A/N: Gaaahh X and Y is SO good - I couldn't resist the chance of writing a sort of self-insert. Seriously, I know the majority of the Pokémon fanbase has played the game, and I'm surprised I haven't seen a lot of X and Y fan fictions yet. Regardless, I've been DYING to write this down.

Now, the reason for the self-insertion...1. I never really wrote a good one, and 2. you're not stuck with a default character in this game - you can customize your character in any way you want, ranging from clothes, hairstyle and color, and your skin. I felt more in the game because I could make a character that reflected me, y'know?

As for the story...I'm playing through the game for a second time. I played through Pokémon X on launch day and finished in...about a week or so. I'm playing through Y now. It's so much fun - with all the new AND old Pokémon you can get in the game, the replay value is freakin' amazing. I know I still have to complete some other stories on my channel, but I can't contain myself this time. I seriously HAVE to get this down.

Now that my rambling's done, enjoy!

[EDIT] For those who are reading this for the first, second, or how many times, if there is something obvious out of place, that is because I am conducting a mass-cleanup for this story. I noticed that there were a lot of mistakes I missed throughout the story, so I'm taking the time out to go back, fix and republish everything up until now. So don't be too concerned if there are some added details, or details taken out; I just couldn't ignore all of these errors. Looking back on it now, I was too excited to get this published to take my time to go through each chapter and fix anything out of place. But I assure you that I'm fixing it now. Enjoy the updated version!


To Start Anew

. . .

"-The Heart Pattern has to be the most popular pattern for Furfrou among female owners. The Pharaoh and Star Patterns coming in second for both genders-"


"-An alarming outbreak of Dugtrio has appeared on Route 13. Though they show no signs of endangering the ecosystem in the area, it is still a precaution to travelers and Trainers to be exceedingly careful when traversing through-"


"-As you all know, famous Rhyhorn Rider Grace Yvetta has made her home right here in Kalos! Though she's on a short vacation, we will be able to see her take part in our very own International Rhyhorn Races coming next summer after an ASTONISHING win in the championship-"


"-A new feature has recently been released for the Holo Caster! You can now look up a person's profile to add them to your contacts without the need to exchange codes in person-"



Pepper fluttered over and landed on my desk, before tilting her head slightly at me. I held out my hand towards her and she immediately bounded up my arm and down my stomach until she was perfectly perched on my left knee. Mom and I recently moved to the quaint little town of Vaniville Town in the Kalos region a few days ago. During the confusion of unloading our stuff and dealing with an uncooperative Rhyhorn, a Fletching started hanging around the house. At first she would just sit on the fence or on one of the window sills and watch us all day before flying back to wherever she came from. Then she actually started staying around more, as if she made us her new family and home. Mom and I befriended her after a while, and she's been with us since then. I was the one who gave her her nickname, Pepper (for the record, I didn't know that Pepper was a Fletchling until after Dad informed us when he came to check on us a few days after we moved in).

Today was actually the first time I've been able to just relax and not have to worry about unpacking any more items from the move. We had a LOT of stuff to unload from the truck, and it was a pain in the ass. I haven't been outside yet - well, I have, but I haven't went past the front or back yard. Heck, I've never really explored around town since I've been here; I would just sit out there and play with Ryder (our Rhyhorn) and Pepper for hours on end until it was time to go back in. The kids who live near us are completely enarmored by Ryder, and would often sit out in front of our house and watch me play with him. There were times where I would even ride him and do a few tricks Mom taught me during training just to be a little showy. It felt kinda good, being admired by little kids. Then again, I already was a bit famous since Mom's a star in her own right, and people often thought that I was going to follow in her footsteps and become an equally famous Ryhorn Racer. Quite honestly, I don't know what I'm gonna do - though I know how to participate in the races after being taught how to ride Ryder when I started walking, but that's not something I want to do as a career. While Mom was a Racer, Dad works as a Pokémon Ranger - he always has some cool story of saving people and Pokémon to tell us whenever he's able to come home for holidays. Although Rangers are cool, I don't think I could do that either; I hear Rangers require a few years of lot of training before they are able to go out and perform their jobs.

