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Prologue: The Demon Child…

The sounds of multiple footsteps running and the clacking of high heels echoed throughout the building as men and women in white doctor coats rushed all around the hospital. They searched everywhere they could think of in desperation, frantically checking each and every room and department they could think of in search of their target. As they scurried all around, their stressed out cries could be heard: "What are we going to do?! If we don't find her, the director will have our hides!" "Shit, not here either!" "Where could that little girl run off to?!"

They continued to search, urgently and fervently wishing to catch a glimpse of their target; a flash of purple hair, a spot of pink as it moved through the hallways or even the movement of a small, shadowy figure would have brought immense relief to the staff and possibly renewed their efforts in capturing the target. Alas, their prayers were unanswered and their elusive target continued to remain out of sight.

As the mass continued to run around like chickens with their heads cut off, an automatic door slid open and revealed another person from within who narrowed her eyes at the flurry of disarray. Stepping out into the hallway, the female nonchalantly sidestepped a careening doctor approaching too quickly, which sent him tumbling into a heap in the corner nearby with a tremendous crash.

The loud crash distracted everyone from their confused trances and they all swiveled their eyes towards the female. She was small, about the same height as the average twelve-year old girl, with strawberry-blond hair, blue eyes, and high eyebrows. She also wore a doctor's coat, though hers had been custom made for her small stature, with a yellow dress underneath and roller shoes to complete her look. Her hair was also tied up in a ponytail via a red ribbon. Eyeing the suddenly nervous staff, she stifled a long sigh and crossed her arms. "Well, do I even want to know what all this is about?"

The group collectively gulped, each wondering how they could let her know of the situation without receiving any harsh reprimand. As a few moments passed, with the small female arching a brow at their hesitancy, one brave female ventured forth towards her and bowed lowly. "T-The thing is, H-Hitoyoshi-san…we s-seem to h-have lost Kurokami M-Medaka-chan s-sometime ago."

This time, she didn't even bother herself and sighed in frustration. "You mean to tell me that you took your eyes off her, despite my explicit warnings to keep watch over her until I returned?" One could almost hear the sharpening of a blade in the tone of her voice, though how that was possible was something nobody wanted to know. "Hmph. Well, I suppose it's partly my fault for leaving that hellion with you people…" Cupping her chin in thought, Hitoyoshi pondered how to deal with the situation for a few moments before she spoke up again. "Alright listen up you sorry excuses for staff! I want half of you to check the west wing and the north wing once again in case you missed something before. The other half of you will check the other two wings whilst I go explain the situation to the Director. Remember, Medaka-chan couldn't have gotten far. Just keep calm and remain vigilant."

"Hai, Hitoyoshi-san!"

The group quickly divided itself into two smaller groups and dispersed, intent on finding the small girl 'Medaka-chan' with renewed fire in their eyes. As the last of them disappeared, Hitoyoshi allowed herself a small breath of hope and satisfaction. Scratching her head, she strode away down the hallway towards her office, pointedly ignoring the door with a sign that said 'Director' on it. Quickly stepping through, she hopped into her seat and began to tackle the small stack of paperwork she had to fill out for the day. 'Now then,' Picking a particular file from an open draw, she scanned the details she herself had written a few days ago. A few moments later, a resigned smile etched itself on her lips. 'As promised, I've created an opening. Do with it as you see fit…and thank you once again for what you did for my Zenkichi-kun.' Smiling genuinely at the thought of her son, Hitoyoshi promptly closed the drawer and tackled her pile. As she picked up her pen, she idly wondered how Medaka would react to meeting 'him'. 'Oh, I'm sure it would be quite interesting…'

-Scene Change, Hospital-

Dozens of men and women blazed through the hallways, calling out her name with such intensity and zeal that one assume that the girl they were looking for was dearly close to the medical staff. Of course, said girl knew the truth; they were searching for her out of a desperate need to ensure their continuous position within this hospital as well as a steady source of income.

Shaking her head at them, she quietly crept down the opposite hallway, continuously keeping her guard up and an eye out for hr pursuers. Peeking from the corner, she noticed that no one was around and quickly darted towards the closest hiding spot. Not a moment too soon, the frenzied workers sped right past her spot.

Like a Koga ninja, the little girl continued to evade and slip past the worried workers with ease. As she weaved through the shadows, her mind wandered to a question that she had not found the answer to. No matter how smart she was, no matter how hard she thought about it, she couldn't find the answer to the only problem she was unable to solve.

What purpose did she have?

Why was she even born?

Was she even supposed to find her purpose?

Unbidden, the words spoken by the boy she had sat next to floated in her mind. "Man…what's the point of all this? The grown-ups are missing the point, as usual." She winced, knowing what was coming next yet unable to stop herself from recollecting them. "Humans are born with no purpose, live for no reason and die for nothing. Wouldn't you agree?" He had then began to walk away, his parting words stabbing her like sharpened blades that cut into her heart. "I'm sure you were brought here after ruining many lives. There's nothing wrong with that. You and I are allowed to do whatever we want. Because this world is pointless and our lives are aimless."

The little girl felt a growing sense of depression overcome her, subconsciously prompting her body to slow down. As she came to a complete stop, that was when she felt something stir within her. It was something she was unable to identify, a foreign emotion she had never experienced before. It was strange, as though something had grabbed her heart and was idly playing with it.

Looking up, she saw a door with the sign 'No. 10-Uzumaki'. As she did, the strange feeling in her chest increased and she found her curiousity growing. Despite the fact that any attempt she made to get closer caused the feeling to grow stronger, Medaka slowly made her way towards the handle and grabbed it, standing on her toes to reach the high, to her, handle. Opening the door, she silently slipped through the crack and closed it just as she heard noises approaching.

Letting out a breath of relief, Medaka let her eyes soak in the room before her. The first thing she noticed was that it was large; about the same size as hers, yes, but there was a vastness within the walls that just gave people the impression that it was bigger than it actually was. Casting her eyes downwards, Medaka found herself involuntarily drawn to the laptop that was open, showing a web page on genetics.

Twisting her attention once more, she stumbled upon something that made her stop and stare, her jaw dropping as she continued to watch.

There was a boy, roughly her age if she were to hazard a guess, staring passively at a construct and continuously making adjustments in the design. His fingers flew through various motions, their speed so high that all Medaka could see were his fingers twitching. In the center of the room, despite the impossibility of the fact, hung a large-scale model of the solar system midair. Each time the boy made an adjustment, something new would pop up in the overall design that created a more vivid image for all to see.

However, incredible as the display was, what had caught Medaka's attention was the fact that the solar system scale model he had made looked impossibly life-like. The Sun was a ball of brightly colored flame, the Earth and other planets were made from bits and pieces of dust particles. Even as she watched him perform, the boy spat out a small stream of water that quickly streaked through the air and trickled into various planets.

"Pretty interesting, isn't it?" Medaka jumped at the sudden question, her attention drawn away from the display towards the two year old boy. He wore a black hoodie that covered most of his form, leaving only his eyes and face exposed.

Crimson slit eyes met red ones. "Nice to meet you, Kurokami Medaka…call me Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto."

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