Neal spent the rest of the day in bed, anticipating a run at the warehouse Mozzie had told him about. Hagan wouldn't be suspect of him if he thought he was dead. Far as he could tell with the lack of texts or calls, it must be so. He rolled over onto his good side, curling up under the blankets and trying this best to be comfortable. Getting shot the first time wasn't fun but a second time had not been anticipated much less getting dumped by Hagan's men like so much used luggage. He was pissed about that but at least for now, Hagan was leaving him alone. It might be a good thing being dead…

"Come in"

Someone had knocked and it wasn't Mozzie. The little guy had been doing coded raps to make sure they knew when the other was around. It was annoying but helped him prescreen as he was still mostly stuck in bed. Dr. Atkins came to see him and said he was doing much better, the blood taken back and the IV too. June had already come to check on him barely an hour ago but it was only 10 AM so he was certain it couldn't be Peter or Elizabeth.

"You must be feeling better…"

The voice was unmistakable, Peter Burke standing in the open door a moment before he walked inside the room and headed his way. Neal wasn't prepared for visitors much more one that he was unhappy to see. He put on his best front but there was obvious tension now that he remembered things. He stayed in bed, blankets up to his waist, no shirt since had his shoulder bound.

"I am. Doctor said I should be fit for work Monday. What brings you here, Peter?"

He emphasized the name, the agent looking at him with narrow eyes but then acting the part of his friend. There was no way he knew anything about him being a part of the heist but Neal didn't want to play his cards too openly.

"Housekeeper let me in. Just wanted to be sure you were doing better. Your eyes look less glassy… I wanted to ask June how you were but she's not around. Guess this answers my question."

Peter had that look, the one that made Neal think he was avoiding bringing something up like when Alex had been there and he purposing told her he was a Fed to annoy him. The agent was up to something and Neal wasn't in the mood to play any games.

"I'm sure you have meetings and bigwigs to hobnob with. Tell Agent Siegel I'm just dandy…"

He was being sarcastic as the new agent didn't seem to care much for him beyond cases and work. He saw a glint of hurt from Peter but ignored it. If anyone was going to feel hurt it was Neal Caffrey. He'd been abandoned by his friend so he had no pity for him at the moment, his mask of friendliness starting to crack.

"I'll let him know. He's out with Diana looking for a wounded robber dumped in the harbor area. Traffic cams show a taxi picking up the body. No obvious ID but we're looking into it… Feel better, Neal."

Peter's tone was tight despite the friendly manner in which he spoke. Neal nodded from his bed, having taken no efforts to get out. He watched the agent leave and the door close quietly behind him before he sighed openly. That had been one close call but he was curious now what Peter had been trying to get at. Did he know it was him? He mentioned traffic cams and a taxi. Mozzie had picked him up in one... He heard his cell buzz, looking at it to see it was the little guy calling.

"We have a problem…"

He started it that way, the little guy silent then finally speaking, his breath evident on the line.

"I was about to say the same thing but you first."

Mozzie sounded like he'd been running, car sounds in the background. Was he driving around?

"I think Peter suspects something. He was just here."

Neal was easing himself out of bed, making sure there wasn't anyone at the door as he opened it briefly, glanced around then closed it again. He moved back into the closet off the rear hallway for more privacy and to find clothes. He might have to go out sooner than he expected.

"What does he suspect? He still thinks you were mugged, right?"

Mozzie sounded worried but Neal still wasn't sure what Peter knew. It was just a feeling.

"Not sure. He said they had traffic cam footage of a dumped robber from the SUV used in the break in. They have a taxi on film… I think we've been made."

There was silence and a sound of screeching brakes, Mozzie was definitely driving. Neal waited to make sure his friend was ok, breathing on the line a bit more harried.

"Dammit! We're going to have to make a run for it if they know. You can't explain your way out of this if we're both on camera. At least you had a mask on! Has Hagan contacted you?"

Neal heard his friend panicking, sound of traffic going by but he was more concerned not for himself but Mozzie getting in trouble. The little guy had been careful not to get caught and now might be the first time.