I gave up trying to find something interesting to watch on TV and turned over to see what time it was. It was 8:18pm - today went by kinda fast. I glanced around my room, staring at the large empty space on the other side. I honestly don't know what I was going to do with that space - I'm thinking about moving my desk over there or putting a small reading area other there. Things like my bed, TV and desk were all on the left side of my room; the only thing on the other side was my closet and a dresser - the rest was just empty space. Mom's room and the bathroom was just down the hall from mine, and there was a guest room downstairs next to the living room. Our house was pretty nice I'll admit, then again, that was to be expected from a family who made a good amount of money from their jobs. I don't let this fame and fortune go to my head though - if you could ask my parents what was the best thing about their daughter, they would always say that I was too humble for my own good. "I just wish she would get out of the house more!" is what Mom would add afterward. Apparently, playing in the front yard with a Rhyhorn doesn't count as "going outside."

"Kat?" I looked up and saw my Mom poking her head into my room. Pepper immediately flew from my knee and gracefully landed on Mom's shoulder. Mom was a pretty woman, and I'm not saying that because she's my mom - it's true. Light brown skin, short orangish-brown hair, hazel eyes, and a body type that is the envy of most models. Elesa's figure comes first for obvious reasons, but Mom's a close second. Dad's darker and has slick black hair, so I look more like him than I do Mom. The only thing that I have from my mom are her eyes. "Dinner's ready."

My stomach growled in response. "Coming."

. . .

"So, I have some news for you."

I looked up from my plate and gave my mom a quizzical look. "What? You won another bet on the Rapidash Derby?"

"Very funny, but no," she laughed "You know our neighbors have kids around your age, right? Well...apparently you were invited to go on a little adventure with them tomorrow. I heard it required five kids."

I fed Pepper some crumbs from my bread. "And I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that I was the fifth kid, right?"

"You'd be right. From what I was told, this region's renowned Pokémon Professor is taking in students for something important. I wasn't given the details, not all of them, anyway. They wanted to wait to see what your answer was before I was informed on anything else."

I slowly chewed on my pasta as I started thinking about the offer. I didn't know anything about the other teens in this town, so I wasn't entirely sure if I was ready to suddenly jump up and go on some sort of errand for the region's Professor. And why five? What was so important that it required five kids to go to who knows where for whatever? Then again, I know nothing about this region, and I haven't been anywhere besides the front lawn. And it would be cool to have some friends here...I didn't really have any back in Johto - they only wanted to be my friends because my mom was famous. I just hope that the same thing doesn't happen here.

"It sounds cool," I murmured after swallowing the food in my mouth.

"I think you should go for it!" she encouraged "I know we just moved in, but there's a whole new world out there waiting for you. Who knows? You might discover what you want to do as a career." She suddenly paused and gave me a sympathetic look. "I just hate we had to leave Johto when you finally got your Trainer's Card."

"Mom, it's fine," I smiled "There was nothing you could do about it. After winning the National Championship in Johto, it's only natural to be accepted by the International League. It sucks that we had to move. I mean, I miss Johto. It was where I was born, y'know? But hey, it's not the end of the world. We got a fresh start here."

Mom grinned. "That's my girl! I knew you wouldn't let the move hinder your spirit." She laughed to herself. "You really are your father's child, you know that? He's the same way."

I twirled the last few strands of pasta on my plate, watching Pepper peck at a string bean. "You miss him, don't you?"

"A little bit," she nodded "At least he still comes around when he can."

Silence. I try not to talk about Mom's "relationship" with Dad anymore. They were married at some point, but they separated about a year ago. I was told that the separation was mutual, but I already knew why they split up. I don't pry about it though - I know they don't like to talk about it.

