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Chapter 2: Student Council in the House!-Part 2

The two eventually separated from their embrace, some brief moments later. Naruto's tears had already disappeared and he had more or less reverted back to his serious and composed self whilst Medaka resumed fanning herself. As she did so, her eyes met his once more in a silent question. 'Are you alright?'

He blinked once. 'Yes.' Slipping on his sunglasses, Naruto went towards the nearest seat and plodded down. Crossing his legs, he clasped his hands together and released a breath. "Okay…so, before we get started with this whole Student Council thing, I wanted to talk to you about something you stated in your inaugural speech." He started, either being unaware of the relief that was briefly shown in her body language or ignoring said fact.

Medaka hummed a tune to herself as she snapped her fan shut, the snap sound sharp within the silence. "Very well, what is it that you wish to speak of?" Situating herself on her new desk, she took a brief delight in his eyes trailing over her body once again before pushing the thought aside and turning serious. Each time she and Naruto had a 'talk' or 'discussion', there was always the tendency for things to degenerate into a clash of wills between them.

Nodding once, Naruto continued. "It regards that 'suggestion box' idea of yours." Leaning back into a more comfortable position, Naruto forged onwards. "Whilst I have no problems with you helping random strangers, despite the various consequences your actions may bring, I must put my foot down on this move of yours." Seeing her frown, he crossed his arms. "You said that you would take on all issues, but did you really think this through when you planned that speech? What is one of the suggestions is evil in nature, like driving someone different from them out of the school or area? Or if students, especially some of the males, put in a suggestion to practice sexual acts with you, or even ask for your help in raping someone?" His glasses covered eyes stared at her, noting her deadpan expression. "Are you willing to discard the rules and regulations of this Academy in order to make these people happy? And if so, what determines how far you should go for them?"

Unfurling her fan, Medaka managed to hide the smile that spread over her face. "Just because I wish to make people happy, does not mean I am going to ignore any rules that prevent the submitted request from being completed. Also, I have no intention of being selective with whatever submissions I receive; I guaranteed to try my hardest to help them, not to make their dreams come true." She answered, lightly fanning herself as Naruto listened to her reasoning. "However, your questions have raised several thought-provoking issues that I was previously blind to." Her eyes narrowed dangerously. "I had not thought of people taking advantage of the suggestions box to satisfy their urges…whilst Hakoniwa Academy hasn't had any sort of illicit activities happening, it was an oversight to not even consider that possibility." She admitted, though she was visibly annoyed at that thought.

"The only reason the thought didn't even cross your mind is because you only look out for the good in people and automatically assume that everyone has a good heart." Naruto stated, shaking his head at the thought of living such a life. It was something Namikaze and the Sandaime had done, which had led to his hellish life in the Elemental Nations; Namikaze had been stupidly naïve, believing that the people of the village would have confidence in his sealing and would treat him as the hero he(Namikaze) had asked them to, whilst the Sandaime had always deluded himself into thinking that the villagers and Shinobi would eventually let go of their hatred and accept him as one of them.

That thought caused a brief tensing of his hands before he restrained himself; they were already dead, getting angry at them wouldn't accomplish anything other than making him appear childish.

Medaka shrugged, neither denying nor accepting her friend's words. "Sometimes, it's best to give people chances to prove themselves before forming an opinion on them."

Naruto arched a brow. "Well, excuse me if I don't agree with that train of thought." He said dryly. "Also, why are you wearing a different uniform than the other students?" That had been bothering him the moment she had appeared in the theatre; why the need for a different uniform for the Student Council? Wouldn't the armbands suffice to let people know their distinction?

Medaka looked at him strangely. "I'd need to make it easy for new and transfer students to identify me at all times. Also, I dislike the thought of wearing the ordinary uniform as I go about my duties; those of high standing should be clothed in something befitting of their stature. In fact, I'll need to have one ready for you as soon as possible." She muttered a list of things she needed to buy, as well as the things she'd need to do.

Naruto didn't mind at all; he would get to wear one of his favorite colours everyday without hassle and wouldn't be harassed for it. Now, if they could just include ramen in the school menu…

"So, when do you think we'll get a submission?" He stretched, nonchalant about the tasks he would have to do. It reminded him somewhat of the missions he'd gone on during his life in the Elemental Nations; true, they wouldn't be S-Rank and A-Rank missions, but they were similar in that he would be fulfilling a client's request…though he wouldn't be paid for it here.

Medaka ceased her muttering and triumphantly retrieved a slip of paper from her little box. "How about right now? Listen to this! 'Some third year delinquents have taken up residence in the Kendo dojo. Please chase them out immediately.' There you go."

Naruto arched a brow. "Is it signed?"

"Nope, it's anonymous." Medaka blinked for a moment before she began to chuckle. "Ah, I see your point. Knowing who sent this and what intentions he or she had would be the next thing to do, instead of rushing out uninformed. Not only will gathering information better aid us in understanding the situation, but it would help me determine the intentions of the student making the request." She beamed at Naruto, who snorted at her and started drumming his fingers against his seat.

