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Applejack and Rainbow made their way up the stairs. Rainbow couldn't help but stare at her ass, watching it sway with the cowgirl walk she used everyday. She had one of those lean, but muscular bodies, with the perfect mix of power and shape. She had perfect everything: hips, legs, ass, shoulders, breasts, and face. The right kind of person for her.

They made their way down the hallway, passing many doors until they reached Applejack's room. They only had about a half hour left of their off period to do what they liked, which was a perfect amount of time. They entered the room as Applejack placed her hat on her standing mirror, while Rainbow took off her leather jacket she wore for riding her motorcycle. They both sat on the bed looking at eachother. The light from the windows reflected off her beautiful green eyes as she stared into Rainbow's. Before the situation became awkward, Rainbow leaned in for a kiss.

She only thought it would be a quick one, but that changed when Applejack wrapped both her arms around her as she laid back into the bed. They started a make out war, where Rainbow usually came out on top with, but she was fighting harder than usual as she pecked the inside of her mouth with her tongue. She tasted of apples, of course, as she began exploring Rainbow's mouth. She didn't want to be taken over of, so Rainbow sunk her tongue into her mouth, lightly circling.

It was a heated war, until they broke apart to catch their breaths.

" Y'know for an athlete ya sure do run outta breath pretty quickly, RD." She sat up propping on her strong arms.

Rainbow didn't take the comment offensively but came back with one of her own.

"I won didn't I?" She looked right into her eyes with a challenging look.

They were probably the most competitive people at the school, so she didn't take it lightly.

"Oh,..you won, huh? they'll here comes round two!" She dove forward meeting her lips with Rainbow's.

Caught off guard, she used that advantage against her as she began fondling Rainbow's breast from under her shirt.

Rainbow wasn't going to go down that easy, so she slid her hand under her orange plaid button up shirt and began playing with hers. Rainbow broke from the kiss and went under her white t-shirt.

"Well looks like someone is already perky." She said as she begin to feel her around.

"AM NOT!" She leaned back and tackled Rainbow to the ground, slamming against the hardwood floor.

"You wanted this war Rainbow, now ya gonna get it." She took dominance by kneeling over Rainbow.

"A war would indicate a chance for you winning AJ." Rainbowflipped her on her back, reclaiming her dominance on her. Before they could get back at it, they heard steps come up the stairs. Applejack shuffled around and smoothed out her hair, trying to look normal. The door swung open as Big Mac entered the room

"What's all the noise fo'?" Walking over to us with a question on his face.

"Oh nothing Big Mac, just dropped some books." AJ spoke smiling intently at her big brother.

"I don't see no books.." He began to peek over the side of the bed, but luckily Rainbow stopped him.

"OH, would ya look at the time, gonna be late, we gotta go, see ya Big Mac!" Rainbow Dash grabbed Applejack by the arm and swiftly made it downstairs and outside.

"That was close." Applejack said as she put her key in Rainbow's side door.

Applejack opened the door and spoke up as she made her way around the front of the pick up.

"It was kinda your fault for tackling me on the ground ya know."

"Ya, but only cause ya made me." She said swiftly while winking.

They made their way back to school just in time for the next class. It was math, which wasn't AJ's big subject of smarts. They had the class with Rarity and Twilight, who usually brought in heaps of papers and books, as she did today.

"Hello girls!" said Rarity as she entered the math room, carrying drawings and binders in each hand.

Every boy turned to see her enter through the door. Each guy in the school had a thing for her, but she was looking for the captain of the varsity football team as a date. Not far behind her entering the room was Twilight balancing books in each hand since Spike was off in World Civilization. Feet wobbling under her, she slammed the books on to her small desk. She blew the bangs from her eyes and took her seat. The bell started it's sound as kids took their seats. The teacher came rushing in with stacks of papers looking stressed.

"Sorry, I have to run and go make copies, I will be back soon." He stared at the class for a while, making sure they heard it, and made his way out the door to the copier.

