Tired. That was the way to describe how I felt at that point. Well, tired and groggy.

You see, I'd played capture the flag with the Hepheastus cabin against Annabeth, and well, let's just say she kicked my butt, which I didn't mind too much.

What was I complaining about then?

She'd kicked my butt in front of the Romans.

It would be fine, you see, had she kicked my butt in front of just the Greeks. That happened quite often. In fact, it happened so often that it was almost routine. I walked out of my cabin, get breakfast, then get my daily butt-kicking. It was just Annabeth's way of saying I love you.

But in front people as hardcore as the Romans. Well, that was a different story. Especially since people like Reyna and Octavian were in the audience.

They were the kind of people that expected constant strength. Especially if you were a son of Neptune, or Poseidon in my case.

Then again, Annabeth's only trying to prove herself. I thought.

Which was true.

You see, even though we'd defeated Gaea, or Terra if you're Roman, and commenced communications with the Roman camp, Annabeth still was often treated badly because of who her mom is. Athena.

Here in Camp Half-Blood, Athena was highly respected. She was, after all, the goddess of battle strategy and wisdom. And thankfully, we had lots of Athena kids to help out when we needed them.

The Romans aren't so thankful, unfortunately.

Because, to the Romans, she was Minerva, a goddess of crafts and arts. A VIRGIN goddess of crafts and arts. And, according to Annabeth, Romans took virgin vows seriously. Really seriously. Like, bury you alive seriously, as in the case of the Vestal Virgins. Thus, the Athena kids being treated badly by the Romans. Annabeth, especially, since she is the unannounced leader.

Which I consider crazy because Annabeth's the nicest person I know. That is, when she's not turning me black and blue.

I got to my cabin, finally, and stumbled down onto my bed, not even staying awake long enough to listen to my cyclops half-brother, long story, Tyson.

This, of course, turned out to be a big mistake for me.

I know it is a short chapter, but hey, it's my first go 'round. The next chapter will be longer I swear. I hope it kept ya on your toes, and that you enjoyed it. Love y'all, and peace!

Note: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Tyson the Cyclops, Octavian, and Reyna-and other related Percy Jackson related stuff in this story- do NOT belong to me. They belong to the incredibly talented Rick Riordan. I am not trying to steal his work! I am only just trying to create a spin-off from the series that has been in my head a LONG while and has just been begging to be released. Thank you.