Fire and Fury

Chapter 5-Return of the Sun


I stood in the mist of the morning, breathing in the scents the dawn carried. The shiver that crept over my shoulder reminded me of my mortality that had escaped me so long ago. It reminded me that I had once lived in the wilderness, I had once live so wild and carefree, and I had once been at peace with the old. I searched for who I was in this world after my change. I was no longer just a child of the moon, I was something more, and yet something less. I knew what I was but not who I was. To shed light where darkness lies in the heart it a hard thing. Something I am sure Nik struggles with, to only know one half of who you are.

I had to go to the east, then go to the west. The road was rocky and the way was far. It was a dangerous trail, a difficult quest for me to go on. But I had to know, who I really am. God sent me towards many obstacles, challenged me at each turn, trying to get me to turn back around and run along home. To some, perhaps that is for the best, to give up. Even in today's society, who wants to go on a quest? Unless you want to know who you really are. It is up to you, it is your journey; your quest.

My wolf stretched, her spirit at ease. She listened to the wind and sighed, all was well. We had sensed magic last night. We had felt its power. It was Davina, it had to be, what was she up to? The magic had died, but the echo of the power was absorbed by the trees and the blades of grass, new found energy, life fed on it. Everything seemed more alive, my vision could see the ants on the bark moving to a faster tempo, the flowers danced happily in the wind, the mist seemed to me an entity all its own.

Nik had come from the cottage, coming up behind me silently, his energy was calm, soothing. His hand touched my shoulders, long artist fingers pressed down into my skin. His heat against my body was wonderful. Lips against my nape reminded me of how much I loved him, when we were human, he was attentive, generous, and caring as a human. His fingers pulled my hair away, lips traveling down to my neck, to the junction between my collarbone and shoulder. I knew he had spotted them, when he stopped.

"tattoos?" he chucked, fingers tracing the tattoo on my left shoulder, the bow and arrow pointing north, towards the small wolf inside the moon under my nape, then to my right shoulder with the crown and dagger.

"They are marks of my best journeys, the people I met, fun stuff."

"And the wolf?"

"A reminder of who I am, so I may never forget." I smiled, turning to him, reaching out.

"As if you'd forget?" he smirked back, dimples revealing themselves, larger hands incased my waist, holding the sheet that was wrapped around me closer. "You are a contradiction, Vivian."

"As is my nature." I laughed, "As is yours."

"As befitting of my queen." He held fast to me, knowing the moment he had said it I would pull away.

I looked for an escape, pulling to run, claws dug into my skin, drawing blood, anger boiled, my wolf at the scent of our blood and the emotion of our mate, howled out. I was brought back to face Nik, looking into his perfectly chiseled face, twisted in anger, wolf eyes looking at me, everything about him became dark and powerful as he looked at me. Those amber eyes locked onto me, prey instinct taking over, they saw everything, the chill on my neck from the electric touch of his hand, the excitement in my blood rushing through my body. The twinge of apprehensions in my eye as I looked for escape.

Brow raised, he tightened, "why are you always running?" the beast asked, his displeasure in his voice, alpha all the way.

"The same reason why you run, self-preservation." My wolf challenged, coming into my eyes, together we looked upon our larger, stronger powerful mate.

"So you sleep with me, and then you think you can run off?" he growled, "you are mine, Vivian, I keep what is mine!"

"I am not something to be kept. I am not a toy, some frilly lap dog willing to follow you around because it is your pleasure!" I laughed, "I will not stay, and a true king knows when to choose what is right. He does not simply take."

"And what to do know of kings?"

"Enough," her brow rose, "enough to know that if you take the Quarter your reign will fall as soon as it rises. Marcel has something you will never have."

"Vivian," he warned.

"I'm just speaking the truth, you rule by fear and threats. Rivers of blood will never bring peace."

"It can bring obedience."

"No one will love you."

"You love me."

"I do, I love you more than life."

"So stay,"


"Fuck, Vivian, stay by my side, live with me."

