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Naruto and her team chased after Gaara and his brother. Oooh! When I catch up to him, I'm going to shove a rotating kunai up his ass!

You seem to like that threat a lot. Yet, you never follow through. I remember you saying that you'd do that to him before and it never happened.

Shut up!

Shikamaru had insisted that she lead them all. The others agreed with him, which wasn't appreciated by Naruto in the least. She didn't want to lead anyone! She just wanted to kick a hot boys ass!

And fondle it too!

Shut up!

"Fine then! You three will take on Kitten. I'm sure you can do it fine, but leave Gaara to me. We have a lot in common and it would be dangerous if you guys were around. I'd be worried and my attention would be split," she ordered in a firm voice.

Shikamaru glanced at her, "Would this have anything to do with what happened at the hospital?"

She nodded and asked, "How did you know?"

The Nara shrugged, "Put together your birthday, the death of the Yondaime, the defeat of the Kyuubi. The villagers hatred of you and how you're singled out of everything. It wasn't all that hard to figure out."

"And you don't care?" she asked.

"You've proven to be just Naruto. You fight for what you believe in and that's good with me. Besides, there is a difference between a scroll and what's sealed inside," he told her.

Naruto smiled, Truly touched at what he said. "Thanks. Gaara is the same as me in that area. He isn't stable though. That's why I want you guys away from him. I also have a few things to say to him," she sighed.

Shikamaru shrugged.

"We have company! Nine ninja are gaining on us!" Hinata told them all.

Naruto growled in annoyance. They needed to catch up to Gaara quickly. She could ruin a platoon of ninja in an instant, if needed. With a sigh, she bit her thumb and smeared the blood down her forearm.

Tora, Inu, Uma, Saru, Hitsuji!

A small black fox named Kage appeared. His red eyes flashed as he ran to keep up with her. "What do you need of me?" he asked.

"I need you to kill the nine ninja coming after us," she ordered. The fox nodded and stopped on a tree branch.

Shikamaru looked back at the creature. "What can a tiny little thing like that do?"

Naruto smirked, "Kage is a controller of shadows. He will most likely cover that area of forest in a shadow that the enemy will sink into and will die. Imagine, stepping on a shadow and falling through it to your death. That's what he specializes in."

Hinata and Sakura shivered from the tone she used.

"Let's keep going!"

They had finally been able to catch up with Kitten and Gaara. As planned, the others attacked Kitten and led him away while Naruto stayed to fight Gaara.

"Gaara, tell me why I shouldn't kick your ass for attacking my village?!" she demanded.

Gaara's half crazed face broke out into a smile. "I don't care about that! You, are far more interesting than that! I do what I want and I want to fight you! If I win, you will be mine whether you like it or not!" he yelled in a hysteric voice.

Kit, he is challenging you on mating terms. You have to defeat him. This is no longer about war on the village. This has to do with personal issues.

I can see that! All I have to do is win?

Then you can choose whether or not you want him to court you.

Naruto sighed, "You want to fight me for real then fine. But take this collar off me."

Gaara's eyes narrowed on her.

She scoffed, "Are you saying that you can't beat me on your own? You really need this to win?"

Gaara waved a hand and the sand disappeared. "You will fight me with all of your strength, Uzumaki," he said with a sneer.

Naruto nodded, "Fine then. When do we begin?"

Gaara smirked and charged.

She moved aside and created several Shadow Clones. Gaara blew through them easily and she made some hand signs, "Lightning Style: False Darkness!"

Gaara used his tail to shield himself, but the spear of lightning moved around him and struck the tree branch he was standing on. The tree exploded and Gaara was sent flying.

Naruto began throwing exploding tags all over the area. When Gaara jumped back up to Naruto's level he was trapped. Surrounded on every side by explosives. Naruto stopped on another sign as Kurama's chakra flowed through her body. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!"

She watched as Gaara couldn't move fast enough and was caught in the blast. Part of her worried for him and another was happy that her plan had worked.