"Not yet. They must have told him I was dead. We could go to Hagan's tonight. I can't think of anything else. We have to finish this, Mozz."


Peter was certain it was Neal. He must have been the wounded robber. It explained everything except the why. He checked the anklet info from that night and found it was no where near the harbor. It was at June's and a club inside his radius. He assumed that's where he had been mugged, Peter wanting to believe his former partner but finding it hard with the evidence of that one cam shot. It looked like Mozzie… he knew the con owned a taxi but the picture was blurry enough and the cab ID hidden enough he couldn't be sure.


He pushed the cell to his ear, listening to Diana's voice. She was telling him they'd had a break in the robberies, a man picked up with the same SUV. He smiled glad to know that something was finally going right. He told her he'd be at the office soon as he walked out of June's. He was barely in his car when he saw a figure walk up to the steps and knock. It was Mozzie. Peter watched him a moment, the con not seeing him parked there as he slipped inside when the housekeeper let him in. Once the little guy was out of sight, the agent debated on going back inside but he had work and meetings his choice going for the latter as he started up the car and took off.

Diana was waiting for him at her desk, his eyes giving her a "follow me" look as he headed up. He'd had to stop at a quick meeting with someone on the 4th floor before he could come inside. Jones was missing. He had hoped to ask how the investigation of the photo with the taxi was coming but it could wait. They went into his office, David catching them along the way.


Agent Siegel was trying to get his attention and he wanted to keep this as quiet as possible but it wasn't his place to do so as ASAC so he waved the other agent inside reluctantly. Diana gave him a look but she didn't say anything as the door was shut and they started to exchange intel.

"So… what is it you have for me Barrigan… Siegel?"

Peter was acting all business. He had to or it was going to make her angrier thinking that Neal had lied to him. He still didn't understand why as he brought himself back to the present to concentrate on the task at hand.

"Boss, the driver of the SUV didn't lawyer up but he's refusing to cooperate. He's in holding but he's not talking. The vehicle has been identified as the vehicle from the robbery site."

She handed over her information, a blue folder in his hands as Peter read through it and nodded, looking at David. The new agent handed his own beige folder over.

"I think I found a connection to the robberies and the SUV. The owner of the vehicle is a shell company named Pittore. It's a company car. I found out it's associated with a former case you and Caffrey solved - The Dutchman alias Curtis Hagan."

Siegel's words suddenly sunk in as the name Curtis Hagan was spoken. The man had recently made bail despite his attempts to keep the forger inside. Someone had dropped the ball and all the evidence they'd acquired on the Dutchman case had gone missing. Without the bonds and periphery evidence, they had lost the case to stop the appeal. The man was out and about a free man much to his chagrin. Peter had been too busy with his new position to worry about the forger but now it occurred to him that may have been a mistake. Perhaps he'd been too quick with blame but things were beginning to make sense.

"Hagan… what would he want with a Monet and jewels? David… put everything you have on watching Hagan. Diana… keep grilling the driver you caught until you get something. There has to be a connection here. It's too much of a coincidence."

The two agents left, Peter alone in his office as he turned and stared out the window. He had a good thing going here but if Hagan was out in the world causing problems again, he had to stop him even if it meant going out into the field himself. He wondered if Neal knew the Dutchman was free. There was no doubt he would but for now he had another meeting to go to before he could deal with thoughts of Caffrey and Hagan. The life of an ASAC wasn't as fun as a senior case agent. He grabbed up his jacket and headed for his meeting.


Mozzie was there in his rooms when he came out of the shower. Peter had only left a few minutes ago so it was probably best they hadn't bumped into the other.

"I see you found my new wine. Did you ever think about asking before opening?"

He wasn't in a very good mood, making his way over to the bed to pull on some jeans before removing his robe and putting on a black tee. They were going on a mission tonight and he hoped one that would free him from all who tried to control him. This wasn't just to get back at Hagan but to get rid of the Feds control over him. He would save Peter's chances at fame and fortune in DC, that was the agent's future but that would be his last act of kindness. This was not being done in the name of friendship but survival.

