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My siblings and I are the Original Vampires, the witches are using my unborn child to manipulate me, as I wage war with my progeny Marcel. The game must be changed, Davina made it so the wolves have returned, and with a twist that will forever change the fate of my Kingdom.

Fire and Fury

Chapter One- Leverage

Throwing the large door open to the new mansion the Originals called 'home', Rebekah shouted as she threw her keys down, her heels echoing in the still home. "Elijah I swear if you brought me back to help our brother I will dagger you myself!" Rebekah strutted into the room, "Every time I try to leave this place I get manipulated to come back! I am done, you're back to look after Nic so I can leave and never have to look on his face again."

"Quite the vow, I think you've made the same one ever hundred years or so." Klaus laughed as he lounged in the large wingback chair, one ankle crossed over his knee. "I can assure you I no longer wish to hear your extensive complaining."

"Wanker!" she groaned, every time she tries do go off on her own, to be herself, the brothers always suck her back in. for years she has resisted the temptation to resent her brothers, but now, she was done. Challenging Klaus might not have been a good idea, but hell, it was the smug bastardy fault for getting on her nerves.

"Is shouting at each other your way to say how much you care?" the brunette Hailey asked as she entered the room, her stomach finally showing signs of pregnancy. She sat down on the settee and looked at the eldest original. "You got me up, what do you want?" she sighed, back aching, wanting so much to go back to sleep.

"Actually," a sweet little voice said, "I asked for you all to be here." Everyone turned to the pocket door near the fireplace, a young girl with long brown hair entered, her hands gripping her white dress.

"Davina," Elijah said as he nodded his head, "she has decided to help us take down Marcel."

"Really now, love?" Klaus smiled, dimples popping out, "I thought for sure my bloodbath of the Nightwalkers that guarded your prison would have pushed you away, and yet it brought you to me. I can still surprise myself."

When Davina had not come willingly to him, and Marcel had outright denied Klaus' ability to simply take her, he had shown up for her. Wanting the powerful little witch on his side, opposing Marcel and out of the Witches' hands. Marcel had placed many as her defense, he slaughtered them on sight. Such a waist, he is the hybrid, a force that could not be stopped by mere vampires. Magic, well that's another story. She hexed him, sending him flying, bruising his pride. It wasn't until this morning that he managed to stop brooding. But look what fate has brought him? He couldn't help but smiled.

"I am not doing this for you," she spat back, "I am tired of being a prisoner, I need to fight back. Fight the witches who want to control me, and fight him for locking me up. I want to be free, free of all of this—if I help get rid of Marcel the witches will have to leave me alone—for fear of my power, they cannot take me on alone so long as I am the last remaining Harvest Girl. So here I am."

"Brilliant plan, love. But," Klaus slid forward, "you have nothing of value to us."

"Blood-Hell Nik, she is a witch, she can blow Marcel up just by thinking about it." Rebekah shouted.

"Will you stop with the shouting?" the girl asked, "I didn't risk my freedom to come all the way here to just listen to you guys have a shouting match."

"So what would your plan be?" Hailey asked, "to help get rid of him?"

"If the wolves come back, Marcel will have too much to handle, he can't be caught up in three wars." She said, "Witches, Originals, and Wolves, they will jeopardize his power, you've already killed most of the nightwalkers, he can't go about snatching people and turning them, it would be too suspicious."

She gained some courage as Rebekah and Elijah took her suggesting into speculation, but Klaus was a different story, she watched as his wheels churned behind his eyes, running through all the possible outcomes and strategies. She inwardly groaned as he wagged his left pointer finger at her, 'tis-ing' at her with a dark glimmer in his icy blue eyes. Out of the three remaining originals the hybrid irked her to no reason, he was smart yes, cunning, undoubtedly, but he was—exhausting. He seemed to never reach an end, everything just kept spiraling in his world.

Seemingly to know what the younger brother was thinking, Elijah nodded towards Klaus before tuning his attention back to Davina, crossing his arms over his chest, "Marcel said he got the wolves out decades ago." Elijah chimed in, "how would you propose we bring them back?"

"By taking away what caused them to leave." Davina answered as she moved to sit down on an ottoman, "They are already at the borders, drawn by that," she pointed to Hailey's bump, "but they won't enter, not yet." Even a witch could sense that child's power, the danger in his potential.

"How did Marcel get the wolves out?" Rebekah asked as she played with her nails, not bothering to look at Davina.