She waited for the smoke to clear.

"Wind Style: Air Bullets!"

She was blown away by a hit to the stomach. He airborne body was moving too fast for her to react in any way. Finally, she hit something hard. It didn't give away from the force of which she had landed and she looked to the said to see purple. Suddenly, body was on fire and she screamed, falling off the purple thing.

When she landed, she rolled around, trying get the flames to snuff out. "Fuck that hurt!" she groaned as she stood. Looking down at her body, she noted that her arms were blackened and that her advanced healing was working to fix the charred skin.

"That smells so gross," she shivered.

Looking around, she noticed that she was back at the stadium. It took one jutsu to get me all the way back here. Geez!

The purple thing she had hit, was a barrier of some sort. Inside, stood the Hokage and Orochimaru!

She knew enough not to touch the barrier, especially after it burned her. That had hurt like hell!

She analyzed the barrier and frowned. No one can get in or out. Not unless one of the casters releases their part.

You're not going to use that are you? It's forbidden for a reason.

Like I care about it being forbidden or not! And why would you care? You're the one who taught it to me!

I'm just saying. Some won't be happy about you using it.

Well, it's either that and help Gramps, or let Orochimaru kill him!

He is the Hokage for a reason you know?

Yeah, but he's getting old. Stop arguing with me! Gaara hasn't shown up yet, so I'll lend a hand until he arrives.

Touchy touchy!

Ehh, shut up!

Naruto shook off the pain from being burned and ran to the nearest corner of the barrier. The person behind it was watching her in smugness. Her smirk got on Naruto's nerves.

"You can't break this barrier little girl. Why don't you go and play with your dollies!" the red head taunted.

Naruto smirked. I'll use it on her!

Kami help the girl.

Naruto bit her thumbs and rubbed the blood beneath her eyes. Forming many hand signs that were no longer taught, Naruto laughed at the girls confused look. Making sure they had eye contact, she activated the Jutsu.

"Kinjutsu: Jibakugan!"

Glowing red markings appeared under the girls eyes and she slumped a little.

Naruto smirked. Jibakugan was a Kinjutsu that allowed the caster to take over their victims free will by bringing their deepest emotions forward and making their minds easy to take over. The Jutsu will never cancel unless the Sharingan breaks the victim from the hold, the caster is killed or the victim is forced to smell New Moon Flower Perfume. Even if the person was killed, the Jutsu would stay in place.

It was deemed dangerous decades ago and was no longer taught in villages.

Naruto looked at the girl and ordered, "Release the barrier."

The girl nodded and make the sign necessary. The barrier broke and Naruto smirked in triumph.

Orochimaru looked around as his barrier lost its power. He looked over to his minions to find the Kyuubi brat smirking in his direction. What had she done?! There was no physical way to break the barrier. None!

Naruto looked at her victim, "Go and kill the others who made this barrier. Do not stop until they are dead. Then kill your leader."

The girl nodded and pulled out a flute. She then turned to her comrades, who had been shouting questions at her.

She began to play her flute and Naruto smirked at Orochimaru's horrified look.

"You aren't the only one who knows Kinjutsu!" she sang.

Before she could go any farther, she sensed an attacking flying right at her!

She was quick and dodged the wind jutsu just in time.

It seemed that Gaara had finally caught up with her. Making some signs she smirked, "Wind Style: Devastation!"

The strong blast of air came and blew the Suna Jinchuuriki away.

Naruto looked around, wondering what to do.

She noticed the Anbu had finally appeared to assist their Hokage. Her puppet was killing her comrades and Gaara was coming from her left at an abnormal speed!

She moves away from him and reached into her kunai holster. Putting both hands together, she focused, "Wind Style: Gale Palm!" She threw the kunai, adding the jutsu to make them fly faster and much harder to dodge.

It worked as they all landed in Gaara's chest. He grunted from the pain and looked down at the blood coming from his wounds. "Yes," he whispered. "Show me all that you have!"

His sand rose up and rushed to Naruto.

