Hey everyone:) I have reread this whole story, and I'm really sorry, but I really feel like it should end here. I'm going to rewrite this whole story sometime soon and add in more descriptive writing because I've been getting into that a lot, and overall just make it better, but I think it should end here. Not knowing kinda adds to the beauty, don't you think?

Also I really don't have much time or inspiration to continue this story. Things in my family have gotten bad again with my brother.. just doing stuff he shouldn't and my grandpa with now not only bone cancer (which is terminal) but a broken back as a result of it and also blood cancer for which he started chemo today upstate with my mom where they'll be staying for a month or so It'll be just my dad, bro and I. Sorry for unloading, I just really needed to say it.

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So you can get a look at my other stories though, I've added some excerpts about them here:

Life is a Maze and Love is a Riddle: The Walking Dead- Carl/OC

The world has changed. The dead no longer remain dead, but rise again to feast on the living. People though, living, breathing people, have not changed.

Now, more than half the worlds population would deny that. Even if half of the worlds population may be well under ten thousand people at this point. They would say that people before wouldn't steal your supplies before shooting you dead on sight, but would offer you a kind smile and ask how you were and if you needed help.

But they're wrong.

Humans lived in a society where instinct was perceived as wrong, and unnatural, trusting behavior was though of as right. They called it humanity. And who is it that defined ones humanity? Did someone just sit down and dictate what was wrong and what was right?

Humanity is improperly named. It has been defined as what is the right thing to do by means of morals.

But what is the right thing to do when it is human instinct to do wrong? Who chose what is opposite human instinct was to be perceived as right?

It is in human nature to lie, cheat, steal and kill. That is what humanity is. To be human is to be wrong. It is instinct to survive and prosper, even if means others around you will have to sacrifice their supplies, family, or very breath to keep your black heart beating.

Fear the living, fight the dead.

Because those perceived as good, those with morals, are very few now. Why? Because our world has turned back to the animalistic era. We are all nothing more than animals fighting for our lives against the dead and living alike.

And to survive, we have to abandon morals and what is "right" to survive. We have to do what is "wrong". But what if were we're not doing anything wrong. What if there is no right and wrong at all? We're just doing what comes naturally to us.

We are liars.

We are cheaters.

We are thieves.

We are killers.

We are human.

Fear the living, fight the dead.

The 76th Hunger Games: all OC

In those first four seconds before the gong rings out, you learn something about yourself.


You learn that you are not as tough as you made yourself out to be. You are weak.


You learn that the chance of you getting to a weapon or to any supplies is very slim. You will have to survive without them.


You learn that you don't want these people dead; you don't want to be alone. You have no choice.


You learn how much you really want to live and you have to prove it. You can't fail.

And then you're either lucky, or you're not. If you're lucky, you get to live to see another minute, another hour, another day. You get to escape the tributes that thirst for your blood. If you're not lucky, you get overwhelmed by the weapons and the tributes and then it's over.

I'm was one of the lucky ones.

And I'm alive.

For now.

Barden Academy: Pitch Perfect- Beca/Jesse

When you're little, you play make believe. You pretend to be princes and princesses and astronauts and spies. You pretend you have superpowers and soar around like superman.

Eventually, you grow out of that stuff. Everyone does. Sometimes all at once, with a big event that robs you of your childhood once and for all, or gradually so you don't even notice it until one day it's gone all together.

The best part about Barden was that we didn't have to pretend. It was all real now, no need for make believe because the things that children pretended to be was what we were.

And right now, we were superheroes and spies as we edged as quietly as we could along the dirt road that lead to the main gates of Barden Academy.

From the perfect start, to the finish line: The Walking Dead- 11 year old Judith centered one shot

If you were to peer into her frozen orbs, you'd feel an electrical chill run through your body. It was if every shade of blue had knit themselves into one, making her irises seem like a white tundra, as if a blizzard was eternally raging on with a black void in the center that were her pupils.

Every member of the group both loved and feared her eyes, for they were identical to their formal leaders, the child's father. Judith despised her eyes, even if she caught herself vainly admiring them from time to time. Everyone would look to her as if she held the answers like her father would've, waiting to see if somehow he had lived on inside of his daughter.

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