"He has leverage." She answered, "A power over them."

"I thought you were his magic little trump-card?"

"For the witches, yes. But the wolves, something entirely different. I've only been there once, but he has it locked away, nightwalkers guarding it, a powerful witch was forced to sacrifice her life to create the spell that cages it."

"Would you be willing to take us there?" Elijah asked as stood behind the couch, hands in his jacket pocket.

"Yes, I'll even unlock it for you." She smiled, "Anything to get back at Marcel."

"We just don't want to get back at him," Klaus said, "We want control of the Quarter."

"And to make you king," Rebekah rolled her eyes, "power hungry as always." She scoffed, shifting in her seat.

"As long as I can be free, Marcel is out of the way, and you stay away from me after, I don't care what happens." Davina stood, "Do we have a deal?"

"Well I am in." Rebekah said. "Anything to end this, so I can finally leave this place."

"I believe in you." Elijah said.

"So this is the plan?" Hailey raised her brow, "more war."

"You of course will have no part in this." Davina said, "That little thing needs to be protected." In reality Hailey and that child would need to be destroyed, she just needed time to figure out how, plus protection from an angry hybrid father. But Davina had time.

Groaning Hailey threw her head back, "Why did you bother to wake me?" her back hurt all over, the baby had learned to do flips, and so her pelvis was now a gymnastic room as it stretched and rolled inside of her. It slept during the day but was so active at night, Hailey just wanted a break, but that wouldn't come well into its second year of life—maybe for the next eighteen years.

"So this is your plan?" Klaus asked darkly, he sunk back into his chair, "bring into town the wolves, this close to the full moon?" he chuckled, "Love, you really have no idea what it is you are in for." Klaus' own beast was hyperaware of the siren call of the moon, deep inside him it longed to run free, to have the moonlight touch its dark fur, but ever since his first shift, Klaus has kept the beast dormant, never again allowing himself to take wolf form; but to only borrow its talents as a wolf.

If the wolves where let back into the Quarter with the full moon approaching, they would not leave again for the safety of humans, this was there territory. They would shift right in the streets, giving themselves over to their anger, ready to attack vampires and humans alike, they distinguished no one in their beast state, Klaus knew too well the consequences of a human being in the wrong place at the wrong time. His beast railed in fury when he thought of it, anger boiled in his pit, but that was for another day.

"A bite will kill a vampire," Davina said, the child believed she knew everything.

"If they harbor just as much resentment for Marcel, then you sure as hell can expect them not to welcome us back as the rulers of the Quarter. Putting us in danger as well. You cannot expect them to waltz back in after years of hostility to accept us."

"Nik for once, instead of going against us, go with us. We are stronger together. The Original Family is not as impressive minus one original." Elijah, ever the voice of reason tried to get the younger brother to agree with them.

"Actually love we'd be minus three originals." He sassed. "In any case, I already have my plan of war for the night, but you go ahead, get this leverage from Marcel. I have other things to do." Standing up Klaus smiled and walked away.

"Oh!" Rebekah groaned as she stood up and paced the room, "Hvordan jeg ville elske at flå hans hjerte ud og fodrer det til ham, kun en gang!" she shouted angrily.

"A vivid image, Rebekah." Elijah raised his eyebrows, "though feeding Klaus' heart to him would only prove that he wins when he irks you."

"Elijah, hvordan kan du sammen med ham, efter han gav dem over til Marcel?" she groaned.

"I am not siding with him, I side with you, on this matter pertaining to Marcel." Elijah answered before looking at the young witch, "we will help you obtain this leverage, to bring back the wolves. It seems better than Klaus' plan for internal warfare."

"What the hell kind of language is that?" Hailey asked, eyes wide, not knowing what was going on, or what was being said for that matter, "what's going on?"

"Dutch, darling." Rebekah snapped, "Our native tongue, though tenth century Dutch is more complicated than modern Dutch. If Nik lets you live long enough, you'll get used to it."

"So will you come with me?" Davina asked as she looked at the three of them.

"Yes," Elijah said.

"Okay," Hailey stood up, placing her hand on her belly, "apparently I am not needed so I'll be going back to bed." She made to walk out of the living room, but stopped, "On second thought, a snack is better. Much better—something salty—no sweet—ooh both!" She changed directions and headed into the pocket door Davina had entered though, bile in her stomach suddenly bothering her.

"So where is this object?" Rebekah asked as she pulled herself up from the settee.