She groaned and flew through some more signs while Kurama poured his chakra into the jutsu.

"Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bomb!"

Three streams of fire rushed forth. Each taking on the shape of a dragon that roared as they charged. The middle headed straight for Gaara and the other two took the sides, coming up on the Jinchuuriki from different angles.

The ever moving sand was there to defend the boy like always, turning into glass from the heat.

She took the chance to use another jutsu. Though she felt a little bad for what she was about to do, it had to be done.

Her lightning chakra formed a spear in her hand. Shaping it just right, she aimed, "Lightning Style: Lightning Bolt!"

The spear went straight through the glass and connected.


The inhuman scream sent shivers down the spines of all those who were present.

An explosion shook the area and a cloud of smoke covered the whole stadium.

When the wind blew it all away, everyone was horrified to see the full form of Shukaku the Sand Spirit towering over them. Dwarfing their small bodies.

Gaara's body was sticking out of the head. His eyes only on Naruto.

"I agree that you can handle me, but what about Shukaku?" he said with a grin.

The boy made a sign, "Secret Jutsu: Art of Playing Possum."

His body went limp and a deep laugh sounded.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! FINALLY FREE!" the voice of Shukaku chuckled in glee.

The great demon looked down at Naruto and gave a devious smirk, "Little Vixen, prepare yourself."

Naruto curse and jumped away from the Kage box and out into the forest. There was no way she was going to fight him there! All of those unconscious people and he would kill them without a problem!

Fuck! I need to summon!

She drew blood once again and hoped beyond all hope that the fox she was summoning wasn't him!

Tora, Uma, Tori, I, Ushi, U, Tatsu, Inu, Saru, Hitsuji!

"Summoning Jutsu!"

An explosion of smoke and rush of wind told her she had succeeded.

She was standing atop a large pure white, six tailed fox named Seikyo. She briefly thanked the Kami that it wasn't Doku. Seikyo's name, which meant 'doom', was the perfect description of his personality and skills. He was also a messenger of Inari and could summon the fox god to battle at anytime.

They stood on equal height with Shukaku now. The two large animals easily seen from anywhere in the village.

Seikyo was glaring at Shukaku. "I hate Tanuki," he spat.

Shukaku laughed, "What does a little fox like you think you can accomplish? Get outta my way. I'm testing the Vixen for mating rights."

Seikyo growled at the demon, "Not while I'm here!"

Seikyo took off after Shukaku. The Tanuki's stomach swelled and he unleashed an attack, "Wind Style: Air Bullets!"

Seikyo was faster than Shukaku had thought and had flashed in front of him, swinging a deadly paw at the tailed beast.

Shukaku's body was knocked over from the strike. Seikyo growled and let out a howl.

"Hey Seikyo! Use that Jutsu!"

The fox gave a nod and put its paws together, "Summoning Style: Spirit of Inari!"

The heavens parted and a large white figure descended. Flowing hair and robes, that were so white, it was hard to tell which was which.

It appeared to be a female but Naruto was smart enough not to question the gender. Never piss a god off! Bad things always happen!

Shukaku, who had finally gotten his composure, froze and his jaw dropped.

Inari fixed the Ichibi with a disinterested look, "Tanuki! Return to your vessel!"

Inari placed a large hand over the area where Shukaku's heart lay and said something, in a language that Naruto couldn't understand.

A large seal appeared on the sand creatures body. Inari's hand moved to the large stomach and the seal followed its path. Saying something else and then pushing against the seal as it glowed a bright green.

Shukaku's form shrank until Gaara was left, falling to the ground.

Naruto's breath caught when Inari turned to her.

Inari just nodded in her direction and then spoke to Seikyo, "Come. We shall leave this to the Jinchuuriki now."

Seikyo nodded and bade Naruto a farewell, before following his master.

Naruto stared off into the heavens for a while, lost in thought.

Wow! So that's the fox god.

