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Okay, maybe not straight to the big house... I'd like to think I could just run straight to it with so much stealth that nobody would notice me, but I'm cleverer than that. Running straight to it was Percy's plan. Instead, we decided we would get something Leo had been working on for the past month. Apparently he had finished it yesterday, at least that's what Percy told me. This device was suppose to make a sort of shield that would make us look invisible if we stood behind it. Ugh. That was way too much trouble for just snooping, but in a demigod camp, you always have to go for the intense way, otherwise you get caught really easily. We didn't have any time to lose, their conversation could stop any second. The hardest part was to convince Leo...

"There you go!"

The voice came from behind us. Out of nowhere, Leo was there, handing us some golden bracelets. How did he know? We hadn't even walked 2 meters yet.

"Come on guys, you are so predictable. Don't look at me as if there was no way I could've guessed you were going to spy on them, you're always the ones causing trouble."

"Great! Thanks dude!" Percy answered quite impressed. I was just annoyed that I had suddenly become that predictable. On the other hand, it was just Leo.

"I'm counting on you to tell me the whole story though, otherwise forget about the devices." Leo stated.

We nodded and took the devices. I took a good look at it, but couldn't figure out how to make it work. Leo noticed and tried to give me a hand. We totally didn't have time for this, why did he have to make it so complicated? All I had to do was to press a button that he seemed to have made invisible too, even though he swore he didn't. Seriously, I had been looking for it forever. After we figured it out, Leo left us to return to the Bunker. Great now we just had to run to the Big House. Thankfully we weren't that far from it. There was a secret entrance in the back of the house that nobody ever used because it had been condemned a few years ago, I only knew about it since I was already at camp the year it had been condemned. The entrance was blocked by a pile of wood, lazily placed. It wasn't hard to get rid of them. I first stepped through the door and ended up in a dark corridor.

"Don't even come close to the walls." I told Percy. "They condemned this entrance because there was a bacteria that made you hallucinate and, on some rare cases, people died a couple of days after touching it. They somehow got stuck on this wall. They should be dead by now, but let's not risk it."

Percy's eyes widened with fear. Typical. Of course, he isn't afraid to challenge a god and fight with a titan, but the smallest things have to be so scary for him, even if he deals with much worst practically everyday. I didn't dare to tell him that the entrance was actually condemned because I had pleaded Chiron to do it after I'd seen a spider on the floor when I was 9 and panicked. He liked to make fun of my fear of spiders so I decided it was time for me to make fun of him. It didn't bother Chiron too much to seal that entrance just because one camper was scared of one little spider, because there wasn't many people at camp back then so it was just a bit of action in a camp where nothing really happened except for the very boring quests from time to time. That was, of course, way before Kronos. After getting to the end of the corridor, we could easily step into the room where they were talking, shields covering our body from others sight. The shield was so tight on my body, I couldn't see my own hands, which was slightly disturbing. Thankfully, I knew where I was going and didn't bump on anything. Unlike Percy. He just really couldn't bring himself to being subtle. He knocked down a candle that was on the floor and I really had no idea why it was there, but I was the only one to notice so it wasn't such a big deal. The Doctor was standing in front of Chiron who had decided to use his wheelchair so he wouldn't be too tall. The two of them were staring at each other as if they had just finish a long conversation. Dammit, we were too late. The Doctor suddenly started sniffing around like a dog and then grinned widely. Chiron looked at him exasperated and started talking.

"Are you going to answer my questions now Doctor? You've been trying to avoid the subject for 10 minutes!"

"Have you seen that candle on the floor?" Replied the Doctor. I stopped breathing.

"Please Doctor, tell me what's going on. If a war is preparing, my campers can help."

"No! No wars. The thing is, if too many people get involved, too many of them will die. It's just like when countries get in a fight. In the end, soldiers are forced to kill one another when all they'd have to do is stay with their families and live their lives. The only ones who should get involved are the countries' rulers to negociate the terms."

"You're right, but it doesn't mean it's their way of thinking. They already sent many of themselves here, who knows what they're planning?"

"I do! Well, as soon as I ask their leader what it is. They tend to talk when they think they're going to win. The Nestene Consciousness acts alone on this one, at least that's what I think. It controls plastic, which would explain a lot. They tried to take earth a couple of years ago (or is it in a couple of years?). I stopped them back then so it shouldn't be a problem now. I'm probably sure they're still trying to take earth though, they always do."

