AN: As promise, to compensate the terribly dry 10 days I have subjected you to, my dearest readers, a companion piece to the previous chapter and a continuation of the celebrations ;) Enjoy! Those of you who do not enjoy slash, feel free to skip. Those of you who do not enjoy my graphic writing, feel free to skip too. Much love,


The celebrations lasted into the early hours of the morning, and Harry put down his empty glass, knowing he had had enough, preferring for his mind to be clear. It was spectacular and all they have wished for. The only thing that stilted their joy for a moment had been the Weasley debacle, but Harry knew there was no use thinking about it. He felt warm arms wrap around his waist and leaned back into Lucius' embrace, content as the man's scent enveloped his senses.

"I see you no longer drink." Lucius commented into his ear, causing a small shiver of delight to pass over Harry's spine.

"No. You I prefer to have only a few glasses." he smiled softly, watching Bill kiss Fleur in joy.

Lucius let his fingers caressed the young man's flat belly as he held him close. "And you are sure your mood has not been soured?" he questioned.

Harry surprised him by turning around letting his own arms loop around the man's neck. "No. I have made my peace with Ron a long time ago. Do you remember the Triwizard Tournament?"

Lucius nodded, curious what that had to do with anything. Then he remembered the slander written about Harry and his sister, then only his best friend. "Let me guess, he did not appreciate you keeping such close company with Hermione?" he asked.

Harry nodded. "That as well. But the main problem was much more simple. Jealousy. He thought I wanted to be a champion, that I have somehow managed to put my name in the cup, and didn't tell him about it." he explained, enjoying the large hands pulling his hips closer. "I have forgiven his behaviour, but I couldn't forgive the mistrust he had in me, and our friendship was never again as close as it once was. Hermione...that is a different chapter. She thought perhaps one day Ron would grow up and prove to her that it would be worth giving things between them a shot. As you can see, all hopes of that have been crushed."

Lucius was a little surprised perhaps at the matter-of-fact tone Harry spoke with of his once close friendship. It was common knowledge that the Golden Trio bond was thicker than blood when it came to fighting and protecting innocents. It appears however not all things were as they seemed. "It is not Ronald you worry over then."

Harry shook his head. "No, it is not. Hermione however worries me because I have seen her reaction better than anyone. I know her. And therefore know what memories the confrontation brough up in her mind. But I have faith." he suddenly smiled. "In Severus, I mean. I will be the first one to say I had my doubts about him, but she is happy. And knowing Hermione is happy, I don't need more to know she is in good hands."

Lucius leaned down and pressed an affectionate kiss to the corner of his lips, surprising Harry a little. They would often tease each other, the passion between them quite obvious to all. But such a small affection openly shown in front of all was what Harry did not expect, even though it made warmth settle in his chest.

"What was that for?" he asked softly, the words only between the two of them.

Lucius chuckled. "A congratulatory gesture appropriate for the company present. If you were to decide however that it is appropriate to retire for the night..." he said, leaving the sentence hanging for a moment to let Harry imagine all that the blond had in store for him.

Harry nodded, feeling excitement settling in his belly. Lucius was a skilled and passionate man, and while they had little time together over the last couple of weeks, they had explored that passion in many ways but one. And perhaps tonight would be the night.

They made their way towards bill and his fiance, Harry smiling at the man in front of him. "I will see you later, get some rest if you are to be a fair Minister." he teased.

Bill chuckled and clasped his hand. "Thank you Harry." he turned to the blond. "Lord Malfoy."

"William." Lucius acknowledged him in his own way with a smirk before a possessive arm wound around Harry's hips and he was led up the stairs towards the master bedroom.

Harry stepped through the door of their rooms and barely had time even to gasp before he was pressed against it, the solid wood at his back and Lucius' strong form radiating warmth against his front. His lips were claimed, for there was no other word for it, and he spread them readily for the insistent tongue that pressed forward. He could not stop the moan that erupted from his throat as his thighs were hoisted around firm hips and he crossed his ankles to squeeze the man intimately as their loins rubbed closely together. Lucius could not remember lips so sweet and body so tempting as the one he explored now, his fire for the young man raising flesh easily. It had been torture watching Harry working so hard with barely any strength left for a good night kiss before he fell asleep in Lucius' arms this past week. But he knew the wait, the chase even, would make the claiming so much sweeter.

Harry gasped as their lips broke to take in ragged breaths and his head lolled backwards as Lucius attacked his sensitive neck with skilled lips and teeth. He did not even realise the manner win which his body rubbed against the older man, naturally seeking pleasure as his senses were assaulted. Lucius had enough of the barrier between them and with one wave of his hand had the clothes covering both their forms vanish. Harry gasped once more as kis heated skin came in contact with the blazing inferno of Lucius, their straining lengths rubbing together intimately and providing delightful friction.

Lucius gathered his wits for a moment, hoping to stay his passion in order to ask the question he knew was much needed. "Are you ready for me, Harry? Tell me now I you wish to wait or I won't be able to stop myself.." he panted, raising his head to look into the brilliant emeralds widened with passion.