"I'm not blind and I nearly died on the way over here after the news you told me. I guess we can't steal the picture?"

Mozzie was hopeful but Neal shook his head, pulling on his jacket and feeling the pull of his wound. He'd been lucky the bullet hadn't gone far, stopped by bone but it hadn't bled much until after the doctor removed it. He was still tired and weak but had little choice but to get whatever Hagan had at the warehouse and get out of town. That was their goal.

"Not that simple. It's from a traffic cam unless you can hack that and delete the FBI feed copy…"

He saw Mozzie debating the question, holding up a hand. It wasn't worth the risk when they already suspected them or Peter did. If the feed vanished, that was proof enough.

"Well… but it was worth a thought. It just makes us… you look more suspicious in the Suits' eyes. So how are we doing this? I don't really have a plan into Hagan's fortress."

Mozzie had moved to the dining table and pulled out the device for his anklet and the plans to the factory they were about to enter. There had to be a way in, Neal looking over the plans as he poured himself a glass of water and glanced down. The security was impressive on this building, no sign of vulnerability but one. His eyes scanned over a patch of the plans that showed it had been built over old sewer tunnels. That might be their way in. These weren't the plans Hagan might have but there was only one way to be sure.

"Here… Where did you get these plans, Mozz? These look pretty old."

He examined the area, memorizing it and the entrance which was a good mile up the road. It might just work to their advantage and by pass the outer dogs, guards and alarms that were meant to keep people out. He doubted there was much inside to trip but Hagan was pretty clever. Who knew what was in there.

"Friend from the historical society. These are the original bottling plant plans. I just overlapped the current ones to see differences. I think Hagan wouldn't know about those tunnels… at least we could hope he doesn't."

Mozz didn't sound hopeful but right now they had this and only this as a means to get at the forger and free himself. The originals would be there of everything and maybe more they could send an anonymous tip on if needed.

"Bring your voice changer, Mozz. I think we're taking a trip to see Hagan."


Hagan was just a little on edge. Caffrey was dead as far as he knew, no time to check while he had the Feds and most of the city's law enforcement breathing down his neck looking for the thieves responsible in the recent rash of robberies. Now Eric had been taken with the SUV and he was feeling less than confident in his choice of friends and associates. Caffrey would have been smarter than to be caught driving the vehicle from a crime scene but the con wasn't here and he no longer had him under his thumb for various "tasks" only he could perform. It no longer mattered that he had proof that Agent Burke had been freed on less than legal reasons so he wasn't able to play that card without Caffrey around. He would just grab up what he could and get out of town. Hagan now had the means but his revenge had been short lived. He had meant to bring down Burke through Caffrey after enough "evidence" had been acquired but they had let him go, his own forged past deleted for the meanwhile. He was free and France was nice this time of the year…

The warehouse was quiet, empty and abandoned looking as he had asked. It was well past sunset and nobody would see what he was up to, the traffic cams in the area shut down due to "work" on a nearby powerline. It was a justifiable excuse and would allow him to escape unseen before they figured out his plan. The tunnels beneath this building where what he had bought the place for. Nobody knew about them but historians and they weren't in the habit of talking when newer plans were all the architects and city planners knew about. Law enforcement would be little the wiser of his escape a mile outside of the area. It was a perfect plan.

He had all he needed to be set for life, packing up the Monet, a few random jewels and some cash he'd gained from the robberies. Perry had been paid off and Eric wasn't going to talk so there was nobody to turn him in as he headed for the back of the old bottle factory. There was an old cargo area where trucks would come in but it had long been sealed up, the ramp going down to a series of old tunnels he had excavated from behind a wall to make his way into the sewers and freedom. Hagan grinned.


Mozzie drove them to a large field which was practically a marsh and bordered along the harbor where the old sewer system used to drain. They had set up Neal's anklet to show he was in bed resting before they'd left. Nobody would suspect otherwise unless June let them in but she knew better and the housekeeper was out for the evening. They were pretty well safe, slinking out after nightfall out the back door and going down the block where Mozzie kept his taxi.

