You all knew this was coming.

Based on the sneak peek we got today. If you haven't seen it and don't want to be spoiled, run away (but come back after the episode and give this a go).

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Feel Again


"I'm feeling better since you've known me,
I was a lonely soul, but that's the old me."


He barely waits the five minutes before making his way back to camp. They're all there, smiles on their faces, making a fuss over David being okay and preparing food for the night. He drops the small pile of firewood, causing them all to look up from their self-appointed duties and making him regret making the noise.

"Hook," it's Snow's voice that reaches him first, "Thank you. Thank you so much." She bustles forward giving the pirate a tentative hug, still unsure of his allegiance, but grateful for his knowledge of Neverland foliage, "You've kept our family whole," she says, pulling away and reaching behind her for the makeshift cups they'd fashioned out of hollowed wood, "I propose a toast."

He's not used to having the attention on him, not used to being hailed a hero and it makes him nervous. But as Snow White toasts, "To Hook," he looks over the camp and sees Emma smirking at him and feels a little more as ease. He tips the cup against his lips and downs the fruit juice they've made for the occasion, something a little more decadent than water, but not as comforting as his rum.

They all go about their business once more after that, the pirate helping get the fire started and relishing in not having all the attention his way. He's not opposed when Emma joins him though, "Hey, thought you could use a real toast," she says quietly, passing him the flask he usually carries on his belt.

He doesn't even question it, just smiles and takes it from her hand, knowing full well when she must have swiped it from him, "You really could be an excellent pirate."

She grins and ducks her head at what she now sees is his highest form of a compliment, "Never gonna happen, Captain." She uses his shoulder to lean on as she gets back up and makes her way back to her parents as he takes a generous swig from the flask which still has that lingering taste of her on its rim.


They're supposed to be sleeping, but he's fairly certain she's keeping the whole camp awake with her tossing and turning. He can hear the mumbled whispers of Charming and Snow trying to decide who should get up and go see what's wrong, feel Tink's nervous energy sparking over to his left and see the exasperated look on Regina's face even with her eyes shut. In the end Emma just stands up, declares, "I can hear you, you know," and walks off towards the edge of the camp.

Regina's face settles into a smirk and while the royal couple still bicker over who should be the comforter, Hook stands himself and follows her, leaving the others in a shocked kind of silence.

It doesn't take long for him to find her, her exhausted body sitting on a fallen tree, head in her hands, "Go away, Hook."

He raises his hands in defence as she looks up at him. "Just here to talk if you need to," he says, taking a seat next to her.

Despite his insistence, they remain silent for a long while before she feels the desire to speak, "I heard Henry."

He frowns, "In the cries?"

She nods, biting her lip, physically trying to bite back her own tears, "He thinks I've abandoned him. He thinks I've left him to this god forsaken island." A rogue tear escapes and rolls down her cheek before he swipes at it with his thumb.

Her eyes meet his briefly and he pulls back his hand. He offers no apology though and she appreciates that.

"I spent my childhood wondering if my parents would ever come find me, if they even tried and I've just put Henry in the same situation."

"Hey," he says, wrapping an arm around her shoulders, "Pan plays dirty mind games, but the reality of the situation is that you've come here to find your son. You haven't abandoned him. And he will see that when he sees you."

She leans into his side, taking the comfort he offers. When she feels his lips pressing against her hair she turns her head up to look at him, takes his face gently in her hands and lets her trembling lips fall on his. He remains very still, scared that if he moves, she will end this perfect moment, but contrary to his concern, she deepens the kiss, tilting her head slightly and opening up to him.

He takes the opportunity and gently sweeps his tongue in to taste her, loving the way her body arches into his, reacting to his every touch, his every insistence.

And this time, when it's over and their foreheads are touching as they come down from the sheer emotion of it all, she lets him leave one last peck on her lips. She lets him follow closely behind her as they walk back to camp and she lets him lay down next to her, curling an arm around her waist as she finally, finally slips into sleep.


It actually physically hurts him to see her with Neal. The boy who was once his only family has left that man and instead a broken person stands before them all every day, trying to get Henry home, trying to save his family.

And that's what makes his heart ache, he thinks. That this other man could potentially just walk in and take something from him based purely on the past.

Yes, they could be a family, yes they have the blood ties and a son together and she's born of true love and he's the Dark One's son. But gods be damned, she's the first person in an exceptionally long while who has made him feel something. And he's not ready to give that up.

She comes and finds him later, when everyone else is sitting around the campfire discussing the next day. He's pacing, his flask of rum in his hand, not yet feeling the need to drink himself into oblivion, but allowing one or two nips to take the edge off.

His steps stop abruptly when she appears through the leaves and into the little clearing, and he actually considers simply walking back to camp and not dealing with this right now. Because they have her son to find and that's more important than his heart.

But he's unable to back down from a challenge, and when she says, "You need to tell me what's going on with you," he meets her halfway, standing over her, peering into her eyes, daring her to see it.

"I can't stand watching you with him."

She seems affronted by his selfishness, "He's helping find Henry, he's on our side. I'm allowed to talk to him."

He scrunches up his nose in disgust, "But talking to him comes at the expense of talking to me and I have bloody feelings for you, Emma. It hurts me to see you confiding in him when I'm here."

She takes a step back from him, her mouth involuntarily hanging open. She hadn't realised… She knows he'd been flirty and she'd been receptive and they'd comforted each other when they needed it, and sure, she felt something.

But she didn't know he felt it too. That it went deeper than a desire to bed her.

It's too much.

Far too much.

With her son still out there, her ex mere feet away from them and the pirate's blue eyes looking at her like she holds all the answers, "I'm sorry. I didn't know."

His hooked arm reaches around to catch her before she walks away and she realises that she doesn't remember him stepping back in to meet her. She stumbles forward, her hands bracing on his chest as they continue to meet each other's gaze. "Well now you do," he says quietly, his voice deep and dripping with desire.

Before she can say another thing, he captures her lips in yet another searing kiss and she begins to see that this is going to be something she can't live without.

His hook travels further south, sitting under the curve of her ass, his hand soon joining it and lifting until her legs wrap around him and he can push her up against a nearby tree. With her stable, he allows his hand to wander, trailing up her side, his thumb grazing over her breast as his lips find their way along her jaw, to the point where her neck and shoulder meet. It's there, as she moans and pushes her hips forward that he bites down. Because he wants her to be marked, he wants people to know about them, even if they can't figure out what they hell they're doing, he wants Neal to see that they're working it out and it's not his place to try and take her.

And he knows he has no right to claim her either, that she'll make the choices she wishes to make on her own, but the feelings coursing through him right now are primal and uncontrollable. He wants to kiss her until her lips remember only him and want only him.

They hear David's voice calling through the passionate haze around them and with a reluctant sigh he allows her legs to drop from around him. Her lips are red and swollen and he hangs his head at his lack of restraint, pulling tendrils of her hair over the bruise already forming on her neck.

She silently sidesteps him and heads back to the campsite, her body and her emotions a right mess.

But despite it all, when she hears him walking behind her and smiles to herself. It's quite possible she hasn't felt this alive in years.


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