Mom and I shared small talk for the rest of the meal. We talked about normal stuff - Mom had to start practicing for the races in a few weeks, so there's a possibility that I'll have to be enrolled into a school while she's out during the day, something I wasn't looking forward to. We finished dinner and I helped her clean up, then spent a good portion of the night watching a movie together. Well, we weren't exactly "watching" the movie, but more-so talking about the plot, our favorite and least favorite characters, how well executed were the effects, and what's the best snack food to eat during said movie. We didn't finish it, though. Since I had to get up pretty early the next day, Mom shooed me to bed and retired to her room afterward. I looked out at Ryder from my bedroom window to see how he was doing. Turned out he was just fine and fast asleep, since I could hear his snores from my window. I silently wished him goodnight and went to bed, but I found myself unable to sleep. I found my 3DS charging on the nightstand, so I grabbed it and started playing Fire Emblem: Awakening before finally falling asleep sometime later.

. . .

"Chii-chii, TWEEEEEEEE~!"

"Ow, OW! Okay, I'm up! Stop pecking me!" I swatted at Pepper as she fluttered around my head, singing the song of her Fletching brethren at an annoyingly loud volume. I still say Pokémon are better than regular alarm clocks, mostly because you're always happy to see them when you wake up. As annoying as Pepper was in the morning, I still loved her. Still, there's an odd satisfaction of beating your alarm clock into submission. Not that I would ever put my hands on Pepper, mind you.

I groggily got up and sat on the edge of my bed, mentally cursing myself for staying up a few more hours to play video games. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was just 7:03am. Arceus...why did I have to get up so early? Wasn't there something important I had to do today...?

"Kat, I hope you're up! You have to go meet up with the other kids today!"

Oh. Right. That thing I was supposed to do for the Professor. Now I remember. Thanks Mom.

"I'm up!" I called. Pepper flew back downstairs while I grabbed a clean towel and shampoo and headed to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and spent nearly 10 minutes going through some old clothes to find something to wear. I ended up finding that red and black dress my mom bought a few months back. She got it so I could wear it at the award ceremony when she won the championship. I haven't put it back on since then; Don't get me wrong, it was a cute dress, but I think it looks so gross on me. I instead put on one of my tank tops, some jeans, my cap and shoes. I didn't think I was really going anywhere, so I left my bag on my chair and went downstairs.

"Ready to go, I see," Mom remarked "Unfortunately, I couldn't make you breakfast in time. They're already waiting outside for you. I told them you would be right out."

The moment of truth, huh..."It's okay. This isn't the first time I skipped breakfast." I went into the cabinet and got a granola bar and stuffed it into my pocket before going towards the door. I told Mom I would be back later and stepped outside...

...only to immediately have someone run up to my face.

"HI!" I had to take a step back from the person, only to see that it was a girl around my age, possibly a bit younger. Light brown skin, brown hair in these odd pigtails, wore a hot pink shirt covered in black bows, shorts with black frills, a hot pink bracelet with another bow, and pink boots. She must really love bows and the color pink.

"Uh...hi?" I blinked.

"Don't mind her. She can be kinda flighty sometimes."

Pigtails turned to face the other person and huffily placed her hands on her hips. "Who are you calling 'flighty'?"

The other person chuckled before calmly walking over and holding out his hand towards me. "Hi there, neighbor. The name's Calem." Compared to the girl, Calem looked like a pretty normal guy. Short black hair, gray eyes, wore a blue jacket, jeans, and black boots with a bag strapped around his shoulder.

"And I'm Shauna~!" the girl sang after tearing my hand from Calem's. "Nice to meet you!"

"N-nice to meet you too," I said "You probably already know who I am though."

"'Course we do," Calem said "Your name's Kat, right? I think everyone knows the name of Grace's daughter by now. She's famous worldwide, y'know." He then looked over at Ryder, who was lying on his favorite white mat, snoozing the morning away. "It's pretty cool to have an awesome Pokémon like Rhyhorn just sitting in your front yard, huh?"

"Yeah." I gently rubbed Ryder's head, and got a snore in response. "He's a good boy, when he's not lying around asleep all day." I gave Ryder one last pat before following Calem and Shauna towards the front gate that led out to Route 1. It was a really short walk from Vaniville to Aquacorde Town, which was where the so-called "meeting" was suppose to take place with the other two kids.