"We have to hurry just in case Peter comes to check on me."

Neal was tired as he sat in the back, slumped and hiding his face enough that cameras couldn't see him. Mozzie had a hat with a wide brim and sunglasses. They didn't stick out too much, the not available light on the taxi. They had to change cars before they got to the site, another taxi waiting for them. Halfway they exchanged taxis and ended up at their destination, the marsh alive with nighttime sounds of crickets, birds and other creatures. Thankfully Neal had brought some throw away shoes and not his usual nice ones but they were comfy enough. There was another car there when they showed but it was empty. They left it for the moment, Mozzie leading the way. The high grass obscured their view at times until they reached a soggier area and the hidden drain pipe. It was large enough to fit a couple of people, an old rusty grill fitted over it but broken down the middle to lend them entrance inside. This might be easier than he thought, gloves on his hands and a mask over the bottom half of his face just in case. Neal didn't want Hagan to have anything else over him.

"This is our entry point. Abandon all hope ye who enter here…"

Mozzie was being dramatic, climbing up into the concrete drain as Neal followed and they were on their way with flashlights. The stench wasn't too bad, mostly mold and wetness permeating throughout. It hurt to stay hunched over but Neal managed despite his injured shoulder. He couldn't turn back now that they had a real chance to finish this deal and be free.

Neal was tired after the first hour of walking, lagging some but doing his best to keep up with Mozzie who had much more energy it seemed. The little guy kept waiting for him, pretending he was winded when he wasn't for his benefit. He definitely appreciated that. Finally they came to a much drier area, an old hatch above them. This was the spot on the map they'd read and now they could get inside and finish things.

"This is it! Mind doing the honors Mozz?"

He wasn't sure he could reach up that high or turn the old wheel lock. His shoulder was burning from the effort of staying upright for the first time in a couple of days. Mozzie nodded, climbing up and turning the ancient wheel until it popped unlocked and they were climbing up into the building above. It was quiet, dusty with only a few remnants of the original bottling plant remaining. All the windows were blackened by paint so it was good they had flashlights. Neal saw a walled space ahead in the shadows, probably an office and he didn't doubt that Hagan was using it if he needed a space. It looked cleaner than the rest of the floor. They didn't speak, Neal pointing that way as Mozzie nodded and they walked as quietly as they could, only a slight echoing of their motions in the stillness. They heard sounds as they stood outside, the hint of a faint light inside showing them a shadowy figure within. Someone else was here! They moved aside, hiding in the darkness, flashlights off as the figure inside exited silently. It was Hagan!


Hagan thought he heard something outside but as he exited the offices there was nothing. He felt a buzz in his pocket but it was a spam text from a travel agency. He ignored it, looking around before he headed on his way. It was just his nerves acting up, tense from finding out the Feds were possibly looking for him although they didn't know it yet. He was still surprised that Agent Burke hadn't contacted him personally after his acquittal. Maybe he was just lucky.

The hatch to the tunnel seemed easier to open than before as he popped it open and dropped his cache down before climbing down the ladder. He had a good mile to walk to a marsh and then to a waiting vehicle. This was going to be his easiest get away yet. He lugged his treasures along, heading with just a single flashlight towards freedom. It wasn't long now.


Peter checked Neal's anklet and it showed him at home in bed. Nothing less than he expected but seeing the con stay still wasn't something he was used to. Siegel should be monitoring this but he was instead, the agent content with leaving Caffrey on his own apparently. Didn't he understand what kind of a man Neal was?

You're being paranoid. You don't know that Neal did anything wrong…

But you don't know he didn't do anything right either…

The two thoughts collided with another until he had to finish doing the report he started. He could finish it up in the morning, the time already half past 7. El was expecting him for dinner and even though crime never slept he had to go home and eat, sleep and hug his wife despite the job. He missed having more free time as he stood, pulled on his jacket and started out. Peter felt the cell buzz in his pocket, pulling it out.

Anon: Dutchman is behind robberies. Jacob's Bottling Plant.

He blinked at the message unsure what to do about it but he saw the agents still outside working hard. This case was boggling as he made his way towards the railing and waved them up with two fingers.


