The unraveling of lies

Means the unraveling of lives

The secrets of the missing times

And the final moments of those led to die


A new understanding of a past comes to light

A new understanding of a wayward life


A man set off track

Set on a new trail never to come back

He left himself behind that day

And let the demons come out to play

Only destruction follows his pursuit

A heart overtaken with lies and greed at the root


The blood on the land and in the sand

Due to his lies and because of his hands

The hands once used to caress his wife's face

And kiss her goodnight

Marred by the blood and the taking of life


One decision unraveled it all

His life and others dead from his fall



Author Note: I just kind of wrote this poem after a late night of watching Breaking Bad. It mostly focuses on how Walt's string of lies were unraveled and what resulted from his decision to "break bad". I hope you liked it. I don't do a lot of writing and hope to improve and write more. Please review, with constructive criticism accepted. Thanks for reading!