Yes. Inari sama moved the seal on Gaara. It was originally over the heart, and as you know, that is a dangerous place to put anything, let alone a seal. Inari sama made it so that Shukaku would have less control within the boys mind.

Thank Kami. I don't think I could've done that!

Most definitely not. Now go and find the Tanuki vessel.

Yeah yeah.

She found Gaara laying in a crater that he had formed when he landed.

He was looking up at the sky in silence. When she came into his line of view, he sighed.

"You defeated me. Even with Shukaku's help, you defeated me. I will leave you alone now," he said.

Naruto could hear the sadness in his tone. He had been so sure that he would win, that she would have to be with him in the end, that he never thought about losing. Now that he had lost, he was feeling more depressed than ever. His only chance of getting someone who would understand him, to stay with him forever, was crushed.

She winced as a dead look came into his eyes. He didn't look angry or sad. He didn't even look like he cared. But she knew better. It was a defence that he had built for himself. Like how she had acted like an idiot for so long. A defence mechanism that guarded their emotions from the outside world. So that no one would ever see the pain they really went through. What the hatred of their villages really did to them. All of it would stay locked up inside.

She knelt down beside him, "I won't lie. I find you kind of creepy."

She could see a small glimmer in his eyes and they narrowed slightly. He was offended.

"Yet, I also find you really attractive and I get a little excited over your dominant personality," she went on to explain.

His eyes widened immediately. He looked at her in shock.

She smirked, "Kurama told me, that if I win, I can choose whether or not to accept your courtship."

Gaara's breathing halted. She saw his chest freeze as he waited for her to speak.

"I think you need a friend more than anything at the moment. We're still very young and I'd like to give it time before I start dating you," she smiled.

Gaara's face flushed at the word 'date'. She had accepted him! Not immediately, but eventually!

"How are you so understanding? So strong?" he asked in confusion.

"Because, I had a hard life too. I know how you feel. And, I have something worth fighting for. My friends, who know what I am and don't hate me or hold it against me. My village, that I swore I would protect and change for the better. For the Yondaime, who entrusted the future of this village to me when he sealed Kurama inside me. And for my parents, that I never met. I want them to see what I'm doing, and be proud to call me their daughter," Naruto said as tears came to her eyes.

"I would like to be your friend Gaara. I think we can move onto a deeper relationship after a couple of years. Okay? In return, I will try to help you gain friends just like mine and help you open your world up," she said, holding out her hand.

He looked at her hand and slowly raised his own to shake it.

"Thank you. Now, I would suggest that you stay down and just follow the orders of the men who are coming. The drama will end sooner if you do," she told him while looking off at the oncoming ninja.

Kakashi and Asuma stopped before her, both stunned to see her conversing with the Suna ninja.

"He's agreed to go quietly," she told them as she stood.

Kakashi was the first to speak, "Naruto, you summoned and used jutsu that are way beyond the knowledge of a Genin. Not even a Chunin can do these kind of things."

She shrugged, "With the Kyuubi teaching me for so long, I know many things. Including some very dangerous Kinjutsu. I did what I had to. Though I wasn't all that pleased to reveal some of the things I can do."

Asuma and Kakashi just looked at each other in astonishment. A Genin that could pull off such dangerous jutsu and not even look worn out. She had to be at least Jonin level.

They went about taking Gaara to the Hokage while Naruto went to find her team. When she found them, they were all lying on the ground talking to each other. Kitten was unconscious and his puppet was destroyed.

"Hey guys!" she called out as she landed.

"Hay Naruto!" they called back, each raise an arm to wave at her.

"Gaara is being taken in by Kakashi sensei and Asuma sensei. I'll help you guys out," she told them. Making some clones, she had them each pick up a Genin and then they headed for the hospital.

I hope everything is okay now. Orochi teme should've lost.


Hiruzen Sarutobi sighed in annoyance. As the Hokage, he had to put up with the annoying civilians on the council. The ones that thought they had power over what happened to his shinobi.