"West side, near the old mill, it's in an old wine cellar." Davina answered, "Marcel starves the nightwalkers so they will be vicious."

"Not a problem." Rebekah replied, running a hand through her hair, "once we secured this thing, the wolves will return instantly?"

"Yes, with it unsealed they should feel welcomed back."

"Carry on then, lead the way."


I cannot believe they had blindly sided with that child. I groaned as I watched them slip into the night like bandits from atop the roof. Elijah wanted me to follow her, not even knowing the full outcome of Davina's plans. Loyalty is not changed to easily, it slowly decays and blackens before the mind swirls with ideas and demands, until a new leader is recognized and a new vow of loyalty is made.

Davina became loyal to Marcel because she had been betrayed by her coven, he had saved her life. Just because he continues to protect her by locking her away like a princess in a tower does not call for a change of loyalty. Nor did she even proclaim loyalty to us, to me. Why would I trust her, I trust no one.

Not even my dearly beloved siblings. Trust always leads to anguish and pain. I choose to be wary of that little witch. The way she spoke and looked at me, I know she was trying to use us as protection as a way to get a small form of revenge for a teenaged fit of anger. I will never be used. She also regarded Hailey and the child with such contempt and loathing, her dark eyes blackening as she inspected it, no good comes from that look. I has seen my father look at me witch such a look too many time in my life.

Go ahead, trust the untrusting disloyal witch, both of you will end up regretting it. I have another plan. I smirked as I looked out into the land separating the plantation and the city. With my wolf's sight and hearing I peered into the world of my progeny. I could see the streets, the late-night people running about in my city, laughing and smiling as they went on their merry way. Unbeknownst to them the chaos that plagued the darkness of the Quarter. Marcel had his goons looking for Davina. Yes, I smiled, my plan was in motion.

The newborns ran about frantic, the higher-ups worried about their station in the kingdom. Their blood cold with fear, fear of their king, of his wrath, and of their hearts turning from him. Some were speaking amongst themselves of deserting, fleeing before the night was up. Marcel himself was distracted, tearing apart the church attic, trying to find some shred of her whereabouts.

They wanted daylight-rings, to be free of nightwalker status, but this trust was now jeopardized because of Davina's disappearance. His numbers were low, much lower than I had intended, but the last few night had been stressful for me. The sport of picking off the nightwalkers had cheered me up, just a little. A king is only as powerful as his nobles allow. The kingdom will be at peace when the nobles are stated and happy, otherwise everything will collapse.

I will admit that Davina's disappearance had quicken my plan, but then again this was what I had anticipated. I had thought of everything, my coup was in motion, the house of Mikaelson would rise to power in the French Quarter once again.

Howling off into the distance made me pull away from observing the chaos in my city. I shifted across the rooftop towards the outer bayou deep in the forest I could see the hapless creatures surrounding the limits of the city. In beast form however, their eyes reflecting the moonlight as they walked about the imaginary line. Telling me they were agitates, curious, and weary to enter the city limits. But they dare not. Something was indeed keeping them back, something that made them obey and frightened them. They howled to the sky, begging for entry, pleading for help, and desperation to find what is was that was leading them here.

I knew what it was they wanted to come for, my child. These wolves were f Hailey's line no doubt, cursed to be forever in wolf form, the Crescent Moon Pack. But what peaked my interest were the wolves not in beast form. Men and women stood behind them, camped out off in the distance. Agitation and fear rolling off them, I could smell them all this way. Each of different packs, they had assorted themselves into tight groups, not joining together, three—no four packs of wolves along with the Crescent Pack. Just who where they, this was not their territory, but the Crescents allowed them to be there. They were waiting for something. But just what was it?

Packs just don't come together. Could it be what Davina spoke of was indeed true? Could Marcel have a power over these packs, keeping them away? Or where they just drawn to the unborn child? Too many speculations. But it was indeed something to discover.

They arrived under the cover of night. Davina handing back in case the nightwalkers were outside the well hidden little cellar door. Rebekah led the charge, strolling right up to the cellar and pulling the door open. Elijah stayed back a bit, as she disappeared into the cellar, rustling could be heard, followed by screams and roars until every sound was cut short.

"Everyone is dead." She shouted, "The mongrels were almost desecrated as it was. No one has been here for ages."