Diana and Jones got there first, David still at the files shelf and coming up afterwards. He spoke to them quietly.

"Anyone know the location of Jacob's Bottling Plant? I just got this…"

He showed them the text and Diana blinked, pulling out her own cell as did Jones. David was the only one who didn't have a text. It all pointed to the same place.

"Someone's giving us a clue. Let's go check this out. I have a good feeling about this…"

He felt a smile on his face not just from the fact he might catch Hagan in the act but he thought maybe he knew who had sent this. The fact Siegel didn't get a text was obviously the clue. The hunt was on as he called up a favor for a warrant. The plant was out near the water and it had been long abandoned except for someone recently shoring it up like a fortress. How had this gotten past them? This stunk of Hagan's doing as they hurried out and Peter waited for the warrant to come in.

"Go ahead and check out the site. I'll bring the warrant myself."

Once everyone had left he tried to text the mystery person back hoping he was right and wrong about them.

Burke: Thanks for the tip.

He saw the message went through but then popped up an error message, a frown on his face. They were prepared for someone writing back so he wouldn't be able to trace it. That was probably for the best as he pushed the phone to his ear a call from the judge telling him he had his warrant. He headed out to pick it up.


Mozzie had a favor to turn in, a friend of his not scared to get in trouble taking their place at the taxi. It would be enough to catch Hagan off guard hopefully. They'd already sent a text to the Suits. Neal smiled.

"So you're sure your friend doesn't mind taking the fall here? He'll get arrested…"

Neal was surprised how many favors Mozzie tended to get out of his acquaintances but the little guy was one to give as well as take. He was generous when it was needed.

"He owes me for a few large fares I tossed his way. Besides, he doesn't have a record and with the story provided won't be held long. Now we just need a way out of here…"

Mozzie led the way through the darkness, Neal following along. They backtracked along their path to hide their tracks then made their way up among a small set of catwalks that led out to an old rickety fire escape and apparently the only way out that wasn't hardwired with alarms. Hagan had been overly confident nobody would come that way. The guards weren't patrolling this section at the moment so they slipped away as sirens screamed nearby, ducking into a small fishing charter next door. Mozzie smiled, grabbing up a key from a desk by the door and leading them out to a fishing boat. He'd apparently thought of everything.

"Since when do you own a fishing boat, Mozz?"

Neal was more impressed with his friend than before, their path still within his radius. Even with the device hiding his location, if he went outside his invisible cage there'd be repercussions. They were right on the edge but safe as they floated along, seeing bright lights on the shoreline near where they'd dropped the taxi. Hopefully, they'd caught Hagan. Neal was just realized they weren't being followed. He would be happy to get back to June's and his bed.


Hagan was surprised to come out of the drain pipe and find his car missing a taxi in its place. A bald man with glasses sat in the vehicle as if waiting for something. Curtis was not amused as he pulled out his gun and approached the man.

"Who the hell are you and where is my vehicle?"

He held the man at gunpoint but the driver just blinked back surprised but not too scared.

"The tow truck took it. You called me about needing a ride because your car broke down."

The man wasn't lying but still Hagan hadn't called anyone so maybe that noise he'd heard had been more than just mice in the building. He cursed, making a motion for the man to leave the vehicle so he could take it. The driver froze, staring up at him with a worried look but didn't move. Hagan was about to yank the man out when he heard a sound that made him blood freeze and cursed. Sirens were coming closer, flashing lights coming from the only way out. He could go back into the drain pipe but they'd trap him inside easily, his first thought to get rid of the Monet and other treasures as he started to run towards the water. He hated destroying masterpieces but it was the only means he had to get away safely without getting caught. A light caught him in its beam, a patrol boat honking at him as NYPD and Coast Guard showed up. He was royally screwed now, putting up his hands as agents moved towards him.


Hagan could only comply, dropping all the items that were from the robberies nearby. This time he doubted he'd be able to call an appeal. To make matters worse, Agent Burke was there smiling at him as they opened up the tube Curtis had been carrying to find the missing Monet. To be caught by the same man twice, he was wondering how Caffrey had dealt with it.