"Couldn't you have told me that 20 minutes ago?"

"No. You're not the only one who wants to know."

Chiron sighed, giving up in trying to understand this nonsense. "Alright then maybe you should go on a quest. Our Oracle can probably give you a prophecie."

I heard running footsteps outside, heading towards this room and I stepped aside to make sure that person wouldn't bump into me. To my surprise, the one to appear in this room was Rachel.

"Did anyone say my title?" She asked, panting heavily after the running.

"I did." Said Chiron unimpressed. "Rachel, do you happen to have a prophecie for the Doctor?"

"No. Why? Is he a demigod?"

"More like a god actually." Said Chiron which made the Doctor roll his eyes, obviously annoyed. It only peeked my curiousity.

"Listen Chiron, I give prophecies when they come to me. I don't think what's happening out there has anything to do with prophecies." Rachel said, disappointed of not knowing.

"Alright, thank you Rachel, you can leave."

"Hey! I ran all the way through camp just to get here on time. Can I at least know what's going on?"

"We believe the earth is under attack, but don't tell anyone yet, we don't want to start a movement at camp." Replied Chiron, making Rachel leave with a satisfied grin. "Well, Doctor, at least we can follow the usual quest rules. That is if you want to, of course." Said Chiron.

"You mean, I get to bring two campers?" Asked the Doctor, seemingly excited.

"Of course. Although, I thought you didn't want our help." Replied Chiron with his victory smirk growing among his face.

"I said I didn't want an army. Two people will be perfect! I take those two!" He said pointing towards me and another empty space where I assumed Percy was. I stared in shock at the Doctor. How did he know? Chiron looked at the Doctor, confused.

"Oh come on! Stop hiding, I know you're there." Insisted the Doctor. I disabled the invisibility and so did Percy. We both appeared out of the bloom and Chiron looked at us for a long time before sighing and facepalming.

"What am I going to do with the two of you?" He asked to no one in particular.

"You're... Going to let them come to my quest?" Said the Doctor, a spark of hope and amusement in his tone.

"Fine you two can go if you want to." Chiron sighed, waving his hand dismissively. "But don't say anything to anyone about this. I don't want the campers to worry."

"Can we at least tell Leo? I mean, he provided the bracelets." I said, holding out my hand so he could see my wrist.

"Yeah good idea! I need my sonic screwdriver back anyway, so we have to stop there before we leave." Replied the Doctor jumping up and down. Seriously, where did he get all this energy? He started to walk very quickly towards the outside of the Big House so I did my best to follow him. Percy was behind me.

After a couple of minutes, they finally made it to Leo's bunker. When they explained the whole situation Leo jumped happily in a way that reminded me of the Doctor, which was unlikely of him. He promised he wouldn't say anything, but I felt like it was the kind of secret he would personnally tell everyone just to feel important.

"Are you sure you're going to need it?" Asked Leo, holding the sonic screwdriver tightly.

"I'm sorry, but I've quite grown addicted to it so I'm kind of going to need it." Answered the Doctor.

"But I thought the best way to cure an addiction was to avoid it." Protested Leo with a questioning tone in his voice which I knew meant he was hoping he could keep it and I couldn't really blame him. It was advanced technology, nobody from the Hephaestus would be able to resist it. The Doctor held his hand expectantly and Leo pouted, handing him the screwdriver at last.

The Doctor was quite in a hurry to leave after our meeting with Leo and I couldn't blame him, I missed adventurous quests so much. We managed to make it back to the TARDIS before the word would spread about a mysterious box with just as much as a mysterious man coming out of it with Annabeth Chase. It was hard to believe that there really was no one surrounding the time machine. In a time like this, the rumor would already have been spread throughout the entire camp, I mean, it's not like there was anything going on that was much more interesting around here. There was a couple of kids watching it closely though, but they ran away as soon as they saw us coming. I'm guessing people really took Chiron seriously and, well, it wasn't that hard to believe since he was always right. I followed the Doctor who was walking a few paces in front of me and was about to follow him inside the blue box only to be stopped by 8 crushing words from Percy.

"Wait. What if I don't want to come?"