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No P.O.V

At first glance, these three boys would look like they were always happy and didn't have a care in the world. Of course nothing is ever that easy. Each of these boys have terrible problems, problems they have yet to overcome.

The eldest one is 23 years old. A ginger by the name of Roy Harper. He didn't come in to the world like the rest of us though, he's a clone. Take note of this though, he was never the enemy, he didn't know what he was doing when he supposedly "betrayed" his family and friends. Another interesting thing about Mr. Harper is that his family and friends consists of the Justice League and Young Justice-though he would never admit that to anyone, except maybe to his brothers. His alias is Red Arrow. He and his brothers have just defeated an alien invasion and you'd think they'd be all smiles but, alien invasions weren't their only problems.

The second eldest is 20 years old. He's a ginger as well, he goes by Wally West. Wally is a speedster, like his Uncle Barry. His alias is Kid Flash. His metabolism is unique, because he can eat a truck load of food and still have more than enough room for dessert. Wally and his girlfriend Artemis-who is also a hero- have retired a few years ago. They both agreed that they didn't want to lose each other. But as of late, they have been back on hero duty, and it seems that it will stay that way. Now, most speedsters are always happy, and he is, but no one ever said they had to be genuinely happy. He has things to hide that only his brothers truly know about.

The youngest out of the trio is probably the most troubled out of all of them, even though he is only 18 years old. This young man is a raven-haired one named Richard Grayson. Most people call him Dick though. Dick, at the ripe old age of 9, watched his parents fall to their deaths-they were trapeze artists, their whole family was in the circus. After the horrendous tragedy, he was adopted by a cold man-on the outside- named Bruce Wayne, who later turned out to be Batman. His alias was Robin, he grew out of the title and became Nightwing. He has quite a few adoptive siblings, now with such a big family-including the previously mentioned hero groups- and living with a billionaire, you'd think he has the perfect life. But like his two brothers, alien invasions aren't his only problems.

The three boys, would meet each other once a month in a place they found and called their own. Here they would talk and punish themselves. Don't get them wrong they tried to stop each other, but it just wasn't working for any of them. Now is the time of the month where they would finally meet.

Dick approached the cabin which they found and modified themselves. It was a simple cabin on the outside. It looks like what a cabin would look like, wooden walls with a pale shade of yellow, a couple of windows on the side, and a scarlet brick roof. The inside was a different story though. There was a luxurious carpet covering the whole floor of cabin. A three seater plush couch with shades black red and yellow-the colors of our heroes. A 36 inch flat screen TV. Three beds, one for each of them, with silk duvets. 2 bathrooms with marble floors and sinks, with oval mirrors. A hidden panel on the wall which hid their weapons and costumes if anyone was ever to attack. The whole place was rigged with state of the art security while they weren't around.

When Dick entered he found the his brothers were already there. Sitting on the island in the kitchen, which has a medium sized stove and a fridge big enough to stuff all the food that they will need for themselves. His brothers noticed him, gave sad smiles, and motioned him to come over.

"Hey guys" Dick said with a voice which reflected all his emotions. Grief, sadness, regret, and pain

"Hey" said the two with equally pained voices. For a few minutes the trio just sat there looking at each other, before Wally broke the silence. "So who's gonna start" he asked.

"I will" Roy volunteered. the younger boys nodded, Wally speeded away for a second to get the medical supplies. It was always like this. They may not have been able to stop each other but they made an agreement, they were to patch each other up.

"It's been hell." Roy breathed out.

"I don't know what to do. Roy seems to be blaming me and Ollie for what happened to him. He may not have blamed me at first but...I don't know something changed. He said I was a thief, said that I stole his life. I didn't ask to be created! I want to punch his lights out so bad, but i can't because I get the feeling, that..that he's right I stole his life. He's just the top of my problems, I have no idea what to do about Lian. I just left her with Artemis, I'm not fit to be a father. Ollie and Dinah don't know about her yet. I feel like if I tell them, they'll just have another reason to abandon me completely. Guys Ollie was never around and he still isn't, but when it comes to Roy he's always there. I shouldn't be jealous, but I can't help it." by the time he finished his rant he was a sobbing mess . He didn't care though he was with his brothers they wouldn't judge him.

He took out the blade that was identical to the ones the other two have, and rolled up his sleeves he cut the skin of his wrist three times. One for each of the problems he just said.

"Roy, you know that's not true." Dick said. They could hear his voice waver.

"They will not abandon you. You may not have entered the world like the rest of us, but you're your own person. I can also tell you that your 'I'm not fit to be a father' thing is bull." he continued.

"Dude, Dick's right, you've been our big brother for years and you've been doing a way better job than anyone who has ever tried. You have a right to feel jealous, it's okay, you know we won't judge. Now give Dick your wrist so he can patch it up" he said trying to help him feel just a little better. He himself knows that what they said wasn't going to do much. Roy obliged and muttered a quick thank you before composing himself a bit. "Alright, who's next" he said. He didn't look much better, and they gave him a look that said 'stop trying to cover up in front of us' he sighed.