"So, do you know why we were called out here?" Calem suddenly asked.

"All I know is that this region's Professor had an assignment for five kids. I don't know what for, though."

"We'll tell you EVERYTHING once we get to Aquacorde," Shauna said as she skipped ahead of us. "But I will tell you one thing - once we get to there, the three of us are getting a Pokémon!"

Say what? "Whoa, really? Like, for real?"

"Yup," Calem nodded. "Professor Sycamore - the professor of this region - is giving us each a Pokémon. Apparently, it's required for whatever he wants us to do. But I'm excited anyway."

"Me too!" Shauna bounced "Once we get our Pokémon, we'll officially be Trainers! Isn't that awe-soome~?"

I laughed. "Wow, I lucked out a bit."

"Why's that?" Calem asked.

I hummed a little. "Well...my mom and I originally came from Johto. I had just got approved to be a Trainer - got my Trainer's Card and everything in the mail when my mom won the Championship. During the ceremony, I was told that we would have to move here in Kalos since she was going to take part in the International Races. So we moved before I could become a genuine Trainer...I was pretty bummed."

"Wow, I bet that sucked," Shauna pouted. "But at least you can become a Trainer here! Just after you moved too!"

"Speaking of," Calem spoke up "we're here."

Shauna and I looked around only to see that we had already entered Aquacorde's gates. Aquacorde was a nice, quaint little town that was nestled comfortably in front of a river. Tan buildings with blue roofs were the overall theme, a small fountain stood in the town's plaza at the very center, and two cafes were near the gates to Route 1. This was my very first time coming here, so I was immediately taken in by the foreign beauty of the place, even if it was just another small town that was similar to Vaniville.

"Hey! Calem! Shauna! Over heeere!"

All of our heads turned towards one of the tables to the left of the entrance. Two boys were sitting at them - one was on the chubby side with short dark hair and the other was small and frail looking with bright orange hair.

"Hiiiii! Tierno! Trevor!" Shauna called before bounding over to the table. Calem and I followed suit, and sat at the table with the two boys. Shauna sat at the end next to Tierno and I, I sat across from Tierno, and Calem sat across from Trevor.

"Looks like the gang's all here!" the chubby one exclaimed happily "And hey! You even brought the new girl! Awesome! I'm Tierno - nice to meet ya!" He then motioned at the smaller boy next to him. "And this is Trevor. He's a bit quiet and shy, but a Pokémon genius in the making. He always got good marks on his tests when we were in school!"

"I'm Kat," I said, smiling "Pleasure to meet you both."

"So, c'mon Tierno! Where's our Pokémon? I wanna meet my partner already!" Shauna whined while peering over at said boy.

"Alright, alright! Calm down!" Tierno said "I can't give you your Pokémon yet. We have to go over Professor's Sycamore's request, remember?"

"Oh, that's right," Trevor murmured, finally speaking "Um...Kat's new to this, so I...I guess we better explain." He then pulled out a silver case from his bag and placed it on the table. He opened it, revealing three square devices sitting inside. "Professor Sycamore selected five kids - us - to be his students. He wants us to go on a journey around Kalos and fill in the pages of the Pokédex."

"Wait," I asked "so he's asking us to go out and catch every Pokémon here? Do you know how hard that is?"

"And Kalos is home to many other Pokémon from other regions as well," Calem noted "It won't be an easy feat."

Trevor nodded. "You're right, but that's not what I meant. You see, the Pokédex can automatically record data on a Pokémon on its own without the assistance of a Trainer catching Pokémon, like it does in Kanto for example. For this one, all you have to do is point it at a Pokémon to scan it. The Pokédex will then gather data from the image and automatically record the page entry, so it's a lot easier. However, it still requires you to actively search for Pokémon if you want to get every page filled."

"I get it," I nodded "so we just find a Pokémon, scan it, and the page will fill itself?"