Elijah held out his hand for Davina, she went to him, as he placed her hand in the crook of his arm, she smiled, this felt like safety. They walked consciously to the cellar. Rebekah held up her cellphone for light. They all descended together into the cellar, tripping on broken floorboards and walking into old spider webs. Davina pulled forth a spell, on the walls, old oil lamps hung, she lit them with magic, creating a path for them.

As they went further down, it seemed as if they were heading deep into the core until the reach the dirt floor. Davina then lead the way, walking down the only hall, no turns, and no forks. Unknown to them, Davina felt a large pulse of old magic still present in the area, they were close. As they moved deeper the pulse became stronger and stronger. Pointing to the end of the hall, she gulped.

"There he is." She said.

On the floor, a perfect statue of a person lay, dirt covered, unrecognizable, if it wasn't for the arms stretched out and mouth agape, it would have looked like a long rock. Davina pushed away her fear of the magic surrounding the statue and looked at it. The expression was well hidden in the decimation, but the person had been in pain when the spell was cased.

"This is the leverage?" Rebekah groaned "It's a statue! What is it, some kind of bloody wolf idol?" if they came all this way and got blood on her good shoes, she was going to pitch a fit.

"No, it's a person." Davina said as she knelt down, "a witch gave her life in order to desiccate it, turning the body into a living statue."

"Who is it?" Elijah asked.

"I don't know, I was shown this once, before I was put into the attic. But whoever it is, is a wolf, one that the others respected. Without him alive in the quarter the wolves had no protection."

"So Marcel desecrated an Alpha and the others ran crying away. Will this Alpha help us?"

"I don't know." Davina placed her hands over the chest, "one way to find out." The room pulsed with magic as Davina tapped into the veil of her ancestors, drawing upon the power to free the alpha.

"You bloody-stupid girl, don't bring an alpha we know nothing about, back to life!" Rebekah moved to pushed her away but Elijah wrapped his arms around her.

"It's the only way." Davina said as the spell binding it, cracked, along with the stone like coating.

Elijah and Rebekah stopped moving, they could hear the Alpha's heat, before it was not beating, and it was silent. As the magic surrounding it was removed, life resumed. They listened, breath was taken in, organs began to move, and blood that had dried became liquid again, and moved. The thing was coming back to life. Breaking the spell away Davina gasped, sweat dripped from her head as she felt the heart against her hand.

"I did it!" she smiled as she looked down, "The mouth opened," Davina said, pushing back, "its breathing."

They all investigated, the lips had indeed parted, and the stone falling away, dry lips looked as if they formed words. It took in breath, and after decades of silence a dry and cracked voice could be heard, "Blod!" it cracked, "Blod, jeg har brug for blod!" I must have blood!

Marcel walked into the sitting room, his inner circle all gathered before their king. They stopped laughing and talking amongst themselves at the sense of his distress. He looked like a hulking lion, ready to attack, muscles bunched together, eyes dangerously dark. They all moved back as he came forward.

"What happened?" He asked, venom in his voice. "Why is it so hard to guard a church door?" he looked in the eyes of his progeny's, each one of them he turned, each one of them had proved their loyalty, and had sworn allegiance. "Is there anyone in this room I can trust?" he yelled, "Anyone!?" he locked eyes on his newest day walker, Mike, college kid, willing to rip out hearts.

"Marcel," he said when he stood before him, fear in Mike's eyes.

"If you want something done right," Marcel placed his hand on Mike's shoulder, looking into the young man's blue eyes, "do it yourself." He said before he trusted his hand into the man's chest and pulled out his heart, crushing it in his hand as the body fell. "I made you from nothing, now this is how you pay me back? All unaware of your surroundings, forgetful, seeming to have no care for what I trust in you?"

They all cased their eyes down.

"Clean this up." He commanded as he reached over to another day walker and whipped the blood off of his hands onto the shirt.

Walking away Marcel felt a twinge of fear in his chest. He can trust no one. Davina was gone, the guards at the church dead, the priest out cold. What the hell was happening in his town? First Klaus shows up, and then this shit started. It couldn't have been Klaus, he had shown great loyalty to him, protected him, and helped him with Camie. Then again, he did want Davina, had said he would have taken her by force, not liking the fact that he had an all-powerful teenage witch in his arsenal. Then again it could have been his paranoid sense of self-preservation, the big bad Hybrid not liking that he had a shiny new toy. Klaus had tried to get Davina, to sway her weeks before, but that only turned into a bloodbath. Davina swore she would remain at his side.