They had convened to discuss the happenings of the village as of late. The attack from Suna and Oto had left them pretty damaged. The prisoners they had taken refused to speak no matter the torture. The only one who was willing to speak, was the Suna Jinchuuriki, Sabaku no Gaara, son of the Yondaime Kazekage.

He had relayed everything he knew of the invasion. How he was considered the trump card, but he had negated his orders in favor of pursuing Naruto. The boy didn't do well with being told what to do. The only thing he wanted was to fight Naruto. He did what he wanted in his own village and Hiruzen found out that everyone gave the boy everything he wanted because they feared him so much.

He was given a long leash. Even by his sensei who was supposed to keep him in line. His sensei, who left his students in Konoha and ran away. When Hiruzen informed the Suna siblings, they all had the same reaction and called their sensei a 'coward'.

He had just gotten a message from Suna today which had to be brought up in the meeting. It had been a week since the invasion. Since Orochimaru was chased off after a fatal injury that he and Jiraiya had dealt him and the retreat of the foreign ninja.

Baki, the Suna siblings sensei, and one of the Kazekage's advisors, had sent a message. During the invasion, some patrolling ninja had found the bodies if the Kazekage and his bodyguard in a ditch. Both were covered maggots, showing that the bodies were dead for quite a while.

Reports from the labs in Suna affirmed that they had been dead for a couple months. Since before the beginning of the Chunin Exams. Baki expressed his sincerest apologies for what Suna had done and pleaded for forgiveness. The Suna council also extended a peace treaty between the two nations and promised that no matter the situation, they would lend aid.

When he told the council this, the reactions were different. Some were glad that their nearest neighboring village wasn't against them. Some wanted to launch a counterattack against Sunagakure, which Hiruzen denied completely.

He stated that he would put together a team to escort all of the remaining Suna shinobi back to their home.

Then, he was able to move on to other things.

He had announced the Genin who were being promoted to Chunin and had to suffer the negative reactions from the Naruto haters.

"Those who will be promoted to the rank of Chunin are: Hinata Hyuga, Haruno Sakura, Shikamaru Nara and Naruto Uzumaki," he announced to the room.

"WHAT?!" many of the civilians yelled in outrage.

"How can you let that thing become a Chunin?!" one of them ask/yelled.

"Why not Uchiha sama?! He's more deserving than that thing!" another screamed.

Kakashi, who was a representative of the Hatake clan and had a mixed seat on the council(because he was from a civilian family but was a ninja), stood up. With a cough, he spoke, "Though I would love to have all of my students become Chunin, I have to agree with the decision. Sasuke has pretty good intelligence. His skills are also very notable, but he had many downing points. He gets cocky and tends not to take his opponents seriously. That is why he lost to Shikamaru. He also tends to think that his name will get him everything he wants, and that won't do in the ninja world. You civilians may pamper him because of his Kekkei Genkai, but we ninja won't. His actions in his battle against Shikamaru would have gotten him and his comrades killed if he had a team to watch out for. That's the hard fact. You are civilians, and have no say when Hokage sama promotes a ninja. Remember that."

When Kakashi sat back down and pulled out Icha Icha, everyone turned their attention back to their Hokage.

"Thank you Kakashi. As he said, Sasuke is not fit for the life of a Chunin," Sarutobi explained.

"What makes that girl worthy of such a promotion?!" demanded a civilian.

Shikaku Nara was the one to answer that question. He stood and cleared his throat, "She displayed amazing use of Fuuinjutsu. A complete mastery of Kenjutsu, which is shocking for someone her age. Good leadership skills when she was given a team to stop the Suna Jinchuuriki. Defeated the Jinchuuriki by herself and came back with her team alive. Possesses two summoning contracts according to Master Jiraiya. Possess knowledge of many Kinjutsu and used one to save Hokage sama. Has the intelligence required, because she aced the test I had written up for the First Exam without cheating. Kept a level head through all the danger and ultimately proved to be a useful shinobi. One who is deserving of the rank of Chunin. I for one, think she should be a Jonin, but that is Hokage sama's decision."