"That's a good idea, but who are you going to get that information from? I doubt that any random Joe or Jane would be able to help in your little investigation; the most you can expect to get from them is a direction to someone they believe will be of help to you." He argued.

She crossed her arms. "Any suggestions?" She asked earnestly.

Naruto's answer was swift and precise. "Shiranui Hansode. Not only is she somehow knowledgeable of everything that goes on in this school, but that information can be obtained pretty easily. Also, I'm a friend of hers, so we should be able to get what we're looking for." It was then that he noticed the less than enthusiastic expression she was now sporting. "Oi, don't tell me you're not going to her for vital information." Her fixed cool expression made him sweat-drop. "Medaka-chan, don't tell me you're jealous…she's pretty much a child, you know."



-Time Skip-

Shiranui hummed in thought as she sat on the cafeteria bench, her too-small legs swinging from her perch whilst her hand cupped her chin in mock thought. Beside her sat Naruto, quietly tucking into his meal of omelet soba sandwich and water with a semi-content look on his face. "So? Anyone ringing a bell in that mind of yours?" He asked, taking a sip of water.

The loli girl nodded slowly, her eyebrows scrunched up in thought. "Yeah, I happen to recall someone familiar putting that request in the little princess' box…Hyuga-kun, I believe. Apparently, he's a kendo practitioner whose skill was national competition level but has a bit of a personality problem; he's been involved in acts of violence all through middle school and probably wants the Kendo dojo to be cleared to continue his Kendo practicing."

Slowly and mechanically chewing the last bit of sandwich, Naruto nodded his head in thanks and reached into his pocket. "Thanks for the info; as promised, I managed to get 'it' for you." Retrieving his hand, Naruto dropped a piece of paper into Shiranui's eager hands as well as a coupon for free ramen at the local ramen stand he frequented. The little girl quickly scanned through the paper with a calculative eye, a cruel smile dancing on her lips the further she read.

"Wow…you even managed to get a list of all his phobias and daily schedule. You've certainly done some impressive work, Whiskers." She praised, absently stuffing her face with one large sugar-coated donut. "No wonder the little princess would love to have you on the Student Council."

Naruto shrugged."The coupon is my incentive to do some more business in the future…I hope you accept." With that he rose from his seat and began to walk away.

As he exited the cafeteria, he spied Medaka leaning against the nearest wall and waiting for him. Drifting closer to her, he noticed her eyes snap to him the moment he opened the door. "Got the info from Shiranui." He stated as he headed towards the Student Council Room. "Our guy's Hyuga-san, from the same class as Shiranui, and has more than a few problems regarding his Kendo."

Medaka raised her elegant brow. "Such as?"

"Have you ever watched 'Bleach'?" Seeing her nod, he continued to explain. "I suppose you could say that he's a Kenpaichi-wannabe; from what I heard, I can guess that he didn't take orders well and decided to come to a school which had a disbanded club, like ours. However, with the 'delinquents' in the Kendo dojo, he probably can't practice the way he wants to…which is why he made that request. That way, we'd take them out, he'd get to be able to do whatever he wanted in there and we'd be none the wiser." He concluded.

By now they had reached the Council room. Opening the door, Medaka turned to face Naruto. "Alright, I'll go after Hyuga-san whilst you deal with those in the Kendo dojo however you see fit…if that is alright with you?"

Naruto nodded. He was not so good at dealing with messed-up people without resorting to violence, so it made sense for Medaka to go after the Hyuga kid whilst he dealt with those in the Kendo dojo. Promptly turning about, the blond Vice-President set out to complete his task.

-Time Skip-

Naruto eyed the Kendo dojo, which was situated at the other side of the Academy campus. It was quite large, having been designed to accommodate large numbers of students, with neutral colours to differentiate between the other building structures. Naruto idly wondered how he was going to go about this; he could always use Kotoamatsukami on the delinquents and be done with this in less than two minutes, but that would mean he'd have to wait a week before he could cast it again. Resolving this with violence was always the more appealing approach, but then he'd have to deal with Medaka lecturing him about being needlessly violent.

Pausing in his walk, he frowned in thought for a few moments before shrugging. 'Meh, I'm better off just beating the shit out of them.' Reaching the wooden door, he gripped it firmly and slid it open. Entering the dimly lit yet spacious room, his nose wrinkled as the scent of dirt and rotting food wafted through the air. 'No surprise…from the looks of these guys, I doubt they care about the stench.' He thought.

Sitting in front of him, all sprawled out in various lazy positions were the people he had been asked to kick out. They were eight, each one of them male, and wore various outfits that differentiated themselves. As he stepped into the room, their grumblings could be heard and they rose to their feet. He cast an appraising eye over the lot and his lips twitched.

