Rhydian makes Maddy breakfast... we don't actually see breakfast ok sorry

When he pushes the doors open slowly, he peeks into the bedroom to look for her first; the only visible part of her is the massive tangle of brown hair poking out from underneath the sheets, and when she rolls onto her side, her leg slips off of the bed and towards the floor. He smiles at the sight, standing still for a few moments before she makes an unintelligible noise; Rhydian moves over to the bed, climbing across the mattress precariously until he's draped over the shadow of her body under the sheets.

She makes another noise, turning her head to the side, bleary eyes prying open to slits. "Rhydian?" Her voice rasps in creaky disuse and she lifts a hand to tug at the mane of hair coiling from her head, her features cinching slightly at the sun pouring over his shoulder. There's something he finds endearing about the sight of Maddy freshly risen; a few months ago, he might've admitted that it was because it was all new then, the surprise of waking up next to her. But now, there's just something he finds beautiful about her natural, dishevelled state.

He ducks his head down to kiss her on the nose, watching her expression scrunch even further, before a smile blooms on her lips.

"Stay in bed," he says, lifting a hand to brush her hair out of her face, a minor attempt to her hair behind her ear.

Maddy presses her face back into their pillows, and yawns until her jaw ticks. "Why do I have to stay in bed?" She slides up slightly, curling close to his body but more awake, glancing around the room. "Is it a surprise?"

Rhydian's nervous laughter tips her off more than anything else, but she doesn't call him out on it, not quite yet. He shifts beside her, rubbing the back of his neck before nudging her gently.

"No reason. I just thought maybe you'd like to relax a little."

She props herself onto her elbows, hands shifting under her chin, and hair falling down her back; beautiful, far too beautiful for the likes of him. Rhydian grins at her before he moves in to mould his mouth against hers, intent to partially distract and partially show his affection.

"Who says I wanna relax?" She mumbles, leaning forward to keep his lips smooth against hers before he pulls away, still grinning. He slips his hands underneath the bend of her arms at her chin, rolls her onto her back with his hands sturdy at her sides.

Maddy grins up at him, twisting underneath him and pulling her leg up to rest at his hip. He pulls a few strands of hair away from her face before laying a path of kisses from her forehead down the side of her jaw and into her neck, listening as she dissolves into giggles.

"I say," he breathes into the side of her face and she laughs, wrapping her arms around his neck. "That, and the kitchen is a littleā€¦out of order."

At this, she quirks a brow, but Rhydian feigns slight innocence.

"What did you do, Morris?"

"Nothing," he grins, kisses her on the mouth, "nothing that you need to know about, anyway." Her brow furrows and Maddy starts to retort, but Rhydian drops a flurry of kisses across her nose and cheeks until she's batting him away, laughing and tangling her legs in the sheets.

"The things I do for you," he adds, even with her curious gaze levelled at him, he doesn't reveal the exact nature of his disastrous plans, but he's sure it'll make plenty of an entertaining story for her later.

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