"Curtis Hagan… you have the right to remain silent…"

The agent was smirking at him while all he wanted to do was cuss at the man and tell him about Caffrey. All in due time. He would lawyer up but his real joy would be in telling him his prize con had been murdered. Burke would want to interrogate him alone at some point and that would be when he'd spring all the hidden news about his friend. Then where would he be?


Peter was relieved when they found someone in a taxi that looked a lot like Mozzie. The driver admitted to having picked up a wounded person the night of the robbery. He had gotten a mystery call and picked them up and dropped them off here at this warehouse where men had taken the man from him. He hadn't asked any questions, afraid of being hurt. He was only here to keep himself alive, another request asking him to give someone a ride to the airport. He showed them his log. It all fit in with their time line and thankfully they'd caught Hagan for good this time. Once the initial questions had been asked, Peter went in on his own. Hagan was smiling up at him smugly.

"Agent Burke… I heard you had been promoted. I'm so glad they didn't find you guilty of murder. That would have been such a shame."

The man was goading him but it didn't work, Peter was too happy to have caught the man red handed yet again. They had all they needed to keep him away for a very long time.

"I was told there was something you had to tell me. I brought in a recorder for you admission of guilt."

Peter smiled fiercely having brought in an evidence bag with him with Hagan's cell. The man had asked for it but he was certain it had nothing to do with making his one call. Curtis grinned back and it wasn't a scared expression which confused the agent more.

"Since I'm going away, I thought I'd share a little something with you to think about. I know I can't get out on appeal but this might be more intriguing than denying me my freedom."

The man showed him a file on the phone and told Peter to play it. It was marked "Gotcha!" which made him uncertain what he was about to watch. The clip started and after a few minutes he shrugged, turning it to show Hagan what he saw. The forger did not look happy.

"I'm going to guess that's not what you wanted to show me, not that a puppy hugging a kitten isn't cute. Is there anything else you'd like to admit to?"

Hagan looked at him with little more than a shake of the head, a defeated look on his face as Peter finished up and left. Diana was outside waiting to take over for him as was Jones and Siegel.

"So boss… How does it feel to put Hagan away again?"

Diana was smiling at him, Peter relieved certain other parties weren't involved as he had assumed. It made his life easier.

"Fantastic. I'm going to go visit a friend."


It was half an hour later he showed up at June's. It was after 11 but he'd already called Elizabeth to let her know he was working late and would be home soon. He knocked on the door and June answered, a surprised look on her face.

"Peter… I was just about to turn in for the night. Is anything the matter?"

Her tone was genuinely surprised as he shook his head and made a motion upwards with his eyes.

"I just… well I wanted to see how Neal was. I promised I'd come back and see him later and… I needed to talk to him a moment."

June nodded, letting him in with a warm smile.

"Let me check and see if he's awake…"

She led the way up, knocking on the door but there was no reply. He noticed her tense up a moment, knocking once more before Mozzie answered and surprised them both.

"June… Suit? What a surprise… Neal?"

The con man moved aside allowing them both in as they looked around the room and saw the bed was empty. Neal was no where to be seen but finally someone poked their head out from the back hallway.

"Mozzie, you don't have to shout."

Peter heard Neal's voice and their eyes met but it wasn't a friendly exchange, no words spoken as June remained near the door. She coughed after a moment, interrupting the silence.

"Mozzie… we should finish that parcheesi game before I sleep. It's getting late…"

She was making an excuse for them to leave, Mozzie staring at her a moment before nodding in agreement.

"Parcheesi… right."

They left although a bit reluctantly on Mozzie's end as the door shut and the two were still standing there staring at the other across the room. Neal had his robe on and he was still dripping slightly as if he'd just come out of the shower. Peter felt awkward, moving to the sofa a moment then back towards the kitchenette.

"I didn't mean to barge in but…"

He was trying to apologize for earlier and then some but words weren't coming to him as he hoped. Neal was giving him a curious look, finishing drying his hair as he shrugged, pointing at the coffee pot still bubbling on the counter.

