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Naruto was watching. That was all she ever did, was watch. She was a ninja, who was often looked over, or down upon, simply because she existed. The reason, was because she was a jinchuuriki. The vessel for the Kyuubi no Youko, who had attacked the village thirteen year prior to present time, and had killed the Yondaime Hokage. Her village saw her as the fox, and hated her for what it had done.

Yet, they also thought, aside from her being a demon, that she was a boy. After a horrible incident when she was younger, she let them all believe it. It protected her from any villagers that thought to get back at the demon by means of bodily desecration. If she was mistaken for a boy, rape was a low possibility for her. If that had happened, she wouldn't be able to look passed it.

Life had always been hard. The villagers made sure of that. She was only allowed into one grocery store, and one department store. The only restaurant in town that let her get near the door, let alone inside, was Ichiraku Ramen. In turn, that made her love the owner Teuchi, and his daughter Ayame to death.

The young lady had been a great help to Naruto over the years. Besides the Hokage, she and her father, along with Naruto's two favorite people in the world, Hinata Hyuga and Iruka Umino, were the only people who knew that Naruto wasn't a he. So when lady problem started to arise, Ayame was there to lend a helping hand.

To keep up her guise, she dressed in bright orange clothes that were extremely loose in the important areas, and wrapped her chest just in case. The top of her hair was spiky, and pointed in random directions. Halfway down the back of her head though, it grew long reaching to her waist. Not having the heart to chop off her best feature, she put it in a low ponytail, and kept it tucked into the back of her jacket.

She spoke in a gruff voice, and purposely got into fights with the boys, rolling around in the dirt as much as possible. She even dreamed up a fake crush on Sakura Haruno. Or, as Naruto preferred, 'Pinky'.

No one suspected that she was faking stupidity. Failing the graduation exam three times was Kyuubi's idea. At those times, Naruto was at her lonliest, and failed so that she could stay near Iruka a little bit longer. She knew everything, with Kyuubi's help of course. She had no trouble with anything, but everyone had to believe that she was an idiot with an unattainable goal in order for her secret to be kept, and for her to remain underestimated.

If they knew that she was smart and that she saw everything, they would all faint. That was why she watched. Because no one ever suspected her of anything! So, when the time came, she would surprise the hell out of someone and leave them dumbfounded.

She enjoyed watching the Uchiha squirm. He was good at blocking his emotions yes, but Naruto could still see the discomfort and agitation in his stance and gaze. Pinky was latched onto his arm, babbling about nonsense no doubt. She never listened because the girl was always ridiculous when she opened her mouth. The Uchiha looked ready to puke at whatever she said.

They had been waiting for Kakashi for the past hour and she was too busy fighting to keep her laughter in to pay attention to anything else. The Uchiha noticed her smirk and threw her a seething glare.

"What are you laughing at dobe?" he demanded.

She shrugged and looked away, "Nothing teme."


Sakura was up in Kakashi's face screaming about how he late he was.

Naruto wanted to smack herself. She had been fixated in the Uchiha's torment, and forgot to jump up and scream with the pink haired girl. Apparently, it didn't go unnoticed, because Sakura turned to give her a surprised look.

"You didn't yell at him with me. Are you feeling well?" she asked with a, surprisingly worried look.

Sasuke and Kakashi both regarded her as well. She couldn't believe that one little mishap could get her the attention she had always craved. How ridiculous!

She quickly thought up a lie, "I was enjoying the teme's torture." She gave her best smirk, and snickered at the livid look on the boys face.

"At least I have women on my heels dobe! What do you have? Nothing," the Uchiha smirked, thinking he had won.

Naruto looked at him for a few seconds, before bursting out into loud guffaws. Why would she ever want girls trailing after her? Even if she was a guy, fangirls were creepy! They never gave the object of their affection a break, and she could honestly say that she was glad for being an uncool 'guy'. There were no crazy girls sitting outside her house trying to get a picture of her naked and such. That would've blown her secret years ago.

Her teammates looked at her like she was crazy. She probably looked it too! Her 'rival', had just insulted her, saying that she wasn't good enough to get girls to hang off of her, and instead of blowing up like she normally pretended to, she laughed in his face. There she went again! What else would she forget today? Now they were going to be watching her. She was the one who did the watching! Not the other way around!

"So why are you here sensei? Would you like to hear about Sasuke's stalkers? I mean Fans?" she asked with a wide grin.

That had the Uchiha fuming. Kakashi gave a crinkly eye smile, "Uh….no. I came to tell you guys that I volunteered you for the Chuunin Selection Exams."

He handed them all a piece of paper and wished them good luck. He was gone before they could ask any questions.

Sasuke smirked and turned to leave, with Sakura following, begging for a date.

"Why don't you go and do some training instead of bothering me? Seriously, you're worse than Naruto," the boy growled at her.

Naruto flinched at the dejected look on the girl's face. Somehow, that boy had dozens of fans by being a complete asshole. How he pulled it off, she had no idea, but treating your teammate like that was just wrong. He really needed friendship counseling.

