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Part 4

Timeline: several weeks later…

            "Haikoujin Raihou!" A bolt of electricity hit the spot where Yui had been a second ago. Yui angrily glared and a pale blue glow surrounded her, acting as a shield. She had been training with Tomo in acrobatics, because it was interesting and she didn't really have anything better to do, the emperor not giving her permission to go out and find the remaining seishi. At least Miboshi had arrived of her own free will.

            Except that Soi had shown up and cracked some rather implicative comments that hadn't sounded nice at all.

            Needless to say, Yui had said some things she hadn't meant, and now Soi was 'training her'. Tomo had been out getting her tea, so she wasn't there to protect Yui. Yui suddenly stopped. When had she started think of Tomo as her protector?
            However, by the next second, she was vaulting into the air and throwing some of her newly discovered power from Seiryu into arrows, which were heading at Soi with unerring accuracy.

            When Tomo arrived, he hadn't expected anything like this. Yui and Soi were fighting in earnest, and Yui actually looked like she was winning.

            "Yui, are you okay?" Tomo called.

            "Fine!" Yui said. "Try this! Dragon's Fury!" From her hands came a bolt of whiplash blue power, which knocked Soi off her perch and into the dusty floor of the courtyard. Tomo applauded.

            Soi looked shocked. * I underestimated her? Impossible! But how could she defeat me? I'm one of Seiryu's seishi! *

            "I won!" Yui said as she ran over to Tomo and hugged him. "And I owe it to you, for teaching me all of those moves!"

            "I'm glad they came in handy." Tomo said. * And I'm also glad that she beat Soi. That was unexpected, but it really made my day! *

            "What should we do now?"

            "I don't know. I think that's enough training for today." Tomo told Yui as he led her inside. "After all, we shouldn't be sweltering in this heat."
            Yui nodded and followed her friend. * Tomo's my only friend. Who needs Miaka? I have everything I need right here in Kutou. Now, if only there was a way to get rid of the Emperor… *

            Tomo smiled. * With Yui on our side, the Suzaku cannot win. *

            "How can the miko have powers?" Soi asked.

            Miboshi looked up from her writing. "Eh?" (A/N: I changed Miboshi.) Her black hair glimmered a bit in the glow from the sun.

            "I asked; how can the miko have powers?"
            "Oh, well, she is Seiryu no miko, after all. And Seiryu is the god of war, so it's fitting that his miko should be able to attack as well as defend herself, or perhaps it is because all the training she has done with Tomoboshi has unlocked the powers she already possessed."

            "Maybe…" Soi said. "Say, Miboshi, why are you in a tree anyways?"

            Miboshi's blue eyes stared at Soi. "Why do you think? With a figure like this, do you think the guards would give me the respect due to a seishi?"

            "You have a point there." Soi said, laughing. "Well, I'm off!"

            Miboshi nodded. * Grrr. There's nothing wrong with being nice-looking, but it really seems like almost everyone in Kutou is a hentai… *

            "Tea?" Tomo asked as she put the tray on the table.

            "Thank you." Yui said as she sipped the sweet liquid. * I wonder when Miaka is going to come rescue me… NO! She's already abandoned me! I am NOT going to think about her! *

            "Yui, your tea." Tomo said. Yui looked up, startled, and noticed that she had somehow thrown her cup into the air and it was about fall down on her again, but Tomo reached up and plucked it out of midair.

            "Oops. Sorry about that." Yui said a bit sheepishly.

            "Maybe you're just tired." Tomo suggested. "That was pretty strenuous exercise."

            Yui nodded.

            "I don't think Miaka will ever come back for me. But how can I fulfill my duty as Seiryu no miko if I can't leave the palace?"

            "The seishi will be drawn to your chi, just as I have been drawn to it." Tomo replied.

            "I see…"

            "They should come to the palace of their own volition. There are two left. Amiboshi and Suboshi."

            "I hope they're nice. Soi's kind of mean."

            "Maybe she's just jealous of you."

            "What? But she's so pretty!" Yui said. Soi had beautiful red hair done up in a looped braid, and dark blue eyes.

            "Can you keep a secret?"


            "When Soi was a child, her parents sold her into prostitution. That's why she's so… unstable."

            Yui winced. * Now I understand what she's going through, a little bit at least… *

            "But enough of this gloomy talk." Tomo said. "Shall we go to the library?"

            "I think I'll take a quick bath first."

            Tomo nodded and called for a servant, who quickly ran a hot bath for Yui. Yui sighed as she sank into the steaming water.

            After about twenty minutes, she came out, dressed in a clean dark blue tunic with little golden dragons on it and black silk pants.

            Tomo led her to the library, and they spent a pleasant afternoon reading.

            "Did I tell you about Amiboshi?"

            "No, why?" Yui asked, her interest piqued.

            "Amiboshi was here two years ago, but he left to search for his twin brother. We later found out that his twin was Suboshi, through Seiryu's scroll. But the stars say they are both safe, so they should be here soon."

            Tomo didn't add that Amiboshi had thought he was a girl as well. In fact, Amiboshi kind of treated him like his 'older sister'. Bizarre.

            But he'd let the boy go, despite Nakago's orders. At least it had worked out in the end. Soon, the twins would be here, and the summoning would begin.

            A schedule soon developed. In the mornings, Yui would train with Tomo and occasionally Soi or Miboshi, whose seishi power was really dazzling. Then, she and Tomo would have lunch and a bath, and in the afternoon they would go to the library. Occasionally, they would sneak out to the marketplace.

            Yui was settling in very nicely.

            I'm glad. Was all Nakago said, I am still attempting to locate Amiboshi and Suboshi.

            Can they block their chi?

            I am not sure. But I am still looking. They are nowhere close to the capital though.

            What can we do?

            I'm not sure.

            Tomo was shocked. Nakago was actually unsure of something?

            Four months had passed since Yui had arrived in the book, when Miaka appeared again. (A/N: making it a lil' bit longer…)

            "What? You're going off to Kutou by yourself? It's too dangerous!" Tamahome said. "I can't let you leave!"

            "But I have to find out what happened to Yui!" Miaka said.

            "Miaka, I know you're worried about your friend, but it's too dangerous!" Just then, he noticed a pair of eyes watching them.

            "Who's there?!" Tamahome demanded, reaching into the bush and pulling out a short, blonde-haired boy.

            "Leave aniki alone!" A voiced yelled, and something shot at Tamahome. Tamahome winced and dropped the first boy.

            "Otouto, don't hurt him."

            "But aniki, he might have hurt you!"

            Amiboshi reassured Suboshi, before he took his hand. "Let's go, Otouto. We must get to Kutou."

            "Hai!" Suboshi replied.

            "You're going to Kutou?" Tamahome demanded. "Why?"

            Amiboshi and Suboshi exchanged a glance. They couldn't very well blurt out the fact that they were Seiryu seishi.

            "We're looking for our sister. She works in the palace."

            "Oh, can we travel with you?" Miaka asked, going all starry-eyed.


            "I suppose." Amiboshi finally admitted reluctantly.

            "Great! Let's go!" Miaka said cheerfully. And so, they set off for Kutou.

End part 4!

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