"Come on, Levi! Live a little!"

"I don't want to go to a cabaret, Erwin," said Levi, rolling his eyes, "Remember last time we were in Berlin and you said exactly the same thing? No, they're filthy"

Erwin turned around to face Levi. They were outside some cabaret they'd found in the lowertown, after they'd decided to go out on the town and 'experience the culture' as Erwin had said. Actually, he had been absolutely insistent, and so Levi got dragged out into the streets of Berlin with him. Levi was now about to get dragged again, this time into a cabaret.

"So you're telling me," Erwin drawled on, "We came all the way to Berlin just so you could be an ass and not do anything."


"Oh come on, I swear the cabarets are way better than when we last visited. They've stepped up their game. It's the 20's now, Levi! People are finally learning how to have fun! You can't say no to a German Kabarett. It'll be fun!" said Erwin excitedly.

Levi saw that he couldn't possibly win, so after a while he agreed to go in with Erwin to see girls dance and flash their knickers.

The inside of the hall was much nicer than Levi had expected. It still couldn't quite be considered classy, but he had to admit that Erwin was right about the cabarets being nicer than when they had last visited. Loud jazz music was playing as Levi and Erwin entered the main room. There was a large stage at the front and tables with chairs were set up around it. Scantily dressed women moved in between the crowded tables, offering drinks here and there.

Wow, thought Levi, this really has become the place to be.

Erwin had a huge, goofy smile on his face. He had become Mr. Happy as soon as the war had ended. Levi followed his eyes to the row of dancers who were currently on the stage. They were all smiling and laughing as they threw their skirts in the air. Typical Erwin. There was one dancer that immediately caught Levi's eye. A pretty brunette. There was something special about her. Her head turned and she met Levi's eye for a split-second before Levi quickly looked away. Even if they were in a cabaret, he still considered it ungentlemanly to be caught staring.

The song ended and the men around the room started applauding lightly. Erwin took this opportunity to grab Levi and find a table. Some of the dancers were now getting off the stage and walking around the floor, stopping at different tables to chat with the visitors. Levi looked around for the brunette he had seen earlier and was surprised to find her walking directly towards where he and Erwin were standing.