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Levi was sitting at a circular table. It was just the right size for only one person, and a single red candle was settled in the center. He was casually leaning back in his chair with his legs crossed. In one hand, he had a lit cigarette, and an expensive looking glass of scotch rested near the edge, supposedly for him. In the back of his mind, he wondered what occasion had given him the opportunity to be such a classy bastard. This question was quickly answered when his eyes snapped up to the person who stood across the table. He felt his breath hitch as green eyes held him captive.

Eren lifted the skirt of his dress off the floor and started walking slowly around the table, holding Levi's gaze. He ran one hand along the edge of the table as he glided closer. So graceful.

When he reached Levi, he swiftly leaned down and took his chin, raising his head so they're faces we're aligned. Levi's cigarette lay forgotten on the ground where it had fallen from his fingers.

Eren moved closer and Levi let his eyes flutter closed in anticipation.

"Levi," he heard the other whisper.


"LEVI!" Levi woke up just in time to feel a pillow collide with his face. He sat up, dazed in his half-asleep state.

"Get the fuck out of bed you lazy asshat, it's almost noon!" Erwin shouted. Levi was completely ignoring him though, he was too busy trying to sort out the clusterfuck that was his thoughts. What the everloving fuck was that about? Did I just have a gay dream? Since when do I have gay dreams? Am I gay?

It was then that he noticed his hardness. How inconvenient. Luckily, it wasn't visible to Erwin thanks to Levi's thick duvet. It still made him more than a little uncomfortable though. What was he, fourteen? He didn't like surprises, let alone surprise morning wood.

He looked over at Erwin, but all Erwin saw was a carefully neutral face.

"Hurry up," Erwin continued, "If we leave soon, we can make it to the bakery while the bread's still warm." And with that, Erwin headed to the bathroom, probably for a shower.

He didn't... do anything about the morning wood, instead deciding to pretend it wasn't there.

Levi didn't think he was gay. He'd actually been pretty sure about it prior to taking this trip. If he was though, he'd certainly come to the right place at the right time. 1920's Berlin.

It would still be rather inconvenient, not to mention illegal...

He sighed and rolled out of bed. his life was getting way too complicated.

Levi's day with Erwin had been uneventful. Routine. Pick up food. Wander around the city. Sightsee. They'd even gone to a museum, which was worse than death. Erwin had loved it though. He'd stood at the various displays, observing them with a very serious look on his face, but his eyes had a childlike glint in them the whole time.

They didn't run into a certain green-eyed crossdresser either. Naturally, Levi had been overly paranoid to expect that they might just happen upon each other.

They were back at the hotel now. They'd decided to end the the night a bit early, so it was only about 11pm. Erwin sat in the armchair, immersed in a book while Levi lay sprawled out on the couch, lost in thought and smoking aggressively.

"Hey Erwin I think I'll go for a walk. I need to clear my head."

"Where to?"


Erwin glanced at him over his book, raising an eyebrow. "Ok have fun, don't stay out past your bedtime," he teased.

Luckily for Levi, it wasn't too cold out. He took one hand out of his pockets to light a fresh cigarette. He started to wander the streets aimlessly, and he let his mind relax. He thought about what to have for lunch the next day. The war. Stuff like that.

He came to a sudden stop. In front of him, a sign read "Kabarett". Huh. He hadn't expected to end up here, of all places. Guess his thoughts has been elsewhere as well.

He sighed. Might as well.

He went in.