With his piece said, Shikaku sat back down. The other clan heads and shinobi were nodding along with what the Nara had said. Even Hiashi, who wasn't the biggest fan of Naruto's, had to agree.

He stood, "If I may, I would also like to add that the Uzumaki has somehow changed my daughter Hinata. I remember Hinata being timid and shy. Too afraid to fight back or even raise her voice. The Hinata that we all saw in the Chunin Exams was the product of the Uzumaki's training her. I think she would make an exceptional teacher if you couple this proof with her obviously high intelligence and amazing skills."

Everyone was slack jawed. Hiashi Hyuga had just defended Naruto of all people!

Sarutobi nodded in pride. Naruto was moving the hearts of people. Maybe not at the fastest of paces, but the fact that the Hyuga Head, was standing up for her, meant alot.

"Now, I will be giving the promotions tomorrow. Onto another matter. I'm getting to the point in time where I feel I need to retire, for good this time. Jiraiya has refused to take up the seat as Hokage. Besides, he has his spy network to keep up with," Hiruzen told them all.

"Who will be the Godaime then?" Homura asked.

Sarutobi looked over at his advisors, "I'm sending Jiraiya out on a mission to get Tsunade."

Everyone blanched at the sound of the name.

"Really?" came a simultaneous question from everyone in the room.


The whole council was shocked. Too shocked to say anything.

"Now that everything is out of the way, this meeting is adjourned," Sarutobi said, much to the relief of the clan heads and the shinobi.


Kakashi, Asuma and Kurenai stood in the Hokage's office. Pride pouring off of them in waves.

The Rookies, fresh out of the Academy only a couple of months prior, had already become Chunin.

Naruto, Shikamaru, Hinata and Sakura stood before the Hokage's desk in confusion. They had no idea why they were there and what their sensei's were doing there as well.

Hiruzen Sarutobi smiled at the Genin. "I am pleased to tell you all this. You have been promoted to Chunin!"

The newly promoted Chunin all gasped. They had thought they were going to be questioned more about the invasion. Apparently that wasn't the case.

They were given their flak vests and scrolls that proved their promotion ages.

The Hokage smiled, "I have a mission for you all as well. Now that you four are Chunin, I can give you a C Rank mission for only you four. Naruto will lead."

They all gasped again.

"You will be escorting the Suna siblings and five other Suna ninja back to their home. They were played by Orochimaru, who actually killed their Kazekage a while ago and impersonated him for the invasion. You have a week to complete this mission. Now go home, get ready and meet at the Main Gate in an hour," he ordered with a smile.


Naruto walked alongside Gaara as they approached Sunagakure. "How does it feel to return home?" she asked.

He shrugged, "Even though I was a prisoner, I prefer Konoha. Not everyone knew that I was a Jinchuuriki."

Naruto nodded absentmindedly, "I can get that. My first C Rank mission was an escort that became an A Rank, because we encountered an S Class criminal. Tazuna was the bridge builder, who was being targeted. If he was alive, then the poverty stricken country would have a connection to the mainland and the shinobi nations. Thus, taking away the power from the power hungry tyrant Gato. Taking down Momochi Zabuza and Gato seemed to have a big effect on the citizens of Wave. They named their bridge after me cause I left a good impression. I cried when leaving, cause I knew that I would have to return to a village where they hated me everywhere I went. I won't fault you for feeling the same.'

Gaara looked at her. She was closer than anyone ever bothered to get to him.

She likes you. Don't mess this up! Shukaku growled in his mind.

Unlike the other times he spoke, Gaara felt no pain from this interaction.

That stupid fox god strengthened the seal, so I can't mess with your mind like before! Again, answer the Vixen. She's the most important thing. Even though she didn't agree to become yours now, she said later. Now get closer so that 'later' can come sooner than previously thought!

Gaara nodded in agreement and turned to the blonde.

She was smiling at him. One that he could tell was real. Watching her interaction with other people, he was able to distinguish the real smiles from the fake ones.

His heart stuttered at the thought of her smiling because she like him.

He let out a small sigh. Teenage hormones were weird. He never felt like this before. But he could easily tell that it wouldn't ever go away. Naruto just had something about her that he would never forget.

The blonde danced in front of, walking backwards in order to get a good look at his face. "So, how did you feel when you found out that Orochi teme killed your father? And please, be honest. I won't judge."

Gaara looked her in the eye and said evenly, "I was happy."

She nodded in understanding. "Can I offer something? An opinion if I may?" she asked.

He gave her a quick nod and she beamed.

"Okay, I don't agree with his methods. Putting a demon in you while you were in the womb was foolish. His assassination attempts were also uncalled for and I don't condone his actions toward you at all. I'm not trying to defend him, just so you know. But, I don't think you should hate him," she said in a sagely tone.

Gaara's head tipped in confusion.

"You don't have to like him, but don't hold everything against him. He's dead, so holding all these feeling of animosity for him, will only end up hurting you. He isn't feeling it. Also, he was the Kazekage. He had intended for you to be a weapon, but you became too powerful and uncontrollable. Though he wasn't a good father, he was pretty good Kage. He had to think about his village's safety. Can you count how many times you lost it because someone looked at you the wrong way? How many you killed because you weren't in control? It's the Kazekage's job to protect his people. Though he sucked as a father, he did what he had to as a Kage. He wasn't perfect and he had flaws like everyone else in this world. I think you should come to grips with what he did. You don't even have to forgive him, but don't harp on it and let the anger fester inside you," Naruto explained, emotion pouring from her sparkling blue eyes.

Gaara looked down. She did have a point. He could just let it all go and start all over. Disregard the actions of those who dislike him, and try to rise through the ranks. And earn respect like what Naruto was trying to do.

Gaara nodded to himself. If he worked hard, and tried to be more like her, he would go farther than he ever thought possible.

Gaara looked at Sunagakure as they came upon it's great walls and decided right then and there. He would become the Kazekage and earn the respect of his peers by hard work and dedication.

Looking at the blonde who was currently jabbering to her Hyuga friend, he smiled. It was small, but it was the first time he'd ever done such an action, when it had nothing to do with killing.

Naruto Uzumaki.


Naruto finished giving the Hokage her report and smiled at the success of her mission. She has gotten to leave the pain in the ass village for awhile, hang out with Gaara and learn more about him and pull of a successful mission. Everything as all good.

"Well Naruto, I'm impressed with how you detailed your report. Very nicely done. Now, I actually have another mission for you," said the Hokage.

She gaped. So soon!

"You will be going with Jiraiya to find someone. In the meantime, he will be training you as you travel. This is also a C Rank mission. Any questions?"

Naruto folded her arms, "Who are we finding?"

"Tsunade. She will be the Godaime and I will be retiring," Hiruzen with a twinkle in his eye.

Naruto groaned, "I wanted the day you retire to be the day you fork over that hat!"

Hiruzen laughed. Some things would never change!

"Well, I hope the Slug Sannin is really good enough for it. Or I will take the hat from her and plant my ass in that seat myself!" the girl exclaimed, chakra blazing.

Hiruzen chuckled lightly, "Don't worry, she is."

"Can I bring someone with me?" she asked suddenly, getting an idea.

The Sandaime thought about it, "Who do you have in mind?"

Naruto smirked, "Oh, certain little person that could glean from such an experience."

It would be funny to see their reaction to the Pervy Sage too!

Kit you are evil!

A/N: So, I had to have the council in here for some reason. I guess I wanted to make it obvious that the village still hates Naruto. Like in chapter 5. I had them burn down her house on her birthday to show how deep their hatred is. I don't want it getting too, 'Naruto seems to have everybody's respect and isn't really all that hated', because she still is.

Let me know what you think please? I plan to have someone accompany Naruto on her mission. A mission that you are all aware of. Besides the Pervy Sage, who do you think she'll bring? ;)

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