"That's one way of putting it, yes," Trevor replied with a nod. "Though, catching a Pokémon wouldn't be a bad idea either. If you catch a Pokémon, other data like the Pokémon's exact height, weight and moves will be recorded for your use. If you just scan a Pokémon for the data, you'll just get the standard entry. Regardless of that, the page will be filled anyway. It's just up to you whether or not you want the extra data or not."

"That sounds like fun!" Shauna squealed, slight bouncing in her seat. "Think of all the Pokémon we could see out there! Think of the memories we could have!"

"Even though we were given a task by Sycamore," Calem added "that doesn't mean we can't have fun either. We should enjoy the fact that we can go out and explore Kalos on our own, at our own pace. We might end up finding out more about ourselves in the process, like a sort of growing experience."

An adventure through a foreign region on my own with a Pokémon by my side...sounds pretty damn awesome if you ask me. It actually sounds better than going through a region that you know about - it makes exploring even more exciting when you don't know what to expect down the road. And hey, a couple of traveling buddies don't hurt either. Maybe this will turn out okay after all.

"Now, without further ado," Tierno suddenly announced, before pulling out a silver cylinder from his bag. "You can now pick out your Pokémon!" He pressed a button, and the cylinder opened up to reveal three Pokéballs, sitting perfectly on a cushion. Those sphere devices contained my potential partner - a partner that will accompany me through my journey and the rest of my life. Once that Pokéball is in my hand, I will become an official Pokémon Trainer. My heart began to pound faster as adrenaline and excitement ran through my veins. What kind of Pokémon were inside? What type would I get? Would I be able to raise it correctly? What if it doesn't like me? What if I can't become a good Trainer like my mom or dad? How would I venture through Kalos when I would be so lost? No...no, don't think that way. You WILL be a good Trainer and your Pokémon WILL like you. You'll just have to treat them like another human being is all - become its friend. Easy, right?

"Ohmygosh-ohmygosh-ohmygoooooosh! This is sooooo excitiiiing~!" Shauna squealed. "We all grab one on 3, okay?"

I didn't like the sound of that. "Shauna, wait-"

"1, 2, 3, GO!" Tierno and Trevor backed away in their chairs as Shauna and Calem reached out towards the cylinder in a speed that matched a bullet, causing their chairs to fall over and the table to rock a bit. I didn't want to be outdone, so I did the same at the last minute and grabbed the first Pokéball my hand brushed on. We each had a Pokéball in our hands after we pulled back, but none of us knew what was inside. Shauna didn't seem to care though - she was too busy bouncing around the table clutching her Ball tightly.

"I got a Pokémon~! I got a Pokémon~!" she sang, before tossing the Ball into the air. It opened in a flash, and a energy materialized on the ground, turning into the shape of a little chipmunk-like Pokemon that was brown all over, except for the green spiky shell on its head and back, buckteeth and a tail. I never saw anything like it before, but it was pretty freakin' cute, whatever it was. The little chipmunk's nose twitched as it looked around at its surroundings, before noticing Shauna squatting down in front of it, staring at it with big eyes and a wide grin.

"Ches?" it squeaked, tilting its head at her.

"Awww, you're so cute!" Shauna cooed, before petting it. "I'm going to name you Chester." "Chester" only squeaked with happiness as Shauna showered it in affection. Curious, I held up my Pokédex towards it. It scanned the Pokémon's image, and it appeared on screen while the entry began to type itself out on its own.

"Chespin, huh? I murmured, looking at the data that was displayed before me. "It's a Grass type."

"I guess it's my turn," Calem said before tossing his Pokéball. In the same flash, another Pokémon materialized in front of us. This time it was a blue frog-like Pokémon with yellow eyes and a white bubbly foam substance around its neck and on its nose. It just sat there and stared up at Calem, as if it were studying him.

"...Frooo-ooaak..." it croaked. Calem knelt in front of it and offered its hand. The small frog stared at it, then at Calem, then back at the hand before deciding he was trustworthy and up Calem's arm until it was on his shoulder. I used my Pokédex to obtain data on it like I did Chespin, and I learned that this Pokémon was the Water type, Froakie. So...if Shauna got the Grass starter and Calem got the Water starter, that meant-

"That means Kat got Fennekin!" Shauna suddenly exclaimed.