"You know my answer." I said. "There will always be a cry to move on." I pushed my wolf down, "I was caged for so long, as a mortal, and I want to see everything, go everywhere, seek whatever it is I want, whenever it is I want it. I want to dance in the rain in in Paris, I want to run with the bulls in Spain, I want to run around Moocow in winter! I want so much more than you could ever give me here, Nik. You want me to stay, but I am not one who stays. I am a lone wolf, going where I please, when I please, staying however long I wish it. I cannot stay, you know that. That's the very same nature you fight on a daily basis. You want to remain with your sibling who wish to put down roots, who want a family, a home. But your nature rides you, you hate conformity, you hat having to live in a standstill, trying to remain them. My love, your paranoia stems from your nature, you are caged." He pulled away from me.

"You are going too far, Vivian."

"I am not saying you don't love your siblings, why else would it pain you to dagger them, to bring them with you wherever you go? Family is above all everything to you. If you only free yourself, let your wolf guide you, you'd finally be happy, you'd finally stop your destructive path. People are not out to get you, Nik, you are caged, your back against the bars."

"and what would you have me do, Vivian?" he turned back to me, biting on the inners of his cheeks, wolf present, "give up all I have ever wanted, all I have ever fought to protect, to keep?"

"Come with me?"


"I won't stay with you."


"Nik, come away with me."

"Vivian, do not play games with me. Don't fuck me over, I'll show you what it's like to be burnt."

"I am not playing with your emotions, Nik," I closed my eyes and sighed, "but if you can't bear to tear yourself away from this supposes ambition that is actually being forced on you by the witches, then that's fine." I looked back at him, "let's go back then, I'm a little curious about what Davina was up to last night.

We managed to salvage our clothing, Nik had—well I had destroyed his shirt, but we were only heading back to the house. My blouse was ripped from the back, but I did not mind. Heading back we raced once again, challenging each other, the moon, though how distant she was, still pulling on us. Bear feet against the grass compared to his shoes, I was winning. I was until Nik had bombarded me, throwing me over his bare chest as we reached the door to the kitchen. His hands touched my sides, ticklish, we laughed together as he threw the door open. The house was quest as our laughs echoed.

Placing me back on the ground, Nik held me, keeping me from running away from his touch. No longer tired and burnt out from the moon, my wolf shivered at his heat, his hands on my body, had her thoughts replaced my own, overpowering me. She cooed our love for him and his wolf, allowing him to run hair larger hand through my hair, to capture our gaze, pinning us there. Our fight forgotten for the moment, both wolves now ruled us, reacting to each other, strengthening the bond they shared. Nothing would stop our spirits from fulfilling their wants and wishes, not even us.

Everything was offered to me in his gaze, and I was tempted to take it. But movement caught my ears, we both shifted, looking towards the ceiling, following the heavy steps as they moved from one upper room to the other. Scenting, it was Elijah, his familiar scent calming Nik, but as he allowed himself to observe, something was off. Something was not right, it was as if a heaviness that had once existed in this house was no longer there. As if it had vanished.

I taped into the low voices of Davina and Rebekah at the other end of the house, I could hear them, "why are you so angry, I did what Elijah asked of me!?" Davina argued with Rebekah.

"Why would you do this without consulting the rest of us, even Hailey, we thought she was dyeing!"

"As if you and your crazy brother would have trusted me in the first place?"

Nik looked at me, he heard my heart beating faster and faster as I listened. "Something happened to Hailey!" I said.

I would never let anything become of that baby! I rushed alongside Nik as we raced up towards the witch, throwing her bedroom door open, finding her paining at an easel, with Rebekah standing behind her, tapping her heeled foot as she glared at the young witch. They looked at us, Rebekah laughed seeing our ripped and missing clothing.

"Should I ask?" she laughed.

"No," we said together.

"What happened?" I couldn't hold myself back any longer, the magic I sensed last night was too powerful, something must have happened, "if Hailey and the baby alright?"

"She's fine," Rebekah scoffed, "this one gave us trouble,"

The wolf in Nik rose, "explain, child." He was about to advance on her, but Davina smirked, glairing right at him, stopping him, "what did you do?"

