Chapter 1

Sheldon was positively stunned, although "stunned" really wasn't strong enough a word to describe the way he was currently feeling; it was really more like a combination of dazed and astounded. His day was not going at all as he expected. It had started off normal enough with his Monday morning routine. In fact, it had been positively average until exactly 10:03 am when his cell phone rang.

"Hello, this is Dr. Sheldon Cooper," he answered. He listened closely as a man with a European accent talked into his ear. The accent was so strong that at first he couldn't quite understand what was being said so he was forced to ask the man on the other end to speak slower. That was when he finally understood that he had been selected as the winner of this year's Nobel Prize in Physics!

He was shocked, absolutely shocked; he hadn't even known that he had been nominated for the 2013 Nobel Prize! Silently, he listened to the man inform him that he would be required to come to Stockholm, Sweden on December 5th for lectures, press conferences, receptions, and dinners. The award ceremony would take place on December 10th. Following the award ceremony would be a banquet and that the dress code at the banquet was white tie and tails. There would be dinner at the royal palace on December 11th. He would be allowed to bring one person with him.

Once Sheldon was off the phone, he took a few deep breaths before texting Penny his good news. He then proceeded to text Leonard, Raj, and Howard. Finally, he texted Bernadette. He did not text Amy as Amy had informed him not to ever text him at work again unless it was a dire emergency. She had said that since they were now working in the same building, there was no real need to text during work hours.

Lunch time rolled around and Sheldon strolled into the crowded cafeteria with his food feeling like he was, figuratively speaking, on cloud nine. He saw President Siebert sitting with Doctor Gablehouser at a table near the back wall and they both happily waved at him. Being in such a good mood, he would have waved back, but since he didn't want to drop his food he settled for smiling at them.

His euphoric mood was immediately soured when he saw Amy, sitting at their usual table with Leonard, Howard, and Raj, sobbing hysterically. Leonard and Howard were looking at each other while Raj was patting her on the back. He walked over to his usual spot at the table, put down his tray of food, looked at Amy and said "Why are you crying?"

Raj stopped his patting and Amy took a few deep breaths and hiccuped a bit. She then turned to face him and said, "Sheldon, you got word that you won a Nobel Prize. You told everyone in our group, even Penny, before you told me! How could you do that to me?"

Sheldon was confused. He decided to ask Amy for clarification. "Amy, you told me not to text you at work unless it was a dire emergency. I do not believe this qualifies as a 'dire emergency'. Also, how did you know that I told Penny?"

"Leonard told me that Penny had texted him about it," said Amy. "But Sheldon, don't you think I would want to know something of this magnitude immediately?"

"I also told her that you texted Bernadette," said Howard. Sheldon ignored him.

Sheldon felt anger rising within him. "If you wanted me to tell you this right away than you should not have told me not to text you at work!"

"You have a point." Amy took her napkin and wiped her tears with it before balling it up and placing it back on the table. She then stood up and held out her hand. "I really am happy for you."

Sheldon looked around and saw Leonard gaping at him open-mouthed while Howard and Raj looked at each other. Sheldon chose to ignore them.

"Why are you holding out your hand?" asked Sheldon, turning his attention back to Amy.

"Sheldon, with your eidetic memory, you will remember that in section 5 sub-section B of our relationship agreement it states that either party is deserving of a hearty handshake after winning a Nobel Prize."

"Very well," said Sheldon resignedly. He did not enjoy public displays of affection and he felt that shaking Amy's hand counted as such. He stood up and shook Amy's hand.

After they both sat back down, Amy asked, "Now that that's out of the way, when do we leave for Sweden?"

"Now hold on a minute! I was thinking of taking Penny," he said, stiffening. He really didn't like it when Amy just made assumptions.

"What?" Amy sounded extremely angry; this was not good. He glanced around the cafeteria looking for a place that he could possibly hide, but alas, the cafeteria was extremely crowded. He did, however, see Kripke sitting alone at a table in a corner and that made him feel a little better because at least he had people to sit with.

"Yes," said Sheldon, making sure that the volume of his voice was low to minimize the possibility of people overhearing. "You see, awhile back, Leonard had the opportunity to visit the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland."

"Leave me out of this!" interjected Leonard.

"As I was saying before we were interrupted," said Sheldon with a glare at Leonard, "Leonard was going to take Penny with him to Switzerland, even though he was supposed to take me according to our friendship agreement, but both Penny and I ended up getting sick so he decided on taking Raj. I feel that both Penny and I deserve a vacation and this is the perfect opportunity."

"Sheldon," interrupted Amy, "that is unacceptable. I am your girlfriend, therefore I should be the one to accompany you." He thought she sounded annoyed, but it was hard for him to be sure.

"Dude, I'm on Amy's side," said Raj. Sheldon glared at him.

"Amy, you didn't let me finish!"

Sheldon saw Howard roll his eyes at Raj while Leonard sighed.

"Okay, go on," said Amy.

"You forget that you are on a no-fly list due to some incident when you, Penny, and Bernadette attempted to go to Las Vegas. Because of this incident, you three gals joined us in our game of Dungeons and Dragons. How can I take you to Sweden if you are on a no-fly list?"

"We could take a boat to Sweden. It would take longer than by plane, but we'd arrive there together. Plus we would get to share a room," said Amy dreamily.

"No, Amy, I refuse to take a boat." Sheldon felt sick at the prospect of being thrown overboard. He did not know how to swim and he didn't want to have to learn on the spot.

Amy looked like Christmas, her favorite holiday, had been canceled. "Then we are over."

Sheldon saw Leonard mouth "uh-oh" to Howard and Raj but he chose to ignore it. Instead he returned his attention to Amy and said "What do you mean?"

"I mean that I wish to terminate our relationship agreement."

Sheldon had always assumed that if Amy were to terminate the relationship agreement that he would feel anger, disappointment, and sadness. Instead he just felt relief. Much as he liked Amy's mind, he found it very difficult to be in a relationship with her. He did not enjoy physical contact with her in the least. Now that he was thinking about it, they really would make much better friend than anything else. "Very well," he said, "I will draw up the official termination document tonight. I hope that we still can remain friends."

Amy didn't say anything. She stood up, took her tray of food, and walked over to an empty table and sat down. There was an extremely awkward silence.

"Sheldon," said Leonard, breaking the silence, "you can't take Penny with you to Sweden!"

"Why not? I no longer have a girlfriend, or at least I won't after tonight. What else is there to interfere with my taking Penny to Sweden?"

"Penny is my girlfriend, not yours, and I forbid you to take her to Sweden!"