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Maddy's POV

So, this 'Rhydian' hasn't stopped staring at me for the past 20 minutes as Shannon continues welcoming me to the boarding school known as "locum secretum, tuta lupum" Yeah, like I'm going to be saying THAT every day! Apparently it's shortened to 'LSTL' or just 'the school'.

Works for me.

After that the caretaker and house mother enter the room and introduce themselves as "Mr Jeffries" and "Clara" then I start unpacking in Shannon's room.

Yeah who's idea was it to let a claustrophobic wolfblood share a room with a human? Idiot.

So, as soon as Shannon leaves to get us some food Rhydian is there leaning against the door frame failing to look cool. I stare at him before pulling him into the room and closing the door behind him.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? You're too obvious with your sent" his eyebrows scrunch together in confusion as my eyes glint golden "What do you mean? I-I thought I was the only werewolf. Who are you?" I roll my eyes. "We're not werewolves. We're wolfbloods. Not monsters. And there's loads of us around. We're just not stupid enough to get ourselves found out." he sits down onto the bed to take it all in "wow" I'm confused "how come you don't know this? Didn't your parents tell you? Wolfbloods only mate with other wolfbloods so surely your parents told you about us" he holds his head in his hands for a moment before looking up at me with tears in his eyes "I'm an orphan. I decided when I was 4 that if I had to live without parents I would rather live in a boarding house then come home everyday to an empty one" I smile sadly and sit next to him on the bed lifting his hands off of his knees and onto mine where I lightly hold them in comfort. "do you want me to help you?" "help me?" I think about my words carefully here but it's not something I'm used to "teach you the stuff I know. I'm guessing you've transformed if you thought you were a werewolf?" he nods "Shannon's coming back. Let's meet tonight. We'll arrange a time later" Just at that moment Shannon opens the door "So, we've got crisps - oh" she clocks the sight of us sitting on the bed holding hands. I quickly stand up dropping his hands "Shannon, I was just, um...meeting Rhydian..." her eyes look us both up and down "so I see" Rhydian awkwardly clears his throat "see you later Maddy" he sidesteps around Shannon and leaves the room.

Shannon raises an eyebrow at me "shut up, it's nothing like that" she shrugs before sitting on the floor starting to unpack the mountain of food she acquired after hearing my hunger from my journey. I sit back down on the bed and think about the long list of what I have to do today. "Shan?" she looks up "Yeah?" I slide down onto the floor opposite her "fancy going shopping today?" "well, I have afternoon lessons but this morning I just have free periods so I suppose if we go soon we could..." I smile and she matches mine before I start munching on the food she brought. After about twenty minutes we are sitting on the bus about to reach the high street. I need to buy some supplies...and it's an opportunity to get out of that house.

Rhydian's POV

I'm sitting in Biology class wondering how unreal this day is already - first a new girl turns up stinking of wolf, then she tells me I'm not a werewolf that I'm actually a wolfblood, I'm not the only one and she can help me find out more. It's surreal! "Mr Morris?" My eyes shoot up from the sketch pad laid out on my desk that I've been staring at while daydreaming "hmm?" everyone is staring at me...why? My teacher sighs and folds her arms "I asked you where I might find chlorophyll" I shrug "dunno miss" she rolls her eyes and shakes her head "we just went over this Rhydian." Well I'm sorry I have a little more to think about than what the hell chlorophyll is! I go back to sketching and find myself drawing wolves, the full moon...her...Maddy...I need to know more.

Maddy's POV

Shannon and I reach the shops and begin. "Ok, why did you want to come shopping?" Shannon asks as we walk into the first shop "I just need to pick up a couple of things before I settle into the school" from hell I think of adding but realize that'd not be the best way to get off to a good start. "OK like what?" I think for a minute and decide to start with something less weird than stuff to do with wolfbloods. "food" Shannon looks shocked "we get food provided for us at the house and we've just ate, why would we buy more food?" I sigh and grab a trolley "So I don't have to rely on someone else to feed me. I like to be indipendant" Shannon makes a face as if to say she's independant too but we reach the isle I'm after so we stop talking and start shopping.

Chocolate (duh)

Nice drinks

Apples + grapes

meat, lots and lots of meat :)

Journal + pen (I might as well make a diary if there's stuff I need to remember about transforming)

new pair of trainers (which I intend to ware out within 3 hours)

a packet of dog chews (I slip them into the trolley before Shannon can see)

a new back pack

a new outfit of skinny jeans and a nice top

Many, many, many other items which will definately make me fat if I eat them all.

We reach the check outs and I pull out a credit card which gains a gasp from Shannon, then we return to the school with handfuls of shopping. A good morning's work.

Shannon goes to her lessons and I pack up my new bag with enough food to feed an army, put on my new trainers before heading out into the unknown woods ready to explore.

Rhydian's POV

I'm wandering through the woods to try and clear my head and suddenly I find myself face to face with Maddy. Guess now is when she's gonna explain everything to me. "Come on" she grins and we start running, running faster than the wind, running like wolves.

We're laughing and having fun, Maddy jumps over a fence and I jump into a tree to show off, she runs one way and I pounce on her, then we're tumbeling, falling down a hill and landing in a pile of leaves laughing like mad. Once we pick ourselves up we find ourselves at a clearing about 3 miles away from school and like the look of it. "This will do" Maddy says. "Do for what?" she sits down with her back against the trunk of a tree "Well, you want to know about wolfbloods so we're going to hang out and eat some food and I'll answer any questions you have for me if you answer all of mine" sceptically, I reply "OK" and sit next to her "First things first" I give her my best serious look "what food have you brought?" she grins and looks down into her bag.

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