"My home is your home…"

They were both keeping the other at bay as Neal went back into the back hallway a moment then returned wearing maroon silk pajama pants and a white tee. The man always looked like he had just stepped out of some kind of fancy men's catalog, Peter smirking a moment at the thought before Neal's expression made him stop.

"Why are you here Peter? I didn't think ASACs visited with CI's or am I mistaken? Siegel too busy to come visit me?"

The man was trying to get his goat but he could understand some of Neal's anger. He had pushed a wedge between them both and although he had thought it best at the time, now he was regretting the loss of their friendship. Something so fundamental shouldn't be tossed aside.

"Not normally but this is different. How's the shoulder?"

He noted the pained look when Neal moved, the con shrugging with a slight hint of tension as he did so.

"Better. So, why are you here Peter?"

Neal was sharp with him despite trying to be polite but Peter didn't bite. Maybe he deserved this as he thought about how he tried to accuse his friend of being in that robbery. Now he knew better and the Dutchman was put away for good.

"Hagan… he was behind the robberies. He's in holding and won't be free any time soon. Just thought you'd like to know that."

Peter waited for a response and luckily the con smiled back, a sincere grin that made him smile back. That was the Caffrey he knew.

"Good… I was surprised anyone had let him out on appeal in the first place. What did he have to say for himself?"

Neal walked over with a beer before pouring himself a glass of wine and sitting on the sofa. Peter joined him.

"Surprisingly not very much. He wanted to show me something on his phone. A video…"


Neal and Mozzie got back to June's by 11 PM, both men exhausted but Neal most of all. He tossed his clothes into the hamper and immediately took a shower while Mozzie went to his wine rack and drank his wares. At this point he could care less, happy that Hagan was going back for good. So far everything seemed to work out in their favor but it wouldn't be until Monday he'd know for sure. He was off two more days.

"A video? What kind of video?"

He'd come out of the shower to find Mozzie trying not to freak out, June calm as always and Peter Burke standing in his room. Now he was alone with the agent and they were discussing Hagan. For a moment he thought maybe he'd been made but the look on Peter's face said otherwise.

"Yes, something you pass on Facebook or Youtube: A puppy hugging a kitten. I'm guessing that's not what he expected or maybe he was trying to soften me up on his sentence. Either way, Hagan is gone for good."

Peter was giving him a certain look but when he didn't react, the agent shrugged, standing up and putting the beer over on the kitchen counter.

"Get some rest Neal. I want you ready for work on Monday. Ok?"

The agent was smiling at him in that old way, Neal nodding back as he stood and walked him to the door.

"Thanks for the news, Peter. Tell Elizabeth hi for me."

Neal watched his friend smile and nod before leaving him alone. A little bit of guilt washed over him for lying to his friend but now he was free of Hagan. He hadn't been sure what Mozzie had done would work but now… he did. The door opened a few minutes later, the little guy standing there looking curious about his conversation with the Suit.

"So… are you going to tell me what's up? I'm guessing everything's good again?"

His friend walked over and filled his glass with red wine, sipping it as he waited for an answer. Neal nodded.

"Apparently, Hagan is into small cuddly animals. Thanks Mozz."

Neal was relieved they had gotten through this despite how close he'd come to getting in caught. Much as he had been mad at Peter, he didn't want him destroyed by Hagan's greed and revenge. Now they were both free.

"So, when do we take that road trip to Jersey?"

Mozzie had moved closer, sitting across from him as he continued to sip at the wine. Technically they were free to go where they wanted but now… Now Neal was curious to find out where he stood with Peter. A small delay wouldn't hurt in their plans.

"Later… Right now, I need to sleep. Talk to you tomorrow, Mozz."

(The End)

Author's Note: Rough and Quick 3 shot story. Just wanted to do something based on the angst, anger and rift plus add in some of the spoilers I've read before the next episode happens. Guess the moment of truth is nearly upon us. I didn't deal with the new guy so much as I'm not sure how he's going to be and didn't want this to be about him.