"I broke the link, Hailey is no longer attached to Sophie." Davina stated, crossing her arms, "Elijah gave me the spell, it took a bit of practice, but I did it."

"You almost killed Hailey and my niece,"

"I did warn you she's be in pain, but she was fine."

"You call screaming in pain and having a high fever fine?" Rebekah shouted. "You child, have some compassion."

"Like you?" Davina challenged.

Scoffing back, Rebekah stepped forward, hand on heart. "We girls need to stick together." Rebekah offered as smile but Davina refused it, turning back to her art.

Well, I was done here, capping my hands together, drawing the attention back to myself, "well I'm off to take a shower." I said, excusing myself.

Nik watched my every move, as I left, I could feel the weight of his stairs as I left. I passed by Hailey's room, Elijah was sitting bedside, tending to her. He loved that girl, I knew it. The way he dotes on her, cares for her, even if he did not register it as love at the moment, I knew it. Hailey had no idea how good she had it, a man who loved her and a baby to care for.


"Come again?" Vivian growled at me, staring me down from across the room, sitting beside Hailey.

Hailey sat in the large wingback chair while Vivian sat on the right armrest, a protective vibe about her. Vivian looked and acted like a mother hen when it came to Hailey, always beside her, always offering a story or a laugh, always with her. After her shower I found Vivian lying beside Hailey in bed, talking with her, calming her down after her ordeal, confiding old secrets with her. Fast friends, and yet more. Hailey looked at Vivian for trust, comfort, and a form of love none of us could give her.

It was odd, to see my wife—my mate—caring for the mother of my unborn child. A true alpha female in all respects. She care not who or what Hailey was, Vivian only cared that she needed protection. Taking up my scotch I drank while my mate glared at me.

"Niklaus, what the devil are you thinking?" Elijah interjected from his own chair, on my right, "we cannot abandon Hailey, not now, and not while she is vulnerable.

"She has the witch to care for her, we'll be gone for little more than an hour. She'll be fine, Sophie cannot blackmail us with Hailey's life, nor lie to us about the real reason she brought us here. We have the final peace to the harvest, nothing she can do. We can take on Marcel and take back the Quarter without worry for Hailey's being." It was simple, the only thing holding us back from acting on Marcel was stupid Sophie, threatening to hurt Hailey. Well now Hailey was free, and our contract null and void.

Actually it was void when we stumbled upon Davian, the rules of the contract specialized nothing about the Harvest ritual.

"Nik," Vivian started, "Hailey is vulnerable, if the coup does not work, Marcel can come here and kill her."

"He knows not where we live and of Hailey's existence."

"Like he won't find out that you live on the plantation he was a slave on!" Rebekah groaned, "He thinks you live in a hotel, and if he knows anything about your paranoid ass, he would know deception is key. Plus like you'd ever live in a hotel."

"If you three listen to my plan and follow it exactly, there will be no need to worry or speculate."

"We three?" Vivian laughed, "I am not a part of this expedition."

"Not now, Vivian."

"Not ever!" she growled, "I told you to leave me out of this. This is your war with Marcel, not mine."

"He has something of yours, something that keeps the wolves out of the quarter."

"What he has is nothing you can use against him. You want the answer to the riddle?" she challenged me, stepping off the chair and standing before me, blocking Hailey from my view, "thirty years ago, when I refused Marcel, I was in trusted with a secret, unintentionally."

"Oh goodie," I snickered, "a boon?"

"He had a witch working on a spell to trap the present pack in their wolf forms, it wasn't working at that point, but she was getting there. What I can assume from the past thirty years was that the spell succeeded, the wolves were run out of the Quarter. What my possessions do for him, is to make other wolves not wish to migrate into the abandoned territory. Wolves are opportunists when it comes to territory. Many can be singles, like myself. But for the most part we are social creatures, we stay in the family, some stay with their parents for their whole lives. In my experience I've seen society kick packs out of their lands, pushing them to become nomadic, trailer- trash as we are often depicted as, or invaders."

"What do you mean by that?" Hailey asked, "Like war?"