Before she could comfort the girl, Konohamaru appeared, with his friends, begging for her to play ninja with them. Sakura made a snarky remark, which ended up with Konohamaru asking if the two were dating. The pink haired girl turned and hit the little boy, sending him flying.

Naruto rushed to the kids side, and helped him up.

Konohamaru moaned in pain before jumping and pointing at Sakura, "She's a monster! And did you guys see how big her forehead was?!" he screamed.

Naruto face palmed herself. Of all the things for him to say, the kid had to go and say that!

Sakura turned to face them slowly. Her face was anger personified. Naruto felt a shiver run up her spine when Pinky gave poor little Konohamaru that evil look. He didn't deserve what she was going to do to him.

She spun around and began chasing after him. The boy was off, screaming his lungs out, and Naruto followed them, trying to think of a way to get Sakura to calm down. She drew a blank. Sakura never calmed down unless she finally got a good hit in. This wasn't going to end well.

She caught up with them in time to see some kitten dressed dork lift Konohamaru up by the front of his shirt. Sakura was stuttering out apologies to him, trying to get him to let the boy go. She was ignored and the guy, whom Naruto decided to name 'Kitten', was threatening Konohamaru!

"Hey Kitten, let the kid go!" she ordered with a glare.

He turned to look at her and sneeed, "I'm not a kitten!"

Naruto snorted, "Okay fine, a clown then. Jeez, people these days are so picky!"

Kitten's face went a startling shade of scarlet under the purple paint that covered his face. "Why you little-"

Naruto watched as a pebble came flying at the strange ninja, hitting his hand, making him drop Konohamaru. She had to give it him, Sasuke was good. The fact that he'd followed them and hadn't actually gone home or something was touching in a sort of way. Sure he was still a prick in her book, but he had gained a little respect from her, because of what he'd just done.

"You don't belong here. Get lost," said the Uchiha as he lounged on a tree limb. The other rock he was holding, was crushed, and Naruto sighed at the theatrics, watching the dust fly away in the breeze.

Kitten growled surprisingly well and turned to Sasuke, "Great. Another midget comes around to piss me off. Hey you! Come here!"

"Kankuro, stop it."

Naruto was staring at the tree branch on the other side if Sasuke's tree. Blood red hair and sea foam green eyes stared back at her. It was a bit unnerving when said eyes didn't blink or look away.

"G-Gaara! T-they started it!" Kitten accused.

The green eyes never looked away, "Shut up. Or do you want me to kill you?"

Naruto shivered at that deep voice. The boy had to be around her age, yet he had such a matured voice! Sasuke didn't even have a voice like that! Neither did Shikamaru or Kiba for that matter!

"I-I'm sorry G-Gaara!" Kitten stuttered. Out of the corner of her eye, Naruto saw him raise him hands in a placating manner. The Gaara boy had yet to look away, so their staring contest continued.

Konohamaru got off the ground and hid behind Naruto. She could feel his trembling hands clutching the back of her jacket, pulling on it.

Gaara disappeared in a swirl of sand, and reappeared on the ground, beside his companions. He turned to give the girl behind Kitten a look, "Lets go. We have more important things to do."

Sasuke decided that he would join his team as well, and jumped down to Naruto's side. "Hey you! What's your name?!" he called to Gaara.

"Sabaku no Gaara. You?" the red haired ninja countered with a barely noticeable glare.

"Sasuke Uchiha," the ego inflated boy smirked, as if he was expecting them to know who he was. Egotistical jerk, Naruto thought with a frown.

She turned slightly to pry Konohamaru's hands off her jacket, "Let's go play ninja now."

She started off down the street, opposite to where the Gaara kid was.

Konohamaru stopped all of a sudden and grabbed her jacket again. "Hey boss! What's this?!" he asked.

She felt a pressure of someone yanking her hair, hard. Her head was pulled back as Konohamaru pulled harder. "Ow! Ow! Okay, I don't want to go bald!" she yelped, pulling away and cradling her aching head. That midget had a strong grip for someone so tiny.

She pulled all of her hair out of her clothes and wanted to snicker at Konohamaru's amazed, "Ooh!" She couldn't blame him. Her hair was amazing! It wasn't that she was being full of herself, it was the truth. Sasuke's best asset was his perfect skin, and Sakura had her eyes. It just so happened to be fact that Naruto's best feature was her hair.

Sakura's jaw was on the ground and Sasuke's eyes were slightly wider than usual. The almighty Uchiha would never outwardly show emotion. Such a thought would be ridiculous of course. But he was, and Naruto had to work hard not to rub it in his face at the moment.

"N-Naruto, i-is that really your hair?!" Sakura screamed in shock, pointing at the blonde.

Naruto gave her a dry look. It was connected to her head wasn't it? It was even the same color, so it couldn't be fake.

Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon were all whispering about her hair. Moegi wanted to braid it, and Konohamaru wanted to see it in a ponytail. Udon suggested chopping it off, which caused Naruto to back up from him, her face turned pale. "I like my hair long thanks," she said nervously, with an awkward smile.

"Yeah! Boss looks so cool with long hair! Leave it the way it is!" Konohamaru shouted, bonking the boy on the head.

"Ow! Okay, I was just saying," the boy rubbed his head with a frown.

