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My mother once told me a story when I was little. A story about a little girl walking through the woods to get to her grandmother's house, but on the way there she encountered a wolf. This wolf had a very great mind to eat her up, but he dared not, because of some woodcutters working nearby in the forest. He asked her where she was going. The poor child, who did not know that it was dangerous to stay and talk to a wolf told the location of her grandmother's house. To make a long, boring story short, the wolf disguised himself as the girl's grandmother and ate her at the end.

When I was first told this, I didn't understand the reason for why mother would tell me such a sad story. Usually she'd read me a fairy tale with a happy ending, but now that I'm grown up, I've learned a very three important lessons from that story.

Never trust anyone.

In this world you can only depend on yourself in order to survive.

And most importantly, kill before you are killed.

How rude of me, we haven't been properly introduced yet. I'm Lucy Heartfilia, but most people refer to me as Ashley. At a glance, I look like a normal girl from a normal family, but actually I'm part of a family of infamous criminals. Or at least… I used to be.

Just the mention of my last name, Heartfilia, will cause police and bounty hunters to pull out their guns and try to shoot me without thinking twice about it. I was well protected by my parents when I was young, but after the death of my mother, father stopped caring for me. It probably had something to do with the fact that I looked like the exact image his deceased wife, but… that was my mother as well. He wasn't the only one hurting inside.

I was forced to live a brutal life as a street rat in a country overrun with conflict caused by gang wars. Stealing bread just to get some food in my stomach was the only way I could manage, to survive in this hell we call a world.

Nowadays, I live in a small cottage in the forest where I don't have to worry about the commotion of the lively town of Magnolia. There's too much people there, plus it's no noisy. I'd rather a quiet forest to myself in complete solitude than live there. From a young age I was already accustomed to being by myself, living for myself, surviving for… myself.

I walk through the busy streets of town, holding basket of bread and wine. I didn't carry much things. Money was kinda tight for me since, you know, I've got a bounty on my head and all, so I couldn't get as much things as I wanted. I have to wear a long-hooded red cape that stops a little past my knees in order to hide my face. Didn't want to attract too much attention.

As I walk by a food stand, I see an elderly woman conversing with a man who I believe is her son. "Did you hear about the beast that's been wandering the forest late at night?"

"I heard a child went missing when the parents lost her in the woods. Do you think the creature could have something to do with it?"

I slightly frown and quickly walk past them. What rubbish are they talking about? If there was a 'beast' in this forest, it would either be a wolf or a bear obviously. What foolish town folks. This is why I hate the people who live here; too much gossip but no real proof of what they say.

"The beast breathes fire. FIRE I tell you! It's a dragon!"

"Oh my, a relative just told me he saw a large reptile roaming the woods."

"Mama, I'm scared. What if the evil creature hurts us?"

I was hearing more and more of this beast, that's apparently a dragon now, as I continued walking further into the markets. I had to scoff. These people actually believe there's a fire-breathing dragon in the woods. What a fucking joke! Let me hurry on home. At least the sounds of birds chirping or wolves howling in the distance will make more sense than what any of these people are saying.

I strolled along the usual path to get home. I had to be careful on this route though. There have been wolf sightings around this area recently and I've had a tough time getting out without a scratch. You can guess, the only way I survive is by killing these wolves. How do I do that? Simple, I just shoot them until they're completely still. Though bullets are hard to get these days and people just don't sell ammunition to anybody, especially a young woman such as myself.

My thoughts went back to the rumors I heard in town. What if there was a dragon roaming these woods? That's be pretty cool actually. I'd kind of like to see one in real life. Ugh! I shake my head in disbelief. I can't believe I'm buying what those people said. They're just rumors… and nothing more. I shouldn't be worried about anything, right?

I heard the bushes rustling beside me. On pure instinct I pulled out my gun – from the cape of course – and shot at the unknown animal. It could've been a human, and I still wouldn't have hesitated to shoot. I hear a deep, threatening growl before something raised its head from the bushes… something very huge! I gasped at the sight of the glittering crimson scales that decorated the body of this mysterious being, the giant leathery wings that sliced through air, nearly blowing me back but I stood my ground. This… this is. My vocabulary wasn't all that big so I didn't have a word to describe how I felt at this moment. Just staring at this magnificent beast made me petrified. I couldn't believe an actual dragon was standing – well resting before me.

The dragon slowly blinked his round onyx eyes, his pupils dilating due to the harsh exposure of the bright sun. It was just in the afternoon. His gaze quickly turns to me. Slyly glaring at the corner of his eyes, he growled at me, revealing his well-rounded teeth, but it was sharp enough to slice through flesh. I paled and trembled a bit as he snarled out, "Why have you awoken me from my nap, human girl?"

Did I forget to mention his teeth were huge and could easily tear through my bones? It was hard focusing on what he was saying when -! Wait, wait, wait! Since when can dragons talk Standard English?! If I'm mistaken, he's supposed to be snarling and growling, you know, talking in his own language I don't understand. This is unbelievable!

"Answer me!" he roared.

I slightly flinched and took a step back. It was supposed to be a normal walk back home. How'd turn out this way?


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