Turning to her, Vivian continued, "with more development of the human world, the land for packs to live on without worry of exposure decreased. Around the industrial revolution in America packs became desperate for territory, invading on other's lands. Now when a pack dies off, or is exposed and has to relocate, the territory of which it leaves behind becomes prime real-estate for other in need packs. What Marcel took from me is keeping other Packs away."

"So he has defeated the pack who has territory rights to the Quarter by putting a spell on them, and is keeping other packs from moving in." Rebekah summed up for Vivian.


"But my family is supposedly the resident pack here," Hailey said, "that's the reason why I can't find them, they're all stuck in wolf form." Hailey started to peace everything together, her eyes darting about, her heart racing, the baby reacted to her, moving with her anxiety. "That's why I was adopted out, too save me!" she moved to stand, "I'm going with you!"

"No," I ordered, "you and Davina stay here."

"She almost killed me last night, while you two were off running in the moonlight." Hailey rolled her eyes. "As if I'd stay here, when my family is trapped in wolf forms! I've never had a pack, but they are mine, and I want them to be free. Marcel is going down!"

"Hailey, Dove," Vivian placed her hands cupped around Hailey's, "shh," she cooed, bringing the feisty brunets attention to her, holding her gaze, I could feel Vivian's wolf reaching out to Hailey's, calming her, taking in her fear, anger, and pain, releasing Hailey, "Calm down, Dove. Listen to me, there is nothing we can do right now for your pack,"


"—the witch who casted the spell belonged to the coven Davina is from. They rely on ancestral magic, it can only be undone by a witch of the same family. Right now things don't bode well for them because Davina is supposed to die in order to cleanse the magic of that coven, if she doesn't die, the magic disappears." She placed Hailey back on the chair, keeping her hands on Hailey calming her.

Tears formed at Hailey's eyes, but she would not will herself to cry, "this is all screwed up." she said, leaning into Vivian, seeing comfort, which she did, Vivian wrapped her arms around the girl, holding her close to her chest, giving off Alpha vibes that spoke to Hailey's telling her to submit and let go.

"I know, I know." Vivian cooed, "There is a possibility that if the magic disappears the spells will too, so that could happen, it's a shot in the dark. But—" she tipped Hailey's head back, "—if I retrieve my possessions, I promise you, you will be safe, wolves will return to the Quarter, they will come to you like a beacon in the harbor, you will be safe."

Hailey's tears fell as she looked up at Vivian, understanding that Vivian was willing to get involved for her peace of mind. Acting like a true friend, which she desperately needed. Which I need, Vivian, Elijah, Rebekah and I taking on Marcel's coven would be easy. Even if I could personally take them on alone, I liked the idea of finding out Vivian's secret, and what the possessions truly are.

Her vow made, she turned to face me, her green eyes locking on me, the ferocious glint they house, and I knew she didn't like this situation. My beast howled at the thought of hunting, killing, moment alongside Vivian's. But he also warned me of Vivian's possible deception, of her running off once free of the spell or once she retrieved her belongings. It was a chance I was willing to take, I needed this victory, to reclaim New Orleans for myself and my family. I grow tired of seeing the M for my family stand for 'Marcel'.

Elijah would not allow me to fall into a frenzy, so he agreed to come, as long as Davina swore to protect Hailey. Rebekah was not a girl to be left behind, and she also still harbored animosity towards Marcel for a bit of a lover's betray a hundred years do. The original family, the original siblings and the original wife would go to war tonight, and would be victorious.

"You will not go off." I said, holding Vivian's arm in my larger hand, squeezing, to put more meaning to my statement.

She looked up at me, her wolf looking into me, not liking the dominance I was excluding. At moments she likes it when I display dominance over her, but as an alpha herself, when it is uncalled for, she rebels. Her green eyes darkened to a forest green, pupils dilated, the wild in her glinting, looking at me with a 'I can't believe you touched me' look, amusing.

She answered me with a mischievous smiled, "only until the time is right." I stated, "After that, you stay out of my way, my possessions are mine, and will never be yours. Take your kingdom, I will not stop you. ."

