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Prologue: The Mysterious Man and Clock. Jump to the Next Dimension!

"Clockmon, it's time to go," a short old man said. He wore a green visor with a yellow gear and blue clock hands on it, a red t-shirt, an open green over shirt with the sleeves rolled up over the elbows, and blue jean shorts. He also had a cane and some round sun glasses. His choice in clothing made him look like he was trying to be "young and hip" as one like himself might say and it had earned him the title of "eccentric old man", though most new him as "The Old Clock Shop Man".

"Chichichichi. Okay ~!" The large clock like digimon with arms and legs said. The clock hands on it's body began to spin in opposite directions. An orange glyph appeared below them and it cast an eerie glow on the walls of the Alley Way they stood in. It was made of a thick outer circle and a thinner inner circle. In between the two circles were Ancient Digiscript symbols and in the center was what appeared to be a clock face, though it only had two hands of the same length and instead of twelve numbers there were about fifty different symbols.

The Old Clock Shop Man held up a black and gray rectangular device and and called out, "Eaonep, Eageta eafo Eadsnoitnemi."

Once the incantation was complete the glyph began to glow more brightly. It lifted into the air to surround the two and began to spin. The two circles of the glyph began to spin in opposite directions – the outer circle went right and the inner circle went left. Then the circles rose up and over, once again in opposite directions, and spun over and under the two. The digiscript began to float around them. The clock face stayed stationary, but the hands began to move until they had stopped on two different symbols; three circles connected in a line and a circle with a dot in the center and a long slender triangle pointing upwards with a line on either side that curled outwards at the ends.

It wasn't long before the surrounding area disappeared, falling away like the pieces of a puzzle to show what's underneath. The new space was like they were floating in the cosmos. The stars, the planets and the nebula flew past them at unimaginable speeds causing the colors to mingle and dance together as if their mixing was only natural – and then it was all over and a knew world was piecing itself together. The glow of the circle dimmed and then disappeared altogether and the two found themselves standing amongst some trees in the dark.

"We have arrived. We must find the child and his group, quickly and be on our way. We don't want to cause more of a disruption here than we already have," the Old Clock Shop Man said as he began making his way towards a park about twenty feet away from their location.

"Right!'' Clockmon said as he followed the old man.

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