"I will" Dick said.

"Guys, I..I don't think I can last much longer. Jason's back. He's killing people. The pain I felt when he died, it just got ten times stronger. He resents us. Things with me and Bruce haven't been going any better. It's like he just wants to disown me. Anything I do is wrong. He only ever talks to me when it's to criticize me. He doesn't give a damn about me anymore! The last time we had a conversation without having an argument was when I was 16! I don't wanna go on anymore. The only reason I'm still on the team is because of Tim. The world's just better off without me. I endangered so many people. We may have won that invasion, but I lost the trust of the team. If I died Bruce wouldn't have a disappointment for a son-if you can even call me that, Tim wouldn't have to deal with the failures I leave behind everywhere, and you guys wouldn't have to worry" He was sobbing at that point. His brothers had horrified faces.

"Don't you dare say that!" Roy growled "I only have 3 things that help me through this hell I call life and you're one of them. I will not have 2 reasons only!"

"I swear Dick we will be your personal stalkers if you even think about doing that again!" Wally said with a mixture of fear and anger in his voice "There's a reason we have these talks, and dammit! This will not be your last one"

"I-I'm sorry! It just hurts so much" Dick wailed. The older boys' faces softened. They let Dick cry for a moment and watched as he cut 3 lines as well. When he was done Wally patched him up.

The boys who were done looked at Wally and motioned for him to start.

"It's getting worse." he stated sadly. "Rudolf has been doing it 3 times a week now. There's only so much speed healing can do for me. Uncle Barry and Aunt Iris are getting suspicious, i don't know how long I can keep this from them, especially now that I'm back on the hero gig. The times just don't match!" he ranted. He had long since stopped calling the monster that was Rudolf, his father. "When they find out about the abuse, I don't know what I'll do. Artemis might leave me. I can't lose her guys! She's my everything. I don't even want to think about what Uncle Barry will say, he'll probably think I'm weak. I can't lose them guys I just can't" like the other 2 he was sobbing by the time he was done. He also cut three lines.

"Walls, I keep telling you just let me and Dick take a crack at him." Roy tried to persuade him, they've been trying since they found out. "I told you guys, if you do that then he'll tell Uncle Barry some half-baked lie" he said while Roy was patching him up.

"Wally we keep trying to tell you, your uncle wouldn't believe the shit he says" Dick said

"I don't know.." Wally said with a tone of defeat "I'll tell him when I'm ready" he said

"And don't worry, you'll always have us" Roy assured him.

It was like this every time they meet up. After one was done the others would try to reassure him. It was a futile attempt on all their parts, but they had to try. When they were done they continued to sulk one of them occasionally broke down again but each time the other 2 would always comfort him. After the cutting was done nothing had to be said. These boys may not be brothers in blood, but they were brothers in everything else. They fell asleep a little bit after midnight. Instead of sleeping in their beds like they usually would, they fell asleep on the couch in each others arms. Unbeknownst to them to 4 figures were watching them from the shadows were watching, weeping at the information they just found out.

These four figures were actually the boys' mother figures. Diana, Selina, Iris, and Dinah. They were having an impromptu shopping trip when they noticed Dick. Selina was married to Bruce and became very close to the two heroines and wife. She noticed that he was depressed lately so, she suggested they follow him knowing that it was their monthly "Guys's Night" and that the wife and heroine were saying their 2 boys were depressed as well.

They followed him to the cabin without being noticed, thanks to Selina and Dinah's stealth skills. They just watched them talk for a little. Thanks to Diana they knew what they were saying. At first they were confused but when Roy started talking and went to the cutting, Dinah was in tears. She had no idea that her surrogate son felt that way. Diana and Selina were the same when they heard Dick talking. It was actually worse for them because Dick had suggested suicide.

Both the Cat and the Amazon were mother figures to the boy and hearing him so broken shook them hard. By that time Iris was dreading what would happen to Wally, when she heard what was his current hime situation tears broke out. She felt so stupid not noticing the way her brother was treating her nephew.

The women watched as the boys comforted each other and patched each other up. They were so sad to see what has become to the little boys who would often run around and play pranks, whether they were in the Watchtower or at each others houses. Despite this they were happy to see that they still remained brothers who would help each other through thick and thin.

"I am going to have a lovely chat with Bruce" said Selina through gritted teeth. They left after the boys fell asleep

"I'll join you" said Diana with just as much anger

"I'm going to kick Ollie's ass" screamed Dinah. She was angry but also disappointed with her husband. She was also disappointed in the original Roy Harper, but she knew that she couldn't really blame him

"I am making sure that once Barry and I are done with Rudolf, not only will he be in a body cast, but Wally will be staying with us" Iris' statement shocked the three women, she was usually the sweetest among them. They understood though. The women separated to go see the respective father figures of each of the boys, and when morning comes, there will be hell to pay

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