"In your way, is where I'd rather be, Love." I couldn't help but smirk. I noticed her eyes soften, shifting to watch the muscles in my face move to create the expression, my dimples showing their charm. "What other tidbits of information have you been hiding from me?"

"I have revealed all you need to know, the witches, the wolves—all of it. The rest is mine and want I want, is not yours to take." She turned away from me, I could feel all her strength as she prepared to pull away from me, "I am only doing this to protect Hailey, she needs better than what you are doing, Nik."

I pulled her back to face me, my beat jealous of her sudden care for Hailey's wellbeing, it should be me she should focus on. "Stay in sight," mine, my mate, my woman, never let her leave!

"No." she challenged, "once you have Marcel cornered, it's all me. Understand?"

"Yes," I mocked, I let her go, she ran off towards her room. I knew what I had to do, and it involved letting Vivian take the lead, and myself getting in her way. My kingdom, my subjects, my home, and my queen are all within reach.


Our decent on the complex was swift. Vivian remained elusive, while Elijah, Rebekah, and I attacked, opening up the gates. At this point they no longer feared the Originals, the coven held us in condiment, Marcel losing power over them, their disbelief that he was losing it. His oldest and most powerful vampires imprisoned, for supposed betrayal. We easily took them down, impaling them, pulling out their hearts. My beast came alive, the smell of blood and the feeling of adrenalin woke it, pushing me to become wilder, the beast side riding me. I felt the urge to turn into the beast, but I would never allow that.

Marcel had himself barracked in my former study, the ones who gave up surrendered, Rebekah now played with them, tormenting them. I should give her a few tips on torture for the mind later, even if she believes herself capable of torture. Elijah and I pushed out way into the secluded study. There the man who I raised from child to adult, my best friend, my son, sat lazily drunk on a chair, looking at us. Fear now gone, liquor in his eyes, he looked at me dead in the eyes, with a pointed finger he smiled towards me.

"I knew it," he laughed, "Klaus I know you, I knew you'd come for my kingdom."

"That I have, Marcel."

"They," he pointed towards the door, "My people, they will not follow you. You think you can just come in here and claim them? They are loyal to only me."

"But are you loyal to them?" I asked, "Do you trust them?"

"With my life."

"Do they trust you with their lives?"


"So, let us play a game than?"

Elijah's hand on my shoulder stopped me for a brief moment, "Niklaus!" he knew my ways.

"Stop, brother." I steppe forward, pushing away from Elijah, my progeny moved to stand, but he didn't make it far, he looked at me, "I shall take out a coin, any will do, if someone picks it up, you and your people are saved and can either go about their merry way or stay. If someone does not, I slaughter them all." I raised my brows, Marcel's reaction was incentive enough, he care too much for them, he backed away, unbelieving what I was proposing, playing roulette with their lives. He knew I had won when I walked into the room.

But the satisfaction of seeing his defeat was a treasure. He bowed his head and offered his hand, knowing he had no choice. Most where already dead, he had to save the few still left, still had compassion for those few. I placed the coin in his hand, when his fingers coiled around it, the exchange was done.

I was king, he had stepped down, taking my offer. Saving the few but giving me his allegiance. Now that's how a kingdom is won. I explained my rules for him. With such a successful ruler and charismatic man, why wouldn't I offer my best friend a place at my side? Taking his neck into my hand, forcing him to walk we exited the room to the open air court yard. Marcel moved to escaping the change in power, but something lightning fast stopped him.

Such a dramatic woman…

"Hello, Marcel!" Vivian appeared in front of Marcel, smiling, "missed me?"

"Viv!" he was speechless, stepping back, holding his hands out as he tried out fake a smile, "how have you been?"

"You know, dried up, like a stone for thirty years." She approached him, smiling, and her exterior cool and warm. Marcel on the other hand looked as if he was scared to death, what is it about Vivian that scared him? "Where is it?" she whispered, leaning up to him on her toes.

"Why don't you come down for a drink? On the house and we can catch up?"

