getting distracted, that why he stayed down in his lab all the time. Steve looked over at Pepper and Bruce. They didn't know what to say either. Steve looked back at Tony and opened his mouth before he could though Jarvis interrupted him.

'Sir, it's finished hacking into the database,' Jarvis said from above and Tony's phone vibrated. Tony looked down at his phone.

'Your not hacking into SHIELD again Tony?' Pepper asked. Tony shook his head. Tony picked up his phone. While Jarvis was trying to find Hammer and Killian, Tony was trying to hack in the database of Hammer Industries. Now he had, he could get to work.

'It think you should read this sir,' Jarvis said and the file in Hammer industries popped up. Tony hacked through the fire wall and read trough the file. It was to do with plans of attack.


'Jarvis call him,' Tony said. Tony held up his phone in front of him the screen black. It rang five times and then...

'Hi?' a blurred picture came up on the screen.

'Harley? Are you ok?' Tony asked. Clint looked at Natasha. She just shrugged.

'Tony? Why are you calling me?' Harley asked. 'Are you freaking out again? Oh god no, please don't tell me your freaking out,' Harley asked. There was some shuffling and then a thud.

'Harley?' Tony asked and the picture came into focus.

'Why can I only see your feet sticking up from behind the desk?' Tony asked. Harley pulled himself up, bits of sweets in his hair. He shook his head and looked at the computer screen Tony's face was on.

'Because... I just fell of the spinning stool you got me. I was just work on my potato gun mark 5. It's really good in fact. But I just running on sweets at the moment and I think I need to stop eating them. I'm getting excited and bouncing with joy. Plus-'

'Harley.. Your talking too much,' Tony mumbled, a smirk on his face. Harley smirked, bouncing a little bit.

'Yeah I do that a lot right, but it's cool. I made some new friends, their awesome. Plus you should come a look at my five marks of the potato gun. There getting much better in fact. They're really good. I shot one and it went over twenty meters... oh and-' Harley rambled on.

'Harley, take a deep breath and relax,' Tony interrupted. Harley took a deep breath. 'Ok good now your calm I called you to ask if you were ok and nothing wired was happening around there,' Tony said. Harley looked like he was thinking for a moment and then shook his head.

'No...I don't think there is any wiredo things happening. I mean no, there isn't. Why do you ask anyway? I mean, are you concerned for me? Really? You know were connected and everything so you should know if there was anything wired going on around here, but no I haven't seen anything wired. Why?' Harley finally came to a stop taking a deep breath. Tony smirked at the we're connected comment.

'I was just wondering,' Tony said and when Harley raised an eyebrow at him and opened his mouth to say that Tony was lying, Tony but in. 'And no Harley, I am not telling you. There are somethings that little children, like you, can't know,' Tony said. Harley frowned and pulled a face.

'HARLEY! Come on foods ready!' A female voice called. Harley looked up and then back at the screen.

'Sorry Tony I got to go... but I still want to know what you talking about. I don't freak out again. I'm not flying over there to slap you in the face to snap you out of your freak out,' Harley said and then the screen went black.

'Harley wai-' Tony gave a sigh and then locked his phone. He looked up at the confused faces. He was about to talk but there came a massive bang that came from above.

'Sir, the weight on the roof has increased,' Jarvis said. Tony span around.

'No shit,' Tony mumbled under his breath. He walked over to the elevator. They rest of them followed. Tony noticed them walking over to him to get into the elevator. Tony moved away and walked up the stairs. Bit of exercise never hurt anyone, Tony thought. Well unless you have a broken leg or fat or something like that, Tony thought as he walked up the stairs. When he got up there the lift doors were just opening. Tony walked along the corridor to the end. He climbed up some steps and then out of the fire exit.

'Thor!' Tony called. Thor turned around and looked at Tony. Thor beamed at him.

'Man of Iron, how are thee?' Thor asked walking over.

'I'm fine,' Tony said as Thor picked him up into a bone crushing hug. Tony let out a breathe when Thor put him down. 'Why are you here?' Tony asked.

'I am here to see you…' Thor trailed off. Tony nodded.

'Thor, it's good to see you,' Steve said as he climbed out onto the roof while Bruce and Pepper followed him. Thor picked each one up into a massive hug.

'So my friends what is happening down on Midgard,' Thor's voice boomed. Steve looked at Tony and then back at Thor.

'There's a new threat Thor,' Bruce said. Thor looked at him confused.

'Let's get inside an talk about it,' Pepper said.

'I will help you against the new threat,' Thor boomed. Tony rolled his eyes.

'It's not really a new threat is it,' Tony mumbled, jumping down from the counter and grabbed a drink. Before Pepper could stop him, he down the glass of scotch.

'Do you really think it's a good idea to drink at this time Stark,' Steve said before he could stop himself. Tony turned and glared at the man.

'Funny Rogers, I don't remember asking for your stupid opinion,' Tony said. Steve looked down at the table and clenched his fist, he wanted to punch the billionaire in the face but he stopped himself. He took a deep breath and looked back up, Tony was still glaring at him.

'Well, do you have anything else to moan at me about?' Tony asked, Steve opened his mouth to say something bad was stopped by Jarvis.

'Sir there is an incoming call from Director Fury,' Jarvis said.

'Tell him we're all busy, Tony mumbled pressing the button to for the elevator to open.

'Sir, he says SHIELD helicarrier is under attack.'

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