Groaning Marcel headed to his private office, in need of a brandy. Opening the door, ne noticed the finely decorated room, which had been Elijah's personal study, already had a fire laid out, the servant girl wasn't due for an hour, and the sun had just set. Turning to close the door, he smelt the brandy, placing his head on the door, he cursed himself.

"You have a lot of never, coming here." Marcel said as he turned to find Klaus sitting in the chair about the fireplace, a glass of his brandy in hand.

"You're my friend, friends pop by and shoot the breeze with each other. No harm in that."

"Where is she?"

"The bartender? Shouldn't you know?" a tick in Marcel's temple caught his attention, the beast groaned to be released, wanting to attack, hatred for the man that had been like a son to him.

"Davina!" he shouted, stepping forward, "If you took her I swear Klaus!"

"Why would I take her?" Klaus smiled, leaning back in his chair, "she made it very clear that betraying you for an alliance with me and the witches is not for her. Now if the tiny amount of teenage respect for authority left her, and she just happened to walk out and away from you, well then, you do have a problem, mate." He tossed back the fine liquid, enjoying being back in the library, Elijah had a love of rare books, and each was a story of how they acquired them in their travels in Europe before their father chased them to the sea. Nothing had changed in the room, everything was exactly the same, even the portrait of the three siblings above the fireplace remained.

"Put your damned dimples away and get out of my home." Marcel rasped, his eyes trying, veins bunching up under his eyes.

The beast growled, fur standing on edge, this was his territory, his possessions, his home, and one does not simply take from a wolf, and then state a claim over it. Listening to the hostility in the beast's thoughts Klaus smirked, "If I recall correctly, this is my house." Klaus put his cup down, "this is my town," He stood, his smile faded, demeanor became darker, "and you're my progeny." He said, "I am an original." Beast and host appeared in the eyes, claws threatening to push through his fingers, anger boiling, one thought raced in the beast's moon clouded mind; 'mine'.

"Fuck you Originals!" Marcel stood toe-to-toe with him, "everything was going fine before you came back! Business up, liquor sold, and the blood flowing. This is my town, I'm the KING!"

A nightwalker crashed through the door, standing before Marcel and between Klaus, eyes dark, skin pealing, and an odor of death about him. Fangs out as he roared like an animal, protecting Marcel. Klaus laughed.

"As a king, you've revved up your personal security." Klaus smiled as he looked at the nightwalker, "Starving them I see? Trying to control those who you claim to be loyal."

"Have to with you walking around, killing them!" Marcel backed to the door, "Once I find Davina, I'll have a way to kill you."

Klaus placed his hands over the ends of his leather jacket, jerking it forward, straightening it over his back, this creature was not a threat to him, easily dealt with, but now his interest was touched, a way to kill him…?

"Now that's interesting!" Klaus laughed, "I can't be killed!"

"Now you can!" Marcel opened the door and closed it.

Looking at the distressed and desperate vampire, Klaus laughed, as if that would keep him at bay? He moved, the creature, not a man, followed, eyes zeroed in on him. Great, another monster for him to put down. The thing charged at him, fast as a blink, pushing Klaus back and out the window, much to his surprise.

It grabbed the kindling barb and followed. Klaus was ready, standing on the pavement in the back alleyway, catching the creature and pushing it away. Speed was it only weapon, not stealth, it was salvaging and breathing heavily. Smirking he evaded it a few times, before it managed to throw the spike. Klaus did not see it, because of the lack of light, it went through his chest cavity.

The nightwalker, darkness in his eyes had no idea what he was doing, only that he was hungry and desperate. Klaus stumbled back when the rod was plunged into his chest, the nightwalker, viciously ran towards him, groaning as he was about to pull the rod from him and use it against the vampire a figure appeared out of the shadows and landed on top of the nightwalker, the darkness of the alleyway hiding them. The nightwalker screamed out in pain as flesh was ripped.

Silence incased them a moment later, flesh fell to the floor, and something was thrown at Klaus' feet. Looking down, it was the nightwalker's heart. As he pulled the rod from him, blood dripping down from his chest he called out for the figure.

"Show yourself." He ordered.

Heels on the pavement was the first thing he heard from the darkness, it was a woman, she moved closer in the darkness until the dim light of the street touched her. She was short, just under average height for a female, dangerously curvaceous, dressed in black leggings, and a ripped white shirt—splattered in fresh and drying blood—, pale skin that looked as white as paper, long curling blonde hair, and a face that was all too familiar. Yes he had looked upon that face many time before, heart shaped, pointed chin, wide forehead, arched brows, and large round green eyes hooded by dark lashes. Her prefect shaped lips parted as she smiled, cocking her head to the side as she always did when entertained.