I gave her a look. "Fennewho?"

"Open your Pokéball and find out," Calem suggested. I looked down at my Pokeball, feeling the same excitement and uneasiness I felt shortly before we grabbed the Pokeballs. I didn't know what kind of Pokémon it was, besides the fact that it was going to be a Fire type. I took a deep breath, mentally said a short prayer to Arceus, and tossed my Ball into the air. The world seemed to have slowed down as I watched the sphere device pop open to reveal the all-too familiar energy as it materialized on the ground in front of me. It revealed a small yellow fox Pokémon with big ears and orange fur inside said ears. It was facing me when it came out of its ball, unlike the other two, sitting there with a smile on its face. There was a look on its face that seem to say "hello, nice to meet you! I'm your new partner!" or something along those lines. I could barely contain my excitement, but managed to stay calm as I registered it into my Pokedex. Just like Shauna said before, it was a Fennekin, a Fire type. A female, no less.

I knelt in front of her in the same fashion Calem did and started petting Fennekin. She whined contently as I spoke to her. "Hi there, Fennekin. I'm Kat, and you're my new partner."

"Ahrf!" was the reply I got. I was content with it regardless, since it looked like Fennekin liked me. At this point, I just wanted to spend time with Fennekin - I didn't care about the journey now. Shauna had other plans, however.

"Alrighty then! Kat!" she exclaimed while dramatically pointing at me "I challenge you to a battle!"

"Wait, what?" I did a double-take "You mean...now?"

"Yes, now!" Shauna replied "As a Trainer, you now have to accept my challenge and battle me! I wanna see how strong cute lil' Chester is!"

"They won't be too strong since we just got them" Calem said "a little early training wouldn't hurt. Besides, this is a good opportunity to become more in sync with Fennekin, as well as get a little battle experience. You're going to get challenged and challenge many other Trainers on your journey, so it's best to get started now before going out completely clueless."

"Good point," I murmured, then sighed. "Alright, I accept your challenge, Shauna."

"YAY!" Shauna bounded over to the opposite side of where I stood with Chester following at her heels. I checked my Pokedex again to see what kind of moves Fennekin had at her disposal. With a move set of Scratch, Tail Whip and Ember, I was pretty much set, since I had a type advantage over Shauna. Let's hope that after all these years of watching my mom and dad battle, I can at least show that I learned something from them.

"Get ready girl," I said as I stood up "it's battle time." Fennekin let out another bark before taking her position in front of me and growled. Chester did the same, though he failed since he looked adorable doing it. A some of the townsfolk began to make a small crowd around us, wanting to see the match between two rookie Trainers right in front of the town's gate.

"I'm going to be courteous and let you have the first move, Shauna!" I called, feeling more adrenaline course through my veins.

"That's going to be your downfall, Kat!" Shauna retorted. "Okay Chester, Tackle!" Chester charged headfirst towards Fennekin, but I noticed that it was a bit on a slow side. If Fennekin is faster - which I'm pretty sure she is - I might be able to use that to my advantage. I waited until Chester was about to collide when I retaliated.

"Dodge!" Fennekin's ear twitched, and in that same motion it darted to the right just before Chester could hit, causing him to make a sudden stop and collect himself. "Ember!" the orange fur in Fennekin's ear glowed faintly as a fireball was shot from her mouth and hit Chester on his right side. It let out a high-pitched pained cry as it turned to face us, making me feel sorry for the poor lil' guy. But a battle was a battle, and I had to win.

Shauna let out a distraught scream as she covered her mouth, then seemed to throw some sort of tantrum. "You're not getting away with that! Tackle again, Chester!" Chester gritted his teeth and charged again, though he seemed considerably weak since he was even slower then last time. One more hit with Ember should be enough to take it out, but I decided to go out with style this time around.

"Wait for him to come in close," I told the fox. She nodded and waited. Chester began to close in...just a few more seconds and...