"So Twilight, got any idea who you'll go with to the festival?" Rarity turned her chair to face Twilight.

"No, I'm studying cultures that night." Rarity's eyes widened as she spoke up. "WHAT? You aren't going?"

It echoed throughout the room, but no one paid attention since the group was usually loud.

"Yes Rarity. Although it seems like a good time, I have studying to do for my test coming up."

The conversation got boring so Rainbow turned to Applejack, who had a question on her face, staring at her math homework.

"I just don't get it Rainbow. No matter how hard Ah try, this stuff just doesn't sit in mah brain."

"You'll get it soon enough." Rainbow reassured her while slightly nudging her side.

Rainbow leaned her head against the wall behind her and looked over at Applejack.

"If you want help, we'll go over it after school." She looked up at Rainbow with shimmering eyes.

"You'll do that fo' me RD?" she asked still looking over at her.

"Of course. You already told Mac that you'd be staying later." She leaned in and abruptly hugged Rainbow Dash, basically crushing her innards.

"Thank ya Rainbow." she whispered while letting go.

Rainbow didn't see it as much of a big deal, but if she even gets a C in a class, Granny will go apeshit on her.

The teacher came speeding into the room and straightened his tie after setting a big stack of papers on his already cluttered desk.

"Now," he spoke up, "Let's begin.."

The rest of the day went by slowly for Rainbow. Some ups and downs were met with school work and tedious work. The only class left was exciting for Rainbow because it was physical ed., which she was always good at.

Since Rainbow was captain of the track team, she got with the team every class and practiced. The only other terrific players on the team were Soarin and Spitfire. They were each other's best friends. What ever each did, they did together. Soarin was usually walking in the halls with a different girl under his arm each week. To Rainbow, he's pretty cool, but could be 20% cooler.

Rainbow walked into the locker room late. She was surprised to see Spitfire leaning against the lockers with her arms and feet crossed.

"Look whos late again." Spitfire made a smirk.

Ignoring the comment, Rainbow rushed in and begin to put on her uniform, but was interrupted by Spitfire's hand sliding up her exposed thigh.

"So Rainbow, got any dates to the festival yet?" The feel of her cold hands gave Rainbow chills slipping shorts up her legs.

"Not yet, and don't fuckin' touch me when I'm changing." Spitfire ignored the comment, scoffed, and made her way onto the field outside.

Rainbow finished putting on her gear and made her way outside to the track to see the team lying around.

"Well ladies, why are you lying around? Let's get to work!"

Practice was flawless due to Rainbow's leadership.

Even though there was one more sprint until the end, she wasn't very winded. The team lined up on the start line, with Soarin and Spitfire on either side of Rainbow Dash.

"You ready to finally be beat RD?" scoffed Spitfire as she took stance.

"I won't be for a long time. Get used to it." Rainbow smirked while finishing stretches.

They all were lined up and the sound of the gun was heard. Like a stampede of cows, they hit full speed right away. Making the first turn, Rainbow noticed Spitfire beginning to make a move up front. With only 30 feet to go, she kicked into high gear and shoved past the finish line first.

"God damn. You almost had me Spit." Rainbow rested her hands on her knees.

"I would've unless my shitty shoe didn't untie." she began mumbling and cursing while walking away.

"I'm sure of that.." Rainbow said under her breath, but Spitfire couldn't hear.

After getting changed, Rainbow made her way into the school to meet Applejack at the study hall. They met up and Rainbow begin to tutor her on math, which was one of Rainbow's best subjects. She usually tried harder near the harvest time since she would have to keep good grades in order to go to the championships for track.

Rainbow tried hard to make sure she understood it. After an hour, she turned while scratching her head, "Hey Rainbow, hows about they pick up on this tomorrow. I'm kinda getting a headache."

Rainbow looked over to see her looking at her.

"Sure AJ." They packed up and begin their walk out of the school, but Rainbow was stopped abruptly with a tug on her arm as she was pulled into the janitor's closet.