A blue haired senior with an x-shaped scar on his left cheek scowled at the idiot who had the balls to interrupt their class skipping. He swaggered forwards, two cronies following him with nasty grins on their faces and his wooden sword slung over his shoulders like the main protagonist from Bleach. "And who the hell are you exactly?" He questioned, eyeing Naruto with an unimpressed eye.

Naruto calmly shifted slightly, angling his body so as to face them all and keep them within his sight. "I am Uzumaki Naruto, the new Student Council Vice-President. I'm here to clear you guys out of the Kendo dojo, so why don't you guys get started?"

They all sweat-dropped at him briefly before the apparent leader of the group smirked and brought down his Bokutou in a superior fashion. He leveled himself and gazed into the eyes of the blond, bringing his sword right to his face. "So, you're an underling of that infamous Kurokami, huh? The female president that has gone mad with power, right?"

"I'm really surprised that you would actually come here. Just so you know, we're the 2% that didn't vote for her." As he said that, every student began to edge forwards with dark expressions etched unto their faces. The leader gave a sickly smile, just waiting for the blond bastard's nonchalant mask to crack and break. "Dou you still think this is a good idea?"

He didn't expect Naruto to sigh disappointingly. "My, my, such a small pup yet already barking so loud…you really should exercise that thing in your head a bit more." Naruto smiled as they all bristled, their triumphant expressions all but disappeared. "How about this," Faster than they could see, his hand lashed out and grabbed the leader's wrist in a vise-like grip, clamping down hard enough to earn a strangled cry of pain from the spiky, blue-haired student. Leaning towards the leader slightly, ignoring the futile attempts to extract his wrist from his hand, Naruto continued. "If I beat you all, right here and right now, you have to prepare yourself to do exactly as I tell you. If you happen to win, I'll leave and never come back to worry you. How about that? Not a bad deal, eh?" He asked.

Letting the guy's wrist go, he smiled in amusement as they all leapt back a distance away. Their leader gripped his wrist nervously, glaring at Naruto with wide eyes. Snarling, he waved his hands out in front of him. "You heard him, take him down! Don't give him an inch!" The other delinquents surrounded him, drawing their wooden swords with a synchronicity that was developed from constant training and spending time together.

Naruto just threw back his head and laughed. "Is that your final answer?"

"Die, muthafucker!" They roared as one before they all charged.

The first one that closed the distance between them and Naruto never stood a chance; he attacked with a vertical descending slash, arrogantly believing Naruto's lack of movement as fear on the latter's part and that he would be beaten pretty easily. As he had struck, Naruto simply tilted his body towards the right, avoiding the strike by the skin of his teeth and leaving the attacker exposed. Smacking the guy's hand with a sharp rap, Naruto easily grasped the dropped sword and kicked the idiot right in his side, sending him towards the side of the dojo. The delinquent was sent flying, blood and spittle spraying from his mouth as he soared through the air.

Blocking another strike, Naruto punched one other guy right into the approaching wave. Not stopping, he rammed his elbow into another one's face; the crunching sounds of cartilage breaking confirmed the fact that he had just broken that guy's nose. As the guy with the broken nose howled in pain, Naruto backhanded him off his feet and grabbed his right leg. In a manner similar to Son Goku, Naruto spun the student once, twice, three times, each time using him as a battering ram to knock away the others approaching before finally flinging him away to crash into the first guy he had sent into sweet unconsciousness. 'That's two down…'

A roar greeted his ears as two others charged, one approaching from his center and the other from his back. Hiding a smirk, Naruto parried away the first one and slapped the second strike; one thing he had noticed about them all was that they always overextended themselves on the first strike, which left them open to attack. Like a prediction come true, the two ended up overextending themselves and stumbled forwards. Grabbing the first guy's arm, Naruto casually snapped it like a twig and decked the delinquent before he could even scream. A roundhouse kick took care of the other guy behind him.

Spying the one he had punched earlier rising to his feet, he sped forwards like a cheetah and gripped his head, closing the space separating them within an instant. "Now kiss!" Naruto drove his head through the wooden floor, an impressive show of strength that made the other three gawp incredulously.

That cost them.

Two Bokutous flew through the air like demented chainsaws, smacking right into the face of two other cronies. As their head were thrown back, Naruto appeared behind them in a burst of motion, "USAGI PAAWNNCH!" His fists crashed into their faces, rocketing them through the floor like their fellow member in an explosion of dust.

The leader heard a chuckle behind him and whirled about, coming face to face with the blond. He opened his mouth, about to scream in fear, when the Bokutou Naruto was clutching smashed into his family jewels.

Instead of his world exploding into colours, they slowly faded into a dull black and grey background as time slowed down. Spittle oozed out of his mouth as he slowly sank to his knees, his senses dead to the world.

A kick in his nuts brutally reawakened those senses.

-Medaka's Location-

As she stared down at the beaten form of Hyuga-san, Medaka blinked as a scream that spoke of mind-breaking pain was heard. Taking a look at the Kendo dojo, she had a feeling that maybe she should've let Naruto deal with Hyuga instead of unleashing him upon those delinquents.

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