"JUMP!" Fennekin launched herself into the air, facing down at Chester who missed his target yet again, and could only watch in horror. "Ember!" Another fireball was launched and it was hurdling straight towards Chester.

"Eek! Chester, get out of the way!" Shauna cried desperately. Chester, already weak from the last attack, could only brace himself as the fireball engulfed him in flames. Chester cried out in pain while Shauna cried out in horror as her beloved new partner fell over in defeat, scorch marks all over his body and groaning softly in pain. Shauna ran over and instantly cradled her fallen Chespin in her arms, furiously spraying him with a Potion. Guilt suddenly flood into me as I sheepishly walked over to Shauna.

"...Sorry..." I murmured. Shauna looked up at me with hurt in her eyes, making my gut twist into several knots. but then her hurt expression morphed into a smile.

"You don't have to be sorry, that's just how battles work," she said. At that moment, Chester began to stir from being unconscious and looked up at Shauna with an apologetic expression and made some more noises I couldn't really hear. "Oh, don't worry about it, Chester! You put up a good fight! Kat's just too strong, huh?" Chester nodded, before turning towards me and holding up it's paw while smiling.

"Chtwa, epaah htchii!"

I smiled back at him. "Glad to know you're feeling better, buddy."

"Great battle, you two!" Tierno said as he jogged over to us with Trevor and Calem in tow. "Did you see those moves? Talk about awesome!"

"You just got your Pokémon," Calem added "and it's like you're already in sync with it. Nice tactic on using Chester's slowness to your advantage."

I shrugged nonchalantly as I felt Fennekin climb up on my shoulder. "I probably got lucky s'all. It just...sorta came to me, y'know? I didn't even think it would work myself."

"You should be more confident in yourself. I think you have potential to be a great Trainer," Calem added.

"Oh! That reminds me..." Tierno began to dig through his pockets,only to frown and begin to search through his bag. "Eh? That's odd...what did I do with...?"

"You gave it to me, Tierno." Trevor pulled out an envelope from his pocket before handing it to me. "Tierno's kinda forgetful - I held on to this for him. You should give this to your mom. It's a hand-written letter from Sycamore himself, requesting her permission to let you go on your journey. All of our parents know what we're doing for Sycamore, with the exception of yours. Hand this to her, explain the situation, and if you can, meet us on Route 2. We're going to go through Santalune Forest together."

"Will do," I said, stuffing the letter in my pocket. I told them that I would meet them on Route 2 once my errand was done, and they decided to go on ahead and wait for me. I heard Tierno thanking Trevor for keeping the letter for them as I went back to Route 1 again with my new Fennekin clutching my shoulder.

E/N: So, yeah, I had to put the game down after I had got my starter since I downloaded it on launch at midnight. It was around 2 in the morning and I had to go to bed. I also added Fire Emblem in there because Nintendo/Game Freak does some shameless advertising for other games within the game (gameception?). Besides, my character was holding a Pikachu 3DS XL when she got out of bed - what else should she be playing?

I picked Fennekin on my first playthrough, but I recently started a new file on Pokémon Y recently. So here's what I'm gonna do - I'm gonna mix up my team, meaning that my character will have Pokémon from both my X team and my Y team, but the story is going to focus more on Y. I'll explain why this is later on. I'm also not going to follow the storyline word-for-word. It would be too dull and predictable, and the last thing I want to do is bore you all to death.

I don't think I should add romance to this - I don't know where it would fit in, unlike other games like the original Black and White. But if you guys would want to see some slight romance or fluff, then I may be able to figure something out. Also, I changed the usage of the Pokédex by combining aspects from both the anime and the game. I was never a completionist - I would rather enjoy the game at my own pace, and only catch Pokémon to feel like I'm actually doing something rather than going around, battling people and collecting badges. But I commend you who are able to complete a Pokedex. Once I get the National Dex, I'm done.

So, how was it? I love getting feedback and criticsim from you guys and it gives me the motivation to keep writing, ya know? Now if you'll excuse me...*grabs my 3DS*