He tried to slide past her, Vivian placed her hand on his throat and pushed him across to the wall, cratering the brick, pulling him down to eye level, snarling, her wolf taking over, "darling, tell me where you are hiding them? Or I will gut you." Each word was harsh, a beast voice.

"What makes you think I have them?" he tried to smile.

"Playing games with her will not deter her, mate." I smiled, crossing my arms, I was rather enjoying seeing Marcel squirm like that.

"You wanted the wolves out," she said, "there was only one way to do that." She said, "You have them."

"You were supposed to be a statue." He said back.

"Well your little charity witch project helped me out a bit." Vivian laughed, "no one can stop the harvest, and she's on borrowed time." Vivian lifted him, pulling him closer, whispering into his ear, "now are you going to tell me where you have them, or shall I rip through every vampire in this coven and feed you their blood to get the truth out of you?" she laughed. "This is in fact a very lovely little coven you have here, I wonder how many of them I have to kill until you have no control over the Quarter?"

"Bottom level, past the vampire garden, iron bared doors." Marcel said, eyes wide.

Smiling Vivian released his throat but held his head, as if she was giving him praise, as if he was a child, "why thank you, darling." She then snapped his neck, throwing his body to the floor. "That's all I needed to know." Chuckling she turned back to us, "stay out of my way." She said before using her speed to race off.

"Vivian!" I followed, Elijah quickly following. "Rebekah!" I shouted, gaining my sister's attention as we chased after Vivian, I heard Vivian's heart ponded, felt her anticipation her excitement. She taped into all of her emptions and they ran ramped, my beast did not know how to process them as it felt her. "Vivian!" She disappeared into the old hatch cellar door.

Our eyes had to become adjusted to the darkness. Vivian's frantic searching was enough to lead us by. The wolf in her ran about, frantic, groaning, moaning, and howling. She was throwing open doors, looking into rooms, to only slam them shut once again and move on to the next one. Elijah passed horrified at the vampire Marcel had imprisoned in the basement walls. Some living statues, others still clinging on to life, moaning for him to free them. Rebekah bitched about the place, but I was only interested in what Vivian was searching for.

She stopped at a bared door, seemingly empty, but she knew something we didn't, her wolf called out as Vivian pried the bars apart, it was not a door as much as it was a cage sealed from the outside.

"Come," she called, looking in.

"What in the devil is she doing now?" Rebekah asked as she brushed cobwebs off her shoulder.

"Come here," she knelt down, holding out her arms, elation on her face, "come here, it's me…you're safe now," we all waited, silent as Vivian stayed on the floor, looking into the darkness of the cell.

"There is obviously no one in there." Rebekah groaned, she was about to leave when I heard something, a scraping of the floor, I held out my arm, stopping her. "Nik,"

"Shush" I said, Elijah heard it too, and we waited.

A young boy, no more than three came running out of the cell, dirty, covered in cobwebs no shoes, his blue eyes fixated on Vivian as he launched into her arms. She held him tight, wrapping him into her, hiding his little face into her neck, hands brushing away the grime from his dark blonde hair, kissing his neck. He cried into her, hands gripping her clothing, she stood, offering whispers of safety.

Pulling back, his dirty little face formed into a smile, "Mama," he laughed, touching her cheek.

I felt my beast awaken, possession overtaking his thoughts, "mine" it claimed.

"Rikard!" she said, "my precious Rikard."


At last I held him in my arms. So small, so fragile, so beautiful. Rikard, the love of my life, my light, my precious one. He was covered in dirt and grime, held prisoner for so long in this place, I was going to rip Marcel apart and feed him his own heart for what he did to my son. Big blue eyes looked at me, happiness and content flowed through him. He was safe. His eyes then drifted from me over to the others, standing with mouths agape. Klaus looked as if he was about to kill me from shock, or pent up rage.

Turning with the child in my hands I nodded for him to speak, obviously ready to shout at me. "you made an immortal child?" he asked rage and venom in his voice, he was trying to be composed, but I could see him writhing, shaking, trying to hold back his anger.

"In a way I suppose I did." I answered.