Klaus could not speak, air leaving him, thoughts blank, mouth agape as he looked at her. She snickered and stepped closer, her shirt read 'Crew' on it, across her chest, the shirt fell from one shoulder. She placed her hands upon the curve of her hip and slid one booted foot to the side. She must have been a phantom, some kind of doppelgänger, a dead ringer, this could not have been her. Sending his confusion and inner distress at seeing her, the beast road him, happily protesting that she was indeed real, happy like a pup, wanting to run to her side. This was the first time the beast had sensed her as a triggered wolf, years ago, some shred of recognition had existed. She could not have been there.

She chuckled lightly, his eyes locked onto her, sweet feminine voice, "Hello Nic," she said smiling, her accent was so familiar, so like his own, a hint of northern European, "been what, a thousand years?" she cocked her head to the side, "what's wrong, love, you look like you've seen a ghost?"

"…Vivian...?" she was real? His beast howled deep in his mind, upon hearing his name on her lips, this was indeed the very same girl he knew so long ago.

"I always did love the sound of my name on your lips, Min kærlighed." She laughed.

"How are you…alive?" he shouted, as he rounded away from the wall. "You were dead." He had seen the evidence, had seen the blood, she was murdered under a full moon, body gone, ripped to shreds. This was not possible.

Possible! The beast howled, the first time he allowed the animal's thoughts to have words in his head, he only ever allowed senses and intuition; to have an advantage. But the thought was so strong it pushed through his mental defenses. Through his eyes, the beast looked at her, knew her, remembered her, her sent, her smile, her posture, it remembered her, it was possible for her to have cheated lifetimes ago death. But how was she here now?

"You know, 'shock' isn't a good look on you, love." She started to move, walking in a semicircle, "but clearly I am alive." She smiled.

"How?" he walked in a half circle, they looked like two wolves squaring off.

"The same way as you," she changed direction and pushed up against him, leaning in to look up into his eyes, "magisk," she whispered before pulling away fast, laughter on her lips, "I'm surprised he never told you. But then again he did give me his word. Now I almost wish to see that fight." She clapped her hands together.

"Elijah knew about you?" Klaus said, they continued in their circle, "he is the one with the honor code." He looked into her eyes, a silvery sheen about the rim, the moon was in her eyes, making her bold and brash, she challenged him in her gaze, this was indeed Vivian, and the very same one he remembered.

She looked at him, he had indeed changed, and yet he was still Niklaus, but his mannerism changed—now beastly, hostile, and a challenge towards her. He indeed had no idea what had happened, and she preferred to keep it that way, no need involving the original hybrid into her agenda for the night, at least.

"Alas the very same brother." She chuckled. "The one who knows everything." She stopped and placed her hands on her hips, "well I'd love to stay and chat. It was good to see you again, love, but I've got places to go, people to drain, and witches to kill, a pretty full night if you ask me, farvel, Nic." Kissing her palm and blowing him an exaggerated kiss she smiled with a flash of teeth, before vanishing into the air.

Left alone in the alleyway, Klaus blinked, that really happened, Vivian was alive, he had seen her. Elijah had known she lived, had known about her, and never told him she was alive. Pressing his lips together, his chest pounding with newfound anger, Klaus headed for the entrance into the street. His vendetta with Marcel forgotten, he had to get back, he had to find out what the hell was going on. As he walked out into the lights of the night one word was on his lips. The name of the very man all of his rage was now directed upon. This was not happening, this was not possible. Nothing in his long everlasting life had prepared him for her miraculous return. This could very well destroy him. How dare the man he held above all the rest do this to him. The very man that had promised to do everything in his power to help this family heal and become whole once again. The hope of the family being peaceful once again had just shot right down to hell.

It was all ruined…

All because of him…

"ELIJAH!" he roared the beast looking through his eyes, tunneling, wanting to get at the brother and find out the truth. It howled at her absence, but he needed the truth, Vivian was alive, and Elijah knew about it, he was going to figure this out. The moon called to him, so close to her full shape, just enough power to affect his mood. The beast was happy that the host finally gave into the run, gave into her power just a bit, and gave him some room to stretch out his legs.

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