Harry did not comprehend his words for a moment, the sensations too distracting, but he noticed Lucius asking for his consent, eyes almost pleading. There was only one answer he could give the man, for he wanted this just as much. "Yes..take me...and hurry, I can't-" he moaned as Lucius did not even let him finish his desperately aroused plea and rubbed their bodies for closest contact possible in such a position.

"Bed.." Harry whispered before grabbing the man's face to pull him into another impassioned kiss, trusting Lucius to carry him.

The blond growled at the command and carried him swiftly to the large bed, not once separating their forms as he put Harry down and immediately pressed himself into the willing young man. He could not get enough of touching the soft skin beneath his fingers, squeezing the slim thighs and spreading them just that little bit further to let the boy adjust to the width of his hips. He was surprised however when a vial was pressed into his hand urgently, and when he looked it became clear it was some sort of an oil.

"I was hoping for a while now that you would.." Harry trailed off when he saw the raging lust flash in Lucius' eyes before he could say no more as another kiss was bestowed upon him.

Lucius explored the young man's body, wishing to bring him all pleasure but they were both insatiable and it seemed this would not be time for great patience. While Harry was sufficiently distracted by the talent teasing his arousal, Lucius oiled his fingers and begun pressing one inside his lover, noting that the guardian muscles put up some struggle but not a great one. It appeared Harry may be a virgin but had explored his body before.

Harry's back arched slightly and he pressed further onto the questing digit. It was one thing to stretch himself in exploration, and a completely different one having Lucius' talented thick finger perform the task. He was grateful however that Lucius even in his great passion would take the time to prepare him properly as he knew there was no way he could take the man otherwise. Just thinking of the man's length and the weight of it against his tongue a few nights ago made him whimper in need as he thrust his hips against the finger within him.

For his part Lucius was only further spurred on by the wonderful sounds of pleasure and Harry's ready acceptance of him in such an intimate way. He stretched and pleasured the young body beneath him with his touch and lips, hoping to alleviate all discomfort but his fire was too strong and he soon pulled out his fingers to claim Harry's lips and slick his own need in preparation.

Harry readily accepted him back between his spread thighs, his nails leaving light reddened trails on his back in their impatience. "I need you..." he whispered as his hips arched. His body craved Lucius' touch unlike ever before. And even though he knew there would be discomfort, pain even as he had read, he had no fear. Harry knew there was no other he wanted to give himself to.

Lucius surprised him by slowing down for a moment to cup his cheek and make their eyes meet again. He saw no fear, only acceptance and dare he say love, and so he pressed their lips together in a gentle kiss, so unlike his previous passion that Harry's heart nearly pounded out of his chest with feeling and desire for the man. It was then that he felt Lucius pressing into him steadily and his fingers tightened their hold on the man's slick shoulders in discomfort. He felt soothing hands caressing his thighs until he finally paused, fully seated within the young man.

Harry gritted his teeth but soon relaxed as the discomfort past and he pulled Lucius closer. "Move...please..."

Lucius did not have to be told twice to do so as he begun rocking his hips to get the young man used to the feeling of being so filled. He thanked Merlin for his restraint because the way he was gripped by the tight heat was indescribable. But as soon as Harry's whimpers of pleasure reached his ears, his hips could no longer be slowed. The passion rose between them higher than any bonfire and all could be heard in the room for a long time were the sounds of pleasured moans and flesh meeting flesh.

"I can't...I'm gonna.." Harry gasped, feeling himself close to that familiar snap of coils in the underbelly. Lucius was thrusting right against a spot that felt too good for words and he was not going to last.

Lucius merely claimed his lips once more in a deep kiss as his hand slid between them to pleasure the slim length and in but a moment his own pleasure was torn from him as Harry's inner walls clasped around him impossibly tightly. Harry's back arched off the bed in pleasure as spark erupted behind his eyelids at the mind-numbing pleasure and deep shudders rocked his body as he was filled with the blond's potent seed. Lucius buried his face in the young man's neck and marked his throat in his passion with a purple bite of love, all muscles tensed for one blissful moment before he could no longer support his weight and covered Harry's form with his own.

They remained locked in the embrace for long moments, relishing the closeness and joint pleasure. Harry carded his fingers through the damp blond locks of his lover contently, feeling his thighs protest the strain of the weight above him but paid it no mind. There was nothing like this. Nothing.

Lucius finally gathered himself and gently separated them, rolling to lie beside his lover in order to not crush him. He pulled Harry close and pressed a kiss to his forehead as they lounged and let their bodies cool off.

"How do you feel?" he asked softly, hoping there was no discomfort.

Harry nuzzled his breastbone and pressed a few small kisses to his chest. "I don't think I have the words.." he chuckled, but Lucius understood when he looked into those vibrant, joy-filled eyes. He was glad to be in his thirties because the beautiful rosy blush and tempting little stretches would easily be arousing had he been a teenager still. That was when he heard the cheeky question.

"You have made me quite sticky, I demand a shower. A very..thorough shower I hope?" Harry's grin was wide and eyes danced merrily.

Nope, scratch that. His body seemed to think he was a teenager afterall and with a responding growl, he picked the young man up and threw him over his shoulder, carrying with a grin and ease into the bathroom. Shower time, round two...