A/N: Rei's POV; Kai x Rei. Note the "x", children. Because this couple needs more fluff, darnit! Especially sexy fluff.


"And if you want love, we'll make it

Swimming a deep sea of blankets

Take all your big plans and break 'em

This is bound to be a while . . . "

~ "Your Body Is a Wonderland"; John Mayer

I curl into the sheets and breath deeply. Your precious scent lingers there, heavy and comforting, and I purr with pleasure at discovering it. I am so good, Kai.

But I am nowhere near as good as you.

I remember the way you spoke to me last night, and it was so much warmer than it ever was before. So impossibly comforting and deep and God, have I ever felt so safe in my life? Ever, even for a moment? You seemed so old and wise, and I just fell into your arms. You were beautiful for the first time, instead of just "cute" or "hot", or some other cheap settle. I will always see you as beautiful now, and I wonder if I will be able to make you see me the same way.

Yawning lazily, I stretch out again, at the same time burying my face in the pillow you used last night. Your shampoo smells delicious, but it's only the scent of you that matters. I wish I could taste you again, but it seems unlikely that the pillow could provide that much of your essence.

. . .

Bleh, cottony.

I make a face, feeling remarkably childish, and wonder where you are. You wouldn't have left already . . . would you? Another deep breath, and my nose twitches as a new scent reaches it- not yours, but one that makes me just as happy.


Aw, for me, Kai? You shouldn't have.

* ende *

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