"Are you stupid?" Rebekah chimed in, stepping forward, her hair falling out of her bun, "vamperic children cannot control their thirst, he might was well throw a temper tantrum and drain the city dry. Why would you turn a child?" she accused me, reaching out to place her hands on Rikard's shoulder, he pulled away and hid his face, "just because you lost your chance at motherhood does not mean you can go around sublimating it!" she reached for him, "give him to me."

"NO!" Rikard shouted, "I am not vampire!" he said.

"Rikard, say no more." I warned.

"Mother!" he winced like a child.

"He certainly is not human!" Rebekah stepped back and looked at Elijah and me, "what's going on here?"

"Vivian…" Nik muttered stepping forward, I knew he could sense what this boy was, and could smell the wolf in him, "you said…"

"Nik, come no closer." I whispered, the child pulled away and was placed on the ground, standing in front of me, a scowl on his face, eyes pointed and sharp on Nik, "Nik," I said, as I placed my hands on the boy's shoulders pulling him into me.

"go away," Rikard growled, looking up at me, "go away," he charged Nik, brave boy, smirking he, reaching out and catching his head in the web of his hand, holding him back, "let go!" he reached up and took hold of the wrist to pry Nik off.

At the first touch of Rikard's hand to Nik's skin, both froze. Nik looked as if he had been hit with lightning, his eyes widened as he looked from me to the child and then back. Mouth agape, an emotion long since missing from Nik flooded his face. Rikard loo looked up in awe at the elder male. He sensed the electricity. Both their hearts slowed at the moment they touched, to only intensify to the point they could have exploded. Rickard, in fear jumped back and ran to me, throwing his arms around me.

"He is a hybrid," I said, running my hands through his hair, "right now he is a child."

"We can see that, Vivian," Rebekah said, "an immortal child."

"I am not a child." Rikard looked at her, "not all the time." He smiled, deviously.

"How is this possible?" Nik asked, pointing to him, "you said he died with you, when you turned." Looking me dead in the eyes, "there is no possible way for a vampire to carry a child."

"I wasn't a vampire, Nik," I corrected, holding my son to me, "I was turned directly into a hybrid, still a wolf, having the ability to deliver him. But he did die," I ran my hands through his silken hair looking down at him, tuning his head up he smiled, "he was a part of my body, and when I drank of the Patrova blood, he too was affected, he was born a dhampir."

"So," Elijah entered the conversation, "this child was born a vampire-human hybrid, capable of growing, of aging," he looked down at him, coming closer until he knelt down at his level, "the last time I saw you, you were a newborn." He smiled placing his hand on Rikard's shoulder.

"Hello, Uncle Elijah." He smiled happily.

"So you knew!" Nik's beast said.

"I kept my vow to Vivian, to keep her secret, yes I knew." He did not turn back to look upon his angry brother, he kept his attention of Rikard, "and I am guessing you are in your current state because of a spell, to keep the wolves away."

"Yes," Rikard admitted, he looked up at Rebekah, "I wasn't not always a child, I aged until I was full-grown. Marcel had a witch put a spell on me, trapping me in a child form incapable of feeling the moon, separating me from my wolf."

"Did you say 'wolf'?" Rebekah then pushed Elijah out of the way and knelt before Rickard. "As in a werewolf?"

Rikard proudly nodded, and I patted his head, "When I killed my first human, my wolf awakened, I am a hybrid. A human, vampire, werewolf, born a dhampir because of the curse, triggered into a wolf."

Nik scoffed, his mind swirling as he tried to understand this child, our child, this miracle. "Nik," I said, the beast looked back at me, "it's a miracle, I thought I had miscarried when I was turned, but I went into labor soon after. He is a hybrid, a born hybrid, not made like us, he was born so different, so special, with the ability to survive off of blood or human food, to blend in with the humans—appear as a human, no aversion to the sun or Vervain. Such a miracle, to only become a hybrid, a natural hybrid."