Naruto stared at her teammates, who had yet to look away and laughed, "Hi."

Sasuke regained his composure quickly, and left down another street. Sakura was still standing in the same spot, mouth agape. Kitten and his two teammates were still there as well.

The redhead was still looking at her, "Your name?" He asked with a tilt of the head.

"Naruto Uzumaki," the blonde answered with a cocked brow. "Are you here for the Chuunin Exams?" she asked.

He nodded. She sighed, "Well, we'll see you there then."

With that, she turned and led the children away from them. As she walked away, she could still feel Sakura's eyes following her. Was it really that much of a shock?

The next morning, Naruto wasn't in the best of moods. The night before, some idiot tried to get her to give up on the Chuunin Exams, and she whooped his ass. It was so late when she got home, she didn't get much sleep, and she blamed it all on that guy.

The walk to the academy was just like old times. It made her smile a little, remembering all the times she would skip, or come in late. This time was different though. This was the Chunin Exam, and acting like an idiot wasn't to be tolerated. This time, she was early, and stood outside waiting for her team.

Sasuke appeared a little while after she did. He paused in his steps to stare at her. "You're early," He noted with barely concealed shock.

Naruto nodded. She then looked away, and pulled out a comb, pulling it through her long locks. When she was satisfied, she let it all hang down, deciding against a putting it up. She didn't want to risk looking like Ino at all. Knowing her, she would complain about how Naruto had to go and copy her hairstyle, and that it would no longer be cool anymore, or something of the like. Ino was bitch like that.

She also didn't wear a headband for fear of resembling Sakura. That would've been the most ridiculous argument ever if she had done that! Instead, she just let her hair hang free.

Sakura showed up not long after Sasuke, and greeted them both, to Naruto's surprise. Sakura never went out of her way to be nice to her before, so what had happened? Naruto shrugged it off. It wasn't going to last, that was for sure.

They entered the academy and trudged up the stairs. On the second floor, there was a big group of people causing a commotion. A boy, clad in a full body green spandex suit was on the ground, and a girl, Naruto assumed that she was his teammate, was helping him up. Two boys stood guarding the doorway to a room. The sign above said room 301, but they had only gone up two floors.

Even though her Genjutsu was pretty bad, Naruto could gather that there was one in place, even without help from Kurama. Yet, she couldn't help but wonder how everyone forgot that they only walked up two flights of stairs?

She turned around and began to walk away.

"See, she was smart. She knows when to give up!" one of the boys announced to the gathered shinobi.

Naruto turned slightly and frowned at the spiky haired kid, and told him a small lie "Actually, I'm a boy. And I'm going to the third floor. Stairs are over there," she said pointing to the end of the hall, where the other staircase was.

"So, you saw through our Genjutsu huh? Well then," the boy next to Spiky charged, fist raised. Naruto raised a brow, and moved to the side, allowing the boy to blow past her and fall to the floor.

"A wise shinobi never lets his emotions rule him, or death will be assured," Naruto quoted, remembering reading that as one of the shinobi rules of conduct.

The boy glared, but remained on the floor. Naruto continued past him, Sasuke and Sakura catching up with him.

"Hey, how did you know that? Did you see the Genjutsu?" Sakura asked.

Naruto shook her head, "No. But I noticed that we only went up two floors, not three."

Sasuke and Sakura paused and looked at each other. What had happened to Naruto? Since when did he make observations like that?

Naruto snickered. She was stuck between annoyance that she had once again, showed that she wasn't an idiot, and mirth that she had shocked her team into silence. It was a hard decision, but she chose to be glad. Starting the Chunin Exams off with a bad attitude wouldn't help her at all.

Kakashi leaned against the wall outside the exam room doors. His team would be arriving, and registering for the Chunin Exams, and he planned to greet them. He could only hope that Sakura showed up. She was the only one who didn't seem excited at the prospect of rising in rank. In fact, she looked about ready to bolt.

He never told them that they could only go on when all team members were present. He didn't want the boy's to harass Sakura. She had to come to a decision on her own.

A few minutes passed, and Kakashi listened to the sounds of a scuffle, happening somewhere down the hall. He could hear the attacks being landed, but couldn't hear any voices.

Who was fighting this early on? The exams hadn't even started yet.

Kakashi nearly fell over when he heard Gai's voice. "Kakashi and I are arch rivals for all eternity!" the man shouted.

"Na ah! No way!"

Kakashi knew those voices! Naruto and Sakura! Why was Gai with them? Was he maybe fighting Sasuke? No, that was ridiculous, right?

A few minutes later, and miniature Gai walked by him, giving a slight bow before entering the room. Maybe he was the one fighting Sasuke.

Not too long after that, his own team showed up, right on time. He pushed off from the wall, and gave them each a once over. Sakura and Sasuke both looked determined. He turned to Naruto and his jaw dropped and eye widened. What was with the long hair? Where had it come from?

"I keep it in my jacket all the time," Naruto answered when he asked.

He shook his head, and gave them his "'I'm Proud of You' speech. Then, sent them on their way.

The doors opened and closed. The last thing Kakashi saw, was Naruto's swaying hair.

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