Anger seethed through Nik's body, shaking him, wracking him with anger and guilt. He dare not advance on me, my wolf growled at his anger, my offspring between us, she would always choose the child over the father. Mate or not. Rickard too felt it, he puffed his chest, willing to protect me, born an alpha.

"You convinced me he had died!" Nik shouted, "You blamed me, and I let you! You made me feel guilt, loss, grief—you made me hate myself for what I supposedly did to you!" the pain Nik displayed was heartbreaking, the loss, the hate, his anger towards me, Elijah moved to hold Nik back, the elder using all his strength as Nik advanced giving himself over to the beast, the eyes and face changing to that of a hybrid, the creature Nik hates, "and yet here he is, our boy! You not only rob me of my sanity for one thousand years, but my son as well! Anymore surprises in store for me, you cold bitch?!"


"Hush," I said, "Nik…"

"WHAT?!" his beast broke through, a thundering voice, one of fear, blood, and anger, roaring, echoing. I knew what would come next, I didn't have to wait long.

I called out with my wolf, and I revived my answer moments later. Loud booming, groans, smashed were heard in the fall hallway. A dark mass hurled down the hall in the darkness. Golden flecks of light the only visible entity. They siblings, all distracted by mass jumped back, but Rickard and I remained still.

The mass stopped before us. I was surprised when I saw it. Shaking with pain, blood flowing from its mouth, it must have taken all its energy to remain as it was. The eyes looked at me, fear swirling. Rikard moved to run towards it, but I held him, I looked down hard, showing who the dominant one was. Once it lowered its head, crouching low as possible to the ground did I allow Rikard to move towards it. Together we placed our hands upon it. I felt its pain, the shift was forced and unnatural, one out of pure instinct.

The creature had mange, fur missing, skin dry and cracked, it cried out as I took more of the pain away, "How did he get like this?" Rikard asked with sadness in his eyes.

I simply petted his head, "out of necessity."

The siblings all gathered around, realizing it was a wolf pup. Large for a normal wolf, but not for a supernatural. It reacted to my touch, taking in my calm and giving over its pain and hut. Rikard placed its head in his lap, placing soothing pets over its muzzle and head, scratching behind the ears. It looked up at him, with an inner knowing, with a sense of hope and longing. Rickard amiled and held it, wrapping his small arms around it.

Using my dominant side I commanded the shift. The wolf groaned and cried out when its bones started to break and pop, pushing away from Rikard. We all watched as it grew smaller, cried and whimpered as the limbs retracted, skin became light and the fur disappeared. The cried became human, tears fell to the floor as a child replaced the wolf.

Blue eyes looked up, and I fell in love.

"Vilhelm!" Rikard shouted as he pulled the newly formed child into his arms, they embraced so tightly, you would think they had not seen each other in years.

I smiled happily, I knew my face full of light and content as I looked down at the two, why would I not?

"mother!" the second boy flew from Rikard and into my arms, wrapping himself around my middle, hiding his face in the clothing, sobs escaped him, all I could smiled and patted his head.

"You found us darling, stop crying."

"So is this his wolf form?" Rebekah asked.

"No," I held my laughing back, "It's not, far from it." I said, as I turned Vilhelm around, "this is my other son,"

I watched as Nik looked upon them, the child's face was exactly the same as Rickard's, standing together, they were twins, blonde hair, pale skin, matching blue eyes, strong chins, high cheek bones, they both smiled as they looked at each other, two sets of dimples took over their expressions.

I knew what Nik was thinking, the all-consuming command of the wolf, the same me; MINE!

Closing my eyes, I could hear his heart, I could sense her wolf howling in his head, unlike the waves of happiness and apprehension running over me, he was spiraling down something dark, so I looked at him, searching for the man I knew, reaching out to him, choosing my words, "These are your sons, Nik; Rikard and Vilhelm."

I could have sworn Nik died that moment as he looked into the eyes of his little ones, the children I had made him believe were dead. Our sons, our identical twins. Natural hybrids, born dhampirs turned into hybrids. A new breed of their own, the same as the parents and yet vastly different, and the family Nik has been searching for his entire existence, but